Tales from the Crypt

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Other Aspects: 8.184

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There are 188 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
when I first played this game I didn't get it but now a few years later I do & I like it a lot , its similar IMO with all the modes & such to Metallica but with a different layout , love the loop ramp & all the multi ball possibilities , the gory theme & the sounds may be a bit too much to have in a collection if you have young children around though
37 days ago
"Holy deadlock!" - this game is a hidden gem and Data East's crown jewel! It's easy enough for a novice to jump on and play, but deep enough for an expert to attempt mastering. If you love horror and pinball, you could not ask for a better combination. Most table artwork from Data East is mediocre (but still charming), but the art style for this machine is perfect - an accurate representation of 1950's E.C. Comics. Haters complain about the Crypt Keeper's cackling, but again, if you love the show, you'll appreciate the charm, along with his wit and morbidly humorous call-outs. Danny Elman's theme plays throughout, along with other ghoulish sounds and tunes. The animation is some of the best in pinball - an absolute gore-fest! The ramp shots feel great! This game is everything a pinball game should be: FUN! It's campy, spooky, and witty... and if you hit the 6-ball multiball, you're in for one hell of a ride!
63 days ago
Played two examples of this game in the last few years. One in the wild and one I helped a friend pick up. Both played great and has some campy horror humor that sits well with me. It's no Bruce Campbell vs the army of darkness but I'll make do playing this title until then. Drop some quarters and shoot for the guillotine.
3 months ago
All shots you'd want in a game not to mention crazy 6ball multiball.
4 months ago
Really enjoyed this one. Played it for about half an hour. Launch gimmick is a bit awkward to use but it looks super cool. For an older machine it's flashy and fast like newer machines and completes well against them. Perhaps a tad on the easy side. 3 balls lasted me over half an hour and this is with me not being a professional pinball player or having learned the machine. But I promise you it didn't get dull for a moment. Machine is engaging and entertaining, with all the wit and humor you'd expect from the Cryptkeeper.
4 months ago
Super fun! Feels like a big tattoo or a amusement park !
5 months ago
An underrated by Data East. Tales From The Crypt was a favorite show to catch when at Grandma's when I was a kid (my fmaily didn't have cable) The table it's self is a pretty great layout with fair number of good but very satisfying shots. The art work is a bit wonky as would happen with this era's DE machines, perhaps driven by a desire to animate in greater detail than was easily reproducible. The table rules are great for someone looking to move slightly beyond the basics of Taxi or Bride of Pinbot. Lots of great modes. Excellent upon repeat plays.
5 months ago
So much fun! This is a fun, but challenging pin. Scoop, crypt, and ramps are all tough shots. I love the artwork. The wife and I actually bought the whole Tales From The Crypt series and are watching it...follows the series closely. DE really did a good job with this.
5 months ago
The game that keeps on giving. Love the playfield, the callouts, the ruleset and can even get beyond the backglass. I’ve had it for almost a month and am still finding little added features. Do yourself a favour and enter the crypt.
5 months ago
Just got TFTC and already had the 4.0 update on it. When i grew up i knew of the crypt keeper but never watched the show. So im not attached to the theme in anyway. This machine is so much fun to play and has a decent difficulty level that makes it hard to master but its fun to play so it keeps you coming back for more. The shaker kicks on enough to make things exciting but not so much its annoying. I love trying to get all the creature features. Rules are on the deeper side.
7 months ago
I love tales from the crypt tv show, one of my all time favorite horror shows ever. I also really like the old EC comics that it was based off of. I think the artwork for cab, translite, and playfield to be good. I understand some people might not like it, but I think it not only fits the theme of both the show and comics, but also pinball. There are lots of little gags to discover and I personally like the color scheme choices, I think it sets it apart and more closely resembles the old school comics. I also like the fact that they still put some babes into it, albeit more ghoulish babes than traditional babes, and I think that is funny.
I really like this layout and I love both ramps. They're both fun to shoot. I love the cork-screw left ramp, and I really think the whole upside down right ramp is really cool... I wonder what machine was the first to include a ramp like this one... This could be the first, but if it wasn't the first its certainly has to be one of the first. I also like the trick shot that you can pull off when your ball hops between the right to the left. Just fun that they coded a callout to it.
