Tales from the Crypt

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Other Aspects: 8.262

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Found 196 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
I played TFTC at a friends a few years ago and have been wanting one since. The ramp shots are great, and targets are challenging but attainable with none of the get lucky to hit targets that most DE games have. This game with a color DMD and Pinsound board is an absolute show stopper. Thank you Mr Borg.
2 years ago
Have spent quite a lot of time on this pin, reasonably fun game with some good shots. Art however is a deal breaker for me. Just not something I'd consider owning.
2 years ago
I own ONE data easy game and this is it. This is just one of the coolest pins hands down. The art package is awesome (I can’t BELIEVE people complain about the backglass. It’s a blessing that they used the original EC Comics style art as opposed to the HBO style. Playfield design / modes / rules are all A+ My only gripe is with the sounds. They can be very repetitive and obnoxious and the quality of sound is sub par as well. BUT get the sound chip update and pinsound upgrade and your more than golden. Game is great fun for a novice player and pro alike. Great last ability (getting crypt jam is quite difficult and will keep you coming back to accomplish) Game does pretty good on route but can be a pain to upkeep tbh. If you can find one for under $2500 get it. KILLER game for that price point..but I suspect the price will keep climbing
2 years ago
I like a lot this pinball, because I used to play it a lot in location when I was a child.
- Not repetitive, with 12 different modes
- balanced scoring
- 6 ball multiball
- Ball is slow (I recommend increasing the inclination)
- Some sounds are annoying
If you've played this machine a lot, I recommend you getting the new unofficial ROM 4.0, which includes a lot of changes in score balancing, rulesheet and some unreleased quotes
2 years ago
Hate the busy, gross art BUT I love playing this pin.
2 years ago
After what seemed like ages of drooling over my buddys TFTC he sold it to me. The game is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Not the deepest game but never dull. The ramp system is pretty top notch. This game is IMO DE's best game of this system.
2 years ago
One of data east best games , love the art all around and the dmd animations are fun to watch. Shots are tough but satisfying, a little clunky at times but fun to play. Great theme!
3 years ago
Owned it for awhile. Not great for kids. It was pretty fun but didn’t love it. I sold it after 2 months. It was extremely nice but really wasn’t that great of a pin
3 years ago
Classic game. great fun!
3 years ago
Another Data East pin with plenty to do. Love the Crypt door and the skill shot. Wire ramps flow nice and love the loop ramp. Ad a color DMD and the animation comes alive and puts a smile on your face. Great rule set and missions to try and complete.

Kids love it at Halloween time. Lighting from factory is dark but with today’s LED options it brightens right up.
3 years ago
What I want to say about this pinball? Well, for me one of the first ever! When the first time Knight of the Demons came to our video library in 1995, he suddenly stood in the middle of the room. An encounter because of which I have been able to enjoy myself since that moment, over my hot-blooded childhood, to this day in the wide field of hyperactive pleasures of the pinball game. First and foremost, it offers a fairly fast-paced gameplay, which takes you from invigorating, extremely insistently composed organ sounds and many eerily beautiful soundscapes, to firing everyone into a non-stop fireworks campaign that is truly unparalleled. These include the world-famous Crypt Ceeper anthem created by Danny Elfman. Intoxicating sounds and, contrary to most opinions, an exceedingly noteworthy ingenious playing field design are led here to a special whole.
He has a considerable amount of illustrious details about the crazy hand painted creature ensemble. A strikingly vertical painting that suggests absolutely no incompetent design experiments. Nothing looks cheesy, loveless, let alone out of place. Everything has found its right place in order to allow each character to make a small due (guest) appearance.
He plays in the league of the more serious, unusually ironic, sarcastic pinball themes in both visual and gameplay terms. A hint of black humor, as well as a slight tendency to gloating, as well as the tendency to morbid could only lift the fun of this machine even more. As a kid I was completely devoted to this mixture of horror and humor. To this day, I am playing and losing myself in this piece of splendor and after a long search I was finally able to acquire a really breathtakingly well-preserved piece myself.
The overwhelming lightshow, especially in Electric Chair Mode, where one is allowed to energize the convicted person as long as possible until his eyes burst out of the bloody caves, is next to, other equally grossly rough graphics really impressive, stout.
Bone bowling, wrap mummies, listen to the Keeper at the "Crypt Jam," split chains with chainsaws, and so on.
The depth of play, has in a balanced ratio everything you can hope for from beginner to professional only.
The TftC Universe has created an equally interactive mega hit with this franchise clou, which not only allows fans to enjoy this exquisite taste of terror.
2 ingeniously set ramps. The tricky Kaptive ball and the only about detours to hit the target of the targets sometimes bring a good deal of variety in anyway unimaginable lively gameplay. A drop target bench with 3 targets, a movable gravestone toy, three pinball fingers, and an ultimate multi-ball fun, which it also makes possible to keep longer in the game due to the playing field, reward with pure adrenaline again and again , make you want to go back to this impressive pinball machine again and again.
In my opinion, even if this requires nostalgic reasons influencing, this pinball is among the most balanced ever!
3 years ago
This game is ugly, but that is exactly what it should be. DE nailed TFTC. Great layout and one of the best dmd animations on any game in the 90s. Music is really good, but of course the laughter would probably get annoying. This game is one of the reasons I love DE.
3 years ago
Tales from the crypt has had a bad rep for years, now people are starting to come around and enjoy this pin. if it had a Williams logo on it instead of Data East it would be a must have.
3 years ago
I enjoy playing this game. I'm still pretty terrible at it but I enjoy a challenge. I really like the theme. The music and the call outs are great. As I'm learning the game, I'm learning which modes net more points and therefore when to shoot for the scoop to start a mode and when to shoot the spinners to change the mode. This game is deep enough and difficult enough to keep me wanting to play it more.
3 years ago
too open and straightforward for my liking, its all long shots and steep tilt like too many modern games. the laugh is a bit much, but who can hate the crypt keeper, horror genre is always going to be a top draw.
3 years ago
I have just finished working on this and have been playing for several days now. It has a great flow and is deep enough to where I just keep getting to new levels. Multiball occurs often, sometimes twice in a single game. Extra ball is fairly easy to get as well. I love the sub games on the dmd, much like what is on lw3 as well. Just a very cool game. The ramps are very cool as well, a challenge to hit.
3 years ago
I wanted this game for awhile and finally got it. After i had it for about a month i was ready to move on. I loved the show back in the early 90's so i couldn't wait to get it. I don't understand the high ratings for this machine??? It's ok don't get me wrong but not top 50 or 60??? Very repetitive and the call outs get old fast. Buy it and keep it for 2-3 months and then move on like i did.
3 years ago
TFTC is a fun game with a great theme decent rules and i like the right ramp with how hard it is to hit.
3 years ago
Tales from the Crypt plays a lot like Tommy and Jurassic park and other data east games from the same era. If you enjoy the theme then you'll like this game in particular. Plenty of modes to play through and some pretty tough shots on this game in particular.
3 years ago
the best animation so far, music and sounds are awsome, very fun.
4 years ago
good game, sounds, music and dmd animations are top for me, fun pinball, i add just 1 or 2 toys, it will be better
4 years ago
Such a fun game.

