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Game Design: 8.576

Artwork: 8.242

Sounds/Music: 8.01

Other Aspects: 8.623

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: The Walking Dead (Pro) (regular version)

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5 years ago
This game has me addicted. Strongest one more game feel of any. My goal is always to kill 120 walking dead. Only way to have a chance at this is to start every multiball possible and compete many of them.
5 years ago
I've played WD a lot, one of the few machines in town. There is some good shots and playful flow, but the overall features seem lacking. Two bash toys that take lots of space and don't do anything. Ramps are too long, and way to many drains down the center.
5 years ago
Layout: Layout is cool with lots of satisfying shots!
Rules: Lymans best rulesheet yet
Toys: Prison is fun. WW not that great, but better than wolverine. Bicycle girl ramp is clunky and not satisfying when its up. Crossbow is decent, much better now that there's xbow frenzy. Love the spinners and the woodbury skill shot.
Gameplay: Gameplay is rough with lots of cheap drains and shots to the pops.

PF ART: Good. Not the best, but not bad.
Backglass: Premium really isnt that cool if im honest. I like the pro and LE backglass more.
Cabinet: Cabinet is really cool if you're a fan of the show
Animations: Perhaps the best dmd animations of any stern.

Sounds & Speech: This is decent. With pinball browser it makes 10X better mixing factory call outs with show call outs. Without pinball browser, the speech is horrid. Sound effects are great all around though.
Music: Great Music
Quality & Variation are excellent

Lighting: Hit & Miss. Overall i enjoy it a lot, but it took a long time to get used to the blinding blood effects.
Lastability: this is decent. I like to play, but the game pisses me off too where i dont want to play it for a few days.
Theme: Fantastic! but missed opportunity not incorporating the show and using some hillbilly for narration instead.
Fun Factor: Hit or miss. Usually a miss with how cheap the drains can be. But when you get the board lit and game rolling, holy hell look out! fantastic fun when its all going on with multi kills and such.
5 years ago
Bought this NIB and after months of having it I just can't get into the rules. I hate having to hit the drop targets to start modes, I find myself doing the same thing over and over... Getting bored and tiresome, dosen't have the 1 more game feeling for me and I'm a huge horror theme guy and fan of the show.... Just my 2 cents...
5 years ago
This game is tough as nails, but with a number of really satisfying shots and a deep, challenging rule set, it's a perfect for the home environment. It's tough to get it set up and tuned in just right, but it's worth the effort. Make sure to turn the lights off!
5 years ago
glad I waited to rate this after the code was matured...great game in my eyes
5 years ago
An amazing game by any measure. One of Borg's best. After playing the pro many times at the nearby arcade I decided to buy the Premium even though I'd never seen one. I'm not at all disappointed. This game is so much better than the Pro it's almost like a different game. The lighting goes so well with the theme - throbbing red lights, color changing LEDs integrated artfully with the modes and gameplay and flashers in the Governors' Fish Tank just to name a few. None of the shots are particularly easy. The modes stack and play is fast and furious. This game is not for the faint of heart. If you can't control the ball you will lose it quickly down the outlanes. The magnets add a level of randomness for the advanced player that keeps the level of play intense at all times. With a few essential mods (Gnassel's Bicycle Girl lighting, Millhouse's actor voice callouts from the show, shaker motor, Klipsch SW10 Sub Woofer) this pin is one of the best I've ever played. I'm sure that I'll never want to sell this one!
5 years ago
A bash game that goes with the theme. I tend to get violent on this one. Kill the Well Walker
5 years ago
Nice theme
5 years ago
What can I say but killing Zombies and pinball seem to go together pretty well! This game is a real challenge and very deep. I play this game and then other games seem easier than before.The shots are really tough and unique. Its not a flow master but not a stop -n- go game either, somewhere in the middle. Its action packed though and the way I see it another Stern game that made it into the stable which I'm finding a 50/50 split these days. Comparing to B/W in terms of movies they are all 4 star but B/W's is more like a rated G-PG movie and Stern gets a PG-R rating. Keep em coming!!
5 years ago
This game has met the hype for me.

Shots are hard, game is intense. Lighting is amazing.

Sounds are great if you install a sound mod update.

