Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World

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Game Design: 5.822

Artwork: 7.399

Sounds/Music: 6.4

Other Aspects: 6.392

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There are 17 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
This comes off as more of just a big toy than a real pinball machine. It's a shame they took a good theme and forced into this tiny machine. It's boring and has little in common with other full sized machines. There is nothing other than the theme that makes you want to play another game on this thing.
1 year ago
This is a unique machine...with clear pros and cons which often leads to mixed reviews.

- Beautiful artwork and colors throughout, fit for a Super Mario themed game.
- Compact size is nice for a small space. The ability to deploy it at two different heights is a huge plus if kids will be playing.
- Despite its small size, there is a lot of action jammed into the playfield. I can't believe it has a ramp, 3 pop bumpers, 10 drop targets, 4 scoops and more. Lots of things to hit, many different shots are available.
- The scoring is actually not bad...if you attempt to hit the targets to get the final level, that is where you can earn some of the biggest points/tickets.

- It is not a challenging game...I had to adjust the angle to make the shots much harder to shorten extended ball time.
- Because everything is crammed in the tight space, it feels tight during gameplay and some shots can become frustrating and repetitive.
- Call-outs are a bit weak and lack variety, music and sound quality could have been stronger

Overall, this is a fun kitschy game that is worth a play or two. With ticket mode, the kids enjoy it and keep coming back to it for more. As a Nintendo fan, I wanted to own this machine, and since it takes up the same amount of space as a Vid I have room for other items too.
1 year ago
The warp pipes on this machine make for a great gimmick! This short scale machine plays fast, like very fast! Super enjoyable! Hard to find! I highly recommend playing this when you get the chance! Art work is very fun!
3 years ago
This pin was made for younger kids and you can tell. The cabinet is tiny and there are only 4 main shots. There are almost no modes and the little pipe hole near the flippers and extremely annoying. There are also no outlanes and draining down the middle is just about impossible. I played one ball for about half an hour and eventually gave up cause I got bored. The video mode is decent because you are basically just playing Super mario Bros, which is a awesome theme and the art is no too bad on the game. Overall just not a fun time after one single ball.
3 years ago
Knew the play would so~so at best Just a Fan of Super Mario Bros. 3

Kids will walk past all the other games straight to it every time.
3 years ago
Why all the hate on this pin? Maybe i'm biased because i'm a Nintendo fanboy. It doesn't have the deep rule set like a LOTR or SPP, but its still a fun little machine. The best features are definitely cosmetic and audio. Awesome cabinet and the music and callouts are great! Overall, this is a fun machine with good music, callouts, and theme. Video mode is cool too! This is a keeper!
4 years ago
If you want to be hunched over for 10 minutes on a redemption game disguised as a pinball machine before realizing that there are much better ways to spend your time and money, pop a few quarters in to Super Mario Bros. Mushroomland. Sure, the game was designed for children and created as an attempt to make pinball relevant to FEC redemption game madness, but that doesn't mean it can't be subjected to harsh criticism as a terrible pinball machine.
4 years ago
It was designed for kids--so if you're expecting it to be the most innovative and extremely fun example of pinball you'll be disappointed. I enjoyed progressing through the levels and even as an extreme novice was able to beat the game. I wouldn't pay a huge premium for it, but I guess it's more for Nintendo fans who gladly overpay for unique Mario stuff.
5 years ago
Hercules gets a bad rap. SMB:MW is the opposite of Hercules and honestly it's worse. Props given where props are due. It's really cool that they made a functioning pinball machine that's so tiny. It does not feel like a Zizzle, it's an adorable Gottlieb. I mean, they fit a bunch of targets, 3 full sized pops, and a ramp in here, it's an impressive feat. That said, that layout still sucks, especially the pipe holes near the flippers. Just not fun at all. No outlanes. Feels like you can play forever. Should've been designed around 2" flippers. Has a "Gottlieb Premier feel" to it on top of all the suckiness, which is a negative to me. The backglass and size make the machine look awesome, it would be a good non-pinballer showpiece for a video game room.

