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Game Design: 6.677

Artwork: 6.885

Sounds/Music: 5.118

Other Aspects: 6.821

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There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
Strange theme for a pinball. Plays like all the others from that time frame.
6 months ago
This is probably the most average rating I have ever given marking most every category as "decent."

Supersonic is a game that has all the right parts -- drop targets, a spinner, a kickout, etc. and can be fun to play. . . but its just not a memorable experience. That is not to say you cannot have fun with this game. It is probably a great starter game for someone getting into the hobby and I'd would prefer this title to a couple others out there. . . but there are a lot of other titles I would prefer over it.

Will I play one if the opportunity arises? Yes. Will I enjoy it? Probably. Will I think fondly back to playing it? Probably not. (And that is OK!)
9 months ago
An average game, with gameplay that’s not nearly as enjoyable as other machines of the same era. Worth a couple of quarters if you see one, not worth searching for.
10 months ago
This was an early SS for Bally, which means you can only expect so much from it right? Put this game next to Mata Hari, and you would see that nothing could be further from the truth. Supersonic, regardless of when it was released, just isn't a great game IMO. The layout (while not symmetrical) is uninspired, the scoring is imbalanced, the art is meh, and the whole package just never quite comes together. Maybe it's worth the price it fetches for some, but I'd rather save the space for a solid EM. I just can't get into this one.
1 year ago
It seems like Supersonic does not get the love!! I like the rules and simplicity of some of the older games. Shooting the drop targets down over and over is total fun! Yes The scoop shot is easy to get 5X. Getting 1-5 lane shots over and over again is fun also. Ripping a spinner is always satisfying. Supersonic represents a time in pinball I love. The sounds are awesome. For $800-$1000 Supersonic is well worth the money.
3 years ago
A dreadfully boring offering from Bally. It follows the same pattern as the other Bally games of the era--a set of drops on the side, a hot spinner and a centre standup target sucker shot--but it all comes off a little dull...perhaps this is because of the lack of licenced theme? The left hand lane seems to just eat up space, without providing much in the way of rewarding feedback. The game drags along as a carryover from their EM era, with geometric playfield art to identify it as such. It must have looked completely trite and dated, sitting in arcades alongside Evel, Playboy and Kiss, with eye-popping artwork. Supersonic is a hard pass from me. Others that are into aviation may feel differently.
5 years ago
I have to start out by saying I own Super Sonic. I bought it along with a Flight 2000, I wasn't planning on purchasing this game but when I saw it I couldn't help it. This is a pretty game. I say pretty, a word I don't use often, because I have had 5 other people call it that when they came over to play at my house. It's yellow box, and sweet backglass looks good in my game room.
This game sits a monster a pretty tough line-up I have Flight 2000 and Big Guns on either side of it in this particular room, most people don't run to the one ball games and when they do they don't play it long. Thathe being said it is nicely laid out and there are some nice shots. It's an all around fine game that looks awesome, if you like yellow.
8 years ago
Supersonic is a game that suffers from scoring imbalance with the just a few shots needed to light the entire game up.

The Pros:
I loved the BG (most seem to suffer poorly with time though) having thought that jet liners were the best thing in the world when I was a kid. Somehow seeing a Concorde with a Bally logo on it makes the world a better place. The left lane on the pf is reminiscent of Wizard!'s flip target lane (it is a kmeic game).

The Cons:
Get the 2 lane hit the saucer 3 times and you can do no wrong now. Everything is lit. Maybe drop the targets on the left, but why bother when your bonus is 5x and your replay score not usually more than a few hundred k's.

The Takeaway:
This game needs much more balanced rules. Maybe on the super hard settings there is a challenge, but I don't see it here. With the exception of the awesome Capcom title Breakshot, Greg's best designs and players were behind him at this point. The great arcade crash of '83 killed the production numbers on his games and claimed another victim.
9 years ago
I brought this one back from the dead and really love it. What a thrill. I will not be selling this one, its like an old pair of blue jeans, just a satisfying and comfortable flight..
10 years ago
Remember it is a late 70's SS game. I enjoy the music tone start up but the playfield sounds can get repetitive, especially when you hit the spinner and it goes for 30 seconds. To hit the drop targets with the right flipper can be challenging due to PF layout. I like the roll over targets in the middle and the left side, the kick out hole is fun for extra bonuses and the plunger skill shot is cool. All in all it is a simple game that both kids and adults will enjoy to play.
10 years ago
I bought one of these classic Bally's for $75 and totally restored it. Don't ask me how much it cost! Not much I can say about this pinball as it's just another classic Bally SS that's incredibly affordable. Pretty much has the same sounds as all the others but with a different playfield layout. The only thing that really stands out in gameplay is the extensive use of rollover targets; top rollover lanes (especially the middle one) and the free ball gate. A great pinball to play against a friend if you want to take a more leisurely pace without all the drama. Game is not easy so don't expect very high scores. Backglass art is very cool! Playfield art; not so much.
10 years ago
Good looking game, somewhat unbalanced gameplay but still fun. Big scores exclusively depending on the top center lane, as it lites the Spinner for 1K (best scoring option), is the only way to complete the "1 to 5" sequence and opens the Gate (right outlane) => If you can't get past this lane, you won't get a decent score!
10 years ago
I was dissapointed with this game. I thought Bally took a step backward in design with the layout and general theme. Was almost like the just through it in as a last minute "Hey, let's make a pinball about the Supersonic Jet!".
There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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