The Hobbit

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Other Aspects: 8.123

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Found 317 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 317 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
Easy to multiball . Fun theme
3 months ago
Not going to lie, the theme is not for me. I have zero connection to Hobbit.

With that said the game is fun and definitely a good looking cabinet. I would never buy one but happy to play at a friend's house.
4 months ago
i'm sorry to Hobbit lovers, but... from a "player" perspective, i knew from before, when i played this pin long ago, it was not for me... than yesterday spend the journey on a new friend house, full of pinballs, including Hobbit... than give it another chance : same feeling as before, no matter i dont know what i was shooting for (except LOCK > SMAUG), was just keeping balls in play, aiming for blinking shoots (!), and getting multiballs after multiballs after multiballs after heu, yes, multiballs !!! it was so boring after 1 hour of play that i "forget" to play my 3 last extra balls, scoring 11M points, having beat Smaug & surelly some of others things (i didnt even know)... conclusion is simple : this pin is not for me... the good point is : coils are quality ones, they dont feel flappy during this long/hot game... a last word, i'm not an "anti" JJP (if you check my ratings, my n° 1 is DIALED IN !!!), but GNR, Godfather, and this one are too much "multiballs" frenzy
5 months ago
It’s a beautiful game and the theming is amazing but the horseshoe ramp grows old quickly.
6 months ago
Played this pin during 2023 TPBF so I was unable to to rate the sounds and music.
7 months ago
This is a fantastic, beautiful, and unique game that I am very proud to own. I have mine set up to be fast, so there are times I forget it's even a widebody. The theme integration and voice clips are unmatched. Art is stunning and even better in person.
8 months ago
This game was fun to play I literally only played it twice because the games lasted so long. I really do like this game but it is pretty wide open and it’s almost impossible to drain. I’d never have this game at home as my games could last an hour. I like it but they need to make it harder.
8 months ago
I like the game a lot. Hard to play from time to time. Enough challenges
9 months ago
This is actually the last of JJP I’ve added to my collection.It’s definitely the best JJP I think.
Just has that AFM one more game feel.Don’t think it plays floaty like others have said.
Pretty fast game for me.
I’m a sucker for talking Smaug,his deep base voice insulting me never gets old.
9 months ago
I feel like the ramps are too far away; the ball floats too much in the center of the playfield.
10 months ago
I honestly don't understand why people like this one so much. Feels like another floaty, slow, weird JJ with basically nothing fun to shoot at, despite it having a good number of shots. At first getting the main multiball was fun hitting that ramp, but that's about it. All of it wears thin for me pretty quick. The spiders and orcs that pop up from under the playfield are constant and annoying, and that's pretty much the only "interesting" toy or mech. Glad they got Gandalf to do the callouts and the sound and art are in general good to great, but that doesn't make it fun to flip. Neither does the deep rule set - it just means you have to play the game longer to achieve a meaningful goal, which in this case is a bad thing. I get why beginners gravitate towards it, but that doesn't make it a good game. Reminds me of Hook in that way. Thumbs down.
10 months ago
One my favorites. Love the IP. UI design is fantastic. Shots are welcoming to new players like myself. It's slower, but for an immersive experience that's a positive in my book. I wish the Smaug figure was higher quality, and showed all of him. No idea what I should be doing in this game. Honestly, it's overwhelming. Probably need to sit down and read over how to play it versus discovering it myself. Sounds and callouts are great. Wish the popup targets weren't noisy. Very distracting. I'm okay with the slow speed and floaty feel. It gets intense once you are multiball. Feels like you are on an adventure. I love that!
12 months ago
Amazing game, very immersive!!!
1 year ago
Played this on location, so can’t comment too much on rules But enjoyed it very much and certainly one of the most beautiful machines out there.
1 year ago
This is truly an underrated pin from JJP. Beautifully integrated with the films and so much to do in this game. As always it’s a beautiful machine and a true joy to play. One you learn the code and how they numerous modes work, the game just gets better and better. If you get a chance, give this one a shot, although I believe this one is meant for the home environment and not so much on location.
1 year ago
Incredibly deep game with amazing sound and effects. The layout could be improved (the symmetry is a bit boring), but other than that it is absolutely a fantastic game to play.
1 year ago
Got a Hobbit last week to replace a hole in my arcade. Impressions after about 30 games - LOVE the theming, integration. Love the art, music, sounds...

Don't love the abundance of almost constant multi balls... Why is jjp obsessed with multi balls? This, gnr, Pirates... They really seem to like games with like over 50% multi balls. In the case of the Hobbit it's almost constant. Sometimes I just get a shot in a mode and boom - a multiball starts. Not even sure why.