This game is (hopefully) made for kids. It wasn't designed for pinball players, it's basically a redemption game. Unfortunately I'm rating this against other pinball machines. A neat, unique, collectible, complete stinker!
5 years ago
just plain mario fun just like the vids simple and tons of fun nintendo generation approved! very rare as well took over 2 years to find one and still had to be shipped.
6 years ago
Update: 2/22/16

So, let me start by saying this game is terrible. The scoring makes no sense. Multiball is a waste of time, advancing worlds give few points, and modes are all about pop bumpers, yet, this game had me hooked. Take away the scoring objectives, and think of he game as a personal challenge. Going into the game and saying" I wasn't to get all the worlds" or I want to master a video mode is very satisfying. Shooting easy shots, constant action, and no frustration. All in all, this game is bad, but you will still like it. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense, but play it for a little, and when you are out of quarters, you will understand.
6 years ago
The "little brother" to my nostalgic favorite Super Mario Bros. I'm glad I got the chance to play it since so few of them were made, and the sounds are all still good on it, but the gameplay is definitely lacking. I really don't feel like it has to do with the smaller playfield itself but rather how they made use of the limited space on that playfield. Definitely has a good appeal to children due to it's theme, smaller size, and ability to dispense tickets, but if I was going to try and get a kid into pinball I'd rather put him on the full-size Super Mario Bros. pin, which is still a very forgiving pin for new players and more fun to play.
6 years ago
I can see it doing well on route for little kids, but as a pinball machine, this game is terrible. I can honestly say I was bored before my first game was over. I only kept playing because I had more credits, but it is so repetitive and monotonous. Nothing scores points except video modes (if you complete them) and everything is the same over and over and over.
7 years ago
For a game that is so small, there's quite a bit packed into this game.

The Pros:
10 drops, a ramp and 4 gobble/kicker holes on the table give you more to do that you'd originally expect. I like how the kicker holes by the flippers feed the ball to your bats. The initial plunch in the yellow plumbing pipe is a great addition to the theme and the ramp (while wide as any I have ever seen) is perfect for a kids redemption deck. AND... it has a DMD. This game is chock full of features!

The Cons:
Ummmmm, I'm a picky pinball player that can't see this game for what it's intended purpose is? Where are my Raccoon Mario jackpot tickets? I need more worthless plastic toys from China that break after playing with them once. Find one if you can. Chuck E./ Mole D. Cheese is your best bet.

The Takeaway:
A great game for the kids, Mario addicts and someone looking for an uncommon pinball novelty. Is it Safecracker? Nope. Is it fun? Ok, ok... I'll admit it. I played more than a few games and had a great little time playing it. Enjoy!!!
9 years ago
Kind of fun to play at first, but the novelty definitely wears off quick. The music is catchy and the theme is decent, but they could have gotten much more creative. As someone else mentioned, it's more of a kid's machine as compared to a player's pin. The left ramp is super wide, very easy to hit, and the raised playfield is very simplistic. The only really challenging shot is the castle located through the pop bumpers; however, after playing it a few times, even this shot becomes quite easy. Unless your a big Mario fan/collector, this machine isn't worth the purchase, but if you have a chance to put in a few quarters on location, it's worth a play or two.
10 years ago
Funky little game! Made for kids and little people...
Not much to it but enough to semi-entertain once or twice.
11 years ago
This is a hard game to judge since it really gets a boost from the novelty of it being both rare and related to Mario Bros. The game is actually surprisingly fun for how simple it is, and it's enjoyable to progress through the different worlds. It would have been nice to have had inlanes and outlanes on the machine, but they're not a deal breaker.

Mario enthusiasts can probably had a full point to the final score as it's plastered in fan service. As these are pretty rare, I'll probably keep mine around well after the novelty wears off. My nephews LOVE having it spit out tickets for them as well.
There are 17 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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