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Game design: 8.543

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Other Aspects: 8.639

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This is "The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: The Walking Dead (Pro) (regular version)

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20 days ago
Wow what a pin!!!!

I'll be honest at first I hated this pin and questioned my purchase.

Then it happened I was bit!!! Probably one of my favorite pins. The layout and shots are phenomenal!!! This game will punish you but you will quickly hit the start button.

Many will say the theme is to dark and the artwork blows but I think it goes well with the theme.

The Cleland sound mod is definitely a must! Lots of great most available. The rules and depth of this game is just mind blowing good.
46 days ago
I have plenty of experience with the Pro model since it can be found in the wild somewhat often. This was my first opportunity to play the Premium model since around the first time it was released. Found some interesting differences between the two models.

This is a fast playing game, faster that the Pro. I'm not sure if i'm just getting better or if its something about the Pro that keeps the ball from orbiting around? In the Premium it almost felt easy to do. I don't remember the ball returning down to the right flipper in the Pro. Instead I think it would usually get trapped in the pops. Combos feel easier to pull off.

Having the spinner is a major plus.

I really like how the magnets cause chaotic ball movement. Although I can see this being frustrating for some. The Pro has less magnet features but feels more 'focused.' Overall I find this feature to be a coin flip. I could go with either model.

The left ramp/Bicycle Girl. Ok, so the ramp opens up I believe when you hit it a number of times or one time? Can't quite remember. Anyways, the ramp on the Premium seems to somewhat distort the shot, if that makes sense. Having that ramp hinge on a somewhat steep ramp can actually alter most shots that would normally be successful if they were shot on the Pro. I actually don't mind the Bicycle Girl bash toy, I just wish the overall ramp was desgined a little more forgiving (a smoother shot like the Pro.)

Wasn't crazy about the bash toys on the Pro but for some reason they felt more satisfying to hit in the Premium model. Or maybe this is just one of the better examples of said feature.

Crossbow Cannon: I like this feature because it can be a huge freebie shot and can also help as a nice little break in an already fast playing game.

Overall, I like the speed of the Premium. The Pro somehow plays slightly 'better' with less ramp bricks. But the Premium overall felt faster and easier to play. I honestly think the Premium is the way to go on this game. Pro is great as it stands, but Premium is extra fun.

