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Found 11 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
All things considered there is a lot of fun pinball to be had at Stingray's current price point.
Sure the later Stern games get more love and attention but you still get the Classic Stern feel here. I love the tune that plays at the start of a game. It caught me off guard at first -- definitely catchier and more pleasant to hear than some later sound board games!

The artwork is all around attractive especially if you are into the aquatic stuff. Would fit right in with a house on the beach or next to an aquarium. Bright, attractive colors on a well lit playfield.

As much as I like more modern sounds the chimes fit this game well and are a welcome component.

Drop Targets, Spinner, Kickouts, and a fun series of Rollovers keep you coming back to play. Some may cry foul, but Stingray is up there with Stars for me when it comes to the early Classic Sterns.

I would be open to having one in my collection -- use of space prevents it though. Could be a fun game to have in a break room at work. . . may have to think about that! :)
2 years ago
Good bang for your buck! Fun game to play with a great spinner shot and some good pop bumper action. The scoops are fun and trying to get the ball in while they are lit for different rewards is fun. Scoring isn't incredibly balanced due to the 55,000 point award on the scoops and the drop target bank is completely useless for a home use game, but it is still great fun to play with friends as it is a continuous battle to see who can get the 55k shot! Artwork is absolutely gorgeous on this machine and it is certainly a looker. Overall a fun budget early solid state with a great theme and fun shots. Would reccommend!
2 years ago
I'm quite fond of Classic Stern, and while this machine is clearly a super-early stab at a solid state concept which plays like an EM that's been hot-wired to a chip, it still has quite a bit of EM-like charm to carry it through. There's something about the layout that with popping fresh rubber sets makes it harder than average; having to climb that right lane exactly in order to get the bonus up, and not quite being able to execute reliable post passes makes it more than just hit-the-spinner-up-top, especially since the returns are a little unpredictable off the bumpers. A hot machine that's been played a while can start sending balls STDM out of the top saucer kickout to post, and I've had more than a few sling-drains on this. Some of the settings are eccentric, like the saucer score of 55,000 (what? what an odd number) that if you can keep hitting it will throw off the scoring balance.

It's a game with a number of flaws like this that still turns out to be more pleasant as a sum of the whole. It's hard to explain completely rationally. Better than it seems?
3 years ago
Most notable is that its digital with traditional EM sounds. Made during the transition phase of pinball. Game play has many shots to shoot for. Played a few games and then moved on as it appeared it was rushed into production before full thought was put into the game.
4 years ago
Fun Stern game. Interesting factoid: Stern used the EXACT same ROMs in both the 1977 Stingray and in their 1977 "Pinball by Stern". But other than the same startup music (which kicks ass), both machines offer a unique playing experience. Play both and truly appreciate what can be accomplished by "moving a few things around!".
4 years ago
Fun machine that plays well. The chimes are real nice on this game. Start up sound is unique play of the chimes. This was my first game and liked it very much. Should have probably kept this one.
5 years ago
Love the layout, I think the extra ball is a little to easy to get, but overall it has some shots and offers a nice risk reward. It can be a bit random at time with the scoring and scoop rewards but that doesnt detract from gameplay.
6 years ago
Good solid game that doesn't cost a lot.
7 years ago
Stingray is a cool old stern table. It's a bally... but a different PF layout and ruleset.

The Pros:
Great shots, great action in the pops. The small standup in the upper right hand pf is a tricky shot. The lower saucer is tough shot and the upper saucer in conjunction with the spinner/ nudging at the top... a nice table all around. The standup just to the left of the right lane is a TOUGH shot. There are two ways to get to the top, however the feeds/entrances/exits on these lanes is different enough that the game plays very differently from each side of the PF. Light the spinner up and rip it! The randomizer on the upper saucer award keeps giving you reasons to shoot that ball to the top of the PF.

The Cons:
Saucer/Bonus count wear seems to rip these pf's up. Saucer is more of a bumble it in kind of lucky bounce than a carefully aimed and skillful shot.

The Takeaway:
A nice art package and the play is solid. I like it! Classic Sterns are starting to be appreciated by more and more solid pinball players and this game is one of the reasons why.
7 years ago
I just got my Stingray and I love it. It is the first Stern game I have owned. I agree that the spinner shot is awesome, what with the cool chimes. The opening chime music is unique and chimes on a 1970's game is great. Like the rollover buttons and two kick out holes. Will stay in the collection for a while.
8 years ago
Beautiful game with a decent layout for its era. The spinner shot is still one of my favorite shots in all of pinball. Something about that perfect shot that really nails that spinner and sets the chimes blazing. Very satisfying! The bonus advance target on the right side is a very tough shot. Was my first game. I regret letting it go for the nostalgia, but not necessarily for the gameplay.
There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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