The Hobbit

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Other Aspects: 8.053

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There are 254 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
Jersy Jack pinballs second game , code update & enhancements have made this game better over time
9 days ago
This game is absolutely amazing. Played it on route for about 1yr. Fell in love with it. Bought it. The Home experience is 2nd to none. The music, the call-outs, the light show, the animations. JJP does it right. No question about that. I am a rules player / Mode player. If you like those two things, then this is a game for you.

If you like a "quick" bash game; this one is maybe not for you.... but - that said - there is a TON OF STUFF TO BASH (I don't know why players say that there's not).

No game is as deep as this game - if there is one, I am not aware of it. 31 playable modes, 3 mini-wizard modes, Smaug multiball where you are trying to kill the dragon (with victory laps).

Does this game have long ball time? It can, for sure. It has 3 lanes on either flipper --> One out-lane, and two feeder-lanes. That alone keeps you alive longer.

Music? Score from the movie... if you don't like the score from the movie, then you won't like the music...
Call-Outs? Lines from the movie - fantastic... (and some fabricated ones... but still A+).
Artwork? Its great.
Toys? People forget about the 4-pop-up beasts that come out of the playfield. Plus a talking Smaug Dragon. There are PLENTY o things to bash & interact with. Plus the pop-ups "get in your way" during certain modes - and really makes the game challenging.

It doesn't have a "BIG ELABORATE SHOT" like say... the Deadpool Katana shot, or the Maiden Pharaoh shot. But the Orbitals are a smooth as can be (With Spinners), and the left and right ramps are gratifying...

This is one intense game... Its an adventure... not a "Lets blow up the spaceship (AFM) 10 times..." As the adventure goes on, and the game intensifies, it can wear you out... It can make you sweat, and make you have goosebumps...
13 days ago
This is the best game Jersey has made. It just took away a little of the masterpiece that is WOZ. Anyone, who bitches about anything other than the “layout issue” with this game is whacked in the head.
23 days ago
This game is so undervalued. It really is a great game.
24 days ago
Amazing Game Love it!
42 days ago
Recently picked this one up on a trade for my old walking dead pin. Have to say I was anxious because of amount of people who dont like it but this is possibly one of the best pins for the house. Tons of content and deep rules. The newer code is great. Haven't had a wide body in a while so I would agree with the floaty feel and I have mine set up steep. Ramp shots feel good. The drop targets are fun. The pop ups make modes more challenging by getting in the way. Definitely a multiball game. I dont love the way the orbit shots feel. Not sure if it's because I'm not used to the widebody or what but I feel like the shot angle feels off. Light show and sound are hands down best I've ever seen. Struggled a bit getting it in the house at 350 pounds though!
52 days ago
Played this game many times at my local arcade, would love to own one. The only drawback is game length, as games can last for an hour or 10 min. Comparing this game to LOTR is hard as Hobbit has many more modes and the only similarity it shares is Valinor. The artwork is beautiful and incorporates the playfield and backglass as one. Despite being a widebody the game can be quite fast. This game is extremely fun and the lighting works very well with Smaug before Smaug multiball. Overall this game is an 8.8/10 Would be a 10 if game rules were simpler.
52 days ago
I have played this game many times, yes some things can be repetitive but i feel that it is an amazing movie based pinball and should be rated a lot higher. Smaug is awesome animations are beautiful but games can last long and game is also relatively fast once you get things going all around it is a great JJP.
79 days ago
It is a wonderful adaptation of the film trilogy. The immersion is impressive. The combination of lightning effects and sound combined with film clips is phenomenal and epic. The new Software 3.1 gives more orientation what to shoot (visual/audio) and is balancing the gameplay a lot. It is now a much more better game than in the begining.

The pinball table is a adventure; you have to discover a lot of things (31 modes; from easy to hard -> make your choice)...this takes time ;-)

Killing Smaug is hard but achieving it sooooo satisfying! Beast-pop-up gives within the modes some additional challenges; I do understand that for some players the usage of the beasts is a little bit too much.

The 3 Mini-Wizard-Modes (Arkenstone) are awesome and stunning.

Overall a fantastic game. Thanks JJP for this experience!
82 days ago
I thought LOTR was the zenith or pin theme immersion: latest code means Hobbit is fast approaching the same level... with a massive screen and movie scenes. AMAZING!
84 days ago
My first experience of JJPinball, a got experience. A lot of mission, a top multiball, i’m like it
3 months ago
Fun game but very long ball times...
3 months ago
What a game, when you get on a roll a game can go for a long time.... fantastic art work and the display is amazing
3 months ago
The good: Amazing artwork with probably my favorite backglass screen to date. Pop up bad guys are kinda fun. Sound is amazing. Tells a great story.

