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Game design: 8.098

Artwork: 7.886

Sounds/Music: 7.418

Other Aspects: 8.291

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This is "The Walking Dead (Pro)".
The other version is: The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)

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1 day ago
A real modern classic. Excellent, deep rule set.
35 days ago
Great game. Pro is good in this title.
79 days ago
Great game.. solid shots.. hard at times.. but rewarding... who dosen't like zombies!
81 days ago
I am not a great player but am not terrible either. I find the game drains waaaaay too much. I bought it last week, a HUO and it will be up for sale this week. I have A.C.N.C and people bellyache that it is too hard. Walking Dead it 10 times as nasty. I am baffled on how this game is rated as high as it is. Def not for me! On a side note, I love the show and think the theme is great for a pin.
81 days ago
I absulutely love the series but was really suprised the series was not better put into this game. Updating the R rated audio is a must but this thing is a def "DRAIN MONSTER"...which can be and is frustrating...I have owned it about a month and still back and fourth on whether I want ot keep it. I paid a lil more for a nicer HUO example in the hopes of it being a keeper but I just dont know. I find the lighting a lil lacking but I presume that is point when its an end of days scenario. My highest walker count so far is 30 which speaks volumes about my skills on TWD.
3 months ago
Great game with good rule set. Can be frustratingly hard, but that adds to the reward of playing a good game.
4 months ago
I'm a sucker for toys and gimmicks so this one just speaks to me. The large zombie that you hit is great, and the barn door thing is also great. I probably put about $10 in this pin before the night was over. I can see some people getting bored of this one after X amount of plays...but I could see playing this one a few times a week if I had it.
5 months ago
Games played: ~30

It's a clever layout with some really long ramps that feel good to complete, especially the arena ramp.
There are also two bash toys (3 on the premium, but this is the pro), which is just one too many and so a good amount of space on the playfield is taken up by those.

There are interesting rules in this game such as the multikills, shot x and the different areas for wiazard modes.
Otherwise an overall good ruleset.

Lighting is well done, although it can get a bit too bright e.g. when the multikill inserts are flashing constantly.
The horde mode is awesome.
Dispplay animation is ok. For some reason they tried to do text scrolling from right to left and it just doesn't work well.

Depending on the game setup there may be a lot of cheap drains from the center magnet, the bumpers and a failed arena ramp.
The shots themselves feel good, exept when they reject by just getting the angle slightly wrong.

The translite and the cabinet look good. The playfield is just ok.

The zombie noises along with the announcer get annoying very quickly.
The music is fitting, but nothing special.
Again, bonus for the horde mode pulsing sound effect.

Killing zombies is a pretty simple theme and also leads to some interesting rules like last man standing and the pile of zombies in the bonus screen.
I can't comment on how well the show has been integrated because I don't care about the show.

A fun game with a serious theme.
The wizard modes provide some clear goals to work towards and they are difficult enough to get to to keep the game interesting.
The only definitely not fun part is the first shots towards prison with a chance that the ball is grabbed by the magnet and thrown down the middle.
6 months ago
I think there must be a connection to the theme on this one. For those who love the WD show, maybe they would like this pin. I did not enjoy it near as much as the other games I've played (both older and newer). I put in a lot games on location based on so many positive reviews. It never grew on me and I would never own one.

Toys or gimmicks were non-existent. The ramps would roll back on my 3/5 shots. Ball times were LONG, and I'm not that good. Seemed like a flat and stale world under glass. With older dot animation and AM radio sound, I was honestly confused on how this has such good reviews. A good game if the theme resonates, but there are so many better games, particularly newer Sterns.
7 months ago
John Borg definitely hit the jackpot with this pin. Although TWD can be a drain monster at times, it really boosts your pinball skill. The code is fantastic as there are many ways to approach this game. I've owned all three models and enjoy each one. The pro has more flow than the premium/LE but does lose out on some strategy with having no walker bombs. However, I do prefer the pro model because of its price point and flow.
10 months ago
This game is so frustrating. When it’s going well, it’s an amazing and fun game game. When it’s not going well, sometimes you just want to smash something. Very addicting though.
11 months ago
I consider myself a pretty skilled pinball player but this game is brutal. The magnet throwing the ball around isn't fun, just frustrating. I like the fact that it's a dark and grotesque theme but the music and voice callouts aren't good. Used to own and traded.
1 year ago
Wasn't sure I'd like this as never watched the show, so I bought a pro. Very awesome pin, sounds fantastic hooked to a polk woofer. That's the first mod to do. Never played a prem so cant compare, but really like this game
1 year ago
I enjoy playing this machine, warts and all. The warts being some unfair SDTM out of the pops.

