The Hobbit

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Game Design: 7.771

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Other Aspects: 8.175

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Found 284 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 284 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Amazing game. Very immersive, excellent theme integration. When set up properly plays smooth as butter and tons of things to accomplish in a home environment. Nothing negative for me to say about this machine. Love it!
1 year ago
Like many others have said, this game has taken its time to grow on people but with the code updates this game is now one of the best pinball machines available today. It offers a visual and emotive immersive experience which in a class of its own, the theme and the way it's fused into the code and modes is nothing but a master class on how it should be done. This game leaves me feeling breathless and worn out from the epic modes and battles. So much fun and a huge family hit too!
1 year ago
Have owned a Hobbit for a year now. I'm still learning new things about it. Easy for casual players to get a multiball going, but very deep rules to keep more experienced players entertained. Plus the theme integration is second to none!
1 year ago
Amazing machine that really makes you feel like part of the adventure I’m glad i bought one the code is one of the best this is going to take a long time to complete & workout but that in itself adds to playability, run it at 7% incline the game does become quick. With other pins this goes well in home environment definitely recommend for newbie or experienced player especially if you are a hobbit fan.
1 year ago
One of the best pins in my home collection. Absolutely awesome. Everybody likes it. Just a great game
1 year ago
Deepest rule set game I’ve played. Common complaints of slower play and lots of MB’s, are true... set at 6.5 pitch, the game is not as fast as a Stern SW, and depending on how you play there are a lot of MB opportunities. However, with great music and sound and yelling ‘jackpot’ every few seconds the MB play is fun and enervating. But maybe it’s not for everyone. Also, the modes can be long, so game times can be long too, and probably not the easiest machine to pick up in a barcade. I do wonder if I would have ever given this enough time outside of my home.

I did just kill Smaug and the game experience is great, so thematics, sound, playfield and rules make this a fantastic game to learn and play. The complexity, speed, visual integration and depth make a very immersive pinball experience, while still being pinball.
1 year ago
Amazing machine that makes you feel part of the game, I don’t know why this machine cops some negative responses because of ball times it is totally amazing and it’s a shooters pinball not a bash em pin! It has to be one of the best movie pins ever released.

The code is next level!!!
1 year ago
With the code update, this has become one of the most immersive, fun pins I've ever played. Seriously underrated IMO, easily top 20 if not higher. Friends and family are drawn in by the amazing theme integration, movie clips, sounds, beautiful playfield, and deep rules. My kids also like it which is a big plus. My machine is set steep (7 deg), flippers at 24, and doesn't feel floaty to me. Pop up creatures, killing smaug, super smooth ramps, pop ups, wizard modes, spinners, and the skills shots are all really fun. Even though the rules are deep, it doesn't take long to figure them out and I find it straightforward to follow progress on the screen. Yes ball times can be longer but it feels appropriate given the "adventure" approach of the game. Overall this is an amazing pin. A keeper for me.
1 year ago
I love my Hobbit. For me one of the best theme integrations ever and I have to say I love the unversium that J.R.R Tolkien has created.

The Hobbit is all about missions.There are a ton. Every mission is incredibly well done and the individual shots make sense for every mission. Among the countless missions there are two multiballs. Smaug and Beast Multiball. Both are really great. (killing Smaug is just brilliant)

And then of course there are the Arkenstone modes. These are also fantastic!

The Pinball is really very nice, the colors, the video clips, the voices, the music everything fits together wonderfully.

Yes it is true that without the Beast the playfield is a bit empty in the middle and another ramp would have been good for the Pinball... but the gameplay is really sensational even with the wide open center.

The playing time is a bit long which doesn't bother me personally but I can understand if there are other people that are bothered by that.

The Hobbit for me is and remains a great pinball.
1 year ago
Highly underrated game in my opinion. Typical situation of early code really hurting opinions on the overall game play. The latest code updates have turned this game around greatly.
1 year ago
at first glance it may seem slow and boring but this is a game to be discovered slowly, start slowly but with the multiballs it becomes incredibly frenetic and fun, ah an almost physical approach, perhaps for the size of the pinball machine (widebody and very heavy), to arrive already the first wizard is like climbing a mountain, the theme is fantastic and the integration with the videos is truly exceptional, the best view so far on jjp, even better than the wonka
1 year ago
Simply Amazing!!!
This pin doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and it really baffles me when I look at some of the other titles currently in the top 20.
People who dump on this machine usually have the same old arguments, slow & floaty, rules too deep and difficult to understand, empty Playfield, superfluous 3rd flipper BLAH BLAH BLAH!
Most of them I would guess have played it on location a few times and walked away feeling completely underwhelmed, and you know what, I completely get that.
This is a home pin pure and simple, end of discussion.

