Sweet Hearts


Sweet Hearts

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Game Design: 8.404

Artwork: 8.174

Sounds/Music: 1.812

Other Aspects: 8.431

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There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
This game was the first game i ever owned. My father and i purchased our Sweet Hearts from a vendor in Newark NJ called R&Y Amusements back in 1969 when i was 14 yrs old for the price of 125.00.

Another great playing early 1960's Gottlieb card theme game for sure. Making top rollovers 10 thru ACE lights one special in (gobble hole). Making side rollovers 6 thru 9 lights another (gobble hole) special and making side rollovers 2 thru 5 will light the third and last (gobble hole) special which awards a triple replay for dropping the ball in the center gobble hole. Making all cards will light the purple (all rollovers score replay) special. This purple special when lit(between flippers) allows the player to score a replay for making any of the card rollovers. Plenty of popping/knocking with all those rollover specials if you are a good enough player to get all the cards outs in one 5 ball game. Lets not forget that sweet V-shaped 5 pop bumper arrangement for tons of silver ball action and constant points scoring. The player must know the skill shot of getting the ball back up top into the pop bumper area by squeezing it through the left and right side narrow opening near the gobble hole with out getting gobbled up by the hole. This game is as good as it gets when completing the complete card sequence, but is not a easy task to do.

My highest score game was 2856 points and 15 replays maxing credit wheel out. There is a pinball players trade secret to this game for making highest possible scores and highest replay totals. Here is the secret for those of you who don't know....when the ball goes through the left 6 card side out the player can hit the ball off the folded corner of the card tray just in front of the out hole bring the ball back up into the playfield. In doing so the player can continue the same ball in play allowing a player to increase their high score and replays wins. This kicking of the ball off the corner of the card tray takes timing and just the right bump to the machine without tilting the game. I have done this 2 or 3 times in a row in a single game. This game is a must for any wedge head collector because of its beautiful artwork and great game playability.
5 years ago
I enjoy this very much it was in my wife’s grandmother basement since 1967 and it works 100%. Great for any collection. I like how you have to lose to win on this game.
5 years ago
The playfield layout is reminiscent of Mystic Marvel in that there are three card sequences that need to be made to light the three ruby-red special lights awarded by landing in the gobble hole. In the meantime, there are side targets that award 10 points for each of the orange lights that are activated. It's a tricky shot-makers game: it's important to place a good plunger shot, and the shots off the flippers need to be accurate to direct the ball past the gobble hole and up to the top half of the machine. The only drawback are the two lanes on the outside of the machine. Without proper nudging the ball is destined to go between the flippers. And even with proper nudging, it's a close call. This game still keeps me coming back for more.
6 years ago
As card themed games go, this is a good one both to look at and play, but, the gobble hole is irritating. Thankfully, Gottlieb phased it out after this one was built.
6 years ago
Truly another great classic EM from Gottlieb. One of my all time favorites that I just can't say know to when I see one at a show or and arcade. Definitely a keeper if you have a collection of EMs.
6 years ago
Just an average game in the cannon of 1960s Gottlieb wedgeheads, and one of the last of the gobble-hole games. The game requires some finesse to maneuver through the two narrow areas around the gobble which lead back toward the upper rollovers--otherwise, you'll be playing the bottom half of the game, and draining quite frequently. Lots of risk/reward especially at the left and right standups which increase in value with collected cards, but overall, its not as fun as some of the other Gottlieb games of the era with similar layouts. I'm not a huge fan of card themed games, and this Roy Parker artwork really isn't his best--so a few points are lost there. Still, there is some fun to be had from this middle-of-the-pack game that edges out the likes of Gigi, but falls short of games like North Star and Cow Poke/Buckaroo.
6 years ago
Fun card themed deck with some historic value since its Gottlieb's last use of a gobble hole. Many ways to win replays so that becomes the overarching point of the game... more so than score.
Trying to collect all the cards is a challenge mostly because it's super hard to get the ball back up to the rollovers. This game really benefits from being hi-tapped or even possibly from having some higher powered flipper coils installed to help move that ball a little further up the playfield.
I know Gottlieb and others were sticking to geometric cabinet designs during this era, but this game is begging for some hearts or more card themed cabinet art.
Overall, lots of playability since you always want to play just one more for a chance at collecting all of the cards and turning every rollover hit into a special!
10 years ago
Sweethearts is a great example of why gottlieb was the pinball king of the 1960's.

The Pros:
A great "V" pop bumper layout at the top of the PF keeps the ball moving with more speed than you'd initially guess it would. 5 lanes at the top means that you have 5 skill shots to consider as your game progresses to light all 3 of the special inserts at the gobble hole. Lighting the other 2 specials are easier as these are accessed from the 3 rollovers on either side of the PF. But that is still no easy task. If you like wedgeheads... this may just be your ticket to pinball paradise.

The Cons:
You gotta lose to win... Are you going for high scores or replays? Only the gobble hole knows! Those outlanes are gaping maws of pin-death...

The Takeaway:
A true player that requires you to plan every plunge, flipper shot and strategic decision at all times. Considering this game was made in 1963, it has an excellent balance of skill, strategies and ball times. Wayne Neyens and Roy Parker make a damn fine pinball team. The play it again factor on this game is incredibly high.
10 years ago
Decent player, really hard to get all 13 cards lit and collect the specials. Have only acheived this twice in hundreds of games. Does keep you hitting the start button.
There are 9 ratings on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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