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Other Aspects: 8.26

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19 hours ago
L Y M A N . Great code and rules, fast brutal in your face. My kind of pinball.
15 days ago
This was my second Borg/Lyman game... and it is about as perfect of a game as I've owned. I was a fan of the early TWD show but eventually stopped watching it, that did not hamper my appreciation of the game at all however. Never have I ever own a game I wanted to flip over and burn to the ground one minute and then the very next have me hooting and hollering in absolute joy the next. The game is just amazing, the rules are perfectly implemented, the theme integration is fantastic, the multi-ball's and mini-wizard modes a joy... I'd have it back in a heart beat in the future. As much as I'd like to try the Premium at home, I'm not sure I want the start and stops that it adds with the extra magnet and the crossbow. I'm not much of a mod guy at all but I threw some clear drop-targets in on this game along with clear rubber rings and I thought it really helped brighten up a dark game. This game is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced, it is a hard, hard game and offers outlane drains and SDTM drains like they're going out of style, in the end, it is all worth it. Highly highly recommend.
23 days ago
Really fun game. Layout is familiar but with a few unique quirks. Theme translates well for the most part. Love the rules.
37 days ago
This can be a super ball busting game but the rules are pretty perfect. Modes, multikills, & MBs are all done very well.
Nit picking wise; the ball out out of pops can be a bit of a bitch, even when set up correctly. But hey, you learn some great ball dig skills that way.
Things that don't bother me that may bother you; the audio.
The whole "Bubba" thing doesn't bother me at all. I'd rather listen to Bubba than Rick very aboot "Coral" all day.
40 days ago
Has grown on me. When you get it flowing it really can be a fun game. The oversized zombie right in the front is dumb.the prison yard magnet is cool.

The ramps are really smooth and if you are on your game that's really where this game shines. Hit the orbits and ramps and it really is a fun game. But if you're off your game and can't find the shots, this game can really suck. (More than bricking on other games).
59 days ago
Enjoyed this game even though I never really got into the show. Not bad!
80 days ago
I thought maybe a little more could have been squeezed out of this zombie show/comic for a pin especially with the playfield art. The zombie head in the barn just made me laugh, but out of over a 150 pinball games, this is the one my daughter eventually found and would not leave at the arcade we went to. She let me play a few games, the shots and gameplay were fun, I could see why she liked it.
This could be one I eventually buy used, if the fan base theme doesn't make it too expensive later.
88 days ago
Maybe the premium is better but I really just did not enjoy this game. I love the show and I hoped I would love the game as much. This is a game that should have been made with the newer LCD screen. The small LED screen just doesn't do it justice. There are so many gross things about this game, the red LED screen just sucks in my opinion. Other than that, game play is fast but it isn't a very intuitive game to me. The rules are deep but I just couldn't get into them. It could be that as soon as I get interested my ball drains. The barn is cool, and the well zombie is kind of neat but they could have done much more on this one. I like a tough game as much as anyone but this one is over the top. If you like WIDE open playfield and a lot of drains this one is for you.
3 months ago
I enjoy this game a lot - especially at barcade locations set to free play. If I had to pay $1/game, I wouldn’t be playing it as much - it can be a drain-fest. When I get lucky and get to play a ball for awhile, this machine is a blast!

The animations are pretty gruesome - I suppose that should be a given for a zombie-themed game, but luckily, zombies consuming entrails is shown in dot matrix and not HD!
4 months ago
The Walking Dead pinball while bashed on release, over time has become one of the best Stern pins, as well as one of the best pins ever made. Fans of the AMC TV show will certainly like the cabinet art on the Premium/Standard edition (Season 3), and will appreciate the cabinet art (Season 1) on the LE. Translites for all of them are serviceable at best, but reminiscent of the translite art from the mid 2000's Stern machines. Playfield art layout of the map is unique, but a bunch of photoshopped no-name zombies won't get anything but a 'meh'. What will blow people's minds is the fast and furious gameplay! Beautiful arcing orbits, along with awesome ramps, makes this pin a blast to shoot. You will be blasting away zombies in what is essentially you playing the role of a no-name survivor in the world of the AMC TV show, trying to survive and be the "Last Man Standing". To do this you will be required to take down Walkers constantly, hitting lit shots to kill zombies and do combo takedowns, to quickly amass the kills needed to start the wizard mode(s). Horde mode is easily one of the best wizard modes in pinball, further showing off the excellent lighting in the game with lots of blood red colors as the walkers slowly approach you. DMD animation is incredibly brutal, as you shoot/stab/smash zombie heads in very cartoonish but explicit animations not for the squeamish. TWD may be the best coded game in pinball. Over the course of several years, Lyman Sheats coded this masterpiece (v 1.60). There is so much to do, so many scoring potential with the multipliers, and every single area of the playfield is used (like the supply box to activate Bloodbath). Speaking of shots, this game has a ton of things to shoot for including a disgusting Well Walker bash toy that exposes his guts on hit, if you have the Premium or LE. In addition to the Well Walker, you can also shoot the doors to a prison and reveal an additional zombie bash toy head. The Premium/LE models also include a zombie head revealed under the bicycle girl ramp, as well as the use of a crossbow ball launcher mech near the apron; which also functions as an in-game Walker Bomb, to help with mode completion. Along with the mediocre artwork, the voice overs are what really drops scores for this game. The AMC theme song is present, and the mode music is really good, but the in-game narrator is really bad and over the top (in a bad way). Overall, TWD is a game that doesn't look good or have good voice over calls, but is a brutally hard and fast game with legendary game code, to place this as one of the best games of all time and a game that will have you coming back for more with its fun factor & challenge.
4 months ago
I want to like it because it is nice to play something once in awhile that isn't cartoony and goofy, but it is an absolute drain monster to the point that it gets frustrating. I never watched the show, so that is neither here nor there for me. I like the toys a lot they are fun to bash. Never been a big fan of plastic ramps they seem cheap. I like that the rules are deep enough, but not overly complex. I just end up getting frustrated with it due to how many dud games you get. I only play it at this one local place where all games are 50 cents, I would never pay $1 per play.
4 months ago
A real modern classic. Excellent, deep rule set.
6 months ago
Great game. Pro is good in this title.
7 months ago
Great game.. solid shots.. hard at times.. but rewarding... who dosen't like zombies!
7 months ago
I am not a great player but am not terrible either. I find the game drains waaaaay too much. I bought it last week, a HUO and it will be up for sale this week. I have A.C.N.C and people bellyache that it is too hard. Walking Dead it 10 times as nasty. I am baffled on how this game is rated as high as it is. Def not for me! On a side note, I love the show and think the theme is great for a pin.
7 months ago
I absulutely love the series but was really suprised the series was not better put into this game. Updating the R rated audio is a must but this thing is a def "DRAIN MONSTER"...which can be and is frustrating...I have owned it about a month and still back and fourth on whether I want ot keep it. I paid a lil more for a nicer HUO example in the hopes of it being a keeper but I just dont know. I find the lighting a lil lacking but I presume that is point when its an end of days scenario. My highest walker count so far is 30 which speaks volumes about my skills on TWD.
8 months ago
Great game with good rule set. Can be frustratingly hard, but that adds to the reward of playing a good game.
9 months ago
I'm a sucker for toys and gimmicks so this one just speaks to me. The large zombie that you hit is great, and the barn door thing is also great. I probably put about $10 in this pin before the night was over. I can see some people getting bored of this one after X amount of plays...but I could see playing this one a few times a week if I had it.
10 months ago
Games played: ~30