The bad: Floaty in every situation I've ever played it. Plays only a little faster than an old EM until you get a multiball. Shots are soo far off it feels and if you miss a couple of times, if feels almost like a chore to get back at it again.

The overall: Not sure what to make about it. Amazing looking, amazing sounds. Would serve great as the backbone to a video game. The play is slow, slow, slow on every setup I've played (probably 5). I've heard it can get faster with the correct setup, but there is a VAST open space before you hit a shot, so I can't really see how. Something I play on occasion on site and I may end up owning one just to try to beat it once, but it'd be a temporary thing almost certainly.
4 months ago
I have had the Hobbit Smaug Gold Edition since it started shipping.... I find that the game makes everyone happy and surprises and delights them with the color-changing LEDs, the movie cut scenes, the challenges, the pop ups, the playfield that seems really empty until everything pops up and starts getting in the way. I do find a few things confusing and feel like there should be a much more clear set of guidance instructions as you play through the game. So many players don't know what a certain ramp or loop or whatnot is, don't know what to do next, don't know what their goals are. I think this is the biggest crutch of all pinball games... if you're going to have a complicated rule set, hold the player's hand and let them know what those rules are. Even a few years in, I don't know really how to get certain dwarves, what they mean, what it means when using the flippers to select between different ones, etc. I don't even know what the 'postpone mode' button does... postpone what mode? multiball? For a very, very expensive game there should be some things that work even better - launching the ball is the weakest ball launch in the history of pinball, so I enabled the setting to have both flipper buttons launch the ball. While 95% of the game is absolutely stunning to look at and play, the two main ramp targets in the back could have been so much more fun and unique! What's this 'book mode' do? I still don't know. Overall, it still ranks in the top pins I've ever had the chance to play and this is due to the pretty lights and colors and toys and pop ups and movie scenes. In the future, I'd love to see even bigger screens that are 8K, perhaps a lower and upper playfield, more interesting ramps, a thinner backbox and shallower cabinet to shave some inches off these machines. I think if machines started to get smaller but had the same playfield size you'd start to see more people transitioning to the 'new gen' cabinet sizes for sure. Hobbit is incredible... it should be in every collection. Jersey Jack keeps being a cutting edge company, and I love it.
4 months ago
This pin is beautiful, deep, plays slow and long. A good game can last a very long the point when you say to yourself "when is this going to end" multi-balls and it appears the add-a-ball never stops. It is visually stunning, probably the best cabinet graphically and the cut scenes from the 3 movies are very well done. I could see this pin being highly sought after in a few years when people come to appreciate it to a greater degree.
4 months ago
Probably my least favorite Jersey Jack pin there is. There are people that absolutely love it, and then there's me that just finds it completely boring. It feels slow on a wide open empty playfield. Not many pinball games put me to sleep while playing, but this one could do it. It is beautiful, I just don't find it fun.
Also should be noted that at my local freeplay arcade, this always seems to be the pin that people just walk away from on Ball 2 or 3 and just leave it in the shooter lane unfinished.
5 months ago
Finally got a chance to place this on location, superb game! The sound quality is incredible! My only complaint is rules are not readily apparent but still had a blast playing several times.
5 months ago
One of the most intense games out there and very pretty to look at.
6 months ago
For me, this is the game that has the best theme integration of any game I have ever played!

I love the assets that tie in perfectly with the game. The movie clips especially! The way the mouth of the dragon moves in sequence with what s being said is proof of this.

The shot layout is really good. I like it! I know the pop up "trolls" can get in the way but learning the rules and using a backstab is important to clearing these little buggers.

Adding balls during modes is important and rewarding and is stacking this with your normal multiball!!

Overall a great game, that has excellent assets, shots and modes.
6 months ago
Great code but I wish there could be a little adjustment that I noted over to Jersey Jack. The new updated codes with all the modes is amazing. The only downside of this machine is very long games.
6 months ago
Wow - my first JJP and first wide body! As a relatively new guy to pinball with less than five years experience, I could not figure out why The Hobbit Pinball Machine is so great??? It is better than LOTR because of the cinematic integration! Plus the shaker motor adds to the cinematic integration too. On the down side, they cost too much. Nevertheless great job JJP!
6 months ago
I enjoy this way more than LOTR. I have owned both.
Deeper rules, visually stunning. Sound is terrific!
Not a huge wide body fan however hobbit I'll make an exception to the rule.
Definitely a keeper.
7 months ago
Well, I'm glad it's rated low as I picked mine up for a steal. I wont write anything as everyone has already said what their is to say. Great game!!!
8 months ago
Super immersive pin, sound, lighting and visuals are amazing. On the downside, the rules are difficult to understand and it feels quite floaty. Another pin I'd love to have at home for 3-6 months to give it a good crack, but as a casual player it's simply not fun enough.
There are 254 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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