Tales of the Arabian Nights

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Game Design: 8.426

Artwork: 8.719

Sounds/Music: 8.06

Other Aspects: 8.459

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There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago
Remember when these sold for about $2500 to $4000? Ah the good old days, and not so long ago!!!
This is more of a long term review rather than your typical “Oh boy I just bought my very first pinball machine and it’s the greatest game ever!!! I’m giving it a perfect 10!!!” type of thing you usually see on Pinside.
It’s not that I don’t love seeing the enthusiasm and joy, but give me some reasons why it’s perfect besides the fact that you snagged one.
I am guilty of giving Doctor Who a higher than average rating but I explained why… in far too many words!
This is Tales of the Arabian Nights and the reason why it will never grace my collection again.
Your mileage may vary.
Saggy naggy:
This is one of the games that features a saggy naggy. A female voice telling you constantly what to do. Great for an arcade setting, terrible for at home where your own saggy naggy is upstairs telling you to quit wasting time playing pinball and go finish changing the oil on the car.
The rest of the sound is awesome.
Caution! Fragile!!!:
This machine breaks, and nothing that breaks is cheap or easy to find in stock. Be prepared to make proper repairs as superglue and tape can still probably be found on many machines out in the wild. If you buy it from a location rather than one in a collection, buy a good set of tools and the service manual, just in case.
I started with a reference to the prices in the good old days, about 10 to 15 years ago I suppose? It has gone up almost 4X Bonus (when Lit) over the past decade and a half or so. The $10,000+ prices are crazy in my opinion, but demand and popularity makes the stupid people pay stupid amounts. Personally, I believe it should be around $6500 to $7500 for a good players condition machine, but that’s obviously just me!
Fun Factor:
Probably one of the most fun games I have ever played. The ramp shots are just amazingly smooth and when you get a rhythm going… yeah!!! Something to be experienced once in your lifetime!
If you start with any pinball machine that’s close to parts and rebuild it, you take a lot more pride in owning that machine. As time passes, you keep upgrading your mistakes and amateur attempts until everything meets your expectations of it looking and running like a good original or a professionally refurbished one.
But sometimes, once it’s done, you want to move on. At least with me there have been no regrets, and probably never will be. There probably aren’t any Arabian Nights in that condition anymore, which is good, but I think I liked the idea of taking a broken machine and returning it to its former glory more than actually owning the game. The $$$$ & more $$$$ values, they don’t really matter. A good game is a good game, regardless of the hype and desirability or lack thereof.
Tales of the Arabian Nights… if you have the means today, then I highly recommend it. Otherwise you can find a lot more fun (or even a couple “lesser” games) for much less. If you’re an investor, this one may have topped out for a while. Go buy some graded, slabbed and sealed video games instead. That market bubble hasn’t burst… yet!
29 days ago
A classic. Flows well.
31 days ago
Finally got a.chance to play this at an arcade bar in Kansas city. It has eluded me for years. After playing multiple games in a row I have to say that this is the best from its era. Now if I can just find someone to sell me a nice one for my home........Please!
67 days ago
As fun and good as it gets. Layout is unique yet playable forever. The ramp is great with all the options once it get up there. Spinning the lamp real hard is so satisfying. What a great spinner. The genie is great. His multiball how it disappears is a great trick. And it's great with 2 ways to beat the game.

One of the best classics.
3 months ago
Just rediscovered this game at a barcade in Worthington Ohio. Even if I am a sucker for mid 90’s Bally/Williams games : this one stands out and is for some reason always an under rated game for this era ( theme perhaps ?).

