Swords of Fury

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Game Design: 7.838

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Sounds/Music: 7.636

Other Aspects: 7.928

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Found 99 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 99 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
What a great game! The music is awesome, it really fits the theme of the game and is very well done. The flow is different and I would say the lion man shot it prolly the most satisfying. You have a time limit on getting lion man so act fast! ogres ally is great cause you can build up a mini jackpot depending on which direction you shoot thru the horseshoe. When you shoot the other way you cash in on the points. As for the lower horseshoe. You build up the drop target scores. If you go the other way you deminish the score. multiball is pretty easy to get. I can be a real pain in the butt to get the jackpot during multiball. Ive gotten 2 ball multiball or a three ball. Im not sure how you end up with either one or two. Im still workin on that. The voice tells you where to shoot as well which makes it fun. I hope more people play this game cause its waaay underrated. I would say its due to the low number of production
8 years ago
it's oooook/neato
8 years ago
At the age of 13, if I sat down to design my own pinball table, Swords of Fury would be it. Just being in proximity of this game now makes want to break out the ol' Ral Partha collection. I still love this game today, but there are a couple issues I have with it:

While the music is fantastic (Holy Christ, the music is fantastic- seriously some of the best FM synth in pinball), there are two sound effects that I think would get on my nerves to the breaking point: The sword "swish" everytime you hit the flippers, and "Lionman!"

I can stand, and even enjoy, a lot of crappy pinball sounds, but for some reason those two just grate on me like no other.

The upper-right plastic playfield piece looks unfinished and cheap; just a large piece of black plastic that sticks out in drastic comparison to the rest of the beautiful playfield art. A decal would have been nice.

The lightshow is great, and the inserts look awesome when LED'd.

The game is fast and smooth. Lots of cool tunnels to shoot through, and the mini playfield is challenging without feeling cheap. I found multiball too easy to start, but that is OK because I can't ever get enough of that awesome multiball theme.

I don't think I would ever own one (I think the repetitive sounds would be too much), but I would definitely spend some time and money if I ever see it in the wild.
8 years ago
underrated table. good flow, nice shots. mini playfield challenging and fun. all around fun game with a decent price tag
8 years ago
one of my favorite pinball machines of 1987
8 years ago
Three things are great in this pinball: music, mini playfield and fast gameplay for the shooters. This is the kind of game that requires skill. It's difficult but when you play good, it is very rewarding and I can easily be hypnotised by the game. It's on my whishing list !
8 years ago
Swords of Fury is another pinball game that I spend a great deal of time with at college. When I play it now... I start to see some flaws in the design.

The Pros:
The shots are varied (I can' think of any other game of this vintage with 2 horseshoe loops in it) and the upper pf plays very well for only having one flipper. Timers and well lit flashing lights to discern targets have been done very well. The audio has its own character and is very much in like with the LOTR like theme. The art package is spot on, even with the (quasi?) runes on the cabinet.

The Cons:
Multiball on the left lane, rinse and repeat... that's pretty much it. "Lionman!...Lionman!"

The Takeaway:
A good game for it's age, ruleset could be tweaked a bit... ( set it to ex- hard??) but it's still good game. If this game had a multiball qualifier within the rules, it would be a much better one. Scoring the JP on the upper pf is always an incredibly satisfying shot. I think it would be a good game in a multi-game collection or for someone who grew up playing D&D.

"Here Cum Da Guards!"

"Another bad one was Swords of Fury, we called that one Dick Swords. It was terrible."
-Steve Ritchie
8 years ago
Very fun, but I feel like I want more!
9 years ago
Here is my honest opinion of this game.
If you are a player that likes DMD animations and lots of toys with talking heads and ball times that last 20 mins....This game is not for you.

If you are a player that is more concerned with play and control and shot making. If you love aggressive games with aggressive sound....This game is for you. This is a players game. I love this game.
This game reminds me of Black Knight 2000. That's another players game. This game has great art, sound and has a great challenging game play.

So my opinion is, some will love this game and some will not. It depends on what you want. If your a player you will like it. If your a looker who needs toys and gimmicks you may not like it.

