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This game ranks #227 in the Pinside EM Top 100.

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Game Design: 6.678

Artwork: 7.898

Sounds/Music: 3.511

Other Aspects: 7.187

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There are 4 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Fun game with great art.

First off, this isn't a tournament game. The weight on luck is very high (although I have gotten good at nudging that roulette wheel), and the flipper layout is trippy. The way the flippers are paired together actually gives an advantage to who don't have right and left ingrained in their psyche, sometimes just hitting both buttons keeps you from flubbing a shot that your brain linked to the wrong flipper. This game is a great equalizer. Rewards are there if you can collect the letters, and the way they carry over to the next player makes things competitive.

The art is lovely, a great looking game. The game on the backglass lighting up to match what letters you have collected is a great touch. I brought it to the Houston Arcade Expo last year & I think it got as many compliments as my more treasured Mars Trek.

The bells on this are a good balance, the best sounding game I have at home. They are louder than chimes, but still not harsh. There are 3 bells, all at the rear of the machine. My Wild Wild West has one fewer bell, and the big bell is just inside the coin door, making it too loud...and I need to disconnect it when doing any work. That isn't an issue on this game. I do have a masonite board for the back of the head, since the metal door was missing...maybe that helps.

This game is worth playing, but is higher on the list that some much better playing games due to the art I guess. Plenty of fun as long as you are cool with luck, this was my wife's favorite game for a long time.
2 years ago
Pinball is a game of skill? Don't tell Ed Krynski that! One of a few EMs that revolves around a luck mechanic for big scores. A game from before people really got how much luck was too much.

Two sets of flippers on the bottom. Like other double-flipper-set EMs, left flipper flips both flippers on the left half of the machine and the same again for the right. Usually double flipping is bad, but on this machine it won't hurt you one bit.

Art package is great. And I'm a big fan of the theme.

In conclusion: gameplay bad, art good.
8 years ago
Best as a 2-player machine as many have said. Stealing the jackpots is the most fun and the game play with the dual flippers is both unique and initially frustrating. You get used to it after a couple of games. For a 1967 the build quality is excellent. This shouldn't be the only pin in a collection, but its a keeper to pull out when you want to play a fun and quality 2-player game with a friend.
9 years ago
Super Score is a game that has a different layout.

The Pros:
The roulette wheel is a cool idea. I like it better in the under the PF position that it takes in later games, but for now... it's great for it's time. The artwork on the BG featuring other Gottleib games of the day is a fun way to self reference.

The Cons:
The game gets boring quickly. The roulette wheel makes the PF "short" to make room for it.

The Takeaway:
Fresh rubbers and flippers help, but this is just an "OK" game, not a great one.
There are 4 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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