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10 days ago
I’m not into ST the show. That probably adds bias. I tried then from just the play aspect. Somewhat boring for me, no real change ups to speak of. The Pfizer and cabinet art is atrocious. These kids aren’t scary, they aren’t cute, they’re just weird in my opinion. The lack of projection on pro is a real loss. I tried real hard to like it, and while it’s not a total disaster, I think it just ok.
25 days ago
Shoot the pop ups. Shoot under the screen. Shoot the monster. Repeat.

Basic. Pretty disappointed in the game play. Ramps are hard to hit and I didn't figure out why you would try. (See above for shots)

Lighting, videos, totally 100% awesome stuff.

Gameplay.... Not once have I said "just one more game".
28 days ago
Demogorgon shot is satisfying, as is the right of the demogorgon to left orbit but playing this side by side to an Attack from Mars makes this game a poor copy with little innovation during the 25yrs between the two.
33 days ago
I gotta say, as a big fan of the show, I was super hyped for Stranger Things. I tried to love it, but I can't. The playfield layout is uninspired and has huge swaths of empty real estate and no real fun shots. The lab ramp is a dumb eyesore when it's up, and a huge airball generator when down (I also got stuck balls under the ramp off a couple of weird kickouts from the left saucer) . I get stuck balls in those drops more than you would expect, which absolutely wrecks the flow of the game, waiting for it to ball search. The Demogorgon shot is frustrating as hell on the copy I played, and even when you do finally hit it, the few million point payout isn't worth the risk. The "mystery" saucer between the lab and left ramp is odd - when you hit it in there, it takes an unreasonably time for the ball to kick out and nothing gets awarded, but it's almost like there should have been something happening on screen during that time.

The artwork is good, and the UV thing is neat, but Stern really boned their customers on that one. I love fan layout games, but this one is a dud in my eyes. The playfield is also a mess with all the inserts - I'm not sure, but it looks like there could actually be more insert plastic than wood in the middle of the thing!

I'm hopeful that a future code update will add callouts, animations, etc, which are pretty weak in the early code, but it can't save the layout and play of the game, unfortunately. The modes were all pretty "meh" and nothing really jumped out at me as being great. Again, this can hopefully be tweaked in code.

All in all, this should tell you my feelings on the game. The location that has it by me has about a dozen newer Stern machines that are all very well maintained and cared for. I usually drop a couple of bucks into Stranger Things to try to convince myself to like it. When that fails, I move on to Elvira3, BKSOR Prem, Jurassic Park, Guardians, or Deadpool and never give Stranger Things another thought.
35 days ago
A combination of elements that stimulate my senses. Stranger Things is one such Pinball. From the music and effects in the sound package, to artwork of the cabinet, Backbox and playfield. The controlled LED lighting scheme; very nice touch.

That center Jump ramp aiming for the The Demigorgon is a total blast of a shot. Making the Hole-In-One is a great payoff after you nail the shot down the demons throat."Bat-s.h.i.t" crazy I love it. Thanks a million... Brian Eddy... I really like the flow of the game’s shots. Sir you are officially back on the pinball scene ! Pinball is in a very good state.

The challenging rule-set is very deep with consideration to the early code. The modes are random, which always mixes up what will be played from game to game. There is variation within each game as there is strategy with stacking in the modes, demogorgon, demodog. The mode progression is an exciting build up to Telekinetic, Total Isolation multi-ball. Love the nods to AFM.

If you're in the coin-operated Amusement game business Stranger Things is going to be in excellent location pinball machine for some serious coin drop coin-drop.

Pinball is subjective . This game is fast, furious and fun. I really am enjoying what Brain Eddy has done so far with Stranger Things . It is only going to get better.
RobKnapp has this game on the wishlist.
35 days ago
I really like the TV show but I haven't much gelled with this game design. I've played three different machines in the wild and they're all in various states of dialed in. When this machine isn't dialed in, holy god, it's just frustrating and boring. When it's nicely dialed in, it's still kind of repetitive and average.

I have played two machines on updated code, which helps a little. I still don't quite understand the drop target modes, as they will drop or reset based on seemingly arbitrary rules. The dialed in machine has the kickout return slot set to avoid dropping onto the left sling, which at least allows you a fighting chance to keep the ball from draining out the left side. Even without that operator oversight, the slings are extremely dangerous.

