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Game Design: 7.767

Artwork: 8.989

Sounds/Music: 8.697

Other Aspects: 8.175

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Found 283 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 283 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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26 days ago
Not a fan. Love the novel: The Hobbit. Not this pinball, though.
35 days ago
Wow, is this game underrated! This is by far my favorite Jersey Jack game. I can't speak to the reliability of the machine, but on location, this game is a joy to play. I'm a little bias to the theme. I think the Hobbit movies were great fun, even with the poor CGI. The cabinet looks much better than the Stern LOR, although that game is amazing to play as well.

Very satisfying shots in this game and the toys just immerse you in the world. A dream game to own, but hard to come by nowadays.
36 days ago
I just bought the gold edition after assessing it against a LOTR and a couple others that I had researched and were for sale. What an incredible game. I had spent much time on a WOZ and really liked it. However the Hobbit won out on game play. I need to be clear that I'm not a big fan of the theme/movie, so my ratings put that aside as I focus on the play. It's my only wide body in my collection and I'm glad I was able to find this game. The rules are deep and play is fun. I would recommend trying this one out and WOZ to have a fairer comparison for this style and type of machine. You can't go wrong with WOZ, but for my personal likes, the Hobbit won out.
72 days ago
For me, th Best pinball ever made.
77 days ago
Fun game, Definitely recommend, Great journey game will keep you entertained for hours. Great mechs altos to do, the thumbs up...
3 months ago
You will never see another pin with better integrated theme and animations. Also one of the best speech call outs of any pinball.
4 months ago
I found this machine at a relatively new arcade that I was visiting and I was blown away! I found the "Multi-Ball" function relatively easy to get and then it really got going! Those pop ups are pure genius! This machine would easily be a keeper if I had the money! On the last day of my vacation, I was able to play the game without the distraction of all of the other sounds of the arcade and I had a chance to REALLY hear the sounds from this game! Exquisite!! If this is an example of JJP's offerings, I have GOT to try some others!!
5 months ago
Played it at a friend's place fun game but still think Lotr is bit better not by much tho
5 months ago
The game speed is fantastic in this. For a wide body the ball has time to move around but feels the right amount of time to hit shots, rather than feeling slow.

Light show for Smaug is fantastic and the 4 hidden playfield pop up toys to hit are brilliant and give you the original variety needed in pinball.
6 months ago
I bought my Hobbit Smaug Edition without ever seeing or playing one. I had all the JJP’s except for Hobbit and WOZ and my close friend has WOZ. Love the Hobbit IP and so figured if I didn’t like it I’d just sell it. I got it a few days ago and have been waiting to get some games in to review, which I have. My first impressions (which I knew from pictures), the artwork on this game is ridiculously impressive, I love the Dragon. The LEDs and lighting are so tremendous too. I knew going in that I’m not a fan of the flipper post or roll-overs and I’ve played a bunch of WOZ which is great but not my favorite shooter (a lot of uncontrollable shots and inconsistent rolling with the roll-overs). I also had read less than great reviews (beautiful game but not enough shots, too floaty, etc), but people who own it seem to love it.

Color me surprised. This game is sweet. The theme integration is better than I’ve ever seen. And the multiball play is amazing. No idea how this is not rated better. Maybe the only downside is long ball play but it sort of reminds me of POTC in terms of ball speed, and feel. Good flow (better than WOZ imho), and fun.
7 months ago
This is on my "Want to Own" list!
7 months ago
Great game. Highly underrated IMO. I think it’s due to people playing early software or on location and not seeing the full extent of the theme, code, visuals, sounds and layout. It’s very much like lotr in that it’s a journey kind of pin. Not a “score-type” game. Smaug still kicks my butt.
8 months ago
I own it, will probably keep until the kids get bored. The video integration and theme is awesome, the call outs do get tiring after you’ve played it a bunch. The battles are tough and the multi balls rowdy though, which I like.
8 months ago
I have been playing this game for over a month at home now before rating this. This game is deeeeep, I still have a ways to go to get to any of the wizard modes. The music and lighting are fantastic, as the play gets more intense as does the music and callouts along with the shaker. The playfield initially looks sparse but the 4 popups on the playfield are a great addition and add some fun and challenge. I do wish there was another toy on the game, but it's great nonetheless. It's a very smooth shooter like most JJP games. I think this game would be much better received in a home environment, where the players can really get in to the game vs on site at a bar. It took me a few minutes of youtube to get a good understanding of how to progress, but after that I'm sold. This game is awesome and the theme integration is top notch.
9 months ago
Joe Balcer and Ted Estes make a great team with designing this pin as with WOZ. Many of their designs are incorporated and becoming Jersey Jack superstars. It’s challenging and rewarding and really, really fun! JRR Tolkien themes will stand the test of time. The sound and music is fantastic, the callouts are amazing. Has a similarly MM feel to it in many ways. This one stands out like WOZ vs JJ pirates as movie scene cuts are generated throughout and must have. Radcals are awesome and must have.
10 months ago
not a pinball machine in the classic sense. shots are often not very smooth because of those many little obstacles on playfield.
but it's really an anventure. you must spend a little time with this game. with time it is getting better and better. don't be afraid of the bumpy shots; they are part of the game. not for tournament, for entertainment only. last code updates make the game much more clearer (not so many multiballs). sounds and music are great! all in all a good game!
10 months ago
Overall, it’s a beautiful game, and the gameplay is good, but not one I’m super excited about. I love the Smaug toy, and the lighting, and sound are fantastic. The cabinet art is fine, not anything super great, but it’s fine. I didn’t really care for the movie, so I have no attachment there. I do love the pop up bash targets—always fun to hit those, especially in the beast frenzy mode.

I don’t care for the in game progress main display thing. There’s way too much on that screen, and it’s very difficult to understand what information it’s trying to give me. I know it’s a deep game, and that’s really cool, but it’s very confusing to approach because of how the information is relayed.
10 months ago
Theme integration, great ruleset, and sustainable multiballs are what make this open-layout, wide-body so addictive. Fairly open, symmetrical layout is very approachable for beginners -- and the depth of the ruleset/modes help prevent this machine from feeling too repetitive.
10 months ago
I've owned 5 pins, including another JJP. Might be recentcy bias, but I enjoy Hobbit the most! Once the game gets going it is one of the most immersive pinball experiences you can find anywhere! Tons of modes and things to shoot for as well.
10 months ago
The Hobbit almost max out all the boxes in my review.
General presentation and sound really deserve to be played in a home environment.
Rules and features are outstanding. Theme is my personal favorite so far from JJP.
The weight of the machine alone shows how much bang you get for your buck.
10 months ago
This game is simply stunning. The most immersive game ever played. Intense, immersive this game makes you feel like you are in the movie, the quality is unbelievable, the screen and clips stunning, the call outs never ending. An absolute home run and in a class of its own, this is modern pinball.
11 months ago
I was skeptical as the layout isn't what I usually go for, and the upper flipper has no unique purpose. The theme integration and rules bring this one home. It's also neat to see a modern pin packed to the gills with coils and gadgets.
1 year ago
Another underrated game and my favourite in my collection. With 31 modes that are highly varied the game always seems to offer a new way to play. One downside for me is how the ball path can be affected on the playfield as it rolls over the switches and pop up targets. That can be annoying.
The most amazing themed game in existence, it took me a long time to find one for my collection.
1 year ago
Bargain of the century.
1 year ago
Wow. This is perfect

Theme integration is spot on

And IT looks amazing
There are 283 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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