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Other Aspects: 7.518

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This is "Stranger Things (Pro)".
The other versions are: Stranger Things (Premium), Stranger Things (LE)

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14 days ago
Never had this happen before. First time playing it: hated it. Second time: Yep, still a snoozer.

Then tonight...something clicked. It

It isn't a great layout like a Keith Elwin game but I finally found some love for this one.

I was pleasantly surprised to have such a drastic opinion change.
32 days ago
Seems like you have to spend a lot of money to make this good. It was missing stuff I saw online, the projector and the special lighting. Just playing the pro version wasn't much fun. Boring layout and didn't like that I couldn't see much in the back of the playfield.
The sounds were great, the light effects, fantastic, the demogorgon was fun to hit, the theme is integrated very well, but I just wasnt having much fun playing it. My kids played one game and walked away.
33 days ago
Pure emotion in this machine, surprising how good it is. The sound is wonderful, the effects are fantastic, and it is different from all the others by placing the u.v. the machine is fantastic transporting you to another dimension! There's really nothing I didn't like about this machine.
37 days ago
I went for the Pro over the Prem/LE, and could not be happier with it. This game is a flow monster, and it reminds me very much of my old IM. It’s obviously an homage to AFM, but I find it more fast and fun than AFM. The left orbit shot to the right ramp is my favorite shot; you can rip the spinner over and over. The inner loop shot (“Burn It Back”) can also be repeated, and it’s a fun shot.

The Demogorgon definitely needs some tweaking, but other than that my game was pretty much plug-and-enjoy. Once I added Cleland’s code and a shaker, it was even better. Definitely a “1 more game!” kind of pin.

The rules and modes are pretty good, with mini-wizard modes within reach of average players. The callouts are a bit lackluster, but Cleland replaced some of them, and I plan to replace several more. The theme and music are a grand slam, but I like Cleland’s tasteful substitutions.

