The Avengers (Premium/LE)

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Game Design: 7.102

Artwork: 7.929

Sounds/Music: 7.414

Other Aspects: 7.396

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "The Avengers (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: The Avengers (Pro) (regular version)

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There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
55 days ago
It's a hard shooter. When you get it together it is satisfying. Hulk is cool, his arm design could be better but with the switched wired in to his arms you don't need to pop the glass.
11 months ago
I owned HULK version as it was released. Fun shots with that insane ramp that was so satisfying to hit! Everything else on the game is done well and perfectly fun to play.
1 year ago
Not a big fan of this one. Layout seems disconnected, artwork is drab and dark, and just not a lot of fun to play.
1 year ago
Fun game but some of the shots are pretty difficult
1 year ago
This is a decent pin, but not in my top for the era. I think there are several better pins at the price.
1 year ago
Stern really dropped the ball on this one. Had an amazing license for a popular theme however, you can tell this game was rushed to coincide with the release of Avengers. A lot of clunky shots which just leave you to wonder if Gomez actually designed this machine as he usually nails his pins, like LOTR. Definitely a hard pass for me.
1 year ago
This game gets so much hate that it doesn’t deserve. So many claim they want something different in a game but when it is different so many rip on it for being different. Is the game perfect no but from 1 to 10 it’s way closer to 10 than 1. I think as time as gone on some are beginning to give the game a fair shake and realizing it’s much better than it’s reputation. When it comes to toys and ramps way more to offer that anything made in the last 5 years. So go out give this one a try with an open mind you just might be surprised.
1 year ago
Pretty brutal game and a real disappointment for a great theme. Owned the Premium LE for several years and, even after extensive work, could never get it to play "right." The ball would get stuck a lot and in different places, most commonly on the Hulk or Tesseract. But even trying to ignore how often players have to go under the glass, the game play is awful. It's basically hit this shot a dozen times for the right to hit the next shot a dozen times for the right to hit the next shot, yes, a dozen times. And look, i get that people have different skill levels, but the Black Widow shot and to a lesser extent the Captain America shot are too difficult to be fun when you have to hit them so many times. After years of grim determination, I finally got to Battle for Earth, but by this time I was literally so bored and it was so anticlimactic I turned the game off in the middle of the mode and never turned it on again. Needless to say it is no longer in my collection.
2 years ago
This pin is so unique and that is what is so refreshing about it. People that say it does not have flow can't make the iron man or Captain America shots . They are not easy but so satisfying . Not the best stern but way closer to the top than bottom.
2 years ago
At this years Rocky Mtn Showdown (2019) there were 2 avengers Hulk games. and One played so much better then the other. that why on was for sale and not the other. together a challenging game and since I like Ghostbusters then this one is easy to enjoy. Some tweaking could be done and the machine would play smooth. this is a hard game and I wonder if this is the one I should start with as my first PIN. But really like X-men and Spider-man (VE). I like the features on this game and challenging shots but I'm concerned that the feel of the game is cheap to me.
2 years ago
Finally spent some time on this table after reading about various issues with playfield design, reliability, etc. I found a Hulk LE and have now played it enough for an initial review. I will update this later after getting further into the game.

This game does deserve some of the critisism for glitches and clunky shots, but to a degree, those things can be improved. The question of whether that should be the owner’s responsibility is another matter. Stern, I believe, does offer a kit to address some of the post-production issues. I had some similar issues with GB, and we love that game now. The main problem is the Hulk Toy was probably not ready for production and deserved more testing and adjustment. The resting height of his arms is an issue. He does trap the ball fairly often, unless you make adjustments, many of which are described on Pinside. When he works, he is a very cool toy.

Once the game is adjusted, airballs are addressed and the game is working well, this is a fun game with some interesting, unorthodox shot designs. For me, the Tesseract is the best feature. The simple design works great and the lightshow produced by hitting it is dazzling and satisfying. This is especially true if you replace the stock Tesseract cube. The art package on the Hulk LE cabinet and backglass is awesome and really captures the Hulk theme. The playfield is just ok. Red, white and blue colors, mostly, and photoshopped art. Not bad, not great. The DMD animations are pretty good (the game does have a color DMD option which looks good), and the call outs and music were better than X-Men, I felt, a game often used for comparison.

The rules, so far, are decent but not especially deep or creative. Collect Avengers, play 2 multiball modes, have the collected Avengers battle each other. I haven’t advanced further yet.