This game has a darker theme and suspenceful music unlike the other games in my collection. I get tired of the humor and uplifting music sometimes I want to go to battle and thats when I play SOF. I find it to be one of the best 80's games made. It fits my collection great and it's not going anywhere soon. These pins are not that easy to find and will get harder as players are finding out that this is a great game. Not many were made and even fewer exsist. If you got one don't let it go as the price on this one will rise in the comming years as collectors/players realize how great this one is. I find it a forgotten gem.
9 years ago
awesome game. Love this game. So unique. Love the battle of the drop targets. Fun fun fun..
9 years ago
Great old system 11 game.
This pin has the BEST music I have ever heard from any game, so cool.
gotta love that D&D'ish theme, Lionman and ?Elfwoman?, battling the monsters of fiction.
Challenging mini playfield.
And that is one tough Multiball! real glad we picked this game up.
9 years ago
Wanted to like this game sooo much but... bored me to tears, really nothing to do in this game. Multiball is a snap, no challenge.. and thats it. the mini pf is the actual main pf, the big large boring main pf has nothing going on. The entire game is about getting to the mini pf and staying there.
9 years ago
Game is fun to play and skill level is quite demanding so for me there is lot to play. Music is awesome, sound effects ok. Art work I really love personally and the darkness goes very well with the theme.
9 years ago
As a previous owner of this game, one thing that really bugged me was how the ball drops from the upper playfield to the lower. I just wish they had included some kind of protection to that area. Every time it dropped, I felt like wincing from the sound. Another nitpick is that I wish there was another digit added to the scoreboard. I think if I had kept it just a bit longer, I could have rolled it. I only had it for 2-3 weeks. Otherwise, the game is pretty darn fun. I love the music and the light show and the backglass is freakin' sweet.
9 years ago
The only downside is the sound uttered from every flipper hit. Other than that, this game is a sleeper hit. The fantasy theme goes well, and the playfield is very unique. There's so much going on & so many places for the ball to go around. Compare this with cookie cutter layouts of more recent machines.
9 years ago
A pretty fun game. The rules are a little simple and it isn't a deep game, but the shots are pretty good and challenging.

The music is great but some of the sound effects can be a little grating. I had to rig mine up so that I can switch on/off what are equivalent to the lane change switches at the flipper buttons to get rid of the swoosh sound with every flipper button push. (There is no lane change in this game so disabling the switches does not effect game play, they are only used for initial entry and in the menus.)

The mini playfield is pretty neat. The varying time for the drop targets to reset adds an interesting challenge.

I really like the theme and the entire art package. It is a great looking game.
10 years ago
An interesting game from a playability point of view, but the sounds are really annoying... much too aggressive for my liking... If you're looking for a Medieval Knights kind of game, Black Knight is much better from an artwork and sounds viewpoint, but this is all my own opinion of course...
10 years ago
This game has a "one more play" quality to it. I really like the fact that the playfield is unique to everything else that is out there. While it doesn't have the crazy flow of a Steve Ritchie game, there is some flow here none the less. Lastly, the music is simply awesome and is only 2nd to the music of BK2000. Fun, unique game to have a in a collection.

Oh, and when the lights in the machine go out during the "Lionman!" call, very very cool if playing in a dark room.
11 years ago
SoF is a fun game that probably doesn't get as much attention as it deserves due to its small production run. It has a great original theme, cool artwork, and a nice playfield layout. The thing that truly stands out, however, is the music. It perfectly fits the theme, and I love how it gets more intricate with each locked ball. The multiball music is simply awesome, and it really gets your adrenaline pumping. I also thoroughly enjoy how the game plays. It's quite fast, and you can actually get some decent flow going once you know where to shoot. I love the two horseshoe lanes, particularly the lower one with it's in-your-face flashers. The icing on the cake is the mini-playfield, which is really a game within a game. It's a lot of fun, and quite challenging to master. The mini-playfield is also used to score the jackpot during multiball mode, which is no easy feat.

Overall, SoF is a great game that compares favorably to the best pins of that era. I highly recommend it!
11 years ago
Finally picked up this pin Friday night during Pin Fest in Allentown. Love this game and so does the wife. I have been wanting to pick up this title for a while now and I am not dissapointed. I only have room for one pin in the house right now, and if I end up trading it for a different one I know I will miss it.
12 years ago
Over-Looked Black Knight Era Williams!
12 years ago
This is one of the funnest pinball games i've ever played!
12 years ago
This is a very understated machine; it's also a machine that's brutal to newbies but wizards can go to town on it (I knew someone that rolled it over *twice* in one game). The upper playfield is a perfect example: wizards can keep the ball up there for a very long time, but newbies drain it out of there within 5 seconds most times. The jackpot is a bit overbearing and overweighted, but that's a common feature for most late 1980s Williams pins.
17 years ago
Can you say LIONMAN?
There are 99 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 4.

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