Regular MB mode is "shoot everything then shoot the same target for SJ" or "Shoot the toy." Once again, the dialed in machine makes the Demigorgon mouth shot much easier, but impossible when it's not dialed. Pop bumpers are basically the ONLY element in the table that isn't a drain threat. Lane english is pretty dead on all machines I've played, which is disappointing.

Overall a very basic-feeling game that should get old quite quickly. Stern has yet to attain the greatness-through-flow&simplicity from 2018's Iron Maiden. It's hard to see how software updates will save this, but they could always try.
37 days ago
This pin confuses me. I do enjoy playing the game and I find myself coming back to it but when I think independently about each aspect there is nothing that stands out or feels overall impressive. Varied depth of shot is lacking and the art is relatively monotone. Theme integration isnt great and the implementation of the upside down feels like a wasted opportunity. The shots worth pts are kinda boring. The demogorgan is fun but the drop targets are super dangerous. Despite all of this I put quarters in it. Super head scratcher.
42 days ago
Fun play, but needs more toys and better callouts. Great theme, but falls short of what I expected. Artwork is okay, but not a draw in my opinion. Demogorgan toy is cool. Didn’t like the lab building facade so large front and center. Liked the different points given with demogorgan as a bash toy vs making the shot. Facade, ramp and toy seem too bulky to me as well. The would have rather seen the house or school as a backdrop. Just wanted there to be better integration of characters. Love the theme, meh on the game.
46 days ago
If nobody is going to mention ScottyWic's fantastic "Stranger Things" Visual Pinball table, I will.

That's the gauntlet. That's what Stern had to beat. And you'd think, what with Stern's resources and the fantastic tables they've produced in the past, that they could do it easily.

Did they, though?

Not. Even. Close.

What's it say that "Jurassic Park", a franchise that's been beaten to death so much, we're beating the BONES of the horse, is a far more thrilling pinball table than the table that is "Stranger Things"?

The table is about 75% percent open space with a half dozen lanes consisting of ramps and orbits which recall Stern rock titles like "Iron Maiden" and "Metallica". In fact, I'm pretty sure it's just another cookie cutter layout with another new paint job. The table has one toy in the fantastic-looking Demagorgon -- but it's blocked by a half-assed looking, moving matte painting of "The Institute" where Eleven was kept. It opens up and reveals the toy when you hit a series of shots and I'd much rather prefer it not be there. It's an eyesore.

Getting the ball in the thing's mouth is virtually impossible, if that's even the point. Otherwise, the toy is absolutely pointless. All looks.

The animations are decent enough until Stern tries to inject 80's flavor with laser grids and cutesy notebook paper with kids' scribbling on it. The modes are expressed through this -- but you'd never know what "mode" you were playing unless you looked at the screen. "The Upside Down" is just mentioned. There's no gimmick associated to it. There's no real gimmick associated to anything, really. They're just modes with no immersion.

The audio is REALLY good, though repetitive music and sound effects do wear thin. Imagine being forced to listen to the show's theme song, ad nauseam.

I know this may be all temporary and we're gonna get better coding and, with it, better gameplay...but I can't help but feel that this this table deserved better. FAR better. This table has no imagination and no personality. How did Stern screw this up?
47 days ago
Scoring is currently a bit of a mess, and there is no real reason to go after the main toy in the game.
48 days ago
I had been looking forward to playing this game for some time now and it didn't disappoint. It was far from perfect, but it was definitely fun. I would agree with a lot of the critical comments about how the Demogorgon toy being hidden by the laboratory is a bit of a letdown because I would love to see it there the entire time to build up some excitement, but I still really enjoy the idea. Hitting that ramp shot feel really good to me. I think the biggest issue I have with the laboratory is that it hides the view of something the playfield behind the Demogorgon.

