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4 days ago
Only played this twice, so probably not a fair review, but that was enough. Like the show itself, it failed to impress or excite me in any way. And like the Supranos and CSI......some TV shows just don't translate well to pinball games.

I'm pretty certain I'll never play it again, but for fans of the show, it seems to get them excited.
13 days ago
I finally picked this game up after being on the fence for awhile. I’m glad I did. Fast and fun game, gives that one more game feeling. I am a fan of the show so that helps. Sound mod and uv kit is a must. Not sure I would like it as much if it was stock. I love a game that puts the ball back at the flippers quickly and this game does that. No waiting around. Rules are easy to understand and just a fun time playing.
14 days ago
what a nice game!! easy to understand, high lastability. it is a little bit like the TNA from spooky, but with a few ramps and a bash toy. quite easy gamedesign, but very good to play; good flow. highly recommended!
22 days ago
Just at a year of ownership I let this one go. To me it was a interesting journey from the code that came with the game to 1.0.
The game has some moments but overall its more of a short term ownership game for me even in a larger collection. I really wanted to jump in with an LE but the blank slate white video projection backers killed it for me so I am glade I went with a Pro. IMO Pro looks and plays the best for the money and with the available sound package mod its worth picking up for Stranger Things fans. Make sure to add the UV kit (buy the metal Prem. apron version it will work). The dribble out mode start shot and the left side kick out to know where did it in for me. Just seems like it could have been so much better.
33 days ago
Have to say I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed this game. I guess it really shows that you should play a game first before judging it. I listened to the (anti) hype on this game when it came out and had very low expectations. But really enjoyed flipping it when I got the chance. Shots are nice ... definitely was having fun hammering away at the demogorgan bash toy. There are definite similarities in layout and rules structure to AFM, but it is much deeper. Multiballs we got were a lot of fun. They had a TMNT, Avengers IQ and this at the party I went to ... but this one was always being played. Surprisingly great game!
39 days ago
Actually I thought it was like an AFM which is actually very good but I didn't have to have it.
But then came the UV kid and then it was clear he must move in here (Pro).
He makes a lot of fun if you play him really loud.
Super Sound and light show and a not so complicated
set of rules. I think he is underrated.
41 days ago
This game is special! This game is really really special. It is Attack from Mars on Steroids with modern tech. I am baffled at how this game is not a top 5 let alone a top 10 title. I have the LE and it will be with me for quite some time. This is Pirates of the Carribian all over. People slammed the game at the start and now, people have realized how incredible the game really is!. If you see one in the wild...snatch it up! You will not be dissapointed!
87 days ago
I guess this will be my highest rated pin. If I had the money I'd absolutely buy one of these.
I just can't find anything to complain about with this table. It's pretty straight forward, has great toys and gimmicks. The projector integration is just mindblowing. I know it's probably just a cheap projector, but it looks so good. I was even surprised to see the pop up target had an animation on them.

The Demogorgon toy is awesome and when I sunk my first shot in it's mouth I got excited. No one wants to see an overweight man in his 30s cheer like a 10 year old....but I did. I hadn't racked up a big score, or gotten far in the game...but to me it was amazing.

I do enjoy the show so I'm sure that only strengthens my rating of this table.
Demogoron aside, the one thing that absolutely blew my mind were the UV lights. I'm not sure if this is a mod, but when they kicked on I could see art on the playfield I couldn't see before. It was just gorgeous. It gives it a stunning look will blow your mind the first few times you see it.

The 11 magnet that holds balls up top is also really cool. I didn't know that was a thing until it happened so it was a nice surprise. I can see some people getting bored of this table...not me. I'm going to hope that I can eventually afford one because this is my favorite Pin. I don't have a huge game base I'm working from there may be something out there, but of the 40 or so pins I've played in my lifetime...this was one of the best.
3 months ago
So much better with the UV mod, but the game is in my mind a modern classic that plays very much like Mars Attacks.

It's simple to understand for the new players, the theme is just a little creepy and raises the hair on the back of your neck when you play it.

Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much, the thrill of the theme added to the lighting effects and the audio effects. Easty to play, hard to master.
3 months ago
I’ve played this game a number of times on location, and enjoy the fast gameplay. Middle targets are brutal, so I find much better results shooting for the ramps in orbits. I am a big fan of the show and theme, so rated video/animations very high. The fun factor is about a 7/10.
3 months ago
The game is fun, don't get me wrong. Everything just feels half baked.
3 months ago
Meh, fun for a bit and that gets real repetitive.
4 months ago
Finally got in about 10-12 games on one. The layout reminds me alot of ATM, but the rules are very different. Had a hard time figuring out what objectives I had at first, but its slowly starting to come around. The machine I played had the "upside down lighting kit" installed, Amazing feature! Really cool effect. Just sucks that Stern forced you to pay extra for it.
7 months ago
Great for location, but im not so sure it would hold up in a home setting. It doesn't seem to be very deep or challenging, but it is certainly fun for a quick game.
7 months ago
I have only had the machine for a week, but have been playing it for a few months prior. It's dialed in pretty well, with the UV kit. Gameplay is brutal on this one. It's fast, loves to drain all the time. It keeps you coming back for more, that one more play feel. The Prem/LE has several issues, but the Pro seems pretty solid. As with most newer Sterns, updates to code are what actually make a game from okay to excellent (Deadpool and IMDN come to mind). This is no exception. I played several games on very old code and thought this game was going to be a dud. They have done a great job making the game addictive in the last two releases. I am a fan of the show, so the theme works for me, although I don't love the art personally. The callouts and modes are fun and the scenes from the show vs animations made are fantastic. Kudos to Stern on this one for getting all the rights. The Demo is okay and the drops in front are a drain monster if you try to hit them straight on. The modes and stacking are where the real points are in this game. The UV gives an excitement to it (with the music/sound effects), it's probably the coolest hurry up I have ever seen.

Will the game last forever in my collection, probably not. But it's got that damnit...just one more try feel to it for sure.
8 months ago
Very fun pinball... technical issues are so disappointing... hope that the issues will be solve with new ramp, new lock system....
8 months ago
Fast and fun. The more you play it and understand it, it grows on you.
I just pulled the trigger to buy one!
9 months ago
The layout is safe from Eddy, rules fine, shoots well, but it cant escape the fact this game was built for the main interactive projection feature. Without it, the pro really falls flat as a Stranger Things experience.
In the pro, this feature turns into what amounts to a large lifeless billboard drop ramp with a sticker. Can’t get past it.
Clip art just ok.
Music and callouts are the great from the series, the best aspects of this pin.
Bottom line, if you love this theme play the full featured version.
Stripped Pros like this could fly a decade ago, but they were cheaper too. Today this stands out as completely average.
9 months ago
I have waited a full 4 months to review this one.

What can I say? I love it, the true One More Game King. One of my favorite pins that I have ever owned.

Something about the geometry on this game is perfect to me; love the feel of the shots; and the challenge is perfect, it's hard, but not infuriating or cheap like other recent Sterns have felt -- TWD, SW.

Coding is coming along, I really wish they add a true video mode that uses the lockdown bar button, that would put this over the top.

Lots of strategy, you could go demo off the plunge, and attack the drops and then demo...Or go left and right to get into the modes; or go for multiball. On the pro, you can fairly easily backhand the 11 ramp, which makes chasing this very fun. The right ramp is very challenging to hit, but once you lock in all shots on this; it's an adrenaline rush!!!! I love demo dog mode too; that sound effect when you hit the stand up targets is just perfect.