Plays fast and furious. Great magnet action, smooth ramps.

I wish it had hand drawn art...but like AC/DC Premium it is so excellent in every other way that I can forgive that.
5 years ago
Amazing machine. Even with the little frustrations, it keeps making you come back for more. The rule set, sounds, and overall look of the machine just immerses you into the theme like no other pinball machine out there.
5 years ago
What can I say, it's a 10 all around.
5 years ago
Was fortunate enough to play about 100 games on this one over a couple of days at 'Comic University' in Fullerton, California. Amazing game. Everything that's wrong with the 'Pro' seems better here--less drains from the pop bumpers, more variation, everything is great. Had so much fun playing.
5 years ago
Love the theme, love the artwork and the gameplay. Its the pin I play the most in my collection.
5 years ago
I own this machine for a year and the fun increases. This is due to the improved software and the good mixture of the implementation of the theme and the good balance between easy and difficult shots
Sounds fit well to the theme.
I miss artwork for the crossbow
If you own a machine, try to light the bicycle ramp.
5 years ago
I've been waiting on code update from code update to fix the magnet drop on the prison, it has improved but still occassionally the ball with simply release down the middle.

Our LE at home was blinded out by Gio and everyone says its the best playing example they have seen (thanks Gio!) so my perspective may be a bit warped, but this is easily one of my favorite games. I like the depth of the rules and love the modes and the way you can have scoring champions on each mode. I like the call outs, even though they don't have the actors voices as it fits the general idea of zombie survival.

Amazing light show. Amazing to play. I wish I was good enough to get to Hord mode, I will be soon..I hope. :-)
5 years ago
Incredible game and my favorite rules ever. Requiring the drops to start modes is excellent. And what a light show. Color changing LEDs are a game changer. Thanks to Cleland, it even has custom call outs from the show now. Lyman u r the man!!
5 years ago
Regularly play an LE with Pinball Refinery addons. The game is really cool and flows so well. I may own one at some point if I get rid of another Borg game.
5 years ago
fast and wicked ,great game makes other games seem dull or old to me ,only two flippers ,fast play, keep your eye on the ball, out lanes ,sdtm you have to be ready to bump,shake machine at all times to save your ball..real players (expierienced)should play this machine not to say that a beginer cant play...ball save is generous..sum it up this machine is great top to bottom and you got to keep killing
them fast play,keeper.possibly best two flipper game of all time ?
re edit. i have played over 200 games on it since is truly a great machine,fast,smooth,very fun,excellent animations,excelent light show, yes the ball can stay in the pop bumpers long, u can have some short ball times, i like having to be ready at all times, this game aint easy...i like droping the ball from the loop into the pop bumpers, rewarding to me and great during multi ball to hold balls in order to place balls everywhere on the playfield for jackpots, still havnt done hoard and last man standing ..cant wait..not enough time in life for me ..shaker a must,lite on bicycle girl and barn zombie,sub, plus various mods..makes a great machine a amazine machine !!!
5 years ago
I am rating this game the way it comes out of the box. The voice actor is fine but it is so disappointing not to have the shows actors. The swap with the call outs from the show is a welcomed alternative.
The game is so brutal and ball times were very short for a lousy player like myself but I couldn't wait to try again.
Theme is spot on and the soundtrack is the main theme from the show ,which I love.
I don't like a bash toy so close to out lanes and flippers. I'm looking at you well walker!!
The build felt a little cheap like corners were cut compared to say, Metallica. I did love the LE cabinet art!
The rules definitely made me feel like I needed to survive and that's what the show is about. Great job there.
I want to play some more
5 years ago
The software makes this game. It's some of Lyman's best work to date
5 years ago
Another Lyman masterpiece!

I love building up the inlane multiplier, stacking it with 2X playfield, and then nailing a huge shot. What a rush! The walker and prison bombs on the premium/LE completely change the game and add a very cool dimension to the strategy. I also really enjoy nailing the BG shot. To me, it's a lot more satisfying than simply looping the left ramp over and over again on the pro. With the latest code and the modded callouts, this is easily one of the best pins out there.
6 years ago
With the new code TWD became a brilliant game!
6 years ago
Wanted to love it. Just couldn't.
There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 8.

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