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Game Design: 7.813

Artwork: 7.828

Sounds/Music: 7.915

Other Aspects: 8.137

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Found 164 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 164 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 days ago
Best overall Brian Eddy fan layout game (when looking at rules + layout)
Excellent theme integration (audio / video, etc.)
UV kit looks awesome and is unique (despite the fact it should've been on the game from the start)

Not the cleanest implementation of Eddy's fan layout (though rules make up for this)
Music should've been more varied (Cleland code resolves this)
44 days ago
This a super fun game. Am a fan of the show, but not a superfan. The rules make sense to me and the theme gets you engaged and heart pumping. I find it challenging, but not too impossible. My favorite Stern from the last few years (except perhaps GZ). Definitely my favorite pro of the last few years (GZ premium beats this).
45 days ago
This is a really enjoyable game.

In terms of layout this is one of the most flow based games Brian Eddy has made. The ramp shots are beautiful and shooting the ball into the Demogorgon is similarly good as the Hole-in-One shot on No Good Gofers.

The rules are pretty straight forward and playing the different modes is fun. The Upside Down mode has one of the best lighting effects of any modern pinball machine.

In terms of artwork there are many other new Sterns that look a lot better but it still beats the dreadful photoshop art on some machines in the late Whitestar / early SAM era.

All in all this is a very good and smooth playing game. I am not that familiar with the theme but if I was this would probably be one of my favorite machines.
56 days ago
The pro version of this pinball is awful, i RARELY walk away from balls but on my 3rd ball i just left the machine just absolutely boring.
58 days ago
Layout feels a bit sparse. The playfield is dominated by the demogorgon which is an excellent gimmick, getting that shot straight into the mouth is very satisfying. Theme is consistent. But playing this pin on location I found the other shots to be a bit basic and it would have taken me much more time to get to grips with understanding the many, many modes.
63 days ago
Awesome! I really like playing this game. For me the integration of the theme is awesome. The UV kit is a must have one this machine and I don't understand why it is an option (for pro I do understand but it should be on the Premium and the LE). I have to say that I would take a Premium over a Pro since I think the beamer and the magna grab on the back board would be awesome to have on the machine. I really like the layout of the game which is a little bit comparable with AFM and MM. When you like the serie this machine is a must have for your collection.
69 days ago
Originally I wanted Brian Eddy’s Attack from Mars but my wife and I compromised and decided to get (IMO) the next best thing…. Stranger Things! This pin has some great shots along with a few that are eh ok. My favorite is the burn it back orbit that brings the ball back to your left flipper making the shot repeatable. It’s so much fun when you can burn it back multiple times and follow it up with a demogorgon kill or the right ramp shot and keep the combos going. Definitely a lot of flow IF you can hit the correct shots. A must have for this game as many people have said is the UV lighting kit. Scott from Pinstadium makes an awesome lighting/UV lighting kit which we currently have installed. We were able to pick ours up for $5700…. I’m actually pretty surprised to see what these are bringing nowadays. Anyway, this is a pretty fun pin and glad we picked it up when we did.
70 days ago
Great sounding game, right up there with Total Nuclear Annihilation. I love the dark theme that gives you chills like Alien too. Fun and satisfying shooting hoops into the demogorgon! STERN Please make more Premiums.
81 days ago
Love the show, but the photography in the art is a bit oddly presented. Better imagery and composition would make it look more inviting and memorable. Some cool shots, but overall tough.
84 days ago
Stranger Things really received a nice glowup after they finished the code. The layout is a classic 90s fan by the king of 90s fans, Brian Eddy. The main demogorgan toy once adjusted properly is fun to smack around and shoot into its mouth, and I like all the shots except the scoop on the far left that shoots up the playfield into nowhere, and the saucer shot just right of the left ramp that you end up hitting way too often on accident from slap saves to protect from center drains. But the left orbit, both ramps, and horseshoe all feel great.

I love the return to insert ladders a la the 90s games that track your progress to each shots mode, and to collect them all to get to the first wizard mode. This game has just enough depth to keep me interested, but not too much to be cumbersome. Not to mention the upgraded upside down blacklight mode is stunning! One of the coolest lighting effects of all time.