I like skill shots, and this game has a decent.. .If easy skill shot to achieve, but the animation is delightfully macabre... In fact I love all the animations for this game, I think this game has some of the best dots from 90s. Certainly some of my favorites. The callouts are hammy and cheesy and just terrific... The only downside is they do get repetitive... Still great unique callouts. The animations, callouts, and playfield art really set the mode and just truly immerse you into the theme. And I love the theme.
Game isn't the most deep, and you can exploit the mode time out feature to move on to the lucrative modes if you are so inclined. Still, I like the game and all the modes, and the MBs... I'm not an expert at the game, and I really don't have any strategies for playing it yet, but I love to shoot it. I do think both the spinners and the pops are utilized nicely in the code, and that is always nice.
In fact the one thing I like about all the modes is the fact that it does reward/force you to hit all the available shots on the playfield. And the game has a decent amount of shots. I count 11 main shots... Not counting a shot that is available into the pops. I also only count the targets and drops as one shot and not 3. That's just sub shots within the shot itself.
It has 3 flippers and the upper flipper is important to hit all the shots like the crypt shot and even the mode start shot... But, its not necessary. If the upper flipper breaks or just too weak, you can still hit all the shots in the game... But, to truly appreciate the game the upper flipper working makes it so much better.
There really aren't any toys on this game. Two things that I think are cool is the doorhandle/ball plunge button and the crypt lock/bash target. Those are the only toys and they do fit the theme and add to the immersion. I do think the crypt lock is a good lock, not the coolest in pinball ,but it fits the playfield and game and its still pretty cool. The doorhandle takes a bit to get use to, but it really looks quite nifty.
This game isn't for everyone. I love the sense of humor and all gore and macabre elements. Can it get old playing over and over sure... But, I think if you like the theme and like the animations this could be in a nice 3-5 pin collection without getting tired of it.
9 months ago
A really fun game. Way better than scared stiff in my opinion. The music and lights are great. A few redundant callouts but not bad. Playfield art is a bit weak.
11 months ago
Really enjoyed this game, much better than I thought it would be. A bit clunky, lots of air balls. Good build quality, a bit repetetive with the callouts. Like the ramps, a far more enjoyable game than the Deadpool game that was beside it when I played it. Deadpool might have the fancier LED lighting, but I would rather play Tales all day. I don't like the launch trigger, otherwise I like most of the other things, better than DE's Star Wars.
11 months ago
I played TFTC at a friends a few years ago and have been wanting one since. The ramp shots are great, and targets are challenging but attainable with none of the get lucky to hit targets that most DE games have. This game with a color DMD and Pinsound board is an absolute show stopper. Thank you Mr Borg.
12 months ago
Have spent quite a lot of time on this pin, reasonably fun game with some good shots. Art however is a deal breaker for me. Just not something I'd consider owning.
1 year ago
I own ONE data easy game and this is it. This is just one of the coolest pins hands down. The art package is awesome (I can’t BELIEVE people complain about the backglass. It’s a blessing that they used the original EC Comics style art as opposed to the HBO style. Playfield design / modes / rules are all A+ My only gripe is with the sounds. They can be very repetitive and obnoxious and the quality of sound is sub par as well. BUT get the sound chip update and pinsound upgrade and your more than golden. Game is great fun for a novice player and pro alike. Great last ability (getting crypt jam is quite difficult and will keep you coming back to accomplish) Game does pretty good on route but can be a pain to upkeep tbh. If you can find one for under $2500 get it. KILLER game for that price point..but I suspect the price will keep climbing
1 year ago
I like a lot this pinball, because I used to play it a lot in location when I was a child.
- Not repetitive, with 12 different modes
- balanced scoring
- 6 ball multiball
- Ball is slow (I recommend increasing the inclination)
- Some sounds are annoying
If you've played this machine a lot, I recommend you getting the new unofficial ROM 4.0, which includes a lot of changes in score balancing, rulesheet and some unreleased quotes
1 year ago
Hate the busy, gross art BUT I love playing this pin.
1 year ago
After what seemed like ages of drooling over my buddys TFTC he sold it to me. The game is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Not the deepest game but never dull. The ramp system is pretty top notch. This game is IMO DE's best game of this system.
1 year ago
Passed on it long ago.Regretted it since then,then bit the bullet and paid what it takes to get a real nice one.
To me,DE’s crown jewel,if you like this sort of horror or the show you will love this pin.
Hard to judge cause I wanted it really bad,got it,and like always the shine comes off some but I will never part with the game .
It’s really a masterpiece because of the theme,Elfman music and the crypt keeper
Head in the basket skill shot scared my daughter