Its amazing theming though. Possibly the best movie to pinball theme I've ever seen. I can't think of a better one. If you like the Hobbit movies, multiballs, and overall long games this one is for you. There are I think 37 modes and I'm not sure if that includes the mini wizards like into the fire. There is certainly tons to do and lots to explore. They are very creative with their assets in some of the modes as well, and the game really comes alive at times... I wish I could watch the screen but you guessed it, I have 5 balls going at once so I can't really look up...

I'm glad I got it but I don't think it will last here super long. I already almost beat it (I think?) And it was like a 2 hour game. I think once I beat it due to the length I won't be interested in doing it again.
1 year ago
A gorgeous game to look at, like most JJPs. I’ve played the Ring and Smaug versions; found Smaug more fun to play. Can’t really speak to theme because I never saw the movies. (I lost interest when I heard it was being turned into a trilogy; felt like three movies would ruin the pace.) Frustrating when you can’t get the ball under control, but a blast when you get into a groove.
1 year ago
out of the frying pan AND INTO THE FIRE!!!
1 year ago
Played twice at The Pinball Office in the UK in a line up including other JJPs, Spooky and American Pinball pins.

It was obvious there’s a lot of rules depth here, and the presentation of the pin (i.e. film clips, playfield, lighting and Smaug toy) are gorgeous.

However, I also found it desperately confusing and not especially accessible on a walk-up-and-play basis. There were lots of instructions in tiny lettering at the edges of the huge LCD screen, which were hard to read while playing, most of the insert lights were lit, and the game I played didn’t have an apron rules card either. I didn’t score particularly high because I was mostly reacting to stuff popping up on the playfield, and trying to lock balls in Smaug.

It was probably my second favourite out of the JJPs I played (Dialed In, G n’ R, WOZ and The Hobbit), and I’d be happy to explore it in more depth, but I wasn’t totally wowed by it.

UPDATE: Played again at The Pinball Office. I got some stuff going, e.g. monsters, modes and multiball. It seemed pretty fun with a lot of depth, although I still didn’t understand the rules.
1 year ago
Pin with the most modes in pinball?
1 year ago
Not a fan of the wide-open playfield. Gorgeous looking machine....wish I could get into it.
1 year ago
I've had The Hobbit for a while now and played enough games to have a relatively informed opinion on it - let me start by stating that I'm not a huge LotR fan. I read the books back in high school, watched the movies (LotR and The Hobbit) and enjoyed them, but I didn't get this game because of the theme - I got it because I heard it was a great game - and that is the truth. Stern's Lord of the Rings is another amazing game, one of my all-time favorites, and The Hobbit is at least as good as that one.

Looking at the playfield initially, it looks pretty simplistic, but there's actually a whole lot going on - the dynamic drop target banks, subway, pop-up mechs, and outlane kick-out to the upper right flipper add a lot of variety to every game and mode. The artwork on the playfield is fantastic, the cabinet is really impressive too (Smaug edition here). The music, speech/call-outs, and video clips are all very well integrated with the overall game and each individual mode.

The rules seem crazy at first, but it's actually pretty simple. Each mode has some specific requirements that are spelled out on the mini-display, and the overall progression is to collect a few 'jewels' and start a mini-wizard mode, rinse and repeat. There are ways to stack modes and multi-balls and super features to get a high score - but the game is really about progression. The ball times can be long, games can be on the longer side - it's been said before, but this game is really about the 'journey' more than the destination (killer scores).

So, never having played this before acquiring it, I am very happy it's in my collection. I recommend the game to anyone that wants an impressive, high quality, fun game - outside of the fact that it weighs a ton and is a huge pain to move.
1 year ago
I was not a huge fan of this theme, but the pin actually drew me in and I actually watched the trilogy because if the pin. Game features of the talking dragon and beast pop ups are awesome. The music and sound quality is top notch in my opinion. The call outs are good and varied. Lighting is great and they simulate fire burning with the LED lighting that works well. The game play combined with the music makes this one of the most relaxing yet exciting pins out there. It is one of the least frustrating pins in terms of drainers. You can keep a round going for 30-40 minutes with it still keeping your interest with so many modes and multiballs…really awesome design overall!
1 year ago
My goodness! The sound and theme integration on this game is like being in a fancy movie theater! I happen to enjoy the hobbit movies which add to the enjoyment of the game. The wide body really fits with the theme. Love the pop up heads which adds to the playfield and makes shots a good bit harder. Only had the game for a week but I'm loving so far as are my kids and wife. Still don't get the top 3rd flipper as it doesn't seem to have "a special shot" from it but it comes in handy. I have the regular LE and like the side art the best on this one (different on every side). The call outs are great. The addition of scorbit is great. I only have 2 games (wonka SE) and is great in a small collection as there is so much to do (30+ modes). It's definitely not a tournament game which is why I think I love it so much.
Finally figuring out the ring button and all the ways it is used!
There are 317 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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