The Beatles (Gold Edition)

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Other Aspects: 7.784

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This is "The Beatles (Gold Edition)".
The other versions are: The Beatles (Platinum Edition), The Beatles (Diamond Edition)

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7 days ago
Things are getting better all the time.... They couldn't get much worse. John was right. Disappointing.
Perhaps they can put out one from the psychedelic years to get it right!!!
11 days ago
way more fun than i thought it was going to be. But.... didn't last long. I will definitely return and play it again when I see it. But, it doesn't have that "one more game" feeling or "i have to play it again before I leave" type of deal.

it's butter smooth. right upper flipper is great and has nice shots. left upper flipper... what the FLIP is going on? Just bang into stuff? weird. Cool idea behind the drop targets for the little secret target on the left. magnet at top of orbit is cool. Great LOOKING game as well.

But, there's no toy. No gimmick. No "OH DAMN LOOK AT THAT!" modern seawitch with a twist? Accurate...
35 days ago
Might be controversial, but I’m now convinced re-theming older sterns with licenses and tweaking the playfield is a good move for Stern music pins. Might not work as well with movie licenses because music pins are more forgiving and de facto original themes. I probably imagine a lot more for this theme, but the sea witch layout was perfected with this game, so it provides a lot of merit. The street level approach reminds me of TNA in that the environment around the playfield fills in a lot of gaps in the theme and allows you to just enjoy the pseudo em layout with lcd finesse.

If we got a retheme once every other year, it would aggregate a lot of depth to Sterns portfolio.

Back to Beatles, Gomez did a lot of cute under flipper and magnet improvements, that if this game only had Yellow Submarine/Revolver artwork and a few more songs it would move up into the highest tier of games.
43 days ago
WOW, i love this game and a keeper for me, very fun and fast, a real pleasure to play.
84 days ago
This game feels like they got the Beatles license and slapped it on an older game with little thought. It's not my cup of tea. The game feels like there isn't much to do and the main gimmick (the spinning record) isn't anything special. The music is certainly great for anyone who appreciates the Beatles, but Stern definitely missed the mark and an opportunity for a truly great pin.
3 months ago
If you take the NiB cost out of it and understand why the designed it the way they did you will hopefully not go in with a negative mind set on this pin. A lot of people disliked it before they even played it. I own this pin now. Purchased it in the mid 6s and it’s an amazing pin. Plays super fast and fun. The flow it awesome, the rules are easy to understand but fun. Cousin Brucey isn’t repetitive and adds a lot to the call outs. Now you can also get different albums from a pinsider with different content which is a bonus for variety. Even with out that this pin is awesome. Family and neighbors really enjoy it
3 months ago
I liked this machine. I only played it once. I wasn't able to quite figure out what I had to do to progress into other modes. I enjoyed the music, but had trouble hearing the songs well because the Black Knight was still playing behind me. haha. The layout of the machine was very different and it took me a while to get the hang of the top 2 flippers. The magnet thing at the top of the play field was neat, but I couldn't figure out what made it come on and stop my ball and drop it. I liked how the game was bright and of course the Beatles music was nice.
3 months ago
Yikes! Love the theme and the artwork, but I spend most of the game hitting the backside of the upper flippers and the game desperately needs ramps. I love orbits as much as anyone, but this one really only has one orbit, no ramps and an upper flipper that launches straight off drop targets SDTM. I like the spinning record, but this could have been so much more.

On top of that, it doesn’t even have my favorite Beatles songs!
5 months ago
The biggest plus to this game is fun! Easy to understand but still can be a challenge and at times brutal in a good way. You have a variety of shots from easy to satisfying to tight left orbit from bottom flipper. Many critics of the game just say it’s only Seawitch well not really all of the geometry of that game is fixed and given modern reliability. If you are looking for a game with classic feel, everything that makes pinball fun, don’t need a 100 page rule book and keeps you coming back Beatles is a great choice. I know critics say expense of the game but to license songs and likeness of one of the biggest bands of all times costs a small fortune. It’s not Jurassic Park where you license the name and that’s about it. If you are just looking for fun with pinball without the fluff Beatles is it!
5 months ago
Had to play this during league a number of times. It is a drag. I like the beatles, but all early beatles aimed at boomers was a mistake. The game is overpriced for what you get. It felt like a poor cash grab recycling a a classic ss layout. Would much much rather play Sea Witch.
6 months ago
I am a relatively new pinball owner, but I have gone "all in" this year and currently own 8 tables--6 of those were purchased NIB. After owning and playing some great titles (including high-rated Elvira HOH and JP Premium), I wanted something that would really feel different. In particular, I wanted some straight classic pinball action, without all the toys and stuff. I looked pretty hard at TNA, but wasn't really sure--then I had a chance to pick up a NIB Beatles Gold for a really great price and decided to pull the trigger. And I'm glad I did.

The Beatles music is repetitive but good--although I'm not a huge fan of the band, I do find myself humming the classic tunes long after I am done playing the game. I like the fact that they included art blades as a factory feature--the art itself is not earth-shaking, but it's still nice. The game is very well-lit, and it's easy to track the ball at all times.

I find the game play to be pretty addictive. It's hard to walk away from this machine. There are multiple satisfying shots, and I enjoy working the drop targets, which is key to scoring success. The optical spinners are sweet, and I like the way balls feed into the inlanes. The bonus target behind the "FAB" drops is a challenge, but rewarding. I have never played the old Seawitch game, but it seems like a cool classic style to use as the base for this new game. The spinning magnetic record in the middle of the playfield adds an interesting random touch to the ball action, and I think it really adds to the enjoyment of playing the game.

