Tales from the Crypt

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Game Design: 8.057

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Sounds/Music: 7.336

Other Aspects: 8.268

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Found 196 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
People complain about the crypt keeper laugh, I love it. I have owned this pin since about 1996! Would never get rid of it!
5 years ago
easy game play ,fast and fun !! wen shooting at the drop targets the ball will bounce hard to out lane or shooter lane so i try not to hit the drop targets as hard, i love the metel ramps, a bit busy with the wire returns in the center i think but not awful the three spiners are great ,six ball electric chair mode sweet, lots of great modes to play, then crypt jam...i like this game alot looking to upgrade software soon so the keepers laugh isnt so anoying and for more balanced scoring ...and a shaker motor works great wit the theme..if u like the crypt keeper its a keeper...because the back glass is ugly but works great wit the e.c comic book theme...one of DE's best machines, still a good price for a great game !
5 years ago
Not the most beautifull design for the cabinet and playfield but what a game!
Good flow and 6balls multiball, this is a great game for such price !
5 years ago
This game plays up its theme well. The artwork and sounds all felt right. If the crypt keeper's laugh gets to you, this machine has it in spades.
Good and satisfying shots and plenty of metal ramps.
I enjoyed this game and the overall package.
5 years ago
Ratings with new 4.00 ROMs. Had an HEP AFM, sold it - took the cash put a lot in the bank and the rest I bought TFTC...frankly - I like it every bit as much as AFM. Recently put a ColorDMD in it - looks fantastic. Frankly one of the better pins I've owned. Any pin has its shortcomings - but its right there other A-list pins. For those that complain about the sounds (like the cackling)- just stop...the new code fixed nearly all the software issues with the pin back in the fall of 2015 - so if the TFTC you played/are playing doesn't have the newer ROM's - don't leave a review - its just not the same experience. Same commentary for DE 'clunkiness" - spend some time with it and you can get it dialed in quiet well....for starters, take out the stock power supply board and replace it with an Xpin and then NVRAM the MPU, LED the playfield and put in a ColorDMD - you'll have no trouble with it again....
6 years ago
TFTC looks good in a ghoulish way, and is fun to play. the animations on the DMD are first class. but the sound gets kind of annoying.

i will come back and edit this rating once i've spent some time on this game - i just got two of them and am frankensteining them into one good machine and one has has the second-best of everything (cab, playfield, plastics, boards, backglass etc). so when i can get the B game up and running and get shot of it, then i can get the A game cleaned up and tweaked so it works nicely. people seem to rate this as one of the best DE titles along with GNR and JP so i want to give it a good chance before i give up on it just because the sound pisses me off.
6 years ago
Tales from the Crypt plays well - but its theming and fun is where it gets its clout with me. The skill shot is fun (a "timing" shot, with drop targets involved). The callouts are fun and I am almost always a fan of wireforms and metal ramps. I haven't ever been able to rack up a huge score on Tales, but it's worth playing just for fun.

I'd like to have one some day - after some of my other favorites. However, I would like to see an Elvira (SS and PMs) and Tales lineup (campy, silly, licensed B horror).
6 years ago
-Good theme
-Gruesome animations
-Scoring feels reasonably balanced, though I don't know all of the rules

-Constant laughter from the cryptkeeper gets annoying
-Some shots aren't laid out quite where I want them
-Just doesn't feel as well-thought-out as some other games of the era.
6 years ago
Nice game
6 years ago
TFTC is an enormous fun to play !!! The shaker (first time I try) gives an extra sensation and euphoria when playing. The gameplay is enough deep to keep you playing without get bored but simple enough to permit playing without thinking (that's good after a working day). It's also the perfect pin to get back to childhood, especially if you're a nostalic of the TV show. If it had been a WMS/ Bally or even a new Stern, it would be acclaimed immediatly. Definitively a keeper !
6 years ago
Awesome data east game. Maybe their best. Lots to do and lots of shots to master. The artwork is great and a must for your collection.
6 years ago
I find the artwork creepy (pun intended); I guess this can be seen as a good thing, I simply don't like it very much. Not a big fan of the layout either. The creature hole seems out of place. Add to that repetitive call outs and you will understand why I do not enjoy that pin very much.

