Tee'd Off

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Game design: 7.061

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Sounds/Music: 6.301

Other Aspects: 6.859

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There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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35 days ago
3 months ago
I think that this is the best Gottlieb machine and I like it better than no good gofers
1 year ago
Great fun game,easy rules to follow and clear as to where to shoot. Not a game for good players but a fun game for the average players.A game you can walk up to and have a quick game.Would rate better if it wasn't compared to NGG and was rated as a pinball machine. It gets played more than some of my better machines
1 year ago
A good , fun, simple game I also love the music
1 year ago
I probably rated this game higher then i should but its a good game.The only problem for me was i am not a golf fan at all,the gopher is a fun little topper but he can get annoying after a bit.The art package isnt my thing but there is a few really fun shots and a few that are overused in modes.I didnt keep it long and really that came from it being a casual shooting game thats soo heavy i could hardly nudge the thing(built very very sturdy),you get a chance,give it some plays for sure,you can do much worse at its price point
1 year ago
i used to Play Tee'd Off at the CFB Ottawa Jrs members Club, itwas a hoot then, many moon later it is one of the game in my , is it goofy...a bit yes, is the theme somewhat simple a bit yes, but is it a blast to play absolutely. its good fun for the kids and grown ups, everybody finds something in it...is it serious to the point of being a nerd game? no its not Medusa thats for sure but it doesn't appeal to the same crowd. its simply plain silly fun if you want it or quite a challenging game if you really dig into it...that is the beauty of the pin...its Bill Murray meets Chevy Chase in a pinball format...which one are you?...Temper Temper
2 years ago
Family fun, good theme. Challenging to make it through all 27 holes to light Anything Goes. Satisfying to hear "SUPER JACKPOT" when you complete all the regular jackpots during multiball. The skins game is great, and can be quite nerve wracking when you have a huge score and the three standups on the left are lit to collect! Very underated game!
2 years ago
A solid game for the price, but it gets annoying quick. Rules are “sort of” easy to understand and the layout really isn’t bad. You can’t compare it to NGG. That’s like comparing a Kia to a Benz. If you find one for a cheap price, pick it up, but know that you won’t have it long and it will not be easy to sell.
2 years ago
Under rated machine. I do not get so bad a rating. I'm the owner and it's a great fun to play. Great fun for wife and children. If you understand the game, you will find that scoring makes sense. The punches have the right direction and sense. I like to return to him ... Hole in one :-)
3 years ago
Very Hard Pinball !!
Great combinations shots
Absolutely unratted
3 years ago
This one lurks under the considerable shadow of No Good Gofers, which is too bad because this is a good pinball machine with a well thought-out design and a fun/snarky and very subtle twist to the golf theme (hence the title).
3 years ago
Super fun, and family friendly theme. Shots are satisfying and fun. I love the betting (double or nothing!) and the funny taunting from the gopher. I have the mechanical gopher topper, which is really cool. This is one of my top "go-to" games for guests. It's modern but not too fast, and everyone gets a good laugh.
3 years ago
I’ve had this machine for a short while and overall it’s a solid fun, family friendly game. Both kids and adults are drawn to it. Upgraded with LED’s the machine really comes to life. Gameplay is rather easy and depth is limited but don’t forget the fun factor, which it has. I agree with some of the others on lastability as I can’t see myself keeping it forever.
4 years ago
Tee'd Off isn't a highly complex game, especially by today's standards, but it's fun and a great crowd-pleaser with a diverse group on hand. Kids and adults enjoy it, and the myriad of shots and modes are solid for the average player. Sure, you can fire the same shots over and over if you want, but the game has more depth than that, and there are enough ways to score points that you can try different tactics when you play.

