Tales from the Crypt

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Game design: 8.031

Artwork: 7.935

Sounds/Music: 7.192

Other Aspects: 8.196

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Found 191 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 191 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Nice game and under-rated, good theme and fun to play, helps a lot if you like the theme, which I do. The ball can dance around a bit and throws you off with the flippers, and the laughter can be a little annoying to some. Rated about where it should be but is better than games higher rated.
5 years ago
Ok, the laughter is grating after a while, but the game play is very nice. There are a lot of shots and a deep rule set. Multi-ball is insane. This is a classic and deserves to be in the top 20. This is a must have pin for any horror themed pin collectors. Along with Dracula and Scared Stiff, this is a pin that never gets old for me - great replay.
5 years ago
Enjoy playing at all times. Different screams and sounds are great. Lighting a bit weak. I will fix with LEDS
5 years ago
A really solid machine that has a place in most collections. Excellent effects and multiball and cool rules make this one fun for all. Some bit of it are clunky though and i dont like the drop target skill shot that always leads to a drain.
5 years ago
great game!
5 years ago
I like this game.. had a some great fun shots.. To bad it doesnt have the same feel as a bally/williams game but one of the better data east games..
5 years ago
5 years ago
I picked up a TFTC after playing it at my buddies house a few times. The music, the shaker motor, the dots and the artwork all drew me in. Just a cool overall package. As a disclaimer I was a huge fan of the show in the 90's and just love the horror theme of the game. I think the backglass and playfield and overall art package are phenomenal.

Unfortunately the placement of the creature hole makes this game super frustrating. I just couldn't get over the number of bricked shots out of it. This is a real flaw in the design of the game. I really like games that are strategic and challenging. In my mind the main shot to start modes in the game shouldn't be overly difficult to hit. If that mode hole was somehow made easier this game would be a top contender for me.

The modes are cool and straight forward. Shooting into the crypt and starting the multi ball never gets old. I love the dots when you hit the jackpot and the head gets chainsawed in two.

Overall the game is still a keeper in my mind. I enjoyed playing it thoroughly and it was always a crowd favorite. Getting rid of it came down to space issues and I know I"m going to miss it.
5 years ago
TFTC is one of the best DATA EAST I've played. It doesn't feel clunky like a lot do. Ramps are fun. Very open playfield. Beginners can keep the ball alive so it's a good pin for getting people into pinball. Theme is awesome and the artwork is classic. Even though I like plungers the door handle plunger is pretty cool. Eyeball targets are great. Multiball is exciting. Animations are great. The flipper set up is a little weird. Over all it's a good game for a collection. I'm sure some serious players would get bored with it, but it's an all around solid pin for novices and pros. If you are into 80's nostalgia and love horror themes it's must have.
5 years ago
Crypt keper is unbelievably annoying with the laugh.
5 years ago
Tales from the Crypt is a surprisingly fun machine. It took my a while to know all the features and shots, but once you get the hang of it, it is a very nice and well thought out machine. The playfield has a good quality, and an amazing artwork.

The main goal is to use the spinners on both orbits sides to select a mission. There's 12 to choose from. You can either lock a mission, or leave it unlocked, and let faith decide. Once you have used the spinners you can put the ball in the center scoop to start it. All missions are not only fun to do, they are all very different from each other. If all missions are completed, you can hit the center scoop once more for the crypt jam, involving a 6-ball multiball, and all hits are 1 million points!

You can also try to bash open the crypt target; a metal wall that drops in the playfield after 5 hits, revealing a VUK that starts a multiball. While in multiball, you need to hit a single ramp for a jackpot, and both ramps for double jackpot. Then you can go for the crypt monster jackpot by shooting the crypt 5 times to open, and then hit the VUK for the monster jackpot.

