Tales from the Crypt (Data East, 1993)

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on Tales from the Crypt
3,940,740,500 2015-08-17 home 3 3.03 #1
“Ever since the fake score got posted here I have been on a mission to beat it. The fake score was removed, but I still had to take down TK-THE-JAMMER's high score, who I got this fantastic game from. TIPS - make use of all "mystery door" and "chop pops" scores every time you hit an outlane, as there often isn't anything else that can score you more. Focus on trying to get to Crypt Jam, but don't worry about trying to complete harder missions like Psycho Pops or Thunderstorm or even Keeper Targets since they're low scoring and dangerous. Going for Crypt Jam gives you chances at an Extra Ball and Super Crypt Kicker, so if you get to Crypt Jam, then go for spinners, since all targets score 1,000,000, you'll rack up the most points with those and bumper shots. Once Crypt Jam is done again, you'll get to go for Extra Ball and Super Crypt Kicker again. One thing I would like to note, I changed it to award an Extra Ball instead of specials (free games) so as you progress through and get”
on Tales from the Crypt
2,863,052,770 2014-08-04 home 3 2.0 #2
on Tales from the Crypt
1,802,377,640 2011-11-29 home 3 #3
on Tales from the Crypt
1,660,229,060 2018-04-21 location 3 #4
“Pretty hot game... date arrived halfway through last ball so I told her to go get a drink at the bar and wait haha ”
on Tales from the Crypt
1,334,980,000 2013-12-02 home 3 #5
on Tales from the Crypt
1,097,944,120 2013-08-17 home 3 3.03 #6
on Tales from the Crypt
1,078,316,110 2012-02-14 home 3 #8
on Tales from the Crypt
1,053,452,190 2017-01-31 home 3 4.0 #9
“I was on ball 3 before the creature features started to sink. I was hitting all my shots. 3 jackpots, with one double in there. Was rolling crypt kicker for most of the ball. 2 axtra balls. Reached Crypt Jam after ball 3 drained which got me to 844Mil. Completed a few more creature features before my other axtra died . 30 minute game.. maybe more.”
on Tales from the Crypt
1,043,434,710 2014-02-17 home 5 #10
on Tales from the Crypt
1,015,335,410 2012-02-22 home 3 2.00 #11
on Tales from the Crypt
978,565,820 2017-12-16 home 3 3.00 #13
“At least a 20 minute game! In which I finally hit Monster Jackpot and Crypt Jam! Woo! ”
on Tales from the Crypt
960,000,000 2014-12-12 home 3 3.03 #14
on Tales from the Crypt
909,936,370 2017-08-18 home 3 #15
on Tales from the Crypt
896,116,310 2017-03-23 home 3 #16
“Electric chair is so bad ass! Cryptjam cool finish. Great game. ones that can last.”
on Tales from the Crypt
863,952,130 2017-05-02 home 3 #17
on Tales from the Crypt
850,000,000 2015-11-08 tournament 4 #18
“done yesterday at the DPO and seems not bad... with lot of luck because i didnt know this pin, and was only aiming for the crypt, with also some mode, while trying to keep balls not draining (thats rule n° 1) ... :)”
on Tales from the Crypt
814,051,880 2013-04-20 home 3 3.03 #20
“Rocking the Crypt! Great game only two away from Crypt Jam. My own record 4 multiballs on one ball. No buy in. A few double jackpots but no monster on this one. About have hour game. Until next time boys n ghouls.”
on Tales from the Crypt
774,560,855 2015-07-29 home 3 #21
“All modes completed, but drained before Crypt Jam”
on Tales from the Crypt
773,669,250 2013-02-07 home 3 #22
on Tales from the Crypt
767,362,620 2016-03-26 home 3 #23
on Tales from the Crypt
733,945,620 2015-08-14 home 5 #25
“2 extra balls, made crypt jam”
on Tales from the Crypt
722,626,540 2013-11-01 location 3 #26
“I finally reached Crypt Jam and scored 87 million during that mode. I think I started 2 modes after that as well. I probably got 2 extra balls as well. ”
on Tales from the Crypt
722,315,440 2014-05-26 home 3 #27
on Tales from the Crypt
715,040,680 2018-01-09 home 3 #28
on Tales from the Crypt
701,948,300 2018-08-05 home 3 #29
on Tales from the Crypt
574,462,750 2016-06-06 location 3 #31
“At Aphotic Crypt store”
on Tales from the Crypt
562,748,280 2014-04-22 home 3 #32
on Tales from the Crypt
552,923,340 2014-01-30 home 3 #32
on Tales from the Crypt
547,562,220 2014-10-04 home 3 #33
on Tales from the Crypt
503,779,710 2018-07-28 location 3 #37
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