Game play is pretty fast overall, and I notice that I get quite a few air balls, and have noticed a fair number of balls jumping over and banging into the left side of the cabinet. It doesn't seem to be causing any damage, though. I tried turning the flipper power settings down to "normal" and I still had the balls banging around and it felt a little sluggish, so I went back to the default "hard" flipper power settings.

This might not be a great choice for a first and only home game--but for those times when you don't need dinosaur heads and hyperspace loops and all the fancy stuff, and you just feel like playing some straight PINBALL, this game may be just the ticket! I find that I usually start and end my pinball sessions with a game (or several games) of Beatles Gold.

For a good quick tutorial on playing the game, check out this video:
7 months ago
Game is so fun and fast, almost maddening. You want to play it over and over. Music can get a little old as the game modes are based on each song. Beatles are cool, but you can only handle hearing 40 seconds of taxman so many times. If this was another theme and 2K cheaper, they would sell so many as it really is a fun pin!!
8 months ago
Great game but repetitive Beatles songs
8 months ago
I really dont' think I'm the target market for this. I like ramps and toys, and this doesn't have that. I would rather buy an EM for ten times less and have the same experience. I have to say this is much better than TNA though. I played each right next to each other and this one had more going for it than TNA. Neither are my cup of tea.
8 months ago
extremely fun and addictive game. Simple rules and yet challenging.
9 months ago
The pin is fun and the music is good (of course!) I guess my only issue with it, really, is 'bang for the buck.' For the price of a NIB game, you are basically getting an updated EM. Having said that, I feel TNA has already filled that slot. You could also go the other way and just get an EM for a fraction of the price.
There are a TON of Beatles fans, and I'm sure that is the majority of people buying these. For me, however, I would rather put the dollars this pin commands towards something else.
9 months ago
Wow what a dumb game!! Very few redeeming qualities perhaps a software update and an entirely new play field lay out would help this pin. If it were not for the Beatles theme and music no one would give it a second glance. Obviously stern paid too much for the licensing. We can only hope that they don’t overpay for Led Zeppelin.
9 months ago
One of my favorite modern Stern machines and it really captures the Beatlemania of the early/mid 60s. Lots of fun shots with orbits and drop targets. This pin really improves on the Seawitch layout and I think it stands out very well in any line up of modern or classic machines. Would've been cool to see more of the later albums represented but I'm ok with the route they took. They kept it central to a certain era and avoided a mix of artwork and images so that's alright with me. This is one of the best throwback style machines available to play.
9 months ago
The game itself is fairly open with not a lot of gimmick, but after some good play you can really get into it.

Looping is a lot of fun and the game gives you a sense of fulfilment on a pretty easy layout. Good for players with little experience right up to pro level competition.

Artwork is best in the platinum edition, but the cost is not worth the jump.
1 year ago
This game is a lot more fun to play than I was expecting. In fact it is way more fun than I was expecting. Not my fav era of the Beatles, but the song list is OK--would have preferred Revolver or the White Album. If this was more reasonably priced, I would think very hard about buying one.
1 year ago
for a single level game with no ramps this thing sure is fun to shoot , Love ripping the spinners , and most of the modes are pretty satisfying , the High price point $$$ set by Stern on this game is its only real drawback
1 year ago
In todays era of pins, Beatles is a miss for me. Its a very basic playfield layout and not very much fun or exciting. If you are a die hard Beatles fan then it may be your dream pin. Otherwise, I find it lacking. Like others have said the price point is off.
1 year ago
I find the quality, theme, music and rule set to be a lot of fun. I can see how some pinball experts may find it a little too simple, but as a lifetime Beatles fan this game was a must have and does not disappoint. The quality of the theme itself is the big draw - music, artwork and Beatles likeness, Ed Sullivan and Cousin Brucie are all true to the theme and top notch. I own the platinum and everyone I have over to play it (casual occasional pinball players) absolutely love it and call it “the best pinball machine ever”. It seems your opinion of this game may vary based on where you fall in the Beatles fandom and pinball expertise spectrum. I’m on the love it side of the spectrum. I’m also a huge Beatles fan and more of a casual pinball person and not a deep expert. Hope that meta data is useful in evaluating your potential reaction to this pin.
1 year ago
Just put this one on the wishlist after putting some time on it. Fantastic pinball here.
1 year ago
Like everyone knows, the Beatles layout is basically an updated Seawitch layout. The good news is that they completely corrected all the HORRIBLE geometry that Seawitch suffers from (I say this as a long-time former Seawitch owner). The problem is that an updated Seawitch with mediocre Beatles art maketh not a $7500 pinball machine. I really wanted to like this game. I love the Beatles, and I wanted to love Seawitch: this game gives me both! I just can't justify the expense that this game commands. The cut scenes are fantastic, the music is superb, and the the layout really is good. Unfortunately, the art is poorly done IMO, the call-outs are annoying, and the games just feels....weird.

Seawitch, despite it's geometric flaws, feels like a vintage early 80s pin (because it is). This game FEELS like a modern Stern that's copying an early 80s/EM table. It's just weird. I wish I could put my finger on it, but I just don't like the way it plays. I'd like more time on this deck to get a better opinion, but so far, I'm not impressed.
There are 76 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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