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The Avengers (Pro)

Pinside rating

This game received 100 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.866 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 2nd in the game group "The Avengers". The group itself ranks #160 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.541

Artwork: 7.353

Sounds/Music: 6.77

Other Aspects: 6.586

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 3 of us have rated this game.


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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "The Avengers (Pro)".
The other version is: The Avengers (Premium/LE)

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Found 64 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 64 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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73 days ago
I really enjoy this game. My parent's have owned it for years and I probably have 400+ plays.
That said, it is a HARD game! The shots are tight. TIGHT. I find I can only complete the Black Widow ramp 1/4 times I hit the ramp will it actually go all the way up. Hawk-eye orbit is 1/3. With being so tough, it makes it a challenge. However, it is really difficult to complete the modes without reducing difficulty-setting.

For my kids and family, it remains a keeper. They love the theme, Hulk multi-ball is a blast, it is enjoyable to try assembling the Avengers. The call-outs have some humor and don't get old. Music and lights are solid. For me, I'm ready to sell or trade it, but the kids want it bolted to the floor. Worth owning one, but would be a very difficult game on location.

Quality has been positive, except some plastic pieces breaking, including the Tesseract breaking twice. But usually, can just walk up and play.
8 months ago
Owned this one for three years. Not a terribly challenging machine. Kind of limited in appeal. Multi-ball and Vs. modes were great fun but just an OK machine.
1 year ago
Don't know why this game is so popular. It certainly is colorful, I guess..... I enjoy the avengers movies but I'm not exactly as fever stricken by them as a lot of people. This pin is all too indicative of the typical 21st century Stern tables. Two flippers, 2 straight ramps, uninteresting shots et cetera. I don't mean to slag it but every time I play this game I find myself bored by the the second game or sometimes by the second ball. I don't think it's only me, but I personally would have enjoyed a Scarlett Johansson only table. If you've got to have a boring playfield at least make the game a pleasure to look at.
1 year ago
I've heard a lot of people talk negatively about this game and I finally had a chance to play it. It's got a nice amount of shots and enough going on to exceed the expectations I had for it based off of what I've heard. I am a bit bummed to not hear the real actors doing call outs, but I can only imaging how much that would have cost Stern. The Hulk toy is pretty cool, though the ball got stuck on the one drop target mechanism right in front of it multiple times, which was annoying. Some of the shots are a bit challenging, which is nice. Multi-ball was a blast. Overall, I was satisfied, though it didn't leave enough of an impression for me to have to have one, and Avengers is my favorite MCU film. Still, I'm glad that a really nice fellow Pinsider who lives close to me has this game so that I can get more games on it hopefully.
1 year ago
Wow. I bought Avengers pro NIB. I could never be happier. I have bought and sold 20 game since then. Avengers is a keeper. You have to complete all five shots five times to get to wizard mode. Very difficult. ramp, orbits, and side thor shot, The call outs are very comicy, like they should be. I put a color DMD in mine and it makes all the difference in the world!!! I like George Gomez games. this is one of his best.. funny how everyone in pinball has different opinons on what is the best? pin.
1 year ago
This game gets a pretty bad wrap, and i don't agree. i've owned this since 2015 and was one of my first machines. it is challenging & has some decent rules. the shots are tough, especially the black widow ramp, but when you nail it is rather satisfying. it is a great earner onsite (the theme is top notch) and overall i think its a game worth having in your collection
1 year ago
Not a great game in my opinion. I did not like the play field or the shots. Many stuck balls on the Hulk and game flow was poor. Lighting on the game I played was very dim. The game was just boring to me.
1 year ago
Another Stern average pin, could have been a lot better, considering the Avengers potential audience.
2 years ago
I dislike leaving short reviews, but if I was to receive this machine as a gift, I would fill it full of gasoline and set it on fire. Really, I would. Selling this to someone for ten bucks would feel criminal.
2 years ago
"Avengers" looks and feels like your typical Marvel licensed thing: colorful with a some neat toys and your typical over-acted cartoony audio. The thing that saves it from being a complete waste is the straight-forward gameplay -- even if every shot outside the Hulk is ridiculous to make. In fact, get ready to hear a LOT of Hulk audio because that's where your ball is gonna hit most of the time whether you like it or not. Grabbing other Avengers is an exercise in frustration (Black Widow is scream-inducing) and, after awhile, you may just throw your hands up and try another game. Still, this is loads better than "X-Men". The playfield is colorful and well-produced and the presentation is right on. It's more geared towards comic fans and completists.
3 years ago
Really tight shots on this one. Black widow ramp is a tough one at times, but can be made. Not a fan of only one way to exit out of the pops. And the upper back half of the playfield seems cramped. Still it gets bonus points for the theme, callouts, and dots. Color DMD in this game is also nice. The update kit from Stern is a must to have the game play smoothly. It does take a lot to get this one to play great, but once it's set up, it's really fun.
3 years ago
well, just get a perfect PRO HUO... before that, didnt play too much that game (but as a player know about Lonnie's coding, and last update), i've read a lot here & there, and were than informed of some probs & needed tweaks... as my son was in love with the theme and the pin, as the price was OK, i than bought the pin... and i dont regret it... i've just done a quite great summary of the pin for french forums, dont think its needed here, may be just my conclusion, as this pin didnt deserve to be so far in the ranking : to enjoy it, you must play on a perfectly working (tweaked) one, not only with HULK not blocking balls, but also the LOKI look, and last but not least, the BW ramp being nicely adjusted (on mine, after tweaking, with high slope and flippers at minimum strenght, no prob at all to climb the ramp)... in that case (and that case only), the pin is for sure a good one... enjoy ;)