It needs to be set up right (6-6.5 degree tilt, 24-25 flipper strength) then guess what? No more slow and floaty.

Put some time on it in the home environment, learn the shots, modes, rules and guess what? No more complicated.

As for it being empty, It might appear that way, but guess what? So does MM, AFM or more recently EHOH.
Take MM for example, two pop up trolls and an exploding castle up at the back, this has 4 pop up beasties and a smack talking dragon up at the back, very similar but with the addition of two VUK’s like LOTR a magnet that captures your ball drops it into a subway which feeds into the VUK’s, captive ball, 3rd flipper (to hit drops, VUK kick up hole, captive ball, even ramp shots when you hit it right) don’t know how it can be called pointless?

The light show is second to none, colour changing lights make it look like Smaug has breathed fire onto the Playfield and set it alight.

The sound package is the best I’ve ever heard, Gollum callouts alone are inspired, right outlane drain “that’s not fair” Start button “Does it like to play games? Does it?” Not to mention Smaug himself

All of this take’s the theme integration to a whole other level which I think is the best of any current pinball to date, hands down i don’t think it will ever be beaten or even equalled.

Obviously pinball is subjective and this is just my opinion, there will always be those that just cannot get on with this machine just like I can’t with STNG, different stokes I guess.
1 year ago
Jersy Jack pinballs second game , code update & enhancements have made this game better over time
1 year ago
This game is absolutely amazing. Played it on route for about 1yr. Fell in love with it. Bought it. The Home experience is 2nd to none. The music, the call-outs, the light show, the animations. JJP does it right. No question about that. I am a rules player / Mode player. If you like those two things, then this is a game for you.

If you like a "quick" bash game; this one is maybe not for you.... but - that said - there is a TON OF STUFF TO BASH (I don't know why players say that there's not).

No game is as deep as this game - if there is one, I am not aware of it. 31 playable modes, 3 mini-wizard modes, Smaug multiball where you are trying to kill the dragon (with victory laps).

Does this game have long ball time? It can, for sure. It has 3 lanes on either flipper --> One out-lane, and two feeder-lanes. That alone keeps you alive longer.

Music? Score from the movie... if you don't like the score from the movie, then you won't like the music...
Call-Outs? Lines from the movie - fantastic... (and some fabricated ones... but still A+).
Artwork? Its great.
Toys? People forget about the 4-pop-up beasts that come out of the playfield. Plus a talking Smaug Dragon. There are PLENTY o things to bash & interact with. Plus the pop-ups "get in your way" during certain modes - and really makes the game challenging.

It doesn't have a "BIG ELABORATE SHOT" like say... the Deadpool Katana shot, or the Maiden Pharaoh shot. But the Orbitals are a smooth as can be (With Spinners), and the left and right ramps are gratifying...

This is one intense game... Its an adventure... not a "Lets blow up the spaceship (AFM) 10 times..." As the adventure goes on, and the game intensifies, it can wear you out... It can make you sweat, and make you have goosebumps...

The rules are not actually THAT complicated - but people get it in their heads that it is sooooo hard to understand.
Because the rules are more complex than, say AFM - some people just dismiss this game completely.
To me - this is a perfect game for the home environment (Sound / video / callouts / immersive game).

There are 5 goals you are trying to complete at all times. Spinners / Smaug Multiball / Complete a Mode / Beast Frenzy / Collect all of the dwarves...
Modes are probably the hardest - And not all of the modes are available to you - so you have to qualify them with certain shots. Also - there are secret ball locks that you can get a mode-multiball going.... which is critical for CERTAIN modes. Certain modes - you just don't have enough time to hit all of the shots with one ball. So, you lock 1 or 2 balls - in the mode lock (orbital shots) - then you say - "oh yeah - this mode is hard - lots to hit... I'll skip Smaug ball lock (ring button) and start this mode!"

You probably know all of this already.

If you can't get these things going - this game is going to feel hollow / stupid / waste of time... You have to get it to open up... It's not like old-school B/W games. You start a mode in a B/W game - you get credit for it. In Hobbit - You have to BEAT it.

Then - if you can actually accomplish all of this - you can go into the mini-wizard modes (Into the Fire / Barrel Escape / Battle of 5 Armies)
And if you get to actually beat one of them - it is AMAZING... like - Heart racing.
And when you kill smaug - OMG - its great!
This is the only game that I have ever played that makes me sweat and gets the hair on the back of my neck standing up. I also hoot-and-holler when I play it and I get some good stuff going. No other game makes me do that.

So - I like mode games. I guess that is the rub - This theme is integrated very well (my opinion). The Hobbit is an adventure story and this pin plays like an adventure. I love bashing the beasts / fighting smaug / snapping the spinners / getting to the wizard modes.

