Tales from the Crypt

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Game Design: 8.043

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Sounds/Music: 7.322

Other Aspects: 8.249

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Found 196 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
I like the game for the most part. Lots of quotes from the Keeper. Not a big fan of the artwork. I find the launch shot to the drops annoying because it often results in a drain SDTM. Yeah, you get a ball back "Freeze" but it is still annoying when it does it 3 shots in a row. The tongue ball launch button is a cool idea. Other than that I like the game play. Would like to own one some day.
10 years ago
IMHO the cream of the Data East crop. Perfect theme execution, great variety of shots and decent flow. The only real drawback for me is the incessant cackling laughter of the Cryptkeeper. It's absoultely appropriate but a little overdone. The shaker is used very well in this game and that cannot be said of so many other games with shakers. Spirits rising from the grave while the game shakes to perfectly eerie music just creates a perfect atmosphere. Electric chair multiball is one of my favorites too.
Sweetly dangerous shots to the peepers, wonderfully flowy ramp shots, satisfying werewolf spinner shot and the intense dramatic pause before the multiball all make for an immersive experience. I love this game and hope to own one some day.
10 years ago
A very well rounded game that has a deep ruleset, plenty of shots, and a cool theme imo. Both ramps are exciting, has 3 spinners, drop targets and a captive ball amoung other features. The DMD animations are great and plenty of variety amoung the many modes.
The theme isn't for everybody, and yes the cackling can get old. My other gripe is that multiball is too easy to start (typical for DE). Other than that, this is going to be in my collection for a very long time.
10 years ago
I'm not a big Date East fan, but this one is ok. The playfield art could have been better. The game is pretty challenging, not easy to complete all the modes. Gotta love the shooter handle.
10 years ago
This is my favourite DE game, great layout and a lot of good chalanging modes. You do need to tweek the flippers to perfection if you want to nail both ramps on a regular basis. The only thing negative about this one is the criptkeepers cackling, but i can get over it since the rest is perfect
11 years ago
One of DE's top games along with 'Guns N Roses' and 'Jurassic Park'. There is a fairly deep mode based ruleset. The ramps are some of the best in pinball. The dots are good and the music is awesome. There is a lot of excitement in this game with the shaker motor and amazing flasher display. I think this game mostly suffers in the art department, and the cackling can grate on some people. I am currently on my second TFTC. The first one went on a trade after 3 years in the game room. I missed it enough to pick up another one in a bulk buy and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. You can remove a lot of the cackling by disabling the switches at the ramp entrance. I just took out one of the switch screws and changed the angle. The switch hits are only worth 25k and it takes out all the repetitive cackling!
11 years ago
Just got the game working very nicely. It still needs a thorough clean and a few tweaks but I'm already very impressed with this! There's plenty of shots to go for, and there's loads of fun modes to complete. The game has a great flow and nothing slows gameplay down too much - something i like it my pinballs. I personally like the sound bytes in this game, including the fairly repetitive mad cackles and screams. To me, it adds to the madness of the machine. The DMD animations are brilliant and they've managed to squeeze some sort of sequence for nearly everything you do! The lightings very good too, although this game can go flasher crazy in some modes. I've owned a scared stiff and although i loved the artwork there just wasn't enough to do. If you're looking for a decent horror themed game, this one will hold your attention far longer than SS ever will! Lets go chopping!!
11 years ago
I was surprised to purchase a horror themed pin as I am not usually a fan of this genera, including movies etc.. However, I remember Tales from the Crypt from when I was young and how it gave me goosebumps. This aspect, plus other having said that it has some great shots and play along with the fact that I do not necessarily have a Data East aversion, allowed me to decide to go for it. And, to be honest, I have not regretted my decision. Nice job, Data East!
11 years ago
I hate Horror Themes except from Addams Family.. not my Table..
11 years ago
ok not all that great
11 years ago
A great game, and runner-up for Data East's best pin (the title belongs to designer John Borg's own GnR). Fans of the series (as well as horror fans in general), owe it themselves to check out this pin. The translite and playfield artwork are gloriously faithful to the comic series' artstyle. Playfield is well laid out offering fast gameplay, good flow, solid ruleset, and a great 6-ball multiball (all with DE's shaker motor). One of the more fun DE skill shots, while using the game's custom door-knocker auto plunger. Fun take on the TV show's theme song, and some awesome antagonistic quotes from the actual Crypt Keeper ("Chop of the morning to ya!"). The dot matrix animations are fantastic, but are a bit gory for the youngsters (adjusted with "Reduced Realism" setting). Sadly, this game is often underrated because it's a Data East. Don't let the DE label fool you! TFTC is a great game, and can be found for an affordable price. Excellent choice for seasoned pinheads, or new pinball collectors.
11 years ago
TFTC is a very overlooked and underrated machine. I ended up w/one while making a bulk purchase of pins @ a warehouse. Machine looked spotless and he offered it up cheap so I took it too. I absolutely love this pin, It's got it all ! ! ! ! Never the same game,fast,Great for the experienced players- the levels keep you in the game( when your not trying to keep 6 balls going ), I've never got tired of it and I've had it for 13 years now.It's one of the few along with TAXI & High Speed that have never made my game room rotation.
11 years ago
I've been looking for this machine to buy for some time and finally got a chance to play a beat up version at a local auction about 3 weeks ago here in Des Moines. I scored 399mil. I couldn't believe it and proceeded to chalk my name up on the pin at the end of the game. I think TFTC plays extremely smoothly and I didn't find any bad drainer targets. What I think this game could use is a drop in the toys from the very top of the playfield to something more mid range. Your eyes are so focused on the ball at that angle that a lot of the DMD animations are missed...and they are REALLY cool. I loved the feel of the game and the effects. It's darker to be sure but "warm in the crypt". I hope to pick one up soon and probably will add some LED's to lighten the playfield up.
12 years ago
Now that I own this game and play it daily, I have to adjust my rating. I absolutely love it. I initially bought it on a whim and was considering selling it before i even unloaded it. But after replacing some bulbs, cleaning the inserts and playfield, this thing is a BLAST to play! I'm sure I may trade it for some other pin in the future, but not any time soon.