Top 5 Stern of the last 20 years in my opinion.
61 days ago
The Walking Dead pinball while bashed on release, over time has become one of the best Stern pins, as well as one of the best pins ever made. Fans of the AMC TV show will certainly like the cabinet art on the Premium/Standard edition (Season 2), and will appreciate the cabinet art (Season 1) on the LE. Translites for all of them are serviceable at best, but reminiscent of the translite art from the mid 2000's Stern machines. Playfield art layout of the map is unique, but a bunch of photoshopped no-name zombies won't get anything but a 'meh'. What will blow people's minds is the fast and furious gameplay! Beautiful arcing orbits, along with awesome ramps, makes this pin a blast to shoot. You will be blasting away zombies in what is essentially you playing the role of a no-name survivor in the world of the AMC TV show, trying to survive and be the "Last Man Standing". To do this you will be required to take down Walkers constantly, hitting lit shots to kill zombies and do combo takedowns, to quickly amass the kills needed to start the wizard mode(s). Horde mode is easily one of the best wizard modes in pinball, further showing off the excellent lighting in the game with lots of blood red colors as the walkers slowly approach you. DMD animation is incredibly brutal, as you shoot/stab/smash zombie heads in very cartoonish but explicit animations not for the squeamish. TWD may be the best coded game in pinball. Over the course of several years, Lyman Sheats coded this masterpiece (v 1.60). There is so much to do, so many scoring potential with the multipliers, and every single area of the playfield is used (like the supply box to activate Bloodbath). Speaking of shots, this game has a ton of things to shoot for including a disgusting Well Walker bash toy that exposes his guts on hit, if you have the Premium or LE. In addition to the Well Walker, you can also shoot the doors to a prison and reveal an additional zombie bash toy head. The Premium/LE models also include a zombie head revealed under the bicycle girl ramp, as well as the use of a crossbow ball launcher mech near the apron; which also functions as an in-game Walker Bomb, to help with mode completion. Along with the mediocre artwork, the voice overs are what really drops scores for this game. The AMC theme song is present, and the mode music is really good, but the in-game narrator is really bad and over the top (in a bad way). Overall, TWD is a game that doesn't look good or have good voice over calls, but is a brutally hard and fast game with legendary game code, to place this as one of the best games of all time and a game that will have you coming back for more with its fun factor & challenge.
3 months ago
I owned the LE the day it came out. Excellent pin. Unique shots and layout. Theme use is well done here. Smooth ramps and amazing rules set this one apart. I could own again.
3 months ago
I love the show and wanted to like this machine but it just didn't grab me. The artwork and overall color scheme of the game leave a lot to be desired. The middle play field is also a little too cluttered for my taste and the flow of the game seemed to suffer because of it.
3 months ago
This is a great pin! So much going on in the playfield, but doesn’t feel overcrowded to me. I’ve never seen the show, but that didn’t take away from the game for me, plus it “seemed” like it was a great theme integration. One of my favorite pins, and I love the use of magnets in the game, but a lot of the bash shots lead to a deadened ball followed shortly by a SDTM. Still love it though!!
4 months ago
My favorite pin of all I've ever played. Underrated and amazing.
4 months ago
I’m little late with my review but I have to say great theme, love the light show for being a older pin fits the theme well dark scary, one flaw I can say it’s a little dark so I added 2 spot lights and it’s perfect dark theme.
Added cleland sound mod and wow makes the game so much more feel like your in the show,
rules- what can I say Lyman is the man great code plenty to do, but Definitely keeps you on your toes.
Layout- unique and brutal keeps on your toes in a good way.
Art premium package- is the best of all three specially the trans light with the fish tank heads, playfield art isn’t the greatest but it’s still pretty good.
I highly recommend to give this pin a shot you will enjoy it and make you a better player.
6 months ago
I think what I like most about the Walking Dead is the way the pacing changes while you play it. When the ball is bouncing around the pop bumpers, there is a lull and a sense of relaxation but when the ball drops to the flippers and the main playfield area, it's survival mode time. When the ball is back up to the pop bumpers, you can take a breath again. When you finally get into a groove and you are stacking multi-balls and points are racking up, it is so rewarding and feels great - you really feel like you have accomplished something. There are so many dangerous shots and the game can be really frustrating at times, but it keeps me hitting the start button because I know I can do better the next time (not always!) Not sure that the crossbow adds much, but it does give another opportunity to slow down for a few seconds. The code is deep enough to give depth, but easy enough to understand. The custom audio software really adds to the theme integration of the game, with some comments that make me laugh at times. Some people don't like the dark and dirty looking art package, but I think it fits the game really well. Because of quick ball times, this is one better played on free play - if you are making coin drops, you better have a big bag of quarters.
6 months ago
This is both one of my favorite games to play and one I hate to play, because it is so ugly. I hate the theme, but I actually like the show. I just don’t want to stare at gross zombies while I play pinball. The ruleset is awesome and the shots are buttery. I like the call outs and the creepy music. It does make you feel uneasy. I do like the heads in the fish tank!
8 months ago
an excellent theme, the machine is scary on its own, spectacular the crossbow and the final mode
8 months ago
Simply incredible pin with great shots and lastability..its also very challenging and keeps you coming back again and again..the artwork is superb and it is definitely a keeper
9 months ago
Incredible game that's an absolute adrenaline rush.
11 months ago
One of my favorite modern games. Never watched the show but love this game. Challenging, dark and love the light show.
1 year ago
Very great game... wonderful theme, beautiful playfield.. the lightshow is incredible and the rules so perfects.... i have sold my JP premium for this game. No regret ! JP rules were boring but WD rules are perfects !
1 year ago
Absolutely love this game. I think that the premium is better than pro. I love the crossbow toy and I love the way the ball creeps up that left ramp and you never know if it will go all the way through or not.
1 year ago
So much depth. So much gore. How could anyone not love this game? I can’t stop playing. Very challenging. Love each mode. Keeps me coming back again and again. This pin will never leave my house. Also has some of the best mods on the market. If I had to really throw out some negatives, it would be the prison doesn’t look like a prison and it should’ve came stock with a color dmd. Just way too cool graphics to be on a red dmd. My favorite pin ever.
1 year ago
Perefect Game .
1 year ago
Awesome game and play field.
Effects, such as lighting, visuals, & sounds, (I have the CLELAND Sound mod) while getting into different modes is very engaging. All the ramps shots are very satisfying to hit.
1 year ago
I'm not a fan of zombies or the show, but this is one of my all time favorite pins. the atmosphere is top notch, it really makes you feel like you're battling zombies. the coolest thing about the machine is how it doesn't water down the violence, I mean, if you hit the skill shot you blow a zombie's head off with a shotgun! the dmd is really graphic, so you definitely don't feel like you're playing a game for kids.

the progression is fluid and so much fun going through all the modes. as you gather supplies and battle zombies, you eventually end up in wizard modes battling swarms of zombies. Horde is gut wrenching, as zombies inch closer and closer and you try not to get bit.

one of the few machines that really keeps you hanging on every second.
1 year ago
What a great game. I’m sure I’m biased a bit by the fact I love the show but the crossbow and horde mode alone make such a lasting impression on me. There are some very tough shots and STDM’s but it’s challenge is worth it.
1 year ago
Awesome game that keeps me coming back to play over and over. I can't get enough of this game. It is a brutally tough game to play which is how I like them. The shots are satisfying to hit. The bicycle girl or CDC shot is deceiving in that it looks easy to hit but difficult to master hitting it consistently when needed. Crossbow is a nice feature but can block your vision until it resets itself back to its resting position. Color DMD is awesome on this so I highly recommend installing it. I have yet to kill 100 zombies in a game. I rank this second in game play only taking a backseat to Metallica. It can be bleak so I have to change it up with Ghost Busters when I'm finished, Lol. Great game.
1 year ago
Missing so much WKD
1 year ago
Was ridiculously tough before some adjustments. Still challenging enough to be a keeper.
1 year ago
dark gory and fun! This may be one of the best Stern games ever made. Add code with modified call outs from the show itself!
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