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Game design: 8.501

Artwork: 8.264

Sounds/Music: 7.94

Other Aspects: 8.623

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There are 174 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
SDTM City. Big zombie takes up the whole middle of the board. Hit it and it STDM. Dumb game. Theme is good and I don't even like the show.

But the pin itself sucks.
58 days ago
What a great game. I’m sure I’m biased a bit by the fact I love the show but the crossbow and horde mode alone make such a lasting impression on me. There are some very tough shots and STDM’s but it’s challenge is worth it.
3 months ago
Awesome game that keeps me coming back to play over and over. I can't get enough of this game. It is a brutally tough game to play which is how I like them. The shots are satisfying to hit. The bicycle girl or CDC shot is deceiving in that it looks easy to hit but difficult to master hitting it consistently when needed. Crossbow is a nice feature but can block your vision until it resets itself back to its resting position. Color DMD is awesome on this so I highly recommend installing it. I have yet to kill 100 zombies in a game. I rank this second in game play only taking a backseat to Metallica. It can be bleak so I have to change it up with Ghost Busters when I'm finished, Lol. Great game.
4 months ago
Missing so much WKD
4 months ago
Was ridiculously tough before some adjustments. Still challenging enough to be a keeper.
5 months ago
dark gory and fun!
5 months ago
Bought this game because everyone said it was difficult and I thought I'd get good life out of it. But in the first week I owned it I got to Horde 3 times and LMS once - out of 12 games. All factory settings, outlanes, etc. I'm pretty good but I didn't realize I was that good. Game might be a tad easier than other suggest.
7 months ago
Let's see. I don't watch the show. I don't like the theme. I don't like the artwork. I don't like the call outs. But this is one of the best games out there, and I will play on location whenever I see one.
10 months ago
Fairly simple rules compared to other recent Sterns, but a nice layout with some really fun shots.
11 months ago
My absolute favorite game hands down. The only thing holding it back is the artwork. Deep, fun, challenging and keeps me coming back for more. I play TWD more than any other game and it's not even close. Keeper!
1 year ago
I might fall victim from never really watching this series, some of the toys are pretty cool, but overall I thought the gameplay was too fast. was really difficult to put enough shots together.
1 year ago
Walking dead - lots of people love it. For me t is just ok maybe the rules are too complex to get it but it so far hasn’t been fun. I would like to like it but not yet will keep playing
1 year ago
I bought a TWDPREM based off the strength of most pinsiders reviews and some of the popular Youtubers.

I just can’t get into this pin, I’m sorry. It’s just not that fun. You can have all the advanced coding you want, but if the geometry and layout are off, what does it matter?

Skillshot is cool, and the ramps feel good when you hit them, but otherwise, not a ton to shoot at. I have had some of the most difficult games of the last 20+ years, STTNG and Star WarsPrem. But this game is cheap, not necessarily difficult in a good way, if that makes sense.

Just not a lot to keep me coming back, the quality of the sound is awesome, but requires the Cleland mod. Cabinet graphics are whack, for all the talk of Borg being the best designer now, I’m not buying it. Steve Ritchie is still the king in my book.
1 year ago
I find this to be a very difficult game. I've only played in the wild and have a real problem with the ball draining out of the pop bumpers. I also find the callouts to be difficult and I'm not really sure where I'm supposed to be going for max points a lot of the time. It's challenging, but fun and exciting.
1 year ago
There's nothing out there that shoots like TWD. Lighting, code, sounds (thanks Cleland) are second to none. In a perfect world the premium would have the pro ramp and maybe not the crossbow, but the light show and walker bombs on the premium make it a must have for me.
1 year ago
Quite possibly the best pinball machine ever made. It's only drawbacks are the playfield artwork and the lack of characters from the show being represented in the game.
1 year ago
Theme and artwork are very good. Overall fun level is good, but probably not one i could see playing long term in a home setting. It can get repetitive.
1 year ago
not a fan of the artwork on the backglass. can't stand the plastic ramps when will stern ever stop going cheap on everything? maybe never!

anyway this is a good game overall and some really nice code and rule sets.
1 year ago
I have played this on route and in a home with the hacked code. Night and day difference. First I will start with the artwork and layout. It won't be for everyone, it's a theme pin. If you don't like the theme you probably won't like the art on the cabinet or backglass. The playfield has a lot going on. Callouts are consistent and with newer code over the years, the ruleset and modes have become much better. This game shines with some lighting and a color DMD. The Stern callouts and voices are horrible, no real sound clips and they are repetitive, do yourself a favor if you own the game, get the hacked code. It really makes the game more enjoyable. Crossbow mode for killing zombies, a ton of toys in this game and a couple magnets to throw you off make this game's lastability a top for me. A ton to shoot for, some tough and satisfying shots. One of my faves from Stern in the last several years.
1 year ago
Fun game that makes you want to keep playing. What makes this game a star, is the code. Brilliant effort! I am disappointed in the lack of actors voice work, but I'm sure that would have cost more money.One way I do enjoy playing this game is just going for walker kills. Overall, deep game with easy rules. A definite add for anyone's collection.
1 year ago
After having this for a couple of months here is my opinion. Very good game and fairly deep . however hard game especially on just three balls. I had to put mine up to 5 to be able to get to a few modes that I wanted to get to. Overall I would definitely buy this game again but it's not a keeper for me.
1 year ago
I have installed the Cleland R rated sound mod. It’s a requirement to play this game. Dark, bloody brutal game that keeps you coming back for more punishment. It’s fun and is challenging. When you do well you feel like you accomplished something and the rules are deep , I’m still discovering new things 10 months later. I am a fan of John Borg and have multiple of his games, they have that one more game sensation.
1 year ago
First of all, i came from Munich and my english is not so goot! Sorry about that!
I am not a confessed fan of the Show. I've tried this, but like, Breaking Bad, Westworld or Dead Girls Don't Lie much more!
For a long time I have spurned this game, because of his serial condemnation of me, until a good friend once invited me to a game on this one. He really wanted to play the box. I thought I would like to see him, but no thanks, I do not want to. Well, that's it! By the time I'd played all the balls, the prejudiced devotion was gone in no time, giving way to a sudden burst of over-motivation. Furthermore, I was not a fan of all the colorful pinball machines! My absolute favorite, Centaur 2! These first impressions were decisive that I had to deal with this machine again and again! Almost 3 years after this first confrontation, I wanted to have the last pinball machine due to my space fortune of only 4 possible machines. It was time to finally decide and it did not take me any effort! So I remembered the day with my buddy and searched in Youtube all the videos there was. In short, it had to be a Walking Dead LE. I am absolutely no fan of actors in the Cabinet! When I was able to call my own the machine a few weeks later, it was already happening with the fascination of slaughtering one zombie after another more and more in my spell.