You would be hard pressed to find a game where they packed more technology into the play field. Multiple ramp changes, hidden routes , and excellent use of magnets. It honestly made me ask .... why do all JJ and Stern play fields look alike now? This truly was the apex of Williams quest to integrate as many toys into the theme as possible. Super flow to the game, very nice rule set and an epic battle verses the genie. I would totally add this to my collection. Great Game.
4 months ago
Great game.
No auto fire so you have to keep launching balls at multiball. Cool. Magnets make the game fast. Lamp is fun
4 months ago
I have wanted this game for a long time. I was just able to pick it up. It will never leave my collection. I now understand why people haven’t wanted to let this game go from their collections. I believe it is a perfectly balanced 90’s pinball. I love the toys and interaction of this game with the spikes and genie. The magnet dropping and allowing the ball to go below the play field is super cool as well. Williams made so many amazing games in the 90s
5 months ago
TOTAN is arguably the most beautiful pin made, especially the playfield. Combined with the music it does take you to a faraway land. It has a good number of hidden shots, like the harem. Battling the genie, the wizard mode is fun and exciting with the back and forth of who is winning. The tales however lack variety - they require many of the same shots. It also does not have a deep rule set, and is easy to beat for an experienced player.
6 months ago
ToTAN is simply put an all-time pinball classic machine. It gets everything right. Flow, art, music, theme, and just plain fun. Most pinheads haven't played this very often. Collectors have bought them up and hold them and when you do find one in the wild it is tired and thus the flippers and mechs may not work 100%. When this game is set up correctly and working 100% it is buttery smooth. Not as smooth as ToM though. It is semi-rare especially in near mint condition which adds to the mystic. Be prepared to spend big $$$$ if you find one that has been taken care of. Like all Bally/William of this era it is somewhat limited in modes and ruleset. Get'r done!!
7 months ago
I realized when rating this machine that I am rating it slightly higher than any other machine I have ever played. It is that good ... really there are no weak points in my opinion. I don't "love" the theme, but it is SO well executed and so much fun it is impossible for me to not completely love this machine.
7 months ago
One of the best, some truly rare mechanics in this machine
8 months ago
Wpc95 classic. Great game. Unique skill shot. We love it but you need to have a deeper collection. Top 10 game. Very underrated.
8 months ago
Playfield is a little crowded and bash toys a little big, as the lamp gets in the way of a lot of the shots and kills the flow, but still a fun pin. I love the spikes that come up just above the inlanes, that is awesome! And in generally, one of the best use of magnets in any pin!!
8 months ago
Probably my favorite game out of the B/W lineup, TOTAN is as close as you can get to perfection in pinball, at least for when the time it came out in. So much to do and a lot of really satisfying shots to make. Also I legit skill shot which can be quite difficult to master even with a well tuned machine. Music and sound is what really brings this game together, it sets the tone early on that adventure you are about to take. Even my wife, who isn't huge into pinball absolutely loves this game. If there is one thing I would say is a slight drawback, is that the plastic ramps do seem to clutter the playfield a bit, but you would hardly notice when you are playing. I would love to own one, I would love to see a remake as I would be on the list to get one for sure.
9 months ago
Great game and very accessible to the novice. Anyone good at pinball will quickly tire of it though as it’s really quite easy to collect all the gems and beat the game. This would be a great candidate for a remake with some added modes and deeper code. Once you’ve beaten the game it’s not as fun anymore.
9 months ago
Love the art nouveau inspired playfield artwork. The spinning lamp, and genie toys are cool. I love being able to select which mode I’ll play next, and the final fight with the genie is absolutely incredible.
10 months ago
Bought this one, and sold it after two weeks. Beautiful machine. Great theme. Found it to be too easy, and lacking depth. Voltaire and TOM are the far superior Papadiuk games in my opinion. It wasn’t worth having 8K in to a game like this, when there are several $5,000 modern games that are far superior in every criteria.
10 months ago
This one is in my top 5. Never gets old to play.
10 months ago
Excellent game!

Skill shot is interesting, although not deep. Collecting the jewels is a great goal, difficult but laid out simple enough a basic player like me used to EM games can figure it out. Animations are fun, and the voice acting is good.

The one I have played is set up steep, which makes for a fast and challenging game.
10 months ago
Love this game ,,, timeless !
1 year ago
A classic and one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. Great theme, multiple ways to score points and pursue objects and you get the princess if you are lucky!
1 year ago
Stunningly beautiful game. The game seems to be a little to easy and repetitive due to the somwhat shallow rules.
1 year ago
I love this game it is one of my top 3 I would say. Surprised it isn't higher. Strikes that balance of lots to do without being ridiculously complicated. I hate games that have a lot of cheap drains and this isn't one of them it keeps the fun high being able to keep the ball in play.
1 year ago
Overall a smooth fun game.
Skill shot on the launch is entertaining.
Final battle with the Genie is a riot!
Numerous multi-ball’s to be had.
The Lamp seems to be in the way at first, until you realize it’s adding to the difficulty in a good way for longevity sake!
1 year ago
Really want to like it but game is a bit choppy and dark.
There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 19.

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