Overall, the game plays fast and is challenging. Yes, some shots feel a bit awkward, but others feel great. I didn’t find the Black Widow ramp to be unfair, just tight. It’s definitely make-able on my machine. This is a pin, like GB, that I like because I like difficult shots and layouts that show innovation and originality. This game plays differently than most. It doesn’t have a standard fan layout. It’s unusual, it’s sometimes frustrating, but it is fun and does offer much more good than bad.
3 years ago
This is a very fun game that I would think would go very well in a home collection but would never, ever, put on route due to reliability issues. We had one of these in the company office and it probably got 10 plays per week. It absolutely fell apart over the course of a year. The Thor drop targets never worked properly, and would either make the game impossible to complete or award an impossibly high score. The ball was constantly getting stuck behind the hulk, and often required the removal of the glass to fix a ball. We tried to have a high score contest over the course of the year but it didn't really work very well because the scores were wonky due to game malfunctions. The Black Widow ramp was nearly impossible to hit, and would often result in drains form balls not making it all the way up the ramp.

With all the negatives, we did play that game a lot and I would enjoy playing the game if we could get it to work consistently. I thought the rules were pretty straightforward, the Hulk toy was neat, and it was overall a cool theme well integrated in an attractive package. If the machine worked consistently, I'd be looking for one to throw in my basement.
3 years ago
Really different game, quite unique game play. The playfield is really loaded, and you have almost all the features you can expect from a pinball, but it's hard to get the flow. It's a fun pinabll, but it also gives you that the playfield was populated randomly. Which is not necesarely bad after all. At the end, an underestimated pin and a good return on investment compared to other pricey recent Stern machines. And what theme could be be any better than Advengers?
3 years ago
Nothing really excited me on the pin. Hulk bash toy is neat but doesn't draw me back in. Not much for ramps and the upper play field is barely that. The hulk design and color scheme is great and creative but I wouldn't go back to this pin
3 years ago
Just picked up a LE blue version. I really like this game. Not sure why the game has such a low rating. I enjoy playing the game. The machine I have is loaded with toys, color dmd, topper, shaker and leds. Also some custom powdercoating. Underrated game for sure.
4 years ago
This is fun game but it can be frustrating to play because certain shots e.g., the Black Widow ramp are damn difficult to make with consistency and the ball can frequently get caught behind the Hulk figure's arm thereby creating a pause in the action while the machine 'clears the problem'. One flaw (Hulk) is a definite design problem and the other is due to my poor skill set. Setting those issues aside, Avengers is a very attractive, topical game (and underrated game) that should be part of anyone's collection.
4 years ago
I think avengers premium/LE has better artwork than the pro but i still don't like how the game plays.
4 years ago
very fun and a real beauty, very particular layout and great, some fun difficult shot
4 years ago
I have this one, so I play it a lot. It's a tough game, with a lot of tight shots. Maybe one too many, with Gomez having to get all of the Avengers on the game. The only thing I really don't like is the art. It's sort of the bottom of the "photoshop phase" that is finally going out of style.

It takes some work to collect and complete the avengers. The Iron Man always gives me trouble, but that's my problem.

It needed some help, so I upgraded the factory Tesseract. That was junk. All Avengers machines that I've seen in the wild have a busted Tesseract. I popped in the lighted Tesseract, and it helps. I also popped on the Cointaker LED interactive backglass, which was probably too much light. But, the boring flourescent lights are an abomination in the industry. I am glad that era is coming to an end.
4 years ago
Really great game - layout feels different and good. Play a dialed in LE and you will see how much of a challange and fun this game is.
4 years ago
When you play a dialed in LE . it is just awesome , again and again, The Hulk Toy Is great . The tight shots are not easy but when you make them Bliss!! I have Hooked's Modded one and it is for sure one of the fun one;'s at home / The callouts are so much better than X men . Very happy that we can change them with Pinbrowser and since then I have my games With call outs I love to hear and proper music backround . These sterns are a bargain since the Negtative troll Reviews plenty to do on this machine
4 years ago
One of Sterns worst modern era games and possibly their biggest letdown. The licence couldn't have been any bigger at the time and Gomez seemed to drop the ball with the playfield design and mechs and create something even more boring and anti climatic upon reveal than Transformers, another amazing licence wasted on a poorly designed game (but that's another review)

Avengers is fun on location play a couple of games and walk away, but like TF, the licence alone deserved so much!
5 years ago
very fun game, the sounds is awsome and addictive gameplay, very difficult pinball and a lot to do, i think for realy appreciate,is a good thing to read rules before.
5 years ago
Wanted an Avengers LE to see what all the fuss about, shots being too hard and impossible to make etc etc. So far so good, we love it. Hard shots make a great challenge.
There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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