The Color LCD DMD animations I find absolute top class! They remind me in their rudeness completely of my Tales from the Crypt! There is a fair amount of violent gimmicks to see that do not cause boredom in their varied variation.

8bit / 16bit videomode-Game:
The DMD screen is so integrated into the game at the same time, that I totally remember the good old 8bit/16bit era! With the same dedication and motivation that I once experienced with Mega Man! This pinball machine looks like a skilful mix of a huge Game Boy, a super awesome Super Nintendo or a sticky Hard NES console to name just a few! There is no Videomode inside? The fucking whole Game is a Videomod!

The music, I confess, I have bought the pinball machine with all sorts of mods and know only the Cleland Sound Code, just blows me! The Walking Dead Intro-Theme as a dubstep cover, maybe not for everyone, but for me it's really cool! You go from the part! I can not say much about the call outs unless they are a perfect fit. Have no comparison! I can only say it just gets in! As soon as my ball, as already countless times over the Outlane out, my gaze jumps almost melodramatically on the DMD and I see only squirting blood, then suddenly the sentence sounds: "Look at the Flowers, Lizzie", fabulously implemented! What a sentence could better underpin the loss of a really good ball! None!

High score variations:
When I play with my friends, it's a real pleasure to see which highscore is broken this time around. A new Barn, Riot, Thunnel, Walker Kill or even Horde Highscore just to name a few. It is a real pleasure to see how far this can lead to new adrenaline rushes! Each mod makes it possible to save your own highscore with a non-motivating addictive factor!

Victories, Last Man standing and Terminus, unfortunately, I have not yet reached, but Horde I can, as often as I still possible, again and again expect me such a tension, because he does not give a bit of boredom. They come closer and closer. Slow but unbroken and they are rigorous! The incentive? Always grow beyond yourself and slaughter one after the other! Be an experienced player and aim wisely. The atmosphere of the rhythmically lit red light and the threatening soundscape allow a serious and experienced player to really immerse themselves in this end-time scenario! You just want to survive it! Hold on, this time you'll be able to hold them longer!

Toys / Magnets:
I really like Crossbow! The shot looks one, depending on the setting not too often available and thus keeps the tension upright. Will I meet this time or not? Simply class! Or the prominently placed Wellwalker, I do not want to miss him. It fulfills its purpose and with a little imagination I can also learn about the less complex mechanics that give you a sense of, "... have you just seen this effect?" Look away! He is rigid, but he has been lovingly crafted in detail! A Zombibüste of the finest in terms of design! The playing surface holds a lot of goals ready. The upwardly folding ramp in BG mode makes me huge Sapss! The two magnets on the field bring even more life into the game. Zombies that rise up against you and want to gut you! Unpredictable and dangerous, an always haunting, congenially interpreted component is maintained!

Light game:
Prison does not catch the eye for its mechanical functionality, it's more the pulsating light effects that spread the real atmosphere here. The light play of this pinball machine was translated to the rough theme in a consistently consistent and authentic way! If at home I feel like playing a game again at night, all the lights are turned off, the sound is set to 80, and then it starts! I sincerely thank you for this impressive journey into the gloomy world of this apocalyptic zombie invasion!

The ball exits are initially really difficult to handle. With a little practice and or the "Save post for TWD" by Yoyokopter, you can even as a still inexperienced players, without the fun of playing seriously endangering frustration factor completely immersed in the fun.

All in all a really successful pinball machine, which from the speed, its flow, its diversified goals and its atmosphere are absolutely unique and sustainable for a pinball collector who is not averse to this topic!
That's just my personal opinion! Greetings to also and much Sapss with the horny part! LG Alexander
1 year ago
This is one of the few modern Sterns of which I have never encountered or played a pro - only the LE. So i can't speak for the differences between the two. I don't watch the show, but the themeing works well as a generic monster theme and the game doesn't refer to specific characters or scenes to such an extent that you feel lost without catching up on all the episodes. Ramps are those long thin John Borg ramps, super satisfying to hit. Some decent toys even if one is just a good old bash toy. Good use of magnets, and some tight orbit shots too. Definitely a layout I can get behind. Callouts don't bother me hugely as I don't have much attachment to the show. Rules are where this game shines though, as been improved over and over with each new code. Definitely need to spend more time on it, and if I'm saying that it's usually a good sign.
1 year ago
Great looking game, really deep with alot of rules to learn. Not for the novice type like me and my family who like to walk up press start and bang away. It's a beautiful game
There are 174 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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