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Game Design: 7.652

Artwork: 7.692

Sounds/Music: 7.7

Other Aspects: 7.897

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11 days ago
Stanger things has some nice flow, and has a classic 90s feel of the fan layout. The plastic ramps are really fast and flowy, and you can definitely feel the smoothness of the shots. The rules are also nice in that they are easy to understand, just needing to hit a shot 3 times to start a mode, but there is a bit of further depth to be desired. Sounds and art are good. The theme doesn't do anything for me personally, but there is nothing bad about the art and the invisible ink with the blacklight is pretty cool looking in person. The demogorgon is also a fun center shot. The layout has an attack from mars/medieval madness feel, but with a modern mode based ruleset attacked. So if that sounds like fun for you then this is your game!
23 days ago
Good pinball but lack of variety imv.
49 days ago
I love the theme- big let down for me in the gameplay. Lots of air balls hitting the centre targets to get to the demigorgan. Maybe I needed more than three games on it- code might save it but I kept my money to play more GZ.
58 days ago
Good, fast playing game however when compared to a properly sat up Premium or LE I feel that it just doesn't compare. The TK ball lock is a very cool feature of the game when you get it dialed in and the projector really adds a ton to the game all the way around. It looks cool and it shows a lot of helpful information when playing. My rating takes a hit in "Toys and Gimmicks" because of these two features also "Lastability" only because I feel people who fall in love with the Pro will certainly want to upgrade to a Premium or LE.
61 days ago
I guess the "Pro" machine gets a bad rap because of how awesome the added features are on the Premium and LE. I don't think that's fair to this machine. If you judge this machine just based on itself, it is an incredible experience. The only knock I have on it is that if you hadn't seen the show, playing this game would make you think it was a horror show rather than the action/psychological thriller/mystery show that it actually is. The backglass is definitely not the prettiest, but the cabinet art is great. Shot flow is excellent; all shots are makeable but are the right amount of challenging. This is easily my favorite of the newer Stern pins.
67 days ago
Found the game to be somewhat boring. The call outs lack excitement. Game flows well and the shots are smooth, but it wasn't enough to really get my attention or keep me playing. I won't be buying this one personally.
76 days ago
I’m rating it with the UV kit. Without the UV kit it would take a notch lower in both lighting and theme integration.

The code for this game is superb. Almost Lyman level.
76 days ago
Not too bad, but I never saw this show that the theme is based on, unfamiliar with the plots, terminology, and logic in progression. That hurts understanding theme integration into the code and rules as the game itself isn't intuitive with that. I would have to study the rules to "get to know" what is going on in the game. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but not knowing the show that the theme is based on makes me lose interest.

The ball gets stuck in some of the same places from machine to machine at locations which is another thing to contribute to losing interest.
3 months ago
The center of the playfield on this set of games is WAY TO DARK, it is not fun when you can't see where you need to shoot.

not a fan of this one at all
3 months ago
I don't normally leave much feedback with my reviews. However, I feel the need to in this case. When this game first came out I hated almost every aspect of it. With additional code and the lighting mod I find they play to be simply fun. It has super smooth ramp shots. Hitting the up the middle starts out easy and build in difficulty. At this point my only knock on the pin is the callouts / sounds. Here I feel Stern could have done better. If you have not played this since release do yourself a favor and pick one up.
3 months ago
The lighting is great on this game however I don't find the shots very rewarding. It is somewhat a boring game IMO. The game is on the easier side so many of my guests enjoy the game.
4 months ago
Really is an instant classic. So many modes, one of the truest points to skill, and sinking the demo shot always feels great. Animation for super jackpot in Total isolation is one of the best sound/animations in recent memory.
5 months ago
Uv kit is awesome, Cleland sound mod is a must. If your a fan of Afm or MM you will love this pin. More depth code wise than above mentioned pins. Great family fun pin. If you have kids they will love it.
5 months ago
Before writing this review, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time on the pin. I never want to review a pin while I’m in the honeymoon stage so to speak. With that being said, Stranger Things is a fantastic pin. Is it original? No. Is it fun - Yes!!

In my opinion, the theming is excellent. While they did focus on the darker side of the show rather than the 80s nostalgia side, it works and works well. The sound package is excellent, not only from a content standpoint but quality of sound standpoint. Stranger Things sits right next to my AIQ Premium and I swear the audio/speakers is of a higher quality. If you want to add some of the 80s vibe to the pin, you can always pick up the Cleland sound package. I have it installed and it does improve the overall experience.

