Swords of Fury

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Game Design: 7.838

Artwork: 7.842

Sounds/Music: 7.636

Other Aspects: 7.928

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There are 99 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
This game, for it's time, just rocks. The music is probably the best in pinball, the stock sound system is crazy good, the layout and shots flow very well, and the fun factor is at the top of the list in my lineup. It definitely has the "just one more" game appeal. I see where it gets a little hate because of the scoring, and yes, there have been a couple times where I've let a ball or two drain, just to get my initials on the high score, without turning it over. Hey guys (and gals), it's pinball. It's fun, it's fairly priced, (for the moment), and it looks and sounds great. Those are the criteria that make it a keeper in my home. I've looked for one for quite some time, and my good pinball friend "reddog" in Cincinnati finally hooked me up. I love it, and it's not going anywhere! Love the theme. Not really any "toys" to speak of, but, like F14, it doesn't need them. The ramps are a blast to hit, and the 2 or 3 ball multiball is fun and challenging. The chute to load multiball is not an easy shot at 1st, and I'm still getting it down. The jackpot isn't real easy to obtain either. Rules are simple and fun. Great for beginners, and seasoned players alike, in my opinion. If you are one of those people that get upset playing golf, this one might not be in the cards for ya. Just sayin. Trying to get to the miniplayfield with one of the balls during multiball, and hit the random drop that is lit (to obtain the jackpot), can really test your temper. I've achieved it a few times, and it is not easy. Very satifying when you get it, though. Worthy of its current spot at 96, and even higher. Love my system 11's, and would like to have even more. Great value, great fun, and great quality. These 80s and 90s Williams and Bally games are the best pinball machines out there, in my book. "Lionman! Take Ogre down!"
3 years ago
Amazing sounds and as FUN as it gets in pinball. I love System 11's and this is one of the best! Soundtrack almost sounds like it's from a John Carpenter movie. The only thing that would have made the game a little better is if there'd been more going on with the 2X and 3X.
3 years ago
I agree with most others, music absolutely rocks on this game and is integrated very well into the theme. Even the simple credit sound makes me excited to play. I really like the flow of you get on a roll with the two horseshoe's. Like other system 11's gameplay and rules are not deep but this is a great "time for 1-2" games real quick type addition to your collection.
3 years ago
great game for its time. Love the music and lionman!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great game of the 80's. rather simple from a gameplay point of view. But fun game to play. Love the multiball, getting up that mini playfield and getting your jackpot by hitting the lighted target. Sound is really super!

Love the dark theme!
4 years ago
Amazing music, #2 after Pinbot for SYS11.
Excellent theme.
Fun shots, plenty to shoot for on this table.
Cool upper PF that isn't just a gimmick.
Great dorky fun call-outs.
Great art throughout.
Genuinely enjoyable to both look at and play.

Can be a bit easy. Jackpot feels like a giveaway at times.
Scoring is weighted mainly on the jackpot.
Lots of stop and go. Horseshoes help a bit with the flow, but otherwise not flowy.
GI lighting is really poor in some areas.
Took quite a bit of work to get dialed in 100%. There are troublesome areas that unfortunately require disassembling the entire mini PF to access and tweak.

Despite cons, it is a keeper for me.
4 years ago
Great overall game to own!
4 years ago
A good old SS with an interesting layout and a great Synth sound track.
4 years ago
A fast action table that gets the blood pumping. The upper playfield is fun, the lock shot is challenging and the center post adds an interesting element. I really like the sound package overall - music, sounds and callouts are quite good. One of my favorite system 11 machines, although still a few more to try. There are a couple shots that often result in death when you make them, so you feel conned when the ball drains and the game does its evil laugh. But you learn and come back for more!
4 years ago
The music on this game is epic, one of the best pinball soundtracks. Its fast, fun, and has a very interesting playfield layout with hidden tunnels, sideways ramps, and a very full/tight look and feel.
4 years ago
The music is still some of the best ever on a pin. Great system 11 game. I need to own this!
4 years ago
SOF is an amazing game. Incredible layout. Very creative. Fun upper playfield (which is rare). Very little wasted space on the layout, aside from the "horseshoe" in the lower left. Right up there with Taxi vying for my favorite system 11 game.
4 years ago
I put this just next to Pinbot in coolness for system 11s: Two horseshoes, Three spinners, and a bank of non-sweepable drops.

