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The Beatles (Gold Edition)

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This game received 144 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.898 /10


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This game ranks #79 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.467

Artwork: 8.128

Sounds/Music: 8.091

Other Aspects: 7.798

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "The Beatles (Gold Edition)".
The other versions are: The Beatles (Platinum Edition), The Beatles (Diamond Edition)

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Found 65 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 65 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
Great game but repetitive Beatles songs
27 days ago
I really dont' think I'm the target market for this. I like ramps and toys, and this doesn't have that. I would rather buy an EM for ten times less and have the same experience. I have to say this is much better than TNA though. I played each right next to each other and this one had more going for it than TNA. Neither are my cup of tea.
34 days ago
extremely fun and addictive game. Simple rules and yet challenging.
48 days ago
Wow what a dumb game!! Very few redeeming qualities perhaps a software update and an entirely new play field lay out would help this pin. If it were not for the Beatles theme and music no one would give it a second glance. Obviously stern paid too much for the licensing. We can only hope that they don’t overpay for Led Zeppelin.
61 days ago
One of my favorite modern Stern machines and it really captures the Beatlemania of the early/mid 60s. Lots of fun shots with orbits and drop targets. This pin really improves on the Seawitch layout and I think it stands out very well in any line up of modern or classic machines. Would've been cool to see more of the later albums represented but I'm ok with the route they took. They kept it central to a certain era and avoided a mix of artwork and images so that's alright with me. This is one of the best throwback style machines available to play.
61 days ago
The game itself is fairly open with not a lot of gimmick, but after some good play you can really get into it.

Looping is a lot of fun and the game gives you a sense of fulfilment on a pretty easy layout. Good for players with little experience right up to pro level competition.

Artwork is best in the platinum edition, but the cost is not worth the jump.
5 months ago
This game is a lot more fun to play than I was expecting. In fact it is way more fun than I was expecting. Not my fav era of the Beatles, but the song list is OK--would have preferred Revolver or the White Album. If this was more reasonably priced, I would think very hard about buying one.
7 months ago
I had excitement but reservations of finally playing this. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, it had a huge "hit the start button one more time" feeling. It was on route and wasn't totally tuned up, but great flow, good tunes and I had fun playing it.. Isn't that what its all about?!?!
7 months ago
for a single level game with no ramps this thing sure is fun to shoot , Love ripping the spinners , and most of the modes are pretty satisfying , the High price point $$$ set by Stern on this game is its only real drawback
8 months ago
In todays era of pins, Beatles is a miss for me. Its a very basic playfield layout and not very much fun or exciting. If you are a die hard Beatles fan then it may be your dream pin. Otherwise, I find it lacking. Like others have said the price point is off.
9 months ago
I find the quality, theme, music and rule set to be a lot of fun. I can see how some pinball experts may find it a little too simple, but as a lifetime Beatles fan this game was a must have and does not disappoint. The quality of the theme itself is the big draw - music, artwork and Beatles likeness, Ed Sullivan and Cousin Brucie are all true to the theme and top notch. I own the platinum and everyone I have over to play it (casual occasional pinball players) absolutely love it and call it “the best pinball machine ever”. It seems your opinion of this game may vary based on where you fall in the Beatles fandom and pinball expertise spectrum. I’m on the love it side of the spectrum. I’m also a huge Beatles fan and more of a casual pinball person and not a deep expert. Hope that meta data is useful in evaluating your potential reaction to this pin.
9 months ago
Just put this one on the wishlist after putting some time on it. Fantastic pinball here.
11 months ago
Like everyone knows, the Beatles layout is basically an updated Seawitch layout. The good news is that they completely corrected all the HORRIBLE geometry that Seawitch suffers from (I say this as a long-time former Seawitch owner). The problem is that an updated Seawitch with mediocre Beatles art maketh not a $7500 pinball machine. I really wanted to like this game. I love the Beatles, and I wanted to love Seawitch: this game gives me both! I just can't justify the expense that this game commands. The cut scenes are fantastic, the music is superb, and the the layout really is good. Unfortunately, the art is poorly done IMO, the call-outs are annoying, and the games just feels....weird.

