The Beatles (Gold Edition) (Stern, 2018)

The Beatles (Gold Edition)

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Game design: 7.172

Artwork: 8.379

Sounds/Music: 8.094

Other Aspects: 7.675

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This is "The Beatles (Gold Edition)".
The other versions are: The Beatles (Platinum Edition), The Beatles (Diamond Edition)

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There are 18 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
I think this is actually a fun, simplistic game to shoot. Total throwback. My comments would be:
-compared to classic EM games from 50’s-70’s: Beatles is the best (it shoots better, smoother, more flow; but has the same old school feel; not fair I know, but those should be the games we’re comparing it to)
-music is 1 billion times better than Iron Maiden (not even fair to compare really)
-the music and variety would score 6/6 if the Beatles would have allowed Stern to insert complete songs instead of short clips
-it’s bright, beautiful, and easy to understand immediately
-it can’t have the same lastability as new games with complexity, ramps, deep rules, etc; but it might be more fun than most on your first few coin drops
-sure, it’s expensive, but Stern has to turn a profit and this license is the most expensive in history. So no complaints.

Final thoughts:
-can’t wait for Beatles Revolver or Rubber Soul game!
Hopefully with full songs.
-I would much rather drop my $1 into this game than into any pre-DMD game for $.50
10 days ago
Beautiful to look at. Loved the lights, the speed, it's really fun to play. Not a lot to it, so might get old in a home collection but was pretty addictive on location. You could do so much more wiht the Beatles as a theme, this just scratches the surface. I liked the fact that it looks and plays really different to all the other new Stern games. Would love to have one at home but you would need deep pockets to justify it given that many of the other games coming out would have much greater depth and lastability.
16 days ago
Here is the best review you'll ever get for this game... a very honest one.

1) Stern didn't put much effort into this game because they don't have to. They're not worried about pinball fanatics buying the game they want Beatles fans to buy the game.

2) Despite using the sea witch design they did add some cool features like the spinning record and some other things. The game is FUN because its easy. Again this game wasn't made for pinball people it was made to be a classic pinball game from the 60's to match the entry of the Beatles into Rock n Roll. This game is easy to play not much skill is needed to play and have fun.

3) Stern hit a HOME RUN on the graphics, when you score points sounds like an old game, the way the score changes again sounds like a classic pinball game. From a theming standpoint its a home run.

Overall Take: This game is a HOME RUN 10 out of 10 if you're a Beatles FAN. This is a game anyone can play and have fun. If you're a pinball person the game is NOT a home run, in fact its a game you could get bored off in about 10 minutes.

So if you view the game as a collector of ART for a SUPER RICH persons game room huge fan of the Beatles this game is 10 out of 10 right up there with Wizard of Oz. If you're a pinball collector/player this game is probably a 6 out 10.

So overall I'd say lets meet in the middle its a 7 based on what they wanted to accomplish and who they wanted to buy the game.
20 days ago
Played Beatles for the first time last night and I must say I’m stunned that Stern/Kapow can sleep at night, after charging Charlatan prices for the Beatle/witch table. There is not much to it? It’s the emporers new clothes syndrome all over again. Can’t everyone see that there is virtually nothing to this table? It is fun to play for short bursts and anyone can pick it up, so great for party games.

The video clips of the Beatles are minimal. I saw on screen what I think was Paul, since the film lighting was so bad, you could hardly make out it was him. However the pop up graphics Stern created are quite nice and match table colors.

The big questions is: why would anyone pay an outrageous amount of money for this table ($8k)??? It honestly shouldn’t be sold for more than $3k to $3.5k, maybe $4k allowing for high license fees. The second hand market may not be kind to those that purchased this table.

With only seconds played of each of the nine songs, they begin to grate on ones nerves, after hearing the same 40 seconds for the tenth time. And I’m a huge fan of those songs. The one caveat is the sound system Stern put on the table is its best feature. Maybe using the sound brower and adding full songs if possible, might help things out, but understand even if you do that, you’ll still only hear the programmed 40 to 60 or so seconds of a song.

Unfortunate that Stern/Kapow really blew this license, under the suspicious name of licensing fees. Honestly, the Beatles license the craziest, cheapest and simplist items, that it’s hard to believe it cost that much for licensing. Plain and simple, this was a blatant cash grab by Stern/Kapow. From this point forward, I will look sideways at anything Kapow has to do with Stern. Stern should not tarnish their reputation with this type of partnership. It’s not like Batman 66 that uses first class video clips and IP integration from the original show in abundance. That is a good example of how the Beatles table should have been done.
28 days ago
Game is simple flipping fun! Great theme and artwork and of course if you are a Beatles fan then the song selection is really really good.