Action/Per/Minute: high
Backhands: yes, both outside lanes are possible
Bonus Multiplier Goal: (unknown)
Dink Donk: good a little in the upper middle area
Drops: one bank top left
Drops Sweep: nope
Extra Balls: yes
Flippers: 4
Goal -EB/BC/MB/Jackpot: progressive jackpot, extra ball goals
Hurry-ups: yes! 2 good on on the upper center ramp shot
Inlane Lane Change: no
Inlane Ramp Release: no spoon-feeding ramps
Inlane Swoosh: very good
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: yes, has bonus collect upper middle ramp
Lane Change: no
MB Earning: yes, lock left lane
MB Fun: very good
Metal Ramp: none
Nudging: yes
Orbits (Repeatable): none
Outlane Fun: good
Pops: none
Rules (time/order): one good hurry up I know of
Shots (total): 10?
Skill Shot: nope
Slap-Saves: yes - it’s Williams
Spinners: 3 !
Stop'n'Go: almost none - just the ball lock (like grand lizard)
Taunting: yes
Toy/Gimmick: upper PF is very cool
Voice / V. choreography: somewhat… need more info

ART: great - love orange and light blue
SOUND: great music
FEEL: great
OVERALL: great
4 years ago
For its time this game was awesome. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase one and I really love it. It takes me back to an era in time when I was young. Obviously the music is a 10 its the best music package hands down. The small loop shots are fun and I really enjoy the mini playfield.

My only gripe might be that you can backhand the lock if you capture the ball on the top flipper of the main playfield. Fun to steal your buddy's multiball and the jackpot is always a challenge worth getting.
4 years ago
Another shallow game. "Lion man" has to be the best call out in pinball.
4 years ago
Best soundtrack in all of pinball. Scores maxing out is a major flaw, but one of the only ones. I feel this game should really be in the top 100. also lion man.
4 years ago
Fun to play at an arcade, very tough. Call outs aren't the best and once you get on the upper playfield you get big points. Pretty one dimensional, but still fun
4 years ago
Nice looking game, with great artwork and amazing music, one of the more charming 80s games. Maybe not very lastable.
4 years ago
What a great table that I never had the chance to play before just recently!

For a game minus pop bumpers, and a unique and head scratching layout I was at first scared... but as I began to play I realized that this thing is a true classic that should not be missed. Game play wise, I can see how some may think this doesn't have many shots, but once you understand the nuances to the scoring, it becomes an addictive monster. I love the horseshoe lanes and the way the switches work for scoring and truly feel the mini playfield is one of the best out there.

3 games top my list in the music department (which is such an important element for any game IMO) and this one is one of them (Mystery Castle and Phantom of the Opera being the other 2).

The theme of a game is also big on my list, as I gravitate towards the scary and darker tables, and this one fits right in with the rest of my collection. The art is fantastically retro, and the colors used throughout are outstanding. The only thing I think could have used a bit more refinement would be the backglass. It's cool but just not as amazing as the playfield or side art.

Overall I'm in love and feel that this game needs a bit more recognition for truly trying something different in an era that was slowly changing to a more toy-centric pinball experience. Right now it's one of my most recent acquisitions and also one of my favorites. Hunt one down... I bet you'll like it!
4 years ago
I purchased a non working SOF. This was the first machine I had to replace a lot of components on. It was exciting the day I got it to 100%. It is a addicting machine to play and am so glad to have added it to my collection. I had never played this game before I owned it. The music is awesome too.
4 years ago
I have a hard time rating this game. I have a very, very nice one. That being said, I initially did not like this game much but over time have come to respect it as one of the better games I have played. Yes, LIONMAN is annoying to some players, but that is not a problem for me. What was a problem was it was the second game I ever owned, and it is fast and hard, so I was a bit put off by it. My son, on the other hand, says this is his favorite game in my collection. I once started to trade it and he got angry. It is fast, and, now that I am a better player, fun. As others have commented, the music is simply the best. When it goes on, you want to slap those flippers and get that ball racing around. the mini playfield is one of the best in pinball.
5 years ago
Swords has some of the best music in pinball IMO. Love the intensity of it and for getting you emotiionally tied to the game play. Great game that was at my local arcade growing up.
5 years ago
I love machines with good music: this is excellent. Still you get bored of it.
Unfortunately the gameplay is crap, really bad. The miniplayfield is fun, but gets old very quickly.
This machine has a nice atmosphere and excellent music, but thats all about it. Its the game that lasted the least in my collection, I got hooked because of the music and theme, the retro nostalgia, but I have to admit its among the worst pinball games I have ever played. A disaster.
5 years ago
Fun game with many ramps and multiple flipper shots.
There are 99 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 4.

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