A friend of mine has an AFM. He and I have decided that AFM and Hobbit are truly the most polar opposite games you can possibly purchase. So, I think if you don't like it - that's 100% fine. I - for one - would not like to have a Dialed in. Hobbit is all about opening it up. If you haven't - Then you aren't getting the experince it can offer.

If you have played it 100 times and absolutely whooped it... and still don't like it - maybe it's just not your thing - and that's cool too
1 year ago
This is the best game Jersey has made. It just took away a little of the masterpiece that is WOZ. Anyone, who bitches about anything other than the “layout issue” with this game is whacked in the head.
1 year ago
This game is so undervalued. It really is a great game.
1 year ago
Amazing Game Love it!
1 year ago
Recently picked this one up on a trade for my old walking dead pin. Have to say I was anxious because of amount of people who dont like it but this is possibly one of the best pins for the house. Tons of content and deep rules. The newer code is great. Haven't had a wide body in a while so I would agree with the floaty feel and I have mine set up steep. Ramp shots feel good. The drop targets are fun. The pop ups make modes more challenging by getting in the way. Definitely a multiball game. I dont love the way the orbit shots feel. Not sure if it's because I'm not used to the widebody or what but I feel like the shot angle feels off. Light show and sound are hands down best I've ever seen. Struggled a bit getting it in the house at 350 pounds though!
1 year ago
Played this game many times at my local arcade, would love to own one. The only drawback is game length, as games can last for an hour or 10 min. Comparing this game to LOTR is hard as Hobbit has many more modes and the only similarity it shares is Valinor. The artwork is beautiful and incorporates the playfield and backglass as one. Despite being a widebody the game can be quite fast. This game is extremely fun and the lighting works very well with Smaug before Smaug multiball. Overall this game is an 8.8/10 Would be a 10 if game rules were simpler.
1 year ago
I have played this game many times, yes some things can be repetitive but i feel that it is an amazing movie based pinball and should be rated a lot higher. Smaug is awesome animations are beautiful but games can last long and game is also relatively fast once you get things going all around it is a great JJP.
1 year ago
It is a wonderful adaptation of the film trilogy. The immersion is impressive. The combination of lightning effects and sound combined with film clips is phenomenal and epic. The new Software 3.1 gives more orientation what to shoot (visual/audio) and is balancing the gameplay a lot. It is now a much more better game than in the begining.

The pinball table is a adventure; you have to discover a lot of things (31 modes; from easy to hard -> make your choice)...this takes time ;-)

Killing Smaug is hard but achieving it sooooo satisfying! Beast-pop-up gives within the modes some additional challenges; I do understand that for some players the usage of the beasts is a little bit too much.

The 3 Mini-Wizard-Modes (Arkenstone) are awesome and stunning.

Overall a fantastic game. Thanks JJP for this experience!
1 year ago
I thought LOTR was the zenith or pin theme immersion: latest code means Hobbit is fast approaching the same level... with a massive screen and movie scenes. AMAZING!
1 year ago
My first experience of JJPinball, a got experience. A lot of mission, a top multiball, i’m like it
1 year ago
Fun game but very long ball times... When friends come over, this is the game that everyone wants to play. I figure it's because it's easy to start multi-balls. The game itself is very hard to beat due to the huge amount of modes, this makes it a good game to have at home as play ability is awesome... although long ball times do lead to me not powering it up for a "quick" game (unlike Monster Bash). I find myself playing The Hobbit every couple of weeks and when I do I'm usually playing for a couple of hours trying to beat "Into the Fire", "Barrel Escape" and "The Battle of the Five Armies".
JJP build quality is second to none, L.E. versions have everything you could want in a pinball machine (this should be a wake up call for Stern).
This pin deserves to be top 20. I think that too many people rate this game low due to only playing a few game on location. This is not a game for operators, this is a true top performer for home use as to learn the rules will take a long long time...
1 year ago
The good: Amazing artwork with probably my favorite backglass screen to date. Pop up bad guys are kinda fun. Sound is amazing. Tells a great story.

The bad: Floaty in every situation I've ever played it. Plays only a little faster than an old EM until you get a multiball. Shots are soo far off it feels and if you miss a couple of times, if feels almost like a chore to get back at it again.

The overall: Not sure what to make about it. Amazing looking, amazing sounds. Would serve great as the backbone to a video game. The play is slow, slow, slow on every setup I've played (probably 5). I've heard it can get faster with the correct setup, but there is a VAST open space before you hit a shot, so I can't really see how. Something I play on occasion on site and I may end up owning one just to try to beat it once, but it'd be a temporary thing almost certainly.
There are 284 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 12.

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