On the plus side, some cool animations, good shaker implementation and… if you like spinners, you will love that game!
6 years ago
I grew up watching this show and loved it. With this game though I just don't know. The music and sounds are great, but the crypt keeper's laugh drove me insane. The playfield I didn't like as the colors were so dull and I guess they did that to be deathlike??
6 years ago
Great game that just got better. Recently added ChadH's new code 4.00 and the callouts/rules have been significantly improved. My only gripe is that the right ramp modes are still nearly impossible and the scoop shot is still very difficult to initiate the different modes. I have yet to make it to crypt jam or the last two right ramp modes.
6 years ago
Had for half a year now. Does not get old, but we're suckers for a lowish-gore horror theme.
6 years ago
Shave n haircut 2 pints

One of DE stronger titles

Borg design

A lot of his games had similar features

Great pin

Kinda creepy but enjoyable
6 years ago
Great theme and fun multi balls a nice collection piece
6 years ago
Better than I thought it was going to be but that laugh, ergh!! Can someone adjust the code to take it out? Not a fan of the art, the playfield is too busy.
6 years ago
I like the multiball, the jackpot is good. The double jackpot is difficult, and the monster jackpot is even more so. As for modes, though it is difficult to hit the scoop, there are a couple of good ones (werewolf, frightmare, thunderstorm), some great ones (electric chair multiball, super guillotine, robbing the crypt). Playing all modes gets Crypt jam which is difficult to get to, but gives something to work toward. The fast goring modes (right ramp) are hard to start, but can get good points.

As for aesthetics, tftc I like the theme and the artwork seems to be true to the source material. The call outs are good, if you like (or don't mind) cheesy puns. The cackle has never gotten on my nerves, and I've played it alot.

The one big problem I have is the gimme multiball, and the scoop difficulty can be frustrating.
6 years ago
I’ve played the majority of pinball machines that hover within the “top 50” and without question I feel Tales from the Crypt not only belongs there, it could very possibly deserve a top 25.

Looking over the machine, the playfield artwork is truly amazing. Even if you’re not a fan of the gore or overall strange and slightly disturbing images, it’s difficult to not appreciate all of the details and small touches. The cabinet is done well also, my only complaint there would be the way they lay the “Tales from the Crypt” over top of the book background - the font doesn’t look right just sprawed straight across the book instead of flowing around the curves or just being on the cover of the book instead would have probably looked a bit better. Other than that, the rest of the playfield art and cabinet design make up for this small oversight.

Special touches I particularly appreciate about this machine would be the door handle ball launcher - which also rings a door bell when you “lock in” a creature feature.

Creature Features progress you through the game and if you complete all 12, then you get to the end of the game, or “Crypt Jam” which is a special multiball mode.

The Creature Features include a “Door Prize” video mode style mini game, an “Entra Ball” (called “Axe-Tra Ball”), and “Super Crypt Kicker” which gives you a good 10 reprieves if the ball goes in the left gutter. Very nice to have with multiball as it helps make the Monster Jackpot more attainable. “Skull Crackin’” gives you the opportunity to add additional balls to the playfield.

“Electric Chair” is an instant 6 ball multiball, different from the main game multiball. There’s “Thunderstorm” which is a ramp challenge, “Frightmare” which is a spinner challenge, “Psycho Pops” which is a jet bumper challenge, “Robbin the Crypt” which is a challenge to hit the crypt 5 times, “The Werewolf Countdown” which is a countdown jackpot you score by hitting the left spinner and “Super Keeper Targets” which scores points for the eyeball targets and “Super Guillotine Targets” which is a drop down target points challenger. Speaking of the “Keeper” (eyeball) targets, lighting all of those lights the “Super Crypt Kicker” to give you a rebound back out of the left gutter.

Some people mention the Crypt Keeper’s laugh getting annoying. I think it’s insanely hilarious, and as long as you don’t miss a lot of shots, you won’t hear him laughing much. In reality, it seems as if he gets into the game the more you annihilate it. The sayings like “the morgue the merrier”, “axe-tra ball”, “you’ve made a killing” and plenty more add to the whole experience.