Shots are a fan layout, so nothing new there. However, they are satisfying due to how they are incorporated into the modes. Speaking of modes, there are many. I believe there are around 25 or so different modes. The demogorgan shot, in my opinion, is just as satisfying as the saucer shot in AFM. I know some people have difficulty hitting it, but I never have a problem. Maybe I just lucked out with my set up…

I can’t do a review without mentioning the UV kit. Does it add to the gameplay? No. Is it awesome? Yes!!! I don’t know how to say it any other way, but it is just so cool. I think it’s one of the coolest features to me introduced into a pin in quite some time. It’s definitely a must have.

Lastly, I will say that I think the difficulty level of the pin is on the easier side rather than the harder side. For example, I progressed much more quickly through Stranger Things than I have with AIQ and I’ve owned AIQ much longer.

In sum, I really enjoy Stranger Things. I think anyone’s level of enjoyment will, in part, depend on if you watch and enjoy the show. If you do, pick one up. I don’t think you will be disappointed.
5 months ago
I’d initially written this off as too simplistic, but the music and sounds, combined with the UV Kit really immerse you in the game. And that’s #1 on my list. The simple layout is also well backed up by a comprehensive but uncomplicated rule set. I went with the Pro as I didn’t know if I could trust the lock on the Premium from reliability accounts, and the projector to me was great but maybe not worth the expense. Would be nice if you could add it as a mod though!
5 months ago
What an experience. Fighting the demogorgon is a blast. Has the "one more game" effect that so many talk about. Art and animations are top tier. Impressive.
6 months ago
Did not like the Pro version the first times i played it at the Borås arcade. To similar to AFM…etc..
However, we rented this game and got in to it some more. Fun modes and multiballs. Would’nt call it deep or complex…just go for modes and you will have a great time! Bash toy and the UV-kit is great!
Also, the sound and music is excellent on this machine.
6 months ago
When it comes to how well they implemented the theme I really don't have an opinion since I haven't watched the series. The machine looks good the toys looks kind of cool,the light show is nice. It's major problem though is that it's boring to such a degree that I would say that the only Stern games that are just as awful are Black Knight and possibly Aerosmith ( maybe Monsters too).
6 months ago
I was not a fan when the game first came out. After several code revisions and more time on the machine I really fell in love with it. To the point I purchased a pro. I did upgrade to the UV kit and that is figured into my rating. It brings the playfield alive when you enter the upside down. It has become one of my favorites. For my non-pinball friends it’s a easily identifiable theme and great for a n entry level player. As a medium level regular player I find it has lasting fun. This will be in my collection for the long haul.
6 months ago
very good game... we add all the lights +++ in the pro model! .... will long stay in our collection to!
6 months ago
Rarely have I wanted to like a machine quite so much based on its theme, been satisfied with the theme integration, but left so completely flat by a machine as with Stranger Things.

Everything is in place to make this a classic: available video clips, opportunities for creepy lighting and "scare" moments in play, ample weirdo toys or 80s nostalgia, funny sayings from the kids. And the rules are decent and deep, covering relatively logical progressions based on the initial set of episodes and the resolution of same in the first couple of seasons.

But...the It's a really vanilla fan layout without much flow above simple returning shots off the habitrails. The ramp up the middle is nice enough's a bash toy up the middle with a target. The thing from the Upside Down toy, which appears so frequently as to actually get a bit boring halfway into a game, looks more like Seymour the carnivorous plant from Little Shop of Horrors than some beastly inter-dimensional menace.

I'm just flabbergasted there isn't more to do in this game. Yes, you can repeat the same shots over and over and over again in a variety of modes and multiballs. Yawn.

I've only played the Pro so am curious as to whether Premium and the project adds a wow factor, but I have my doubts, since it's the tedium of the shots that is the real villain here.
6 months ago
Very fun machine that my whole family loves to play. Only thing I wish is that stern made a projector conversion kit for it. Love this pin!
6 months ago
This game rocks.
7 months ago
Bashing the demogorgon up the ramp was amazing fun!
So satisfying to nail the shot.
Tough game at first but rewarding after a few plays and getting the shots down.
7 months ago
Love this pin. Wish I could afford an LE model, even though I know it’s supposed to be a little finicky.
There are 122 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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