Tales of the Arabian Nights

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Game design: 8.411

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Sounds/Music: 8.134

Other Aspects: 8.459

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23 days ago
The proud owner of Mike Chestnut's TOTAN, I am a huge fan of this game. Top 10 no doubt. Super fun. Beautiful. Engaging. Creative. All of the ingredients in a winning pin. Another pin that could use a little love with updating to bring out the best. My machine is brassed out with LEDs and spots. Put a spot on the Genie and enjoy the difference!!!
32 days ago
Really like this game considering the age it really stack up as a great pinball with nice shot play great art work with a great theme that compare well with modern pinballs and a good rule set a keeper in any pinball collection
39 days ago
Just started to play this one recently. The rules are confusing as there is so much that can be done on the playfield. But its very fun to play and the playfield is jam packed with quality toys and gimicks that really intract well with one and other. A very cool pin that is really enjoable to play.
3 months ago
This game has many surpises which keeps me coming back. Hopefully I will own one someday.
4 months ago
Played this for the first time today. Great fun. Lots of targets. Scoring and rules seem pretty straightforward. Will definitely take the time to play this pin in the future.
4 months ago
Finally got to spend a good amount of time with this game and I see what the hype is about. Really fun game.
4 months ago
I don't get why this one is so wildly popular. Maybe I didn't spend enough time with it. It seemed frustrating, and the theme/art doesn't do a lot for me.
5 months ago
I finally found one of these to play and it was a ton of fun. It lived up to the hype. A very cool theme that is captured very well by the game itself. Plenty of shots, cool playfield toys...you name it, this game has it.
5 months ago
Beautiful to look at, way to easy to play and extremely repetitive. Ramp is unique since it can divert the ball 3 ways. Music is getting boring soon and even if there are only 7 modes some of them use the same background music when active. Most modes are too easy since you can finish some with just 1 shot.
If you want to increase the looks of your gameroom: buy it. If you look for a challenge and lastability: move on.
5 months ago
there are more and more tricks that I find every time I play this game. More games should make the ball disappear like this game. the ball save is wicked cool and all of the orbit shots are a blast. if they want to make a remake of Monsters bash maybe they should do a remake on this game. Naaahhh never mind. this game is perfect the way it is.
5 months ago
Really fun game. Lamp feature definitely can mix things up for you makes for a unique gameplay/layout experience, along with all the cool gimmicks. Theme is well integrated, although not my favorite. Fireball ring is a super cool toy. Genie is a good bash toy. Some of the sounds are a big grating. We found ourselves loving it when we played at Universal Sales Pinball/Todd's place here and then at the recent Rocky Mountain Pinball Festival (which was awesome); however, we found that we would only play a few games even if we had "unlimted" time.
6 months ago
Played this game quite a bit. Love the magnet and the primary toy "genie". Can get a bit repetitive, but many games can. The theme is fun...might look into owning one of these if the price was right, but these are generally hard to find and expensive.
6 months ago
For me, this is the perfect game: excellent for home use or on location, great callouts, awesome theme and artwork. There are NO flaws...except price. If you can afford it...get it.
6 months ago
I played this a ton when it first came out as a wee lad. The theme really captured the imagination, and the playfield was packed with all kinds of gimmicks.

Fast forward 20 years, and it just doesn't hold up well gameplay wise. As a discriminating enthusiast, this game has poor replay value. I don't find myself wanting to hit the start button one more time after playing one occasionally at a show these days.

As with most JPOP games, newbies and non-pinheads love it; seasoned players, not so much.

Yes it's BEAUTIFUL. Yes it has a cool ramp with a diverter. But it's much too easy. The double-entendre callouts are funny, but grow tiresome quickly. Bashing the genie gets old quick. Shooting the same things over and over is boring. I'll catch flak for this review, but it is what it is.

I'm sure it looks great next to MM, CV, TOM, CC, AFM, TZ, AF, MB, and IJ in the classic "power 10" though.
8 months ago
One of my favorite pins. Simple and fun. Keeps me coming back time after time after time.
8 months ago
What a game. This game was made to turn heads.
It is just beautiful.

It’s one fatal flaw is that it’s too easy to get gems which brings you to the final wizard mode.
I do understand why they did this though. It’s basically in permanent attract mode. It was designed to quickly move beginner players through modes to the climatic “save the princess” wizard mode.
Maybe at this time Pinball was on its way out and they wanted to draw in new players? I don’t know.

Regardless, I LOVE this machine.
A bit easy, but the game is just fun to play.
8 months ago
This game looks amazing. I had difficulty enjoying it. Difficult to put my finger on it. Played it a few times and did not like the playability. Great theme, great artwork. Maybe I will try it again and have a different opinion.
9 months ago
Everyone should play this game. The layout is a little different with the central spinning lamp which generates a lot of points. Beginning players can usually pick up the rule set quickly and get a decent score (one that will make you want to play again!).

This is a 90s game- so no LCD screen and limited animations, but most of us don’t spend much time looking at the back glass while playing.

This is a popular table for complete and amazing restorations.
9 months ago
Possibly the best gadget pin ever made with great lastability.
10 months ago
Great game. I wish I could afford one. It would be a keeper for me. I have played it so much on my I-pad but never get sick of it. I will always jump on it every time I see one on location.
11 months ago
Stunningly beautiful, but shallow in the rules section make this a "been there, done that" pin for me. A machine for a larger collection. The problem for me is one rule gimmick, that has to do with the wishes. Once you make a wish and collect a jewel, you are closing in on the final battle too quick. Layout and playability are top notch.
11 months ago
Enjoy this every time I play it. Would like to find a quality example for my home.
12 months ago
JPop's best. such a loaded game! The fireball magnet toy sometimes works/sometimes doesn't...seems hard to keep that working right. If this came out in modern day if would be a JJP title....way to much packed in to satisfy Stern bean-counters.

The layout is fantastic, one of the top 3 of the era for me. Sounds are just ok. It is a bit simple and shallow as far as code goes but it probably only feels more noticeable to that end since the layout and mechanics are so jam packed and varied.
1 year ago
Solid high-flow game. Just really fun to shoot. Not into the theme, art, music as much as other 90’s Bally/Williams classics, but this game is in their top 5 for layout and flow for sure. This layout would make a great re-theme option.
1 year ago
beautiful game all around, a lot of fun to play.
ramps a plenty on this one, magnets add a nice touch.
rules are a little shallow, but what a looker!
There are 431 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 18.

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