Overall look of the machine is nice, but not anything to write home about.

Gameplay is fun, with some rewarding shots. Where this machine shines is with the color DMD and shaker motor combined. It really adds to the ominous feel of the title. Easily some of the best dot animations, ever.

Seems to be a good fit for in the home and its certainly worth a couple bucks of quarters at the local arcade.
1 year ago
Only played it once due to time but would have liked to play it more. Artwork is fantastic.
1 year ago
I hated this game when I first played it (before all the code updates)

At times, I still hate the game, but it's out of frustration and love. Stacking the 'X' with a 2x playfield and a mode + crossbow + a multiball + bloodbath + a multikill + .. well you get the point. What an awesome risk/reward game. It can be so brutal, but that's what makes firing off monster shots so satisfying. Great game -- keeps you playing.
1 year ago
No WKD pinball is good.
1 year ago
First I didn´t like this game at all. Maybe because the artwork looks like something that was eaten and then strangled again or because the shots are so tight and difficult. But the more I played it, the more fun it became. A lot of strategy with that inlane X and great possibilities for stacking make this a fun game for me. Even if any miss usually means instant termination of my poor, poor silverball. I also think that the pro is way better than the LE. The Crossbow toy on LE and Premium make it impossible to use the inlane X for crossbow shots. And shooting for Bycicle Girl on Premium and LE is also kinda... dangerous.
1 year ago
Waited 3 months to rate and it's a great machine. Huge Borg fan and this is definitely Lyman's masterpiece. The code and rules are some of the best ever created. Deep, Deep and deeper. I have never even seen an episode of TWD but that doesnt matter. Game play and code make the game. Have most every MOD also and it is a good looking machine. Alt translite is nice. Yes--it can be brutal and punish you for mistakes but that's my type of game. It will make you better and in a home setting that's what you want for lastability. Can't recommend it enough--get it--forget about the theme. Zombies are timeless. Don't get bit!
1 year ago
I played this game for some time during the past year at a local brewery. This brewery has a huge variety of over 24 different pins to play. For some reason my buddy and I kept coming back to TWD. It was such a fun game, with the lighting, toys, shaker, video, etc. I thought impulsively and didn't want to wait for each weekend to come so I could play it again. I sold a number of collector edition arcades and here I am, a proud owner of TWD. I love the game play and I consider it to be a nice match with my Stern SW for their game play differences. The upgrade to Cleland code definitely makes a difference. The ramps can be challenging but rewarding to shoot. I will definitely hold onto this one for awhile.
1 year ago
Great game. Great shots. I own it and play it everyday. Bought it new
1 year ago
I can't decide if I like the pro or premium better. They are both great in their own rights, but really play like different machines for me. I highly recommend playing both before buying.
1 year ago
Definitely a fun pin, not sure if I like the basic rules enough to get the premium version though.
1 year ago
I gave the sound/speech in this game 6/6 because of the after market upgrade. I would have given it a 2.

Something a little too dark about this game that hasn’t drawn me in deep...yet. I think I need to own this game someday because I watched the show and love Lyman rulesets. I’d like to see what this game has to offer on my own terms.

But so far, eh, it’s ok. Music is dark and repetitive. I don’t really like the layout very much, although it’s different, and that’s cool. I hate the ramp shots. The ball takes forever to get around and just doesn’t give that satisfaction that most ramp shots deliver.

Big ugly bash toy is kinda meh too, and the barn is a bash toy inside a bash toy? Fun to hit, and makes sense in terms of the show, but when you count bicycle girl, that’s a lot of bashing! At least bashing is fun, and that’s what you do to zombies after all.

But it’s a good game, and the rules and theme integration are done well and I will play it more someday.
1 year ago
How this game is in the top 25 let alone 100 is beyond me. Not much to shoot at - check. Magnet that stops a ball then drops it straight down without hope of save - check. Repetitive voices - check. Hard game for sure, I'll admit I don't know the rules nor want to learn them. I've played this game so many times as there's one near my work and I almost always end up rage quitting. I honestly can't think of one positive thing that would make me want to own this.
There are 202 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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