This is my review with just a shaker motor added; once I add UV Kit and side blades, I'm sure I will love it more. Only uncertainty I've had is whether to upgrade to an LE; but for the past 4 months I have been playing the ever living hell out of this one!
9 months ago
I’m gonna be honest here and I know this will get flagged and I do not care. This game is such a absolute let down. The artwork is not 1/10th of the quality of the original shows artwork. Theme integration? Wack. There is so much more that could have been done and Stern did not even scratch the surface. Also I find it awful that they rolled out the UV lighting mod after the rushed release of the game and charged owners an arm and a leg for the one thing that make the game ALMOST tolerable. It’s shameful. Do I need to talk about how this is 100% a wack reskin of AFM? No I don’t. You know why? Cause it’s obvious. Yeah the game shoots fast and smooth and it’s a great theme...but as game it’s LAME and empty and has no soul. In 2019, at the price point it was offered at buyers simply deserve MORE. I’ve played this game a lot and tried to find things I liked about it. I’m done trying. Very unfortunate game. Could a massive code update help? Sure...but do you wanna wait three years for it? I mean new Iron Man code just came out recently. Finish a game before you release it Stern. Deadpool code was hot right out of the box. THAT should be your baseline.
9 months ago
I’ve played this game on location for a few months and really enjoyed it so much that I ended up buying one. The shots have lots of flow and are pretty smooth except the right shot to the pops. I especially like the left orbit to the right flipper it just feels good. The burn it back shot is also pretty cool especially when you can rip it a few times in a row. Left ramp can be back handed so it makes it pretty easy to get to the first multiball once you light the locks. The right ramp is a bit challenging for me but it’s a smooth shot once you find it. Overall all the shots feel good and the game code makes you shoot for all of them which is a plus in my book. The main toy in the middle(Demogorgon) is pretty fun to shoot for, you can either shoot a hole in one(through the mouth)or you can bash it to death. This game is packed with mods and each is unique with different shots all over the playfield. This game also gives you plenty of multiballs to achieve from the ball lock or from the Demogorgon toy. The code is only at .87 at this time so the modes can definitely use a bit more callouts but that can change in the future with code updates. The playfield art looks great and with the UV light kit It’s even better. The backglass and cabinet art seem to be a bit more cut and paste but I can live with that. Overall this game has that “one more game” feeling that you get that makes it hard to walk away. After the code gets to the finish line this game should be one of the better sterns but that’s just my opinion.
10 months ago
I’m not into ST the show. That probably adds bias. I tried then from just the play aspect. Somewhat boring for me, no real change ups to speak of. The Pfizer and cabinet art is atrocious. These kids aren’t scary, they aren’t cute, they’re just weird in my opinion. The lack of projection on pro is a real loss. I tried real hard to like it, and while it’s not a total disaster, I think it just ok.
10 months ago
Shoot the pop ups. Shoot under the screen. Shoot the monster. Repeat.

Basic. Pretty disappointed in the game play. Ramps are hard to hit and I didn't figure out why you would try. (See above for shots)

Lighting, videos, totally 100% awesome stuff.

Gameplay.... Not once have I said "just one more game".

Update: have didn't a lot more time on it and watched the series. Much better game when you really get to know it. Easy not fun now. The man's save Kris screwing up on the premium I play on but it's still a lot of fun. Pro isn't missing much and is just as fun. Altho the updated code on the premium with the projector is amazing! Shots are good with a nice variety. Upside down is kind of random but totally awesome.
10 months ago
Demogorgon shot is satisfying, as is the right of the demogorgon to left orbit but playing this side by side to an Attack from Mars makes this game a poor copy with little innovation during the 25yrs between the two.
10 months ago
I gotta say, as a big fan of the show, I was super hyped for Stranger Things. I tried to love it, but I can't. The playfield layout is uninspired and has huge swaths of empty real estate and no real fun shots. The lab ramp is a dumb eyesore when it's up, and a huge airball generator when down (I also got stuck balls under the ramp off a couple of weird kickouts from the left saucer) . I get stuck balls in those drops more than you would expect, which absolutely wrecks the flow of the game, waiting for it to ball search. The Demogorgon shot is frustrating as hell on the copy I played, and even when you do finally hit it, the few million point payout isn't worth the risk. The "mystery" saucer between the lab and left ramp is odd - when you hit it in there, it takes an unreasonably time for the ball to kick out and nothing gets awarded, but it's almost like there should have been something happening on screen during that time.

The artwork is good, and the UV thing is neat, but Stern really boned their customers on that one. I love fan layout games, but this one is a dud in my eyes. The playfield is also a mess with all the inserts - I'm not sure, but it looks like there could actually be more insert plastic than wood in the middle of the thing!

I'm hopeful that a future code update will add callouts, animations, etc, which are pretty weak in the early code, but it can't save the layout and play of the game, unfortunately. The modes were all pretty "meh" and nothing really jumped out at me as being great. Again, this can hopefully be tweaked in code.

All in all, this should tell you my feelings on the game. The location that has it by me has about a dozen newer Stern machines that are all very well maintained and cared for. I usually drop a couple of bucks into Stranger Things to try to convince myself to like it. When that fails, I move on to Elvira3, BKSOR Prem, Jurassic Park, Guardians, or Deadpool and never give Stranger Things another thought.
There are 65 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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