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Striker Xtreme

Pinside rating

This game received 43 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.290 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #337 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.628

Artwork: 5.713

Sounds/Music: 5.835

Other Aspects: 6.511

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 3 of us have rated this game.


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Found 28 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 28 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
An overlooked gem of a game. I played a decent version of this for about 15 games and it shoots well and has a good set of easy to follow rules. I'm guessing the theme and artwork may turn some people off, but I would keep coming back to this game over and over.
5 months ago
I've owned this machine for about 10-15 years now...don't have a single bad thing to say about it. Fun, challenging, clear objectives. Just over 200k away from maxing it out - 772,849,620 - won't show up on the high score page bc I'm not a premium member of w/e. Haven't seen a higher score than that though!
5 months ago
It's hard to get Xtremely excited about this game. I think of this as the poor mans World Cup Soccer. I do like the goalie toy that's most of what the game has going for it. The multiball jackpot collection is good too.

If you happen to own one of these be sure to pick up an extra ball lock sensor pad. If that breaks you are in trouble.

It's not the WORST game but I'd play one in nice condition if it was on free play.
8 months ago
The game is not as bad as the ratings seem. For the average pinball player, its fun. I have a party and it gets played a ton. With the prices you can pick one of these up for, its a no brainer. Easy rules, fun shots. Art and sound could have been better but still one of the best bang for your buck around.
9 months ago
I've had this game for over 2 years in my private arcade (#oasisarcadeairbnb). It gets a bad rap from pinballers BUT my guests enjoy it a lot. It's an easy game to step up to and just play. You don't need to know a thousand rules or how to start 100 modes to understand and play the game. Just shoot for the goal or the stadium!

The main toy is great! It's reliable and gets harder to hit as the game progresses.

Sure, it's not a game you'd have in your home and play it over and over. It is not a deep game. It is challenging and fun. It should rank much higher in the pinside 100 games.

I do wish it had a video mode or 2. Why do games NOT have video modes anymore?
1 year ago
Fun for a few games, good starter pin if you are into soccer. Goalie is cool.
1 year ago
Finally got to play Striker, and I gotta say, it's not as bad as its reputation, but it's not amazing, either. You definitely need to play a well-maintained copy with strong flippers or you're gonna have a bad time. Right ramp shot is a little wonky, and stuck balls behind the "defenders" can be a problem. It plays pretty fast, and the goalie and defender targets are a cool feature. Also liked the "stadium" ball lock on top of the right ramp. Artwork is pretty blah, and the announcer's voice gets annoying after a while. Overall I didn't hate it, and for the right price, I wouldn't mind one in my collection.
2 years ago
ONE of the best pins of all time must play!!
2 years ago
Strike is a good Bang for the Buck Pin. if you like Soccer then this Pin is good. Good shots. Goalkeeper is cool. For me it´s better than WCS.
4 years ago
4 years ago
An underrated pin in my opinion. I know its not fancy but it is a lot of fun. Note that the version I played (which i own) has strong flippers, which is likely a must to reach top of steep ramps. My balls rocket around the playfield.

Game has a moving goalie which works extremely well. It has a magnet which "saves" the balls when shot at goal. I also like the stadium which gathers balls for multiball. I disagree with other reviews about the sound as I like the European announcer and the familiar chant of "Gooooaaaaalllllllllll!!!" For around $1500, you cannot go wrong.
4 years ago
Stern's "first" new machine, to remind us pinball is far from dead. But, it's also far from perfect. I can say that even with all the negativity around this game, there is fun to be had. This game is a series of long shots, so you better make sure the flippers are strong and they are needed to get up the steep ramp. The sights and sounds are average, but the game plays great, and the goalie is a great toy on the playfield. Try one, you may like it.
4 years ago
The "homeless pinball fan's" World Cup Soccer '94.
Obviously this was the title that marked the "return" for Stern pinball machine production as an ORIGINAL title (not the remake of Sega's Harley Davidson), but the design is just completely flawed.

People who rate this game "9 out of 10" have absolutely no practical experience whatsoever in this hobby or just have no discerning interest in quality, and deserve to be forced to watch pinball reruns of Williams pinball promo videos tied to a chair for 24 hours for education.

John Borg must have been asleep at the design wheel or his arguments to the game engineers went unheard.
Certainly game aspects were copied from WCS '94 POORLY.
Kevin 'O Conner must not have been allowed proper creativity.
Keith Johnson must have been busy on other projects.
It just did not come together into a good, tight project.

The gameplay is average along with the shot flow, except the main right ramp...doh...
The code quality is average.
Build quality is well below average.
The artwork is unappealing with the entire playfield covered with flags.
The cabinet and translite artwork is just plain fugly beaten with an ugly stick X20 over.
The sound is incredibly annoying and poor quality.

