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2 days ago
One of my favorite stern pro's,huge fan of the show and they nailed it,deep rules and fun gameplay,id highly recommend if your a fan of the show
16 days ago
I've owned this game for a little over a year, and it has ben a complete love/hate relationship. I've put the game up for sale twice, and I've also told people how awesome the game is on many occasions. I've called the game every single foul word in the book, andI've also talked up how exciting the game is to fellow pinheads. I've reached 113 walker kills, and I'm now refusing to ever think about selling it until I reach LMS, and at that point, it might just get bolted to the floor. This game is NOT for everyone, and not only because of the graphic nature of it. This to me is a true pinball player's game. This game will expose all your weaknesses, and make you become a better player. The game will push you, and you will be forced to nudge it back. It is a brutal drainer, and even cleanly made shots don't mean you're not in trouble. You'll scream at it, you might smash your hands down on the glass, but there is one thing for sure... This game will make your heart race like no other!
20 days ago
I have never watched TWD, but I really enjoyed this game. It's got a pretty cool playfield layout and fun shots to hit. The toys in the playfield are nice as well. I definitely will look out to play it when it's on location as it's worth a few games without question. I can't say that I'd want one personally, but if I obsessed over TWD as much as some people do, I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune.
30 days ago
Ok so the sound is not great, should have forked over some cash for real actors and gets repetitive. If I owned it I would have the vol at a 1. The game play is fun with the newer code and more balanced scoring. This is another game that got a ton better with better code. Colors are great and Playfield art fits the show. I think it could have been better executed but still a strong game.
65 days ago
Love the show and the game does a good job of meshing the game and theme. The only negative for me was the color scheme of the PF was too similar good artwor but a bit bla. The game was fun found it on location with good sound and in good shape great way to pass the time.
67 days ago
I’ve put about 30 games on this now and I’m going to call this a very fun game. The layout and rules are wonderful. But I’d also call it the most visually disgusting game I’ve played. I’m not big into horror and I’ve got a young kid, so I can’t have this game in the house. I wouldn’t want this game in house. It’s horrible in an aesthetic sense which I think they were going for. If Stern decides to put out a VE with comic art, I’d buy it. But this is one I can only play on location when my daughter isn’t with me.
3 months ago
Didn't like it, bored after a couple of games, seems another cynical release by Stern. I really wish they would try better with more imagination, after all you need to attract more people to pinball for it to survive, this was just a waste of time, money and space.
4 months ago
I disabled the sound and music for my rating of this game. I did this because the factory sound is terrible, but it is easy to upgrade using @cleland sound package. This is a must if you are planning on owning the game. Other than that I think the layout is unique with great shots. The rules are deep and keep me pushing the button "one" more time. The only thing I find a little out of place is the geometry regarding the drop targets. I'm by no means a top pinball player, but I can hold my own against the casual player. The drop target shot and rules are difficult.
5 months ago
A boring mess and a big miss by Stern. No flow, lame gimmicks.
5 months ago
Didn’t care for it a year ago...but now i’ve had some more time on it. It has become one of my favorite games. The game is tough, gotta keep calm and stay focused at all times to stay alive. So if you like hard playing games and are no stranger to move games, this might be the game for you :)
6 months ago
I don't like fields that have an auto drain when shots are missed.
6 months ago
One of the best modern pins available as far as complete presentation is concerned. I really enjoy the skill shot - one of my favorites in a pinball machine. Ball flow is excellent, despite the bash toy in the right-center of the playfield. Not a huge fan of bash toys, but this one is tolerable. Only gripe is the notorious cheap drains when the ball comes out of the pop bumpers. Otherwise, I really like how the ball moves in this one. The DMD animations are some of the finest of any modern era pinball machine. Always eager to play this pin. The Pro version is solid.
7 months ago
Man this game kicks my ass and I keep coming back for more. I don't know of another game that requires you to have to hit dangerous shot after dangerous shot to make progression. I wish there was more colour but I get it because it is TWD. Not a huge fan of the layout but it is decent.
7 months ago
hard & frustrating pin for sure, deserve a lot of practice to (try to) master it, theme is top, and code is surelly Lyman best job... not a flow master, but i like the layout (let's admit i'm a John B fan), and not all pins have to be in the Steve R style... without a doubt, this pin makes you being a better player, than if you're looking for some challenges, TWD is the way to go !
7 months ago
I love this pin in a home setting...its a pin that challenges you and keeps you on your toes... I changed the sound rom and now its deadly.... there is not one shot that is not satisfying...
According to my opinion, best stern up to date
8 months ago
I did not like this machine for a long time. I never watched the show but zombies are a long lasting theme anyway so that doesn't matter. For me it was always the off-putting white lighting and playfield artwork that threw me off, but I'm starting to see beyond it. The game is a tough mofo to play and will punish you if you're not able to play in control. The rules are deep and there are many strategic shots in order to score massively like the multiplier inlane for the upcoming shot. I play this game more and more whenever I have access to it and I see why it has a steady fan base.
8 months ago
i won this pin by raffle project sold to brother . great game this is one of the best pins in our collection
9 months ago
Played it when first released and even though it shot well, I never liked the game because code was baron. Since then I played a couple of premiums/le and disliked the clunky left ramp or the right ramp crossbow pause. Recently played a pro and wow it just flowed with fast combo shots. Huge difference not have the stop/start of the crossbow and the clunk of the BG ramp. Code is just awesome. I've achieved Horde, Last man standing but yet to start siege. Games super fun, very challenging, lymans best code and pro being the version to buy in my opinion.
9 months ago
Simply incredible game, the ruleset is nothing short of a masterpiece, layout is incredible and the game just draws you back in for one more game.