When done correctly, the lighting is pretty amazing, just using bulbs won't cut it, you need at least proper colored leds in the playfield inserts.
5 years ago
Was really surprised with this machine, great dmd animations that you'll probably never see in todays pins. shots are good and you have to work for them. Really enjoyed this, was quite fun and humorous. Needs leds to light up some dark spots, Not a fan of the BG art. Prob Data Easts best....best ive played anyway
5 years ago
I will say that, TFTC is a better game than I thought it would be, but I definitely think it's higher rated than it should be. There are some fun shots and ramps in here that are pretty cool. I think it's a good player game but I could see myself getting bored with this after awhile. For me, this is a fun pin to play out in the wild, but not one I would want in my personal collection.
6 years ago
The best Data East game! This game does not get old. The only issue I have is that the balls sometimes fly around the playfield which can get annoying. It has a deep ruleset and I have yet to get to crypt jam which keeps me coming back for more. Some people get annoyed by the crypt keepers laugh but I think it fits the theme perfectly and never gets old for me. The DMD animations are fantastic and gory without being obscene.
6 years ago
Fits my theme. Good looking pin. Plays well..good price. sorry not a data east fan..but If I were to buy a data east, this definitely would be the one. and I just might, if I find the right one at a decent price. I like this pin.Edit: I did buy this pin..I'm now a data east fan..great pin..love it.
6 years ago
This one was a SLEEPER....I passed it up and thought it was corny at first, then I finally played it....WOW!!! for the right price I would add this to my collection!
6 years ago
I am alittle biased because I own it but really, this game is alot of fun! Its also really playable, my 4 year old daughter hit 88,000,000 just this afternoon. Before I added White Water, this was by far my favorite game. In fact its still a close second. Also I love the fact you can make so many differant mods to it. We have a cardboard cover to cover up the screen when our girls play but I personally love the graphics, who doesnt like a chainsaw cutting a zombies head in half?!?
6 years ago
Best horror themed machine ever made.
6 years ago
Fun gm ! Not enough toys though! Lah is better.
But theme grt and still very fun.
6 years ago
Shocked how much I really like this pin.
6 years ago
Plenty of fun, I could have played this about 100 times last time I played it, never gets old. Game lighting could be a bit better, dark in the middle of the field. Overall a+ game, theme is awesome and done Well.
6 years ago
Evil game and the best from DE...Full LEDs make this a great spectical.
6 years ago
The most gruesome game out there LEDs make for a blinding light show killer ramps one of data easts best love it not leavin my collection ever
6 years ago
Before you rate this game--make sure you have played one with ChadH's new code. It turned an OK game into a really good one.

If this game were one made by B/W, it would generally be rated higher than it is now. I don't understand the snobbery, DE and Sega/Stern made some cool games (and some clunkers to be sure)--this is certainly one of their best efforts. The animations are the most outlandish and well depicted of any pin from this era (and well beyond)--really well done. A fun ramp shot on the left, although the left ramp is tough to hit consistently. The right is just really tough to make at all--so every time you do hit this shot it is rewarding. The electric chair scoop and the crypt tombstone shots are very cool, and it's tricky trying to maneuver the ball into the crypt after it opens up--yet another challenging shot. Perhaps not a game for the casual player--certainly not one for you if you are not a fan of TFTC. If the Crypt Keeper keeps you entertained you will love his callouts. If not, his insane cackling might drive you nuts! (with the old code, anyway). I have always enjoyed the zany Keeper and find that his commentary really adds to the game. The play is quick, there are many different, difficult and slippery shots to be made, and the new ruleset is very deep and well thought out. Add in several cool multiball modes--the result is a really enjoyable and quick playing game. Engore if you can make it to the wizard mode--Crypt Jam!

Those who have criticized the game because of all the inane Keeper cackling can now rest easy--it is pretty much gone! I kind of miss it... The refreshed rules, scoring, and new callouts have really taken this game to the next level. You really need to play TFTC with the new code--it just may change your mind. If, like me, you were a fan of the game with the old code, stand by---as ChadH has scored a "Hole in Juan!"
6 years ago
Didn't get many games on this one but really enjoyed it. Cool dmd animations and the little details like the eyes as the stand up targets were awesome.
There are 191 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 8.

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