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There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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28 days ago
Taxi is unique and iconic! Gorbachev, Pinbot, Dracula, Santa, and of course Marylin (Lola)! Simple game rule set, you always know what to do, shots are easy, yet difficult if the machine is setup properly. Game play is fun, ramps, fast pop bumpers, sounds are great, call outs awesome (although a couple more from each would have been even better) love the bell ringing, it's just a fantastic great with lasting re-playability... like someone said... Great Pin! My Fiancé' and I chased a couple and finally got a great deal from Will Snodgrass in IL. Thanks Will... it will likely always be a part of our collection.
3 months ago
I recently played this for the first time and really enjoyed it. It's a fun game with fun missions.
5 months ago
One of my favorite games, I remember playing as a kid. I like the constant challenge of picking up all of the passengers and there are vastly different shots to pick them all up.
5 months ago
Simple rules and decent shots, a fun enjoyable game for its era, just not the best.
6 months ago
Classic 80's! Upper playfield shots can be tricky, thus making for a challenge getting the multipliers. Great sound effects and speech, music a bit repetitive (not as bad as Comet, though). I love hitting the ramps over and over. Well balanced game!
7 months ago
It's not the most complex game ever, but it is still a good bit of fun with an easy to understand scoring\jackpot loop with a good mix of shots.
8 months ago
So overall this is just a great, simple games. I tend to like deeper games but this is by far my favorite "simple" game. The rules are just so tight and obvious and satisfying. A really surprising amount of re-playability. Whirlwind used to be my favorite from this era but I think Taxi is my favorite now.

Here are my pros and cons:

Rules - Simple but satisfying. I thought I would not like that you reset your passengers every ball but I kind of like it. Really solid.
Shots - Great simple layout. I like the ramps and the Gorbi shot. I also like Drac. The Carry Passangers is tricky but do-able. Good variety.
Call-outs - Quality is okay but they don't get old and really help keep track of what you need to do and what is active.
Skill-shot - This is probably my favorite skill shot. It has a real press-your-luck aspect but it is tricky to master. Also, it can really matter to your score.

- Jackpot Reset - You have to build your Jackpot back up and it can make your next game kind of pointless. There is no setting to change this but you can make it build faster.
- Scoring - The scoring is pretty unbalanced. You really need the $4m jackpot + another jackpot to get a good score. The rest is just a bonus
Art - I like the art but it is "of its era". Very bleak 1980s New York. Particularly on the back glass. Probably a love it or hate it thing.

If someone had a medium budget and wanted something with a lot of replayability, this would be a great pick.
8 months ago
I played a really nice condition Taxi tonight and it is a good game. It shot good, but the art and them aren't really what I'm in to. One thing I really like is how on the back glass they made a display line up with the taxi meter; nice touch.
9 months ago
Taxi is one of the games I've literally hundreds of at location plays on. It's classic representation of what makes the 80s era of Pinball great. The shots, ruleset, and having a few different scoring strategies make its staying power solid. The shots are varied and depending on how well the game is maintained, it can play very quick if the flippers are strong enough to make it up the steep ramps. Chaining ramps is a viable strategy. The 2 ball Multiball has a great 2 shot hurry up. Collecting the passengers and Jackpot is always exciting.

The two glaring negatives for me are A.) I do not find the theme interesting (I tend to prefer Sci-Fi themes) B.) The jackpot does not reset in between games until collected. This ruins it a slightly for competitive play
10 months ago
Taxi is one of my favorite pins because of its "walk up and play" accessibility and excitement to try to get jackpot. The anticipation when jackpot is lit is the most stressful intense I've experienced in pinball. And when you finally make that shot it is the most satisfying shot I've experienced in pinball. It is has both flow and sharpshooter qualities in perfect balance. The theme is mediocre but the game itself is just pure fun and very repayable.
11 months ago
This game is a true classic. Fun and funny. Lots of shots. Great call outs. Pure system 11 goodness.
1 year ago
Might be my all time favorite - not quite sure why. I love the layout as it is all right there in front of you. Great late 1980's humor in the game. The fact that the passengers reset after each ball is maddening, as the ability to "save" them with one (for me) tough shot is brilliant. I know that there are deeper games out there but I really, really love Taxi. I sold a nice example a few years back and am now kicking myself. Will be re-joining the arcade as soon as I can get my hands on a nice example again.
1 year ago
Fun game with great theme. Passengers make the game. System 11 awesome as always.
1 year ago
This has to one of the best 80’s games good playfield layout. There are 3 shots to make left Dracula pickup the ramp and Santa pickup and 3 on the right Gorbie pickup the ramp and the express lane plus the two banks of drop targets. Great call outs awesome lighting with leds fitted easy to understand game fast play definitely has that one more game factor
1 year ago
Taxi is bizarre in that it really by every count should not be as [email protected])[email protected] fun to play as it actually is.

First off there's the hideous taxi driver dominating the backglass and the strangely unrelated 'celebrity' passengers of Lola/Marilyn, Gorby, Santa, Dracula, and Pinbot. (It makes the contemporary "Diner" customers with their stereotypes positively cohesive.)

Then there's a fairly simple sort of horseshoe set of shots where you can really end up just endlessly shooting around in circles, literally.

Then there's the rather asymmetrical point totals of the three big sources of points, with the jackpot being arbitrary based on previous plays (although that's one of my favorite tournament aspects, they often just turn that off for tournaments), the easily achievable multiball with sadly low payoffs, and the shallow JOYRIDE awards that belie the ability of late 80's machines to accommodate more complexity.

