Tales from the Crypt

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Game Design: 8.009

Artwork: 8.004

Sounds/Music: 7.297

Other Aspects: 8.215

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Found 216 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 216 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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32 days ago
A good average pin that if you take care of it and maintain it well, it’s a fun game to have in the collection. The theme still is relevant today and it’s a fan favorite at my arcade.
5 months ago
Best game ever !!!
5 months ago
Played at Pinfest 2023.

The guy queuing before me totally blew up this machine, getting a high score, so I can give a view on how it’s supposed to play - as well as how I played.

The door plunger on the game I played was actively annoying. There are reasons this isn’t done routinely on machines. Please just use a big button if you don’t want to use a plunger. The rest of the layout was a mass of cluttered ‘meh’. I shot some stuff, some stuff happened, I didn’t care very much.

I’d heard this was a great Data East title and surprisingly good/underrated. I think there must be a big nostalgia element on this one.
7 months ago
I just recently added a Tales from the crypt to my collection, and I was pleasantly surprised how much fun the game is. I took a chance on one local for a great price and definitely don’t regret the decision. The rules are pretty simple to learn, and there’s a good bit of depth for an older pin. The only downside is the playfield is a little crowded, and good ol’ crypty can be annoying at times. Overall a very solid machine though
9 months ago
I have heard this playfield described as crowded, to be sure there are lots of shots to be had here.. but what it is to me is more of a sniper table. there's some flow from the ramp returns but they are both pretty hard to hit. returns from the drop targets can be insane fast and also go anyfreakinwhere. I built a visor for over the drops to put a damper on that action. Skull Cracker shot gets my vote as one of the tightest shots around. THREE spinnners to rip up, 6 multiball modes, this thing has it all for me. The cackling can be a bit much but I installed the latest mod code and it plays a bit better and screams slightly less as well as using some of the callouts that simply got overlooked in coding.

Pros: heaps to do, masses of balls, spinner overload, satisfying ramps and locks. sharpens up your accuracy. Classic Crypt Keeper puns.

Cons: Unforgiving if you dont like narrow shots, back glass art is pretty ugly even though it looks exactly like the cartoons in the TFC show.
9 months ago
This 30 year old pinball machine is highly addictive. I played it on location at the Appalachian Pinball Museum in Hendersonville, NC. At first I was turned off by the artwork. Seemed a bit campy for my taste. Plus the tv show freaked me out when I was a kid! But the pin didn’t scare me once I mustered up the courage to play. I enjoyed all the creature feature modes and the fun animation/sound that would introduce them. You look down at the middle of the playfield and you can see all the modes you get to play. I liked how the left drain would kick your ball back to the playing field. I think it only did it a few times per ball. I liked after 3 balls, you have the option to play again one more time with one ball. The ball also didn’t drain right down the middle and I could see the magnet pull it to the flipper, so you shouldn’t have to tilt/nudge all that much. Ok! Enough technical stuff! You see Tales from the Crypt, PLAY it!!!! If you get scared then go run home to your mommy, you big adult baby you.
1 year ago
Some of the sounds get annoying, the sound quality is that wonderful Data East feedback drone, and some of the shots are a bit awkward

But this game is currently getting more play on it than JP Premium, Iron Maiden Pro, and Fish Tales. We play Cactus Canyon Remake and Tales from the Crypt in a loop right now. It's insanely fun, and the shots are incredibly satisfying. Fantastic game, which is unexpected if I am being honest. I mainly picked it up for the theme and now my wife will never let me get rid of it.
1 year ago
I really love the 6 balls multiball, 13 game modes and 18 different targets! :) Compered to the other machines, it is really exciting and fun. You can't get bored of this. In the Hungarian flipper museum this game is always occupied, they have approx 100 flippers, most of it is waiting for the players, except this one. it says something. :) Only one annoying thing is the screaming sound during the play. :)
1 year ago
It’s ugly,not fun to play.
Overrated machine.
1 year ago
If you can’t tell by my rating, while I objectively am not sure if the game is as good as this rating might say, for my personal taste, I adore this game. Part of it is nostalgia, as this is one of the machines that helped get me into pinball, but I also think that, objectively, this is one of, if not the best Data East machine.

Exceptionally good art. I know some people dump on the back glass, but I think it looks fantastic, and is somewhat subtle in a way. The details in particular (such as the slight whisps on the Cryptkeeper’s hair, the deliberate comic like drawing style on the comic characters vs the shockingly realistic Cryptkeeper and mansion) are astounding.

Gameplay is great, just great. The mode diversity is nice, and the shots flow shockingly well and are a blast to hit. Crypt Jam is a basic, but very fun wizard mode.

The animations are great. However, with a Color DMD, they become astounding, especially for 1993.

Sound is a tremendous achievement. It managed to be catchy, but shockingly atmospheric and sets the tone great.

Frenzy scoring, while not obvious at first, are nice to start and can be valuable with a multiball stack.

Scoring is slightly unbalanced towards multiball on original code. However, Chad’s code fixes this and makes both worthwhile to go for.

The captive ball is kind of a lousy shot, and its difficulty and lousiness makes Skull Cracking not worthwhile.

Sound quality is a bit low for the time. However, this game is able to mask the fact it’s using BMST shockingly well, so credit for that!

Overall, this game is fantastic. You can disagree, but it’s exceptional in my eyes, especially for the time.
1 year ago
My first game, and it will always be special to me for that. However, I'm honest in my review.