I agree with others that if it said Williams on it it would be a must have.To me it still is.

I give the art and theme 10 all day but I am a fan.
Basic rules/challenges,electric chair and the multi ball are a blast.

One of the best games ever made and definitely a “must have” horror pin along with Drac
1 year ago
One of data east best games , love the art all around and the dmd animations are fun to watch. Shots are tough but satisfying, a little clunky at times but fun to play. Great theme!
1 year ago
Owned it for awhile. Not great for kids. It was pretty fun but didn’t love it. I sold it after 2 months. It was extremely nice but really wasn’t that great of a pin
1 year ago
Classic game. great fun!
1 year ago
Another Data East pin with plenty to do. Love the Crypt door and the skill shot. Wire ramps flow nice and love the loop ramp. Ad a color DMD and the animation comes alive and puts a smile on your face. Great rule set and missions to try and complete.

Kids love it at Halloween time. Lighting from factory is dark but with today’s LED options it brightens right up.
1 year ago
What I want to say about this pinball? Well, for me one of the first ever! When the first time Knight of the Demons came to our video library in 1995, he suddenly stood in the middle of the room. An encounter because of which I have been able to enjoy myself since that moment, over my hot-blooded childhood, to this day in the wide field of hyperactive pleasures of the pinball game. First and foremost, it offers a fairly fast-paced gameplay, which takes you from invigorating, extremely insistently composed organ sounds and many eerily beautiful soundscapes, to firing everyone into a non-stop fireworks campaign that is truly unparalleled. These include the world-famous Crypt Ceeper anthem created by Danny Elfman. Intoxicating sounds and, contrary to most opinions, an exceedingly noteworthy ingenious playing field design are led here to a special whole.
He has a considerable amount of illustrious details about the crazy hand painted creature ensemble. A strikingly vertical painting that suggests absolutely no incompetent design experiments. Nothing looks cheesy, loveless, let alone out of place. Everything has found its right place in order to allow each character to make a small due (guest) appearance.
He plays in the league of the more serious, unusually ironic, sarcastic pinball themes in both visual and gameplay terms. A hint of black humor, as well as a slight tendency to gloating, as well as the tendency to morbid could only lift the fun of this machine even more. As a kid I was completely devoted to this mixture of horror and humor. To this day, I am playing and losing myself in this piece of splendor and after a long search I was finally able to acquire a really breathtakingly well-preserved piece myself.
The overwhelming lightshow, especially in Electric Chair Mode, where one is allowed to energize the convicted person as long as possible until his eyes burst out of the bloody caves, is next to, other equally grossly rough graphics really impressive, stout.
Bone bowling, wrap mummies, listen to the Keeper at the "Crypt Jam," split chains with chainsaws, and so on.
The depth of play, has in a balanced ratio everything you can hope for from beginner to professional only.
The TftC Universe has created an equally interactive mega hit with this franchise clou, which not only allows fans to enjoy this exquisite taste of terror.
2 ingeniously set ramps. The tricky Kaptive ball and the only about detours to hit the target of the targets sometimes bring a good deal of variety in anyway unimaginable lively gameplay. A drop target bench with 3 targets, a movable gravestone toy, three pinball fingers, and an ultimate multi-ball fun, which it also makes possible to keep longer in the game due to the playing field, reward with pure adrenaline again and again , make you want to go back to this impressive pinball machine again and again.
In my opinion, even if this requires nostalgic reasons influencing, this pinball is among the most balanced ever!
There are 188 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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