This ought to be a boring machine to play.


I think the answer lies in the rhythm. All the little things you have to do to chip away at the high score, while building up that bonus based on the time you're playing (actually the number of switches, since the bonus stops accumulating if you hold the ball), and the frustration of having to go back and hit LOLA again if you miss the Jackpot, and then the frustration of having a high Jackpot stolen by another player in a multiplayer game, adds a strange tension. Eventually this machine performs a Stockholm syndrome on you and you find yourself welcoming Santa, Drac, and Gorby by name, saying it's time to go visit Pinbot to get that hole lit again, or being as happy as a real cabbie you've got an airport fare and looping back downtown for another pickup to the airport. It's the occasional Crossover award in multiball when you're hitting balls in sequence and when you land that last ball over in Drac. Simple rules, simple rewards, but extremely amenable to groove that's not quite 100% flow but is close enough.

Taxi is by no means the best of the 80's Williams classics but it really does have oddly pleasing staying power.
1 year ago
Awesome game.

For a game that really doesn't have any kind of gimmick going for it, it's surprising fun. It's got a good balance of flow and sharpshooting gameplay.

At the very beginning of the game, all three main shots to be made are done with the left flipper (Gorbie, pinbot, multiball). I think it would've been better to have a different passenger lit first so that both flippers have something valuable to aim for initially.

The multiball is great, and has fun shots to aim for. Whether it's the Express lanes or the crossing ramp shots.

The art is awesome, I love the detail in the playfield and the slightly creepy backglass.

The skill shot rarely works in this game and that is more of a design flaw than and up keep issue.

I've played a handful of different Taxis. When this game is up kept, it is really fun. Though it's not uncommon to find a clunker of a taxi which could ruin the game for you.

The callouts are very repetitive and get old quick.
1 year ago
Taxi is another fun system 11 game. The theme integration is excellent on this one, and it does a great job of forcing you to take shots around the playfield. You will either love or hate the buzzer. The 2 ball multiball is limited, but everything is simple enough and challenging enough to be fun. This is not a game that tells a story, but it is a simple, challenging, skill based game. An excellent game to build your skills on. Most of these have wear around the pops, but a hard top is now available for you perfectionists.

Edit: After 3 months owning the game, I am bumping up my score a bit due to figuring out that my flippers were weak and I needed to replace the coil sleeves. Now that the balls make it consistantly up the ramp, there are 3 main strategies to the game.

1. Collect all the passengers and collect the Jackpot.
2. Lock the ball, release the ball, lock both balls, then shoot ramps for the airport pickup.
3. Hit alternating ramps to light the millions shot.

All 3 are viable strategies, but with weak flippers you can only do #1. Great fun game to sharpen your skills on. This is my 3 year old's favorite game to "play" because he likes santa. Watching me he can also pick up on the rules. Fantastic starter pin with just enough to keep you busy.

A mylared lower playfield is common on this with heavy wear around the pops. If you are so inclined they make an excellent hardtop for this game now to bring it back to looking brand new... if you have that level of skill.
1 year ago
I honestly don’t know if a better game exists. Yes there are deeper games, yes there are games with more mechs, yes there are better themes... but there is something magical about Taxi. The rules are simple, pick up 5 passengers, hit the jackpot... lock 1 ball, hit the express lanes, hit ramps. But for whatever reason this game brings people back over and over. I had a 6 game collection with some other gems, but this is the game people line up to play.

Music is so good, campy and fun. Call out are funny and relevant. Layout is fan perfection, every shot feels perfect. The passengers resetting on each ball make the difficulty nice for more experienced players.
1 year ago
Taxi! Loved in in the 90's and still in 2020. great shots, easy to follow. great fun
1 year ago
Taxi is a game that belongs up in the ranks of Whirlwind and Earthshaker. Great music, great theme, a layout that always keeps you on your toes, and forces the player to make their way around the playfield--giving every shot a reason to exist. There's no reason to spam the same shot over and over, which was a common flaw in many games of this era (looking at you, Police Force and Earthshaker).

I love the small details in the game, like the crossover ramp bonus, and the way the bonus countdown music changes depending on how large your bonus is. Playfield artwork is... Ok. Python's detail work is great, there's just a lot of stale looking gray, and many of the playfields have aged rather poorly, but the gameplay, rules, and music more than make up for the deficiency.
1 year ago
Hidden gem. Straight forward, fantastic fast flow, great music, and good humor. One of the best skill shots in pinball!
2 years ago
The two standout features for me on Taxi are making ramp combo shots and the callouts. There is just something outstanding about making multiple ramps to achieve the millions shot. Who doesn't want to hear Pinbot or Gordie (or Marylin!) trying to hail a cab -- even though it can get repetitive there are enough characters to create variation. Hey!

I do like the ball launch from Drac's kickout as well. Add in the trolley bell and multi-ball, you can have fun for hours with plenty of variety.

Artwork is a touch cartoonish for my tastes, but overall I would not let that stop me from enjoying this game.
2 years ago
Taxi is one of the greats! Simple ruleset. Easy 2 ball multiball. Pick up passengers. Then go for the million shot. Very rewarding when you can complete your objectives.
2 years ago
Not bad.
2 years ago
easy to understand rules that are difficult enough to make you play over and over, great classic art work.
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