Artwork is the only element that could be perceived to let it down.
9 months ago
A solid fun game with a cool Theme!
10 months ago
Not sure about The Walking Dead: I think it potentially is a great pin, and at the same time the one machine I did get to play on it a few games had poor lighting, virtually no sound, and the flow of the shots wasn’t really that satisfying...still I know I would come back to play on it if I had the chance. Bit mad.
11 months ago
I was a huge Walking Dead (AMC) fan when this show first came out. This pin came around the same time as my peak interest in the show, so I was a big fan when I walked up to the machine.

The Bad:
-- The music, or lack-there-of. It's forgettable.
-- Where's all the cool toys?
-- The animations would be better in color. Come on, Stern. Stop skimping!

The Good:
-- Layout is awesome.
-- The rules are great.
-- Sounds & Lights work together very well.

Given what the designers had to work with, I think this is a very fun pin. It has me coming back every time. It's fun to play and anyone can play it. The sounds are great and when paired with the lighting and shaker motor, it really immerses you into the game. The downside is that there's no cool toys, so there's nothing that makes you turn to your friends and say "watch this!" There's also nothing stuck in my head after I play it, nothing that makes me hum a tune or anything.

It's fun to play, it's reliable and hardly needs maintenance, cleaning is simple. It's a little bland overall, but it's just fun enough to make me come back every time I'm around it.
11 months ago
Beast game
11 months ago
Here is a game that gets the same amount of plays as my Iron Man, which is saying a lot. I don't know about the old coding, but my pin came with 1.60. Great code! Plus after adding the sound callouts from the TV show, game is perfect. Yes it is a gruesome looking pin, but that is the point, it isn't supposed to be bright like guardians of the galaxy or iron maiden. Having so many leader boards in one game means you can compete for multiple top spots with your family and friends. If you are remotely a fan of this show, the one must mod you need to do is add the new sound code with the TV show call outs. Without this sound, the game falls a little short, but the music is still there. With the sound, you'll snicker at times with callouts from the cast members including Negan! Best of all, my wife is a huge fan of the show and this pin is her first go to pin now.
1 year ago
would own this if i had more space
There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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