Seawitch, despite it's geometric flaws, feels like a vintage early 80s pin (because it is). This game FEELS like a modern Stern that's copying an early 80s/EM table. It's just weird. I wish I could put my finger on it, but I just don't like the way it plays. I'd like more time on this deck to get a better opinion, but so far, I'm not impressed.
11 months ago
Fun game, very addicting! I wish they could have done more with the music but I know licensing can be a pain, especially anything involving the Beatles. All around great pin just a little pricey imo.
1 year ago
I just didn't have fun with this table. I love the Beatles, and was hoping for something a bit more exciting, but this felt and played very tamely.

An opportunity for something wild with Yellow Submarine was right there, but instead we got a safe, basic board.
1 year ago
I get the classic layout but maybe with diamond versions they could have put in some more tricks?
It’s the music that I play for.
1 year ago
Top notch EM gameplay on speed, with some of the nicest overall design I've seen. The powder blue playfield, reproductions of mid-'60s Beatles posters and pennants and other memorabilia, twinkling white and more powder blue lights, the spinning record, Cousin Brucie with the old time radio-styled call outs, girls screaming; it's a cohesive and gorgeous design from inside and out. They nailed the look and feeling of British Invasion-era rock 'n roll fandom to a tee.

Now, the band/theme and the play style, either they're your cup of tea or not. Yes, it's Seawitch, but a slightly modified Seawitch to make the top loop a bit easier to hit, plus jacked up flippers (this game is fast), a big rotating disc dead center to throw you off, bonus targets behind the drop targets, and a clear and relatively simple rule set, anything more than that would've bogged this table down. A long, complex game like LOTR or The Hobbit is like smoking a bong and listening to Led Zeppelin for the next 4 hours, but The Beatles is supposed to be like putting a nickel in the jukebox, dancing up a sweat for three minutes, then going back to your cherry coke at the counter.
1 year ago
Shoots better than Seawitch, as right spinner easier to hit.

Fun to play but can't see ever owning one as pricing was insane for this game.

One for dedicated Beatles fans I think.
1 year ago
Blah, blah, blah, tHe tAbLe lAyOuT iS sEaWiTcH, blah, blah, blah. I get it. They have the same layout.

If you aren't complaining about AC/DC, Metallica, and Iron Maiden having near the same layout, then you're being a little hypocritical. Stern lives for this and thrives on this. Complaining about this table's layout feels less like a criticism and more like Herd Mentality to me.

That said, this table is gorgeous and one of the best things Stern has put out in recent years. Sometimes, less is more. It's a throwback to the old EM tables, featuring bumpers, drop targets, and an orbit loop. No ramps are present here. The object of the game is fairly simple: collect songs, get multiball. The songs are, of course, sizeable samples of the band's songs, including "Hold Your Hand", "Ticket to Ride" and "Drive My Car".

The color on the table absolutely pops with gold and sky blue lights in various spots. The one gimmick is the arbitrary spinning vinyl record which can alter the path of your ball on the way down, but it's hardly an issue and doesn't add much to the challenge. It's not asking a lot. Unlike Stern's other EM throwback, "Whoa Nellie Big Juicy Melons", however, the game keeps you coming back for more because of the theming and because the gameplay is both smooth AND quick, which is something I never thought I'd say for a table as basic as this one.

I'm not going to get into pricing much, except to say that I never understood Stern's business model with regard to the multiple versions of each machine. To me, there should be ONE version of each machine, period, with all the bells and whistles. If you thought that was insane, you'll *love* the price structure for this game. (Yes, that's sarcasm.)