forget to mention, we're +/- 200 games played on 3 weeks, with few HELLICARIER done, and just 1 BTE (my son, in 5 balls, and not completly finished)
3 years ago
Holy cow its bad pin. Looks very cheap and nothing to do on playfield. I dont like Stern tables but this is over the top.
3 years ago
I guess kids might like it. But it feels cheap to me and the game play is just endless despite a few interesting shots.
4 years ago
I love the theme but there is noting else nice about this game.
Have played it at least 50 times but it got worse and worse !
Its a waste of wood , plastic and electronics . . . . brrrrrr
4 years ago
Worst game of this era (post 2000s). I can't even begin to describe how terrible design and gameplay this machine has. Didn't anyone test this game before release? Ball ALWAYS gets stuck on the Hulk. It doesn't help that I really don't like marvel superheroes and such.

Just go Fargo on all of them and throw them in the chipper. Thumbs down, hard.
4 years ago
You have to own this pin to know the beauty of the design.
4 years ago
Feels very cheap. Artwork looks like bad photoshop. The lighting was really bright and well done, but that's about the only positive thing I can say about this machine.
4 years ago
I play this each time we visit a local arcade because it's the only pin available and we want to support pinball so that they may add an additional machine but it's just not very fun.
4 years ago
Yeah. I can see why people aren't so hot about this game. Shame. I was hoping I would be able to get a pin I liked for cheap. Well, there are about 200 other games I would buy before this one.
4 years ago
Easy is for whimps. Averngers is not easy, this is why I enjoy it so much. Many people bash it but I love this game. It's very challenging, the shots are tough and there is no better feeling when you get into a rhythm with this game. I bought this NIB and yes it needed some tweeks. I have no hang ups now and just added the new code v1.7. It plays fast and fun. Call outs are great and rules are deep. The versus mode is great along with the mini wizard mode Attack on Hellcarrier. Have not gotten to Battle for Earth yet, but I will. Come to my house and play and see if you still think it's a bad game. Best Pro version out there, no need to get LE or Hulk.
4 years ago
Colorful game, nice lighting and overall great looks. So much for the positive side. The game play was so-so, some nice shots with decent flow until the ball gets stuck somewhere. did they ever test this game out before shipping. Even only a few games would have shown that a few things don't work together, the Hulk being one of the main culprits. Not really a bad game but it could have been much better with just some minor improvements.
4 years ago
Avengers is somewhat disappointing, given the production year and what was available. IMHO Stern kind of skimped out on the design of this game, concentrating more on the theme and artwork, as opposed to fun factor and playability. The PF seems empty (other than the Hulk edition, which still isn't great) and there just aren't that many shots to make. My Gottlieb Spider-Man Sys 80 keeps me more amused. I will say this game does have a very cool theme, great artwork and a fun-to-listen interactive audio package, but I don't buy pins to stare at them...I buy them to play them. It's a shame, because so much more could have been done with this pin, and the theme alone allowed for so much potential and creativity.
4 years ago
recently bought a happy pro version, without any fault Ball arrives perfectly at the end of the ramp and the ball never got caught in the arms of hulk.recomiendo this pin ..
5 years ago
This game is terrible to play however i like the theme
Sounds and callouts are just repetitive and not entertaining which means for me not fun.
This is the worst layout table i have ever played, some important lights (loki) are not visible from your player position, the center ramp is too much difficult to climb coz of a 90° turn, and the hole saucer is quite impossible to get with no luck. i get it twice in a row with the mini center loop but i don't know if it was the right shot to do or if it was luck. Other shots are smooth and quite challenger. the center spinner disc is there to drain balls between flippers.
Rules seems to be quite simple but not played enough to well understand all, all the more as the machine i played was not set properly.
Not a machine i want to play anylonger except it's free!
There are 64 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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