The Good:
-horror and pinball just go together. GREAT theme integration.
-the DOTS!! Maybe the best dots in all of pinball pre-LCD. If you own this game, you MUST buy a Color DMD for it. Seriously, I don't even have any of their displays on my games, but this one is a must. Perfect animation with a color DMD.
-GREAT shots! And tight! Wow. Sniping skills are absolutely mandatory on this one.
-Such fun modes if you like horror. And plenty of em. The code on this game is incredible. Possibly Data East's best.
-The neon green on this game looks SO good under a blacklight. Do a search on this game and ways to trick it out with blacklight. Incredible.
-Great artwork and sounds. Love it.

The Bad:
-too much Cryptkeeper laughing.
-theme is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. And definitely an adult-themed pin. While I love it, I understand why this won't work in everyone's collection
4 years ago
Fun, gory, hilarious, scary, politically incorrect, challenging & campy are all words that perfectly describe this pin.

I've had this pin for over a year now & will never get rid of it. Definitely not family friendly...but campy nostalgia from the 90's mixed with some politically incorrect gore/humor make for a pretty good pinball theme with plenty of great modes. The tombstone bash toy is fun & who wouldn't like chainsawing a zombie head in half?

The shaker motor kicking in when you descend into the crypt for multiball is a nice touch.

Make sure the VUK at the top right of the playfield is functioning properly.
4 years ago
Really didnt know what i was missing bang for buck what a terrific game
4 years ago
Ok, first, I am a sucker for horror themes. I grew up reading horror comic books. I have a TWD PRO, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Ghost Busters, and a Grand Lizard. When a TFTC became available locally I made an offer and got the game for a reasonable price. For an almost 25 year old game, and a re-import from Spain, it was in good shape all considering—but it had a lot of “small” electrical issues I needed to sort one by one. Mainly switches and repairing some meatball surgery hack jobs that had been performed on the boards in the preceding years.

Anyway, I LOVE THIS GAME. Maybe because I have restored it 100% playability and made it look great again, but the play is fun. I don’t find the Crytpkeeper’s puns to be annoying in the least, but I can see how it can get on someone’s nerves. The rules can be deep, at least as deep as any early 1990’s game. The PF is just wonderful. When you LED out the PF it looks even better.
The backbox is a love it or hate it back glass. It alludes to different episodes of the series. Even with low intensity LED’s I found the back box too bright and took out several of the lights just to tone it down.

The ramps are great, and the one on the right loops if you can make it (tight shot!). The bash toy is the tombstone which is near impossible to hit with the lower flippers. But there is a spinner target that also leads to a VUK when multi-ball is lit, giving you either the Tombstone VUK or the spinner VUK to activate the multi-ball. You can get a good ruleset at Pinball.Org. It told me all I needed to know about the gameplay and how to rack up the points.

Overall I think it’s probably one of the top Data East games. It has that “just one more game” factor for me. My game did have a number of problems but nothing that could not be solved by asking around on Pinside. Every part I needed to replace could be found on line from Ebay to Marco to one of the many other vendors out there supplying pinball parts.

So game play is fine, and if you like horror themes, then this will look great in your collection, and even better next to a Walking Dead!
There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 8.

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