Aside from that, the playfield layout is pretty good and the shots flowed well on the pin I played. The overall feel of the artwork of the game is very effective, and the sound quality is strong. Fans of the show should be able to enjoy this pin if their expectations aren't beyond unreasonable. It could be better, but a lot of pins could be. I'd say that out of the more-recent Sterns that I've been excited about, this falls second to Jurassic Park.
49 days ago
Really do not like rating things so low and i normally am a high rater but this is Stern's worst ever. I did not like this at all shots were poor just no idea what was going on here by stern it is an absolute rush job obviously. I am a stern fanboy but come on seriously what is going on here. I played an Elvira next to it and it was so much better and i thought i would not like Elvira. Yuck!!!!
50 days ago
I hope with updated code this game gets better. I love the them and really am hopeful with new code. The demigorgan shot is really hard to complete which is frustrating. The huge screen in the middle blocks a lot of the back. This game could have been epic with this theme.
53 days ago
Will update with code. At the moment one of the worst sterns in a few years im very disappointed. The layout is uninspired, gameplay and rule set is lacking at the moment. Could improve with code but you cant change that layout (im not a fan layout guy) None of the shots feel very satisfying to me. Once again will improve with code and I'll update this but I dont think this game will ever do it for me.
54 days ago
I really don’t get why this game is so hated. This game is quite a fun stern machine! I know it isn’t as good as Brian Eddy’s other games, but it still is quite fun.

Shots are fun and satisfying.
I like the skill shot layout.
Music is good.
Has a good Brian Eddy feel.
Rule sets could be adjusted but are still nice.

Demogorgan is an AWFUL toy.
Drops are a bit too deadly.
Right loop feed can end with some nasty left outlane drains.

Overall Stranger Things is an above average stern. Sure the Demogorgan is awful but everything else is really fun! I don’t think this game deserves the backlash it has gotten just because it doesn’t match up to The Shadow, AFM, or MM.
55 days ago
Ok so the initial production run of Stranger Things pro had a few issues notably with the Demogorgon shot which needed to be finely adjusted using the flipper power settings, along with the game needing to be perfectly levelled. A lot of these first run games were not setup correctly and attracted a lot of negative reviews and hate from players on location. Ignore them.
Once the game is set up correctly it is an absolute blast!
Awesome layout and rules by Brian Eddy (MM and AFM) brilliant atmospheric sound and lighting package along with silky smooth shots with flow for days!
Oh and the centre Demogorgon shot is one of the most rewarding shots in pinball.
Destined to be an all time classic once more people play it and the LE and Premium version hit the streets.
Highly recommended and good fun.
55 days ago
Was planning on writing a whole story but Ockeyhead beat me to it with the exact same review as I was going to post.

This game is the best with great shots. Demogorgon is challenging but I must spend some time getting it dialed in. That's the only negative on this game: the demogorgon should be "dialed in" from factory. As mine is one of the first machines I hope Stern will do better on the next production runs.

But this game kicks ass with great call outs, superb flow and beautiful artwork.
56 days ago
Played 12 games and here is my review..

Fun, thrilling, dramatic.

Yes you my say its afm, but i love attack and own one. Its a dramatic game, You hit targets and a very satafifing deep scary alert every time. Game sound effects are on point. This may be the best feature on this game. Sound is excellent and defining. Was not expecting this at all. I had no problem with demogordan. @ time 20 times, than switched to left flipper and fount its way easier. got it in 2 every time. Think with more code this will really shine.... currious what score ill have too..
56 days ago
STH's Pro has been in our lineup for just over two weeks & we are having a ball w/ it. I do not understand all the negative opinions w/ this title, as this machine will definitely improve w/ code. Once the machine is dialed in w/ leveling/demogorgon, STH's is truly a blast to play. No doubt this title has that "push the button one more time compulsion", as this will continue to improve in the near future.

With the exception of the pop orbit/mystery lane this playfield layout has constant flow if you hit your shots. Though the general consensus views this layout as an AFM's replica, this playfield arrangement shoots completely different from AFM's. When in the groove this title has fluent flow w/ a fair possibility of hitting the 5 way combo shot within each game.

The challenging rule-set is very deep w/ consideration to the early code. The modes are random, which always mixes up what will be played from game to game. There is variation within each game as there is strategy w/ stacking in the modes, demogorgon, demodog, etc. The mode progression is an exciting build up to Telekinetic/Total Isolation multiball.

The LCD display is absolutely an upgrade w/ consideration to any of the previous Spike 2 titles. We have GOTG & JP3 in our lineup for comparison, as STH's LCD difference is enhanced w/ improvements. The LCD graphics are crisp w/ clarity, just as one would except from HD resolution.