It's actually a fun game to flip! I do love horror and do love TFTC tv show and comics and do love this game! It's fast, and exhilarating. The flashers and dmd animations really set a tone. The shots can be difficult but are achievable. I love the tombstone and I like most of the modes, a few are ok but typically for the time (90s).

6 ball multi all is blast and so is crypt jam!

The rules are not modern age deep but in retrospect are very engaging compared to other games from the 90s.

I enjoy playing this game everytime I shoot it!

I have played a few others on location and if they are not working correctly or setup poorly this game doesn't feel fun, however I think that can be true with any game.

Overall, great 90s game and probably one of data easts best.
1 year ago
I absolutely love this game! There are no easy shots during gameplay. The skillshot is however quite easy to make, but it does vary a little bit what you will hit. The plunger is a Doorbell-button, so only timing is up to you, the player. The soundtrack is funny. (Take into account the time era where tales from the crypt originates). If you like the genre with ghouls and grave/crypt robbers, this machine is a must have.
1 year ago
One of the best Data East pins, it never got enough love when it came out but it's such a solid overall game with lot of game mode variety as well so many challenging shots to make. The game modes really mix things up constantly with you having to constantly change strategies to get maximum points. Visually it's nothing special but the aesthetic is pure EC Comics compared to the TV series. The audio would get better scores from me if it wasn't for the overly obnoxious amount of laughing that comes out of this machine from the Crypt Keeper. It's a bit too much and brings down the overall enjoyment of the whole thing when the machine is non stop laughing. But really it's a fantastic pin
1 year ago
In my opinion, this pinball has one of the best gameplay in the world of pinball. The theme is fantastic. the game is fluid, quite fast and really really funny.
The levels of the game are multiple (thirteen levels) and will satisfy all players (newbies as well as pro's).
If you have the latest ROM version and in addition, you can change the allocated freegames to extra ball, your game can last much longer with necessarily much more pleasure. The multiballs (6 balls) are playable. Only hours and hours of fun.
1 year ago
Review made based on 4.0 unofficial ROM (better game, better sounds, more fun!)
Lot of shots, incredible multiballs, easy at the first view, but hard to finish (for me at least).
The artwork is great, and playfield is amazingly illuminated. Some mods can be added to « complete » this pinball. 4.0 is mandatory at least not to dream about the screaming-keeper!
1 year ago
Sounds are annoying. Top layout too cluttered and not elegant. But has a lot of elements that make it fun and keep you coming back.
1 year ago
I think this game can be polarising. My friend loves this game, he can play it non stop.. I'm not of the same mind. I find the shots really repetitive, and the table is just fairly bland! The callouts are soooo over the top repetitive! If I owned this table I would turn off the sound.. or get a pinsound installed... As his voice is grating! The continual laughter/cackling is horrible.

The ball plunger is cool and the theme is on point. I mean, it's certainly not the worst table I've played.. but maybe I need to wear earplugs when I play it... That might make It better?!
2 years ago
Please note, this review is based on the 4.0 (Chad) Rom update.

I am just floored with how fun this game is. So many great modes utilize about as much of this great theme as you could hope for! The Art package is amazing, and the dots are in my opinion, the best art and animation of all pinball.

Sound bytes are hilarious and authentic, and let's face it, when the license allows you to use Elfman's classic music from the HBO series.. you can't go wrong.

Game modes play like mini-games on the PF, some will have you shooting at spinners to unwrap a mummy, some have you hitting the drop targets like guillotine.

As for mechanics, this one how more than meets the eye :)

3 spinners, 2 ramps (a large 360' winding one, and a 90' upside down flip, which can often land the ball on the return of the first ramp, rewarding a trick shot).

A tomb target with a switch, and motor to slowly raise and lower this to reveal a hidden vault. The vault contains a VUK, projecting the ball upward and dropping into a upper trough, where it can then be staged and kicked back up to drop down on the right orbit to the upper right flipper.

A scoop provides the main mechanism of starting modes.

3 pop-bumpers

3 drop targets.

A really tight shot which can curve right into a 2nd upper trough to exit in the same VUK as the 1st upper trough.

A right orbit that passes through a diverter which can drop the ball to the upper trough for multiball, or allow the ball to complete the orbit coming down the left side.

Captive ball on the left is a very tight shot with big rewards.

6 standing eye targets, allow lighting the kickback and other advances and mode uses.

The plunger is a spooky door handle. This also acts as a means to lock in a potential mode to collect.

Neon green PF colour, provides an opportunity for interesting black light effects.

Some of the most flashers I have ever seen.


So much to do and see, this title really has a great balance of difficulty and modes and features to keep you playing.
2 years ago
Great game with amazing art. Well done
2 years ago
This is such a fun horror-themed table! I love all the toys, the shots, and all the sound effects!
2 years ago
It is a fun older game. Good sound effects and horror theme. Nothing earth shattering, but I like it. Also the door handle instead of plunger is really cool.
3 years ago
nice game to play with loads of features which does not bore too soon.
The calls are a pain and the main reason why i sold mine
3 years ago
This game could be fun, but wholly cow, the sounds are just so annoying. I couldn't play this much because of the sound along. I really like the playfield art.
3 years ago
My buddy had one of these and I almost bought it off of him but just couldn't pull the trigger. Worthwhile game but not sure it's worth taking up the space.
3 years ago
This was the first pin I owned. Was a great pin and kept well with the theme. Unfortunately tho I Found it quite repetitive so I sold it after 12 months. Great pin for its price for anyone adding to their collection.
There are 216 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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