You can get a really good flow with this game, and if you try to play through the 12 Creature Features, you’re bound to get at least one regular multiball on top of the “Electric Chair” 6 ball multiball. When you have regular crypt multiball, you can add balls by hitting the captive ball on the playfield, which is another nice touch. The left and right orbits can get moving quick and you can also get a nice flow on the ramps. There’s a third flipper in the upper left corner which makes the scoop shot (for collecting Creature Feature) more attainable as well as making the Crypt and resulting Multiball shot much easier. And there’s also 2 backdoor routes you can take to start multiball early in the game, and if you do bad, you also get the opportunity to restart multiball sometimes. And later on in the game, if you didn’t get monster jackpot, sometimes it lets you pick up where you left off on the last multiball. (This is all with the latest 3.03 ROM).

In addition to the door handle, this game features a shaker motor and it’s synched to come on at the most ideal times during game play and modes. It really makes this already hauntingly fun game feel a bit more possessed. There’s also a nice 360 left ramp, which starts multiball jackpot, and then the right ramp features one of the more challenging shots in pinball with narrow lanes. If you only make it half way up the upside down loop the right ramp features, you’re land in the tail end of the left ramp and score a “trick shot” which is also nice.

I really can’t think of anything at all I don’t absolutely love about this game, aside from the trivial issue I had with the outside cabinet art and the game title over the book the way they have it. It’s got spinners, captive ball, 6 ball multiball, a shaker motor, a great theme, great artwork, it’s extremely fun, entertaining, and the ruleset and game is easy enough to understand, most anyone can learn what they need to do to beat it. But that’s the real challenge - this game is difficult to beat! Especially if you’re going for a high score along with beating all 12 Creature Features. It’s extremely difficult in that aspect, yet easy enough for kids to play and have fun with. You can turn down the gore on the DMD if you want, but I personally feel that it’s fine the way it is and unlike anything you’ll see on any other machine from this era. Truly ahead of it’s time.

With carefully chosen LED lighting, you can really enhance the spooky factor of this game. I literally have the crypt keeper looking like a glowing ghost popping out of the lower playfield. And the “Scared Stiff” bone flippers work good in this game, and the clear bands really enhance the look. I’ll include some pics of the what I ended up going with as far as bulb choices go, there’s still a few tweaks I’d like to make but I’ve been content for awhile.

The sound is also great - so much so that I’ve added a 5.1 surround sound system installed inside the cabinet. Even just a sub would be fine but I tend to go a bit overboard when it’s something I really love. If you do a subwoofer install, I recommend finding one you can fit in the cabinet instead of putting it on the floor. It just makes the whole machine feel that much more alive.

I don’t know if I can ever sell this machine, I have never enjoyed playing any other pinball machine quite as much as this one. Overall, it really just has absolutely everything I’ve been looking for all this time. I could go on forever about it.
6 years ago
Awesome game that is really difficult- Keeps me coming back to try and get Crypt Jam!
6 years ago
The artwork on the PF is a bit busy, distracts from following the ball. The upper PF is full with ramps and stuff which makes it difficult to see the ball. A bunch of ramps and targets but no real great game flow. The machine holds the ball too often for too long. Every other missed shot it seems initiates a multi-ball sequence. Still, it was very entertaining for a while since there are several difficult shots to make. The play time per ball seems to last a very long time.
6 years ago
The annoying crypt keeper laugh and other sounds killed it for me.
6 years ago
My first pinball and it was a pure delight to own it and restore it from the ground up. A fantastic game, the so called "Data East Twilight Zone," its Achilles heel is that, in fact, it remains a pin from Data East. John Borg, had he had BW money and a BW development cycle, already admitted he would have input a secondary "Crypt" playfield, among other things. Playfield art is incredible but the backglass art disappoints, with the cab art being merely decent. Flow of gameplay is fantastic while it rewards newbs and punishes all but the best who try and go for Crypt Jam. Fortunately a new backglass art was licensed and is available on ebay. Sold the game to pay for my TZ, but otherwise a really nice pin if you can play it in great condition.
6 years ago
Tales from the Crypt is an absolute blast to play! I love the crypt keepers enthusiasm. The DMD graphics are both gory and hilarious. This game also has some excellent cartoon playfield art, I love the axle and slash zombie look alikes! and the Crypt Keeper in his many persona. The shaker motor really shakes it up. There are really only two main shots the gravestone for multi ball or the scoop for creature feature to beat the 12 game modes. The rest of the game is just a very creative and entertaining distraction. The captive "clone" ball is unique as it can add more balls to any multiball. Also,the door handle is unique as it is interactive and can lock or unlock any mode that is lit.
There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 8.

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