The art serves it's purpose to let one know that you are playing STH's. There are numerous inserts within the playfield that dominate the art pattern. This blends in well w/ the dark but toned down back round art theme. The color combinations are especially dark, enhancing the dynamics of trepidation & mystery.

The sound/theme music is phenomenal! The sound/music expressions changes dramatically from the demogorgon, upside down, to the various modes. This articulates into a mostly dramatic/eerie mood demeanor which defines the game. The spinner sound effects that has that "dripping of cold water in a dreary cave effect" is simply awesome.

STH's will eventually follow suit w/ the likes of BM66, GOTG, TWD & GOT & GB's. The fore mentioned titles were initially detested simply for the lack of code. Once those titles matured w/ code release, the consensus embraced those titles w/ pleasure. Just relax & be patient, for there is much unrealized potential for STH's. Since pinball is subjective, I wish YOU well in YOUR pursuit for the perfect machine!
56 days ago
Have played about 50 games on pros in London and Pinball Gallery. The fan shots are pretty good and flowing but the code doesn’t make them fun. Then there is the real problem - the middle. Drops to get To the plant in the middle are kinda fun but having to do them multiple times is not. The plant shot is the worst - hit the ball 20 times with the hope of one going in. No progress for a miss so at this stage I am just skipping shooting at the plant. Music in the show awesome but not in the machine. Maybe code will save it but for now out on stranger things.
57 days ago
Clearly everyone has pointed out that this is a play off of Attack From Mars layout. What I like is that they took it a step further and not only did this on purpose, but added shout outs during the game. Like the extra ball animation and the idea of "Total Isolation" (Total Annihilation). Much like Metallica and Guardians of the Galaxy, I do not get the feel that I am playing the other game, it stands on its own.

The shots feel different and feed to different areas. The sounds are great and it is easy to get immersed in the game. I am not sure why people whine about the plastic ramps... star trek (stern) has plastic ramps because it flows well. Indiana Jones Williams has plastic ramps. A ton of great games have plastic ramps. I actually like the feel of plastic ramps on certain games. They are quieter and faster and have a different look.

The demogorgan if set up right is perfect. Not too easy and not too hard. The big metal panel with the laboratory decal is uninspiring, but it doesn't bother me. I like the idea of it hiding the demogorgan, but it's just big and flat.

At my location this machine is doing as good as Jurassic Park. People walk up and identify with the art and theme, pump in quarters, and jump right into the action. It's simple to start a mode and it's clear how to progress. There is a lot to do... 12 chapter modes, 4 mini wizard modes, 1 main wizard mode, 5 demogorgan modes, a main multiball and other multiballs within modes, achievements awarded for other goals, and more! Even with early code there is a bunch to do. It will only get better.

like many games for home use people- If you don't like the theme you probably won't like the game, but you can't complain about the flow. It's a fun shooter and easy to hit shots. And like I said, there is and will continue to be a ton to work towards in this game.
57 days ago
If you’re a fan of fan layouts with improved code this gam will only get better. The problem is the code now so eventually I’ll edit my rating. I hated this game when it first came out with the original code but not it’s a keeper. You really need to dial this game in for true enjoyment
58 days ago
I was super excited to finally play one. As a big Brian Eddy fan I was really keen to see what he'd done. However, I came away no longer wanting to order an LE sadly. I played 5 games on it and just found it didn't excite me the way I'd hoped. The Demogorgon shot wasn't too bad. The flow was decent as to be expected from a B.E. game, but a lot of annoying drains as well, more than his other games. It also felt like a lot less was going on compared to say AFM or his other games. I really wanted to love ST, but man it didn't click unfortunately.
58 days ago
I really thought this game would be bad from what I read....and it wasn't as bad as I thought. But it isn't great, that is for sure. Lots of cheap drains shooting at the middle targets, and machine build quality is substandard since the ball lock stop post was defective on the one I played, and the one ball gate kept trapping the ball. Would I own it? No. But hey, it's not as bad as thats kinda good, right? Light shows were decent, but overall it is a pretty big miss here by Stern.
62 days ago
Fun one for location play, but the game has no soul. Hopefully it will get better with code updates....modes don’t really feel any different from one to the next. Just kinda going through the motions of hitting lit shot after lit shot. Oh and if your table is pitched over 7 degrees you have lil to no chance of hitting that demogorgon shot up the middle.
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