Overall, it’s the most excited I’ve been about a new Stern for a while. Don’t fear the Pro, it’s amazing without the projector.
41 days ago
This game has got to be the sleeper of our generation. Just ordered a NIB pro bc this game has truly grown on me. I will say the premium/le is better with the projector and telekinesis lock but the pro is still a very solid game with very deep rules that with cleland sound package will make anybody happy for a very long time. I will have this game in my small collection for a VERY long time.
42 days ago
Every time go to the arcade I play this ,, love it , I need to buy it to get good at it ,, very challenging,but fun . So good
45 days ago
I have been back and forth on this title since its release. I enjoyed the show but was not sure it would translate well into a pin. I finally got the opportunity to play a premium at a local distributor and was not impressed. So I took it off my list of titles I had interest in. Fast forward nearly a year and I happened upon a pro in the wild. After about 10 games I found myself really enjoying the speed of the game. The pro plays fast. When I was offered a NIB pro from Andy at GotPinball? I decided to scoop it up. I have put nearly 50 games on it and I am really enjoying it. In fact I have been playing it more than the JP premium I picked up at the same time. If you have not had the chance to put a few games on an ST with the updated code I would highly suggest it. This one will stay in the collection for the foreseeable future.
53 days ago
I have yet to play a game where I can hit the demogodden(sp) (Center shot up ramp into hole). Want to like the game due to its theme and layout but the bad design of the main toy detracts from the total package.
56 days ago
So due to this being the only option for rental at the time I decided to, at the very least give it a shot. I had played it a couple times when it first came out, early code and no UV lights. I was extremely disappointed so renting this pin didn’t excite me but I like having a fresh pin to play.
What a huge difference the code and UV lights made. I really enjoyed playing it, like everyone said the layout is very similar to AFM so why wouldn’t this pin be fun. It’s fast the Demegorgon battles are fun. And the UV lights really change the way the game looks. I decided to purchase the game after my rental, Added a subwoofer and placed it in a dark room and bam everyone that comes over plays it nonstop.
58 days ago
This game screams Brian Eddy and that is a good thing.
85 days ago
This machine is one that the casual pinballer can jump right into without really knowing the rules and still have a fascinating game! That demigorgon is one seriously cool feature!! After playing it for a while and getting to know it, the rules seem somewhat simple. I really love the multi-ball on this machine more than most others as the multi-ball is very challenging to keep everything going (even though you do get extra balls during the m-b making it a lasting m-b!) There is a nice flow to this machine! The one aspect of this game that I'm not crazy about is the backboard! It's okay but for some reason, it just doesn't grab me! There is one of these Pro versions at our local arcade and it is one of my two favorite to play.
3 months ago
For me not a fun game. Ball bricks a lot. The alien toy hidden by the big wall half way down in to the playfield took up all the play space.
3 months ago
Got to play it, like it way better than the premium.
Solid set of rules, good flow.
3 months ago
Extremely surprised at how much I liked this game. Extremely fast and in our face action. The uv kit is a must!
3 months ago
Heavily underrated game.
It's a very addictive machine with great sound and flow.
We always start playing for one game, but we never stop after one.
4 months ago
Didn’t like the premium and I don’t like the pro.
5 months ago
I finally picked this game up after being on the fence for awhile. I’m glad I did. Fast and fun game, gives that one more game feeling. I am a fan of the show so that helps. Sound mod and uv kit is a must. Not sure I would like it as much if it was stock. I love a game that puts the ball back at the flippers quickly and this game does that. No waiting around. Rules are easy to understand and just a fun time playing.
5 months ago
what a nice game!! easy to understand, high lastability. it is a little bit like the TNA from spooky, but with a few ramps and a bash toy. quite easy gamedesign, but very good to play; good flow. highly recommended!
5 months ago
Just at a year of ownership I let this one go. To me it was a interesting journey from the code that came with the game to 1.0.
The game has some moments but overall its more of a short term ownership game for me even in a larger collection. I really wanted to jump in with an LE but the blank slate white video projection backers killed it for me so I am glade I went with a Pro. IMO Pro looks and plays the best for the money and with the available sound package mod its worth picking up for Stranger Things fans. Make sure to add the UV kit (buy the metal Prem. apron version it will work). The dribble out mode start shot and the left side kick out to know where did it in for me. Just seems like it could have been so much better.
5 months ago
Have to say I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed this game. I guess it really shows that you should play a game first before judging it. I listened to the (anti) hype on this game when it came out and had very low expectations. But really enjoyed flipping it when I got the chance. Shots are nice ... definitely was having fun hammering away at the demogorgan bash toy. There are definite similarities in layout and rules structure to AFM, but it is much deeper. Multiballs we got were a lot of fun. They had a TMNT, Avengers IQ and this at the party I went to ... but this one was always being played. Surprisingly great game!
5 months ago
Actually I thought it was like an AFM which is actually very good but I didn't have to have it.
But then came the UV kid and then it was clear he must move in here (Pro).
He makes a lot of fun if you play him really loud.
Super Sound and light show and a not so complicated
set of rules. I think he is underrated.
6 months ago
This game is special! This game is really really special. It is Attack from Mars on Steroids with modern tech. I am baffled at how this game is not a top 5 let alone a top 10 title. I have the LE and it will be with me for quite some time. This is Pirates of the Carribian all over. People slammed the game at the start and now, people have realized how incredible the game really is!. If you see one in the wild...snatch it up! You will not be dissapointed!
7 months ago
I guess this will be my highest rated pin. If I had the money I'd absolutely buy one of these.
I just can't find anything to complain about with this table. It's pretty straight forward, has great toys and gimmicks. The projector integration is just mindblowing. I know it's probably just a cheap projector, but it looks so good. I was even surprised to see the pop up target had an animation on them.

The Demogorgon toy is awesome and when I sunk my first shot in it's mouth I got excited. No one wants to see an overweight man in his 30s cheer like a 10 year old....but I did. I hadn't racked up a big score, or gotten far in the game...but to me it was amazing.

I do enjoy the show so I'm sure that only strengthens my rating of this table.
Demogoron aside, the one thing that absolutely blew my mind were the UV lights. I'm not sure if this is a mod, but when they kicked on I could see art on the playfield I couldn't see before. It was just gorgeous. It gives it a stunning look will blow your mind the first few times you see it.

The 11 magnet that holds balls up top is also really cool. I didn't know that was a thing until it happened so it was a nice surprise. I can see some people getting bored of this table...not me. I'm going to hope that I can eventually afford one because this is my favorite Pin. I don't have a huge game base I'm working from there may be something out there, but of the 40 or so pins I've played in my lifetime...this was one of the best.
7 months ago
So much better with the UV mod, but the game is in my mind a modern classic that plays very much like Mars Attacks.

It's simple to understand for the new players, the theme is just a little creepy and raises the hair on the back of your neck when you play it.

Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much, the thrill of the theme added to the lighting effects and the audio effects. Easty to play, hard to master.
8 months ago
I’ve played this game a number of times on location, and enjoy the fast gameplay. Middle targets are brutal, so I find much better results shooting for the ramps in orbits. I am a big fan of the show and theme, so rated video/animations very high. The fun factor is about a 7/10.
There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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