Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Game design: 7.844

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Sounds/Music: 7.441

Other Aspects: 7.937

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3 days ago
A very satisfying game to shoot, with the perfect balance of ramps, lanes and targets. Great audio and art package but a bit too light and jolly for the theme.

Played it many times and always have fun.

Old, but certainly not obsolete.
24 days ago
I own this machine and I used to think it was boring to play. Not many short shots or tunnels. When playing, I kept making the same long shots to the terminator head and ramps. After a while though, I got used to the game and it became addictive. I became an expert shot with the gun and I kept having long terms at multiball, which was fun. Not the best game but it is fun and I am glad it made the top 50 games!
50 days ago
Brings me back to the old nickel games growing up, played this a lot. Fun game to grow up to.
76 days ago
The Ms Pacman of Pinball. Sure there are better games but this is a Classic i can always play a few games on. Great flow
3 months ago
I really like the lighting in this game, especially the light show right after the game over.
3 months ago
My first pinball machine, I used to play it a lot as a child in arcades, I like interactivity with the dmd, the cannon that throws the ball, has two beautiful ramps, and the disturbing terminator face drives me crazy, fantastic theme! .. ....... Cons: the game remains very focused on the game of cannon
3 months ago
Love this game. Very simple and basic rule set. Beginners can pick up on it immediately. With over 15k made, parts are super easy to fine
5 months ago
First game to really mod on our part. LED's, lighted Hunter-Killer ship, Plasma ball, Lighted Eyes, etc. Board work, re-built flippers, a few new coils and this one came back to life. Another game that probably won't leave the collection.
5 months ago
T2 was the first game designed with a DMD and also a cannon, better still it has Arnie doing the callouts. It's a simple fan layout so easy to play and the ruleset is not deep but yet rewarding none the less with skull / cannon jackpot and super jackpot, combo'ing ramps for payback time, as well as the chase loop and escape route. It was a hugely popular back in the day and so is a sentimental favourite for many people and draws a crowd when friends are over.

This was my first pin and will be hard to sell
6 months ago
This is one of my favorite games ever as a kid. Going to the 7-11 and playing it for hours. I played it again a couple of months ago and the love did not return. The new games are so much better than this one. Love the game and memories, but it is not a new JP or Dead Pool for sure.
6 months ago
A pretty standard Williams layout and artwork design for the era. Plays well, but is pretty tough. Still a decent game though.
6 months ago
Always remember this game for arnold and the gun launcher.
7 months ago
Great pinball! Steve Ritchie revolutionizes pinball once again!
9 months ago
Ramps, wireforms, and toys, oh my! Lots of 90s fun packed into this game. You've gotta love the call outs too.
11 months ago
- fast layout with nice flow and ramp shots
- cannon toy (aiming and hitting super jackpot is very rewarding)
- nice video mode
- easy to understand rules
- always good for a fast game in between

-might get old quick in a small collection
-DMD animations are very basic (one of or the first game released using the DMD)
-sound not too good neither
11 months ago
Wanted to love this pin but just could not get the hang of the wide open playfield !
11 months ago
Owned this game a couple of years now.

The theme is great. In my opinion one of the most iconic pins. I love the fact that Arnie himself does the speech!

The rules are really easy to understand. They are not that deep, but new players understand what to do very fast.

If you're looking for a deep pin, with lots of shots and complex rules, then this is not your game. There is basically two things that you do to get good scores: Shoot the skull, which will start multiball and let you shoot for the jackpot (and super jackpot), and shoot the ramps, alternating between left ramp and right ramp. Shoot them five times each and you'll start Payback Time, where you need to shoot att some diffrent locations on the playfield and get rewarded 5 million points per hit.

That being said, I find myself coming back to it again and again for a quick game of T2.

To summarize. You should get this game of you love the theme and if you are looking for a game that is easy to get into, with fast and uncomplicated gameplay.

If you want deep rulesets and lots of diffrent shots, then T2 is not your game.
11 months ago
I'm biased because this is the game I played the most as a kid. With that being said I thinking it's great. Lots of flow, easy multiball, cannon, video mode and call outs from Arnold. Simple but fun and easy to play.
1 year ago
This was the first pin I ever played. Used to go to the 7-Eleven and play it for hours. Combo shots between the ramps was so satisfying.

Lacks the depth of more recent games, but still a classic!
1 year ago
Such a nostalgic piece, T2 takes me back to actually playing a pinball machine in an arcade! I love the shotgun launcher, nothing felt more powerful as a kid than grabbing the gun and pulling the trigger!

As an adult, the critique of gameplay for the long term is what gets me. When you’re a kid, you have a handful of quarter and a short time to play; owning a game and keeping the fun factor alive is what draws me to love this game. I hope to add this to my collection one day!
1 year ago
Typical and nice Steve Ritchie fan layout with very good flow and speed; nice implementation of the gun as well.

Ruleset is not that deep and enables beginners to have a good time while playing.

I recommend the installation of Pinsound with OST for creating a nice atmosphere and the replacement of the cheap plastic skull with the Skull-Mod.
1 year ago
GET THE CPU! I owned this machine for several years and I sometimes regret letting it go. But as designers go I prefer Pat Lawlor, and as Richie games go I prefer High Speed 2. But this game was a real winner back in its day. Great tie in with the movie franchise. The gun toy is great fun. The alternating ramps are a bit monotonous but satisfying. And the intensity of the game when you make your shots is tremendously rewarding. I'll usually drop a quarter or two in whenever I encounter one of these.
1 year ago
"Terminator 2" looks great but is largely just 6 shots consisting of ramps and orbits. Just like Star Trek TNG, we get a cannon shot. I hate cannon shots. The only game it's tolerable in is AC/DC. It's a cheap gimmick otherwise and it never delivers the satisfaction you're supposed to get by hitting the target. The game flows easily enough and it isn't a drain monster, which is most welcome. The audio is an absolute penance to listen to. The music and audio clips sound like leftovers from the arcade lightgun game...THE GENESIS VERSION. Arnold's voice is horribly muffled to the point where you can barely understand what he's saying. Everything sounds that way. Nothing is crisp except for the awful MIDI rock score. It just feels a bit "robotic" if you'll pardon the pun.
1 year ago
Despite being so easy to find, this was kind of like a grail pin to me. Mine is a decent players condition game and I'll fix it up over time as I never plan to get rid of it. The T1000 mod is a must have.
1 year ago
This was my first pin and still have it with no plans to sell it. Its a hit when friends are over and fun pin to play that doesn't get old like some others. Everyone remembers the Terminator
There are 307 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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