Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Other Aspects: 8.016

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There are 349 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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14 hours ago
T2 is my second dmd game. My first was Stargate, which got a lot of attention until I brought T2 home. I still really like Stargate, but there's something about T2 that makes it stand out. I've played it way too much but I'm no where near tired of it.
29 days ago
In a way that no other pin has, T2’s gameplay immediately pulled me in because of its difficulty in some areas and not in others. It’s great & easy shots include the skull and ramps, but the real fun comes in with the long orbit shots, the strangely located ball lock, and every bodies favorite ballgun. For being the first machine to have a DMD game AND ball gun, it remains many peoples (including myself’s) favorite versions of these gimmicks. But what really elevates this game from great to amazing for me is the jackpot multiplier. I won’t try to explain it here, because PAPA pinball already made a great video on it, but it might as well be the best one I’ve experienced. So satisfying to hit again and again to multiply, then try for the super. Challenging and fun. The cherry on top of this game is the theme integration. Arnold talking to you is so freaking awesome, and the T-800 with the 3-D hands effect is amazing, especially when it all goes dark except the red eyes and say “I’ll be back”.

Legendary pin, somehow underrated, go give it all your quarters.
86 days ago
very neat&addicting pin...lots of fun shots/modes...including the cannon, video mode, & T2's head...had tons of fun playing it with Lyman in the early 90's on our lunch hours before he up&left to work in the pinball industry...although a lunch hour of playing pinball with him was actually Lyman for 50+ minutes and me for 5 to 10 minutes...lol...I was frustrated by that at first...but eventually grew to appreciate it for the teaching experience that it was...I learned so much about how to play pinball from Lyman...RIP my friend...
4 months ago
Its a great game thats easy to play but has challenging features.

The hurry-up is the best in pinball.

Great replayability!
5 months ago
After playing many T2’s in varying conditions, I believe that it’s a solid game.

Layout is overall very solid, with all shots flowing well and being a truly great layout by Steve Ritchie.

Probably some of my favorite multiball rules in any pinball machine. They were later reused by other games (notably Batman Forever to an extent, and STTNG also used them to an extent, though Ritchie also designed that game). Finding the super jackpot timing is either fairly easy, or fairly hard depending on the model, but to be able to get multiple in a row is pure euphoria on the same level as Vacation Jackpot/5X jackpot on White Water or Touring the Mansion for the first time on Addams Family.

Rules are overall fun, and modes like Payback Time are challenging to score high in but are rewarding.

Sound is overall strong, and has some classic tunes like the Main Theme, Multiball Theme and Jackpot Theme.

Artwork is just plain iconic. Very much a staple of any Arcade in the Early 90’s next to Addams Family or Twilight Zone.

Light show is fantastic, particularly during jackpots.

To have played this back in 1991, this would have been jaw dropping, considering how unique the cannon would have been and the DMD animations that were unique for the time, and were very well done for Williams’s first effort using them.

Multiball is definitely overpowered, unless you spam the right loop all day.

If the cannon isn’t working right, the game is ruined.

While the art is solid, it’s nothing extraordinary like some of Watson’s earlier work.

Overall, a very solid game, though missing that piece to make it a hit out of the park.
5 months ago
A classic that along with the Addams Family to me ushered in the golden era of modern pinball boom from the 90s that revitalized the game. It's a very simple game, most of the rules are to hit the same targets over and over for continual points, or alternating shots for increased bonus points, with each lane just escalating. No major objectives for the game really but the simplicity of the time is to be expected. As a kid with such a hit movie, stuff like this was just amazing. Hearing Arnold's lines, blasting that HK with the ball launch. Just pure nostalgia goodness.
6 months ago
Good concept, but it isn't long before you get all the shots figured out and the game is just rince and repeat after that. For money I would like some with a bit more variation and replayability.
6 months ago
The best sequel in the franchise translates into a pretty fun pinball machine, it’s freaking Terminator 2 and Ah-nold himself is doing the call-outs. It has the right amount of flow and stop and go action and rules are straightforward. Loading the cannon to shoot down a hunter-killer is a great gimmick. Stick around for the flasher light show after your last ball drains, I love that part. The one draw-back for me is the music, it’s not bad just doesn’t add anything really and maybe they didn’t have rights to the movie soundtrack but it just doesn’t fit. Fortunately you can fix that yourself
7 months ago
The game flows so well, lots of fun and challenging. Arnold is always there to encourage. The ball cannon is intense. Gun handle grip for ball shooter. I'll be back, to play again
7 months ago
An easy to understand ruleset, but hard to master. I really like the flow of the shots. This machine is the first one ever with a video game. Unlike other games it is pretty rare to get to video mode as it requires a few tricky shots to get it.
8 months ago
looks really nice, can be easily modded to look even better however i found gameplay a bit sluggish, too much open space on the playfield
9 months ago
Good for a few games but gets repetitive quickly. This is a popular game but I think its popularity is based more on the theme than the gameplay. Its fun...but I wouldn't buy it.
10 months ago
Amazing theme done fairly well. Just a fairly repetitive rule set and strategy of gameplay.
11 months ago
Kids like game and is ok
1 year ago
Love loading and shooting the gun for multiball. Game has plenty of different shots to explore without the playfield seeming too cluttered. Callouts are short and simple, but it fits the source material (Arnold's dialog in the film wasn't Shakespeare. lol)

Overall I have a lot fun with the game and it keeps me coming back
1 year ago
I don’t have many pins but out of the 5 I have, this one gets the most plays. It’s easy to understand, cool to look at, fun to mod, and fun to play. The only one my wife will play. Not sure if there is such a thing as a great deal nowadays, but if one can be picked up at an affordable price, I would pull the trigger.
1 year ago
T2 is a straight forward game, great for a quick game but can turn into more games, as it can draw you in.

I enjoy the ramps and locks and cannon.

I enjoy the old school vibe and it is Terminator 2 themed!

However, it's no where near a top tiered, deep, modern game. It has more of a simpler time feel to it. Which is not a bad thing but I wouldn't want this in a single pin collection.

I enjoy shooting it and I do so often, but if it was the one and only I think it would get tiresome.
1 year ago
Very fun game! Easy to understand. The gun is easy to get a shot at and achieve multiball.
1 year ago
Fun game for sure. The gun mech is fun. The game is shallow but T2 is an excellent theme and this game did it justice. The Arnold callouts were great. It blew my mind that he did them (or if it isn't him, that they got someone who sounded just like him).
1 year ago
I've played T2 several times. I like it, but don't love it enough to spend $4K on it. There's plenty of other pins that I enjoy more at lower prices.
1 year ago
Fun game but seems like I always have to do minor fixes & adjustments.
1 year ago
I was hoping for better Arnold "Call-outs" and better theme music
1 year ago
Great fun, simpel but though addictive
1 year ago
I hope to add one to my collection someday when the timing is right
1 year ago
I remember seeing this game in the 90s (the happiest time of my life) at 3D Bowl in Wauconda and at the arcade in the Hickory Hills camp ground in Wisconsin. Great classic playfield layout and some features the first of it's kind. However, notice that No Fear has a similar layout. As though the designer made No Fear in the image that T2 should of been.
There are 349 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 14.

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