Usually inexpensive for a DMD, it's a great pickup if you can snag one for a reasonable price.
4 years ago
Another Gottlieb "should of, could of" game. Compared to NGG of around the same era, this game is ultra bad. The layout is terrible and you never get any good flow going. The shots are boring and weird. He art is meh, sounds are meh, animations are meh. The only thing I really dig was the gopher topper, which still should have been better designed than how it was. Premiere, you guys just pumped out games too fast and didn't take the time to let your designers TWEAK your games to perfection! Bummer.
4 years ago
5 years ago
Good starter or family pin, not for the serious player. overall a very under rated game, has lots of fun value.
6 years ago
Ok, this might be literally the best Family - Noob - First-Time pinball machine out there.

This is the game that ANYONE can walk up to and have a blast. Sure, it doesn't have the depth or speed of NGG that a pinball aficionado appreciates - but it's half the price of NGG and the "universal" appeal aspect of it is huge for me. By the way, TO preceded NGG by several years - NGG essentially stole this theme from TO, even if some feel they did it better.

Another thing to note is the build quality of this Gottlieb - it's more "solid" than almost any pinball machine of that era... Nothing "cheap" here.

This all being said, this game has a "last ability" flaw, as many have stated... It's good at first, but that fades fairly quickly. Too quickly. It's a game you may find yourself listing for sale sooner than you thought. For the price range, I would take any System 11 Game over this (or any Gottlieb of that era).
6 years ago
This Premier Gottlieb is built like a tank. Playing this after Stern's AC/DC Pro makes a clear proof of Gottlieb build quality. It is a very well built heavy duty machine! I really don't care about golfing, but the theme is very well integrated into the machine. It has a very cool gopher topper and I don't think the backglass is ugly, it's solid 90's golden era of pinball backglass with FBI director's "Winners don't use drugs" tag. :) (Again compare to the AC/DC Pro. And that's a Photoshop ugly bg.) I think the playfield is nicely thought and quite a good looking too.

Okay, for "true pinballers" propably dislike the unbalanced scoring and "the Gottlieb effect" also the comparison between this and No Good Gofers is not favoring this table. Keep in mind that Williams was industry's #1 manufacturer and this was well.. Gottlieb Premier.

I don't think I would like to own this machine, but when on location I keep inserting coins into this machine. Go ahead, give it a try!
6 years ago
Perhaps this is one of the "OK" Gottlieb games, but one that I can't forget from when I was still a kid. The toys were really neat, and the rules are actually unique, considering the SKINS game. This may not be one of my favorites, but one that will be kept in my memories.
6 years ago
After just 2 months of ownership, this game is gone. The initial fun factor deteriorates very quickly, and the lack of almost any depth at all ruins this game unless it's in a bigger collection.

A good pin will last the test of time, and while I still think this one nails the theme, its just too blah in nearly all other regards to be considered a keeper.
6 years ago
William's No Good Gofers nails the "Caddy Shack" theme far greater than this poor table that is nothing more than a relic.
7 years ago
It's odd: I rate each component of Tee'd Off fairly, and I end up with a score that is lower than I would give it if I had to consider it as a whole. I guess there's just something about Tee'd Off that makes it more than the sum of its parts.

Tee'd Off is a fun game with some interesting shots. The skill shot is fun, and I like the way this is incorporated into multiball starts. The shot variety is also good, but some of the layout doesn't mesh well with the rules. For instance, the pitch and putt mode is started at the volcano, but returns the ball to the right flipper. By the time you make a shot to get the ball over to the left flipper to deliver it to the upper flipper, the mode is almost over.

Scoring is unbalanced, with far too much emphasis on the captive ball, which can lead to astronomical bonuses, though it is fun to gamble on the skins mode. Also, if you can get multiball going and trap all but one ball on the right flipper, you can just keep hitting up the middle all day long. For these reasons, it's not a great machine for competition.

That said, Tee'd Off is a lot of fun. I actually like it better than No Good Gophers (which I own). If you see it on location, play it!
7 years ago
Easily some of the worst music you will encounter on a 90s pin. Does have a good fun factor but tends to get old quickly, the modes aren't all that much fun.
7 years ago
A few interesting shots, but scoring is incredibly unbalanced.
There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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