Other than that, this is one of the most fun tables Stern has put out in some time.
1 year ago
Unfortunately price has a lot to do with the ratings on this game. Game is expensive so many people will not get to play it.
1 year ago
I am a huge Beatles fan and was very excited when I heard the game was being produced. Like many of you, I was absolutely pissed when I heard about the pricing structure. Sadly the game doesn’t live up to the price and despite an amazing theme, art package and music.........It’s just a Seawitch, which was great for the time, but cannot hold a candle to the modern games. Over all it’s not a bad game and I certainly enjoyed playing it, but it is nothing special to justify the silly pricing.
1 year ago
Pretty much a copy of the Seawitch layout, no ramps or playfield toys. The main "gimmick" is probably the spinning disc (record) that doesn't effect game play too much. Lighting and theming is good, display animations are pretty good for the theme. I like that the different songs concentrate on specific things in the game and that it is pretty clear what you should be shooting for. The loops are fun to shoot. It's fun to play, would play it at locations, but after a couple of plays, it's time to move on to the next pin. It's not $8K fun, but more like $3-4K fun so I will likely not own one and just get my fill by playing it on locations while they have it in their pin rotation. I don't hate it or have a major dislike for it as it is fun, but is limited entertainment with it's design.
1 year ago
Going to stay high level on this review. I own Seawitch. I consider it top-3 for early 80 Sterns.
This feels like a brand new Seawitch on steroids. It feels solid, and there is so much more going on.
I have no idea if the programming is good. I review layouts first, and when given the chance -- the sound package.
The art/theme are "meh" to me, since I'm a stones guy, not a beatles guy.

Didn't think I'd be happy to play this, and I can say both times I played it, while the balls times were super long (making me feel like a stud) -- I felt like I was playing a fun solid game that is a big improvement over a game I love.

If it were in the price range of a playfield-swapped Seawitch ($3-$3.5k), then I'd be in the market for one. But it's not $8,000+ worth of game here -- let alone what the deep-pocket people paid for their versions.
1 year ago
I own this game and play it on a daily basis, so I’m a little biased. It is awesome, especially if you are a fan of the Beatles. The videos, music, and play field are top notch. There are four flippers, two sets of two, and this is a great feature, making you feel like there are lots of ways to control the ball and score points. However the best way to get to the 4 ball multi-ball is to simply keep the ball in play. You know when you are doing well when you’ve played past the ball’s assigned song. The music features something like 8 different songs, and they are good ones. Ed Sullivan is there on video to introduce the Beatles, and DJ Cousin Brucie encourages and guides you. There are quips by the band members, and they align with the outcome of you ball. One of my favorites is John’s “I’m not surprised “ when you get an early drain. Balls are saved so you feel you get a second chance. There are no rails or tubes to clutter the play field, and the ball is always visible. After 6 months of daily play I’ve only had to make one maintenance adjustment to one of the pop up targets. I highly recommend this machine especially if you are a Beatles fan. If you’d like more info you may email me at

After reading some of the other reviewers comments I’d like to add some more thoughts. 1) the songs are assigned to balls for a reason. You are attempting to collect these five songs and when you do you qualify for a four ball multi ball play, which racks up big points. 2) The songs are purposely short so that you can get credit for them. 3) the play field is simple, clean, yet challenging. This is in keeping with the retro theme, in my opinion. 4) I don’t care that the play field may be a rehash of Seawitch. Having never played Seawitch, this is definitely irrelevant to me. 5) I viewed this as an investment that will be fun: I love The Beatles, I love pinball, and now I have a limited production table that combines these two loves. 6) as I said before those who view this game as “how do I score big points” are missing the point. You need to keep the ball going to collect all five songs to get to a four-ball multi ball which then allows you to score the big points. Get it now? If not you probably never will.

I love this game and will likely keep playing it for a long, long time.
1 year ago
At first I was thinking this was a highly overrated, hyped machine which is only relying on the theme which must be only attractive to the 60's folks among us. It has an old playfield layout (wtf), only Beatles songs, strange rules, Beatles animations. In my opinion only suited for a happy few flower power believers.

I was wrong (as always).

A local vendor has a gold edition for a few weeks now and I am hooked, completely hooked. Is it the artwork? Is it the music? Is it the gameplay?

I think this is such a well balanced machine, I love the layout, simple at the first glance but so much to do. I love the music, although I can imagine this can be the culprit of this machine, always the same 9 songs can get so repetitative. I love the gameplay, it keeps sucking me back into the machine.

I just love it. The main downside is the pricing. 10K for a pinball machine? Naah, no way. But way to go Stern!
There are 65 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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