A lackluster launch, that has matured into a very fun pin.
3 months ago
i don't understand people looking for the pro version of this game. i can respect the premium, and the LE...and i get the overall appeal, but i'm sorry...i cannot get into this one. from the guy that made AFM, this is a step backwards. it does need the blacklight mod, that add-on puts this game up a different level.
3 months ago
A new favorite - super fun.
5 months ago
I always feel drawn to playing this game over and over again. The upside down is a great mode, and the shots feel amazing
5 months ago
First impression: cool machine, great theme and amazing sounds! I quickly got bored playing it however. Destroying the thing in the middle was easy and it seems there was not much more to do. It might be me, only played for an hour, but lastability could be a challenge.
5 months ago
Borg is definitely one of the best designers ever, period and with the world wide phenomenon Stranger Things as a theme things just can't go wrong, right? At first sight that was what I had in mind before I started playing it. Even though the art package is stunning, the music makes you immersive and the lighting show makes your jaw drop to the floor once you get to the experience of exploring the upside down, the layout wasn't that amazing I believe. I feel it was too wide open, the shots weren't that great and besides the incredible Demogorgon, not any more fun toys having in mind that's a theme based on pop culture classics which I believe they have plenty of references, toys, ideas to take inspiration from and deliver one of the most "Out there" pinball ever made. Just like TZ for example. Even though I liked the game and had a blast playing it, it wasn't a completely rewarding experience that made me go again.
7 months ago
Very nice with the UV Lightning Kit.
7 months ago
Fun machine, especially on location. They really improved the code with updates which is nice. Layout is pretty standard but it shoots well. I do feel this would get old relatively quickly in a smaller collection though, and it is not worth the current asking price.
7 months ago
I did not like this game when I first played it. It took a long time to change my mind. Eventually with the updated code I started enjoying the game and music. I was able to play a table with the UV kit and then I really started to appreciate the game. I also really like the music and callouts. its a great game
7 months ago
Great use of the Stranger Things license. I wish it came with the blacklight "upside down" feature. It does feel right when I play one without the UV kit.
Hitting a hole in one in the demigorgon's mouth is about the most satisfying pinball shot I have ever experienced. The urge to have another shot at it often prevents me from playing the other shots.
8 months ago
I've owned the Strager Things Pro for 2 years now. I always look forward to a new game, even if Stranger Things hasn't been played as much in the last two years as it was at the beginning. But it still fascinates me so much that I don't want to sell it.
For me, the Stranger Things with UV kit and Cleland Code has become a real masterpiece.
8 months ago
This is a great addition to any lineup. Fun to play and I can’t wait to get better at it. Does not get old.
8 months ago
Picked up a pro a few weeks ago and it’s awesome so far. Easy to understand rules but hard to complete (at least so far). Theme is great especially with the optional sound/video package. Artwork on the machine is fantastic especially when the UV kicks in simply amazing. Overall I thinks it’s my favorite game I have owned so far!! I’m an average player at best so I think the game fits my skill level perfectly.
8 months ago
Super fun game. We are average at best at pinball, and this is a game we can really get into. Reminds me a lot of AFM and the like. Learn the rules in 5 minutes, and have a blast. We are also big fans of the show.

There are 7 shots in a fan layout with a bash toy hidden by some drop targets and ramp. Super satisfying to hit the ramp shot and get a hole in one.
9 months ago
This game is great fun though a bit tough to get very far in it the first few times played.
9 months ago
My review is with the UV kit and Cleland code. Both are necessary, but with both those, this game is amazing. I know it got a bad rap when it first came out, but with the updated code, it's sooo good. We are big fans of the theme. If the machine is fine tuned (the gate and demogorgon shot), it plays like a dream. Easy and fun for beginners (hitting the demogorgon is always a blast for new players), yet lots and lots of depth for vets. I bought one for home use and we've been playing it non-stop. We preferred the pro over the premium (not a fan of the projector or TK lock on the premium). If you can get a pro don't hesitate!
There are 164 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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