EDIT: OK, so as usually the case, I needed money so I sold it. Now I miss it.....
12 years ago
Data East did a great job with this pinnie. Creepy artwork all over and a nice, open playfield for good ball speed. A highly sort after machine - very collectable.
12 years ago
This was my first pin..a quite fun game..the artwork it's not my favourite (the design it's too confused), very good the 180° ramp quite difficult to get, the music is quite good..
Data East was a step less than the Williams/Bally model..it's clear...
12 years ago
I recently purchased TFTC, I had been playing it at an arcade for a year. it has an excellent theme and is challenging. I have played most of the P.B. machines ahead of this on the top 100 list and TFTC is underated at 37!!!!! THIS IS DATA EASTS BEST P.B. MACHINE.5/19/2009. I will write back in 6 to 9 months to update on its durability.... Peace--Out !!!!! Well i've had T.F.T.C. for over a year now. I really enjoy playing it...I've had to replace the DMD and powerboard. Also a ribbon cable and some minor playfield repairs. I would love to buy a high end resto of this pin if it exists...This pin is a keeper...love it..Now to find a Scared stiff in VG to EXC. condition...Peace out..............................
12 years ago
I love this game! One of Data East's best efforts. Some of the dot matrix images are a bit graphic for the little ones, but quite entertaining for adult players. There is nothing cooler than undressing the mummy in the Frightmare mode! Too funny:)
13 years ago
Data Easts finest effort. Mode based pin along the lines of Addams Family, not quite as universally appealing though. If you don't find the Cryptkeeper annoying you are going to love this one.
15 years ago
A good original game, with nice shots and an original rule set. The only thing I would change is the automatic lighting of multi-ball on ball three but I appreciate that it is there for novice players. This game has lots of depth and a great wizard mode that is tough to get to!
17 years ago
Well thought out pin with fun abounding everywhere. Starting with the right ramp loop and continuing with horrifically fun sound throughout.
There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 8.

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