This is a long term keeper/beer drinker/collectible.
29 days ago
Fun game, feels like a 1964 game in a new package , this rolls well and its fun/fast
to play
30 days ago
I really wasn’t expecting to love The Beatles pinball, but I do
Yes it’s basic, but that’s what makes this title so endearing
Easy to follow and super fun to shoot
It’s also a beautiful looking machine, gorgeous artwork with superb lighting
I really think this is a title that everyone should spend some time on
31 days ago
Nice Seawitch upgraded playfield. Plays very smooth. Great artwork.
Rules are a bit easy.
Price is ridiculous.
35 days ago
I loved the game, it was a blast and I prefer the Beatlemania theme
36 days ago
Weak points: Not a fan of the placement of the right up flipper/skill shot/right feels clunky. Right spinner also acts as a rhythm disrupter when attempting to make loop combos.

Strong points: Addition of top magnet to Sea Witch layout is nice.

I wouldn't buy one, but I do enjoy playing the location one near me. Hopefully Stern re-skins it as something else more affordable and available soon.
41 days ago
played the gold edition around 30 min , nice fast pin , but really basic rules and many airballs

would buy it for 2500 euros , not 11 000 ! -)
43 days ago
Looks really nice in person, fast game play, great sounds and music.
Not much to do on this simple layout, Beatles fans will like it.
Pinside needs a new category "value"
This one will rank high for looks and sound, but low for price and value.
45 days ago
Now you too can play Seawitch-Supreme!

The Pros:
Finally, a Beatles game. Not the "bootles" but The Beatles. Only a few songs and modes to play through. Code is still not polished, but the changes to the PF and the additions of a target behind the 3 drops on the left and judicious use of the magnet at the top of the arch are well placed. Multiple skillshots from the plunge means that there are many ways to approach this game from the plunge into each ball. The Magneto spinner is well placed and adds quite a bit of chaos to the game drawing the ball in even when it is moving very quickly. The main shots of the game have been opened up where they needed to be and I'd be curious to know if they plan to implement a "classic" seawitch ruleset with a fleeper code. This deck looks and sounds GREAT! The EM score display is very well done and you can see all 4 players' score at all times for those quick tourney decisions. This game plays very fast and flows incredibly well.

The Cons:
Yoko Ono had a say in the approval of this game. The game has been "simplified" to a single level playfield to accommodate the wishes of the "feel" of the game. So, PBR gets 2 inch flippers, but The Beatles don't. Not the deepest ruleset, but still more complex than TNA. 2 ball multiball on ball 3 harkens back to the days of Data East. Oh yeah... Kaminkow had a hand in this game and he thinks he is a pinball game designer... The Unobtanium edition costs 17 Go-zillion bitcoins and has the playfield ink infused with the blood of Paul and Ringo and the fleeper rubbers have been injected with microcrystals made out of John's toenails and George's sitar strings. The first million dollar pinball game license. yay.

The Takeaway:
If you just have to have it and can afford it, go for it. It's lots of fun to play, especially on location or in someone else's collection.
45 days ago
Really enjoyed this game. Feels nice to play a machine that doesn't require you to be a genius to figure out the rules.
46 days ago
This game is simple and fun . All ages should enjoy . Very surprised after all the bashing how nice this machine looks and plays !
47 days ago
Fun game that is fast and furious. Satisfying loops and new opto spinners that really rip and sound great and who doesn’t like lots of drops!
Rules are fun seem beatable but the game isn’t that easy.
Have to say probably the best sound quality I’ve heard in a pinball machine from crisp fullness of music and callouts by Cousin Brucie that are very clear.

Fun game and great overall package!
70 days ago
Played at IAAPA 2018

Art, Animation, Music, Fast, Best parts of Seawitch, Fast Spinners, Challenging, Feels like a great mix of styles and features from EM/Solid State/Modern era games, Different, Unique, Relatively low production run.

Price, Minor fine details missing (golden caster feet and bolts?), would prefer being able to pick songs instead of so much integration of songs into modes, would like live versions of each song, relatively low production run, a few inches shorter than common Stern, would like an action button (kinda kidding but would.

Overall a good single level game on a theme past due for a pinball machine.
78 days ago
Plays ok
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