It's a clever layout with some really long ramps that feel good to complete, especially the arena ramp.
There are also two bash toys (3 on the premium, but this is the pro), which is just one too many and so a good amount of space on the playfield is taken up by those.

There are interesting rules in this game such as the multikills, shot x and the different areas for wiazard modes.
Otherwise an overall good ruleset.

Lighting is well done, although it can get a bit too bright e.g. when the multikill inserts are flashing constantly.
The horde mode is awesome.
Dispplay animation is ok. For some reason they tried to do text scrolling from right to left and it just doesn't work well.

Depending on the game setup there may be a lot of cheap drains from the center magnet, the bumpers and a failed arena ramp.
The shots themselves feel good, exept when they reject by just getting the angle slightly wrong.

The translite and the cabinet look good. The playfield is just ok.

The zombie noises along with the announcer get annoying very quickly.
The music is fitting, but nothing special.
Again, bonus for the horde mode pulsing sound effect.

Killing zombies is a pretty simple theme and also leads to some interesting rules like last man standing and the pile of zombies in the bonus screen.
I can't comment on how well the show has been integrated because I don't care about the show.

A fun game with a serious theme.
The wizard modes provide some clear goals to work towards and they are difficult enough to get to to keep the game interesting.
The only definitely not fun part is the first shots towards prison with a chance that the ball is grabbed by the magnet and thrown down the middle.
11 months ago
I think there must be a connection to the theme on this one. For those who love the WD show, maybe they would like this pin. I did not enjoy it near as much as the other games I've played (both older and newer). I put in a lot games on location based on so many positive reviews. It never grew on me and I would never own one.

Toys or gimmicks were non-existent. The ramps would roll back on my 3/5 shots. Ball times were LONG, and I'm not that good. Seemed like a flat and stale world under glass. With older dot animation and AM radio sound, I was honestly confused on how this has such good reviews. A good game if the theme resonates, but there are so many better games, particularly newer Sterns.
1 year ago
John Borg definitely hit the jackpot with this pin. Although TWD can be a drain monster at times, it really boosts your pinball skill. The code is fantastic as there are many ways to approach this game. I've owned all three models and enjoy each one. The pro has more flow than the premium/LE but does lose out on some strategy with having no walker bombs. However, I do prefer the pro model because of its price point and flow.
1 year ago
This game is so frustrating. When it’s going well, it’s an amazing and fun game game. When it’s not going well, sometimes you just want to smash something. Very addicting though.
1 year ago
I consider myself a pretty skilled pinball player but this game is brutal. The magnet throwing the ball around isn't fun, just frustrating. I like the fact that it's a dark and grotesque theme but the music and voice callouts aren't good. Used to own and traded.
1 year ago
Wasn't sure I'd like this as never watched the show, so I bought a pro. Very awesome pin, sounds fantastic hooked to a polk woofer. That's the first mod to do. Never played a prem so cant compare, but really like this game
1 year ago
I enjoy playing this machine, warts and all. The warts being some unfair SDTM out of the pops.

Overall look of the machine is nice, but not anything to write home about.

Gameplay is fun, with some rewarding shots. Where this machine shines is with the color DMD and shaker motor combined. It really adds to the ominous feel of the title. Easily some of the best dot animations, ever.

Seems to be a good fit for in the home and its certainly worth a couple bucks of quarters at the local arcade.
There are 211 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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