Bottom line is if you like soccer, stay away from this game, save your money, and go get a WCS '94 instead.
An average price of $2500-3000 is INSANE for this title on the used market.
This has 100% NOTHING do to with "Stern versus Bally/Williams games" bias in terms of quality.
Just thank me later.

If soccer great, David Beckman took a BIG steaming dump onto the middle of the playfield, the game might be worth a bit more to everyone.
It might then even become "craptastic".
To most they might not even know who I am talking about in the USA.
As it stands in pinball history, it remains only one tiny step above fireplace kindling.
I truly mean this and will shout it from the mountaintop and every single pinball expo from now until eternity.
Stern's WORST game since their return to manufacturing pinball machines.
Stern knows this as well.
It is not like it is being showcased on their factory floor as an accomplishment.
Why Stern continued to reuse the same layout and design for their NFL games is beyond my personal comprehension, except to try and recoup the design costs of this failure on non pinball collectors and target NFL fanboys.
5 years ago
AKA World Cup Soccer 2: Electric Boogaloo

- Music during Shootout is... um... interesting?...
- Multiball + xtreme mode stacks are fun. Best part of the game by far.
- Can work towards the Championship during Multiball.

- Middle ramp is a joke.
- Right ramp is impossible to hit thanks to poor build quality. Playfield design in general doesn't match the actual physics.
- Sound is terrible as usual.
5 years ago
Just didn't like anything about the game. I hated it. Im not a fan of Soccer but the Pinball just seemed boring and annoying.
5 years ago
This game is much better than its reputation suggests.while it isn't in my top 10 it would be a good starting pin on a budget. The play field and rules are pretty solid it just feels let down by a lazy art package and some lazy call outs and lack of exciting animations. The xtreme name is abit cringe worhy too. All in all though it's a fun pin with more features than you would normally find at it's price point.
5 years ago
Totally underrated pin. Sure, it's not a top ten, but it's totally a respectable game with decent rules, great layout and lots of gadgets.
6 years ago
Not a good pinball machine in my opinion game is very underated and cheesy and not on location hardly anywhere I really cant stand the british announcer on this game either he makes the sound and gameplay really annoying do not recommend buying or playing this pin
6 years ago
Played it today and what a surprise . It's a great soccer theme pinball , the only bad thing I could say about this title is the cabinet and translight are not nice , but way better than wcs94 .
7 years ago
Art: Average but fitting to the Theme.
Audio: Very Good, really gets you into the game especially during Stadium Multiball.

Playfield: Very good layout for theme.

Play Rating: IMO this is a sleeper game, Flippers must be in good shape to make Ramps. I like this pin for the most part because its simple or should i say Simply Fun, that being said it's still a challenge to beat. I've played this about 30 times now and have made it to competition multiball a couple times. This Pin is just FUN FUN FUN........High Score 657 Mil, on 3 ball play... Everyone in the house really likes this pin as well. Its a great machine for newer players that just want to hit the ball and actually feel like they are accomplishing something.
7 years ago
I think this is a fun game, some might disagree, I like it, sure you could get addicted to it , might not last that long, but really good if you love soccer and foosball....
7 years ago
This is an underrated game that can supply hours of fun. It has some rewarding shots to keep you playing.
7 years ago
This is Stern getting back into it. I enjoyed it. The moving goalie and pop ups in front of it make it a little more difficult considering how wide the shot is. There are a lot of teams to beat and it gets harder as it goes. When I first played it was set on moderate setting which was way too easy. It needs to be set on hard or very hard to have a descent challenge. I think it sticks to the theme pretty well. The magnetic lane switch is interesting. The translite could use better lighting. It's a bit bright and causes a glare in the upper play field tough it doesn't really affect gameplay. If you're into soccer you will like it even more.
7 years ago
Striker Extreme is a game that was used in many different iterations with the NFL and all the teams that were licensed with that table. I'm keeping this to soccer and stating that WCS'94 was the template for this game in many ways.

The Pros:
The Artwork on this table is a K.O'C package and looks good. The shots to the top of the PF and ramps are smooth and flow well. The Drop targets in front of the goalie are a good idea and the goalie works very well.

The Cons:
This game feels "lighter" than B/W games of the same era. Must be mechanically up to par or the game falls very flat. Multiball is unbalancing with scores.

The Takeaway:
A fun game that needs to be taken care of as it should be. If this table is not tip-top... fuhgeddabouddit. Play WCS '94 instead. By a long mile...
9 years ago
I generally can't stand the very early 2k Sterns, but this one turned out to be not too bad. The constantly moving goalie and four drop target "defenders" are fun to get by and score a goal. I also REALLY like the hurry up where you need to hit a ramp shot and then quickly score a goal.
There are 28 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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