The Walking Dead (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2014)

The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 8.468

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Other Aspects: 8.591

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This is "The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: The Walking Dead (Pro) (regular version)

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8 days ago
Way to blow a theme fellas. The not actually the actors call out are just unbelievably awful. Like, ruin the game awful. Just stop. The theming is on point, but the game play is just ok. The flow is off, it's a one note game. I kept going back hoping I would warm up to it, but never did. Very, very meh.
32 days ago
This is one of the few modern Sterns of which I have never encountered or played a pro - only the LE. So i can't speak for the differences between the two. I don't watch the show, but the themeing works well as a generic monster theme and the game doesn't refer to specific characters or scenes to such an extent that you feel lost without catching up on all the episodes. Ramps are those long thin John Borg ramps, super satisfying to hit. Some decent toys even if one is just a good old bash toy. Good use of magnets, and some tight orbit shots too. Definitely a layout I can get behind. Callouts don't bother me hugely as I don't have much attachment to the show. Rules are where this game shines though, as been improved over and over with each new code. Definitely need to spend more time on it, and if I'm saying that it's usually a good sign.
66 days ago
Great looking game, really deep with alot of rules to learn. Not for the novice type like me and my family who like to walk up press start and bang away. It's a beautiful game
68 days ago
Love it!!!
73 days ago
I am biased cause I am a fan of the show. Modded out my premium and looks great with added mods. (Bicycle Girl LED is a must) The sound is lame unless you get Cleland or similar sound upgrade to change the redneck call outs. Very fun pin to play though and tough as nails (Sometimes it literally feels like you are battling zombies)! Can just be flat out brutal drain fest at times then others you get everything going and it's a blast! Light show is awesome and the left ramp is far tougher than pro will make you a better player. The premium/LE is easily a FAR better choice than the pro with all the extras on it on this title. Both magnets make the game more random which I enjoy. Great game, one of my top 5 that may never leave the spot it's in my house.
74 days ago
Change out the original callouts to the many available upgraded remixes and you have a amazing game!
82 days ago
Perhaps my all time fav pin. At this point, if I only had one pin, TWD Pre/LE would be the one. Horde might be the best Wizard Mode in all of Pinball
89 days ago
"The Walking Dead" is another Stern cash-in (what happened to original tables?) where you shoot at a barn...and a huge, fat zombie thing in the middle of the table. You also "take out walkers" though I'm not quite sure if that's done by hitting the barn or the bash toy. I keep being told I'm "killing walkers" each time the ball drains...which is often thanks to cheap drains from pop releases. It also has a big crossbow you can "fire" which is as random as the giant zombie in the middle of the playfield. You don't need giant toys for a pinball machine, folks. The game play is smooth...when you can hit your targets. Otherwise, it's aggravating to take cheap drains off the HUGE FREAKIN' ZOMBIE TOY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAYFIELD. The audio is comprised of Rick (I'm guessing here because it sounds nothing like him) saying homespun southernly things like "What a mess!" while you put up with zombies gurgling and the sound of guts being removed which just makes me want to continue playing, lemme tell ya'. The music is the show's score and theme playing and that's about it. There isn't much to it and Stern has made better.
3 months ago
I have mixed feelings. Crowded and monotonous yet reasonably intriguing and a potentially good theme.
3 months ago
My rating is with Cleland callouts
4 months ago
This game sucks! Lighting is terrible. Red dmd? WTF? Playfield is drab looks like a big vinyl overlay. Another POS from the makers of Sh!t games. Someone please put stern out of their misery. Rubber legged cardboard cabinet havin ass pieces of trash! America was built on quality and its falling apart due to greed. Cutting corners and passing the price of repairs onto the costumer is bad form and un-American!
5 months ago
Deep code, good stacking. Fun bash toys. Great shots. All around solid game. Stern knocked it out of the park with this machine. Crossbow is a little silly but doesn't take away from the experience.
5 months ago
I've owned this game for about 3 weeks now and I can say I appreciate it more the more I play it. A deep code with a lot to do. Definitely a tough pin to play. My rating might be a little bit higher than it would have been as I do have the cleland sound mod. I do not like the original sounds and music at all but the mod definitely changes that score.
5 months ago
Killing zombies never gets old. Now this is a theme. Some nice mods available to a already loaded prem pin. Modders paradise. Deep rules, quite difficult for beginners but good for a home pin. One of Sterns best and really well made. Still a newbie with the rules but learning all the time.
5 months ago
the best game ever
6 months ago
The best game ever... it keeps kicking my ass and I keep coming back... deep ru leset which is challenging and keeps u thinking. I changed the voice over from hillbilly and made a huge difference.. This is one game that's never leaving...
8 months ago
This game is so much fun!
9 months ago
I played this machine for about a half hour in Gatlinburg this summer. A half hour only because it was the only pinball in the arcade, else Id've only played it once. The constant 2-ball multiball is probably ok for the truly walking dead, though maybe you become the walking dead if you play this long enough.
10 months ago
As a fan of the show I played the pro model in the showroom. I wasn't too into it since I was really there to look at and buy Star Trek pro. A month went by and I sold a car I had and had some extra money for one more pin. I didn't feel like driving hours to the showroom. I watched countless videos on YouTube on TWD pinball. I basically just said screw it and bought a premium, I absolutely love this game. This is a new occurrence for me, usually the showroom is where I decide. This game grows on you quick, yes it's tough, but I can't stop coming back for more.
10 months ago
super fun pin! great playfield and shot layout and variation. the bash toy is cool with the magnet. i love the easy mode start and multiball. this is one of the funner stern pins. nice and fast, and easy to comprehend the modes and shots available for scoring.

love the placement of ramps and bash toy, love the placement of the bumpers. its super fun to shoot the channel shots on this game if you are precise in your shooting. not for novice players.
10 months ago
No doubt one of the worst pinball machines ever produced, horrible design, box and translate bad, bad music and game I think is unsatisfactory
10 months ago
This game has it all for me. Its tough, fast, beautiful. Its truly a top 10 game and honestly Sterns second best in my opinion (only to LOTR). I own an LE I play it all the time and it has some tough competition in my basement. when I first played this game I didn't get it at all and even avoided it for a while. Once I learned the rules and played more it was the only newer stern that is a must have in my home. Added all sorts of things to my game official topper custom sound mix subwoofer pinbladez and invisiglass. Its awesome!
10 months ago
Played many games. This is by far the best today the le version
11 months ago
I had an opportunity to play this at TILT in Minneapolis. I've never seen the show, so I'm not necessarily drawn to the theme, but wow, was this a fun game. There's a lot more to learn with the rule set, but I had a lot of fun killing off zombies and knocking around a few of the toys it has in it. If I was a Walking Dead fan (and didn't have young ones in the home), this would definitely be on my wish list.
11 months ago
Fun loops and ramps, good flow. Two toys (shed and monster) which are a lot of fun to bash. The zombie silhouettes in the shed are probably my favorite part.
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