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Game Design: 8.274

Artwork: 8.217

Sounds/Music: 8.38

Other Aspects: 8.532

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17 days ago
When the UV lights kick on, it’s the best table ever.
18 days ago
Overall great game and technology,
28 days ago
Fun game to play. The projector really adds to the game and was a great idea. Love the UV light and the shots are pretty cool. Always put a quarter in the machine! The Projector gimmick made a difference for me, I didn’t enjoy the Pro as much because of the lack of projector. I was spoiled and played the Prem first and felt the Pro was lacking.
30 days ago
Premium rocks! Locking three balls on the magnet for Telekinesis Multiball never gets old! The sound is incredible and Cleland’s sound mod fits the machine perfectly. Projector is very unique and brings a lot to the overall gameplay and experience. The cherry on top though is the UV kit. When that kicks in for The Upside Down its simply incredible! Dialed in Demogorgan toy, shooting it in the mouth or bashing it to death never loses its charm. Bolted to the floor for me! Whole family loves it!
43 days ago
I think the technology of the mini projector and the silver screen panels and spinner pieces with animation projected on them is one of the best innovations I have seen in a pinball machine in recent years. The look of animated panels and drop targets with what looks like Muybridge motion studies is a feature that pushes the premium and limited editions of this machine into the must have pinball machines of recent years.
And beyond the technology of the projector is a fun game with long lanes and orbit shots. The other feature I like with this edition is the magnetic backwall. The first time it happens it hooks you. Somehow your shot went right off the playfield and right into the backwall where a picture of Eleven telekinetically catches the ball and holds it up there until release in the multi ball.
The main ramp and Demigorgon bash toy makes a fun target to bash and beat up. It is a nice feeling to get a shot right in the hole and makes this one of the better bash toys yet. My one fear is the longevity of the bash toy. Being rubber it has only so many years and it would need replacing from dry rot and probably one too many hits and flexes. Hopefully there will be replacement parts one day and this is too central of a feature to look beaten and destroyed.
The one thing I am not a fan of is half shot ball launches. I like a nice long orbit shot out of the release and unfortunately this is a half shot that dumps your ball into the midfield. Never a fan of this style in pinball machines so this is my one gameplay element I don't care for myself.
With the technology in the limited and premium this is one machine I will have to keep an eye out for one day,
50 days ago
After 50 or so plays the game started to feel a little repetitive. Though similar to AFM, doesn't seem to keep me as interested. My last play I got a free game plus a match and couldn't finish the final game as I lost interest.

Projection ramp is a great idea and hope to see that in future games. Theme is solid. UV lighting should be included. The Ouija board topper is very cool, not so sure about the newer one. I hate the Netflix branding on the pin.
52 days ago
Didn't like the game at first glance. Looked empty, bare and too simple. Decided to throw few coins in to have a feel and before I knew it, I was hooked! Shoots nice, sounds great and the upside down uv mode is eye candy. I could bash that demorgorgan all day. I keep finding myself visiting this machine so am thinking I'll buy one soon if I can
56 days ago
The premium is significantly better than the pro - that would be my only complaint. I love the game - I play it every day
61 days ago
Amazing game to play. Brian Eddy and his team were at their best when they put this game together. Several first in the industry to include UV art that is displayed with a UV kit (sold separately) lights up during gameplay. It also has a projector that runs movie footage. Completely unique. The game is so fun to play and transports the player into another dimension. The only thing I don't care for is the backglass and left side of the cabinet. The LE artwork is much better. This one is a keeper.
70 days ago
Rated music and lighting high, but that is because of the cleland mod and the UV light kit. Otherwise the rating would suffer. I get those are mods, but whatever, that’s how I’ve played and rated the game. Take it for what it’s worth….one guys opinion.
74 days ago
This pinball at the latest code is one of the must fun pinball machines you can own. the UV kit on this is a real must! The projector feature is unbelievable and very unique. Just a very fun machine to play.
76 days ago
Awesome game. The theme is fantastic and a pin that grows on you.
81 days ago
Stranger things definitely benefited from a code update. I always though the game shot better then what people gave it credit for; however, the code wasn’t great on release. I recently was able to play an updated version on location and I enjoyed it to the point of ignoring all the other machines, which is a good sign.
3 months ago
Really cool layout, theme, and ideas. The projector is awesome. I just don’t find it fun. Not sure if it’s too complex for my skills or just the fact that I don’t watch the show. I find after one or two games Im done.
3 months ago
Reviewed at full code: This game in a word is - Great! So you can stop reading if you're in a hurry. Now to the grit and grime of the game. There are undoubtedly things within the set up of the game that need to be adjusted. The Lock, the ramp, and for some the wire gate under the Demogorgon. The tolerances for these items are so small that in mass manufacturing I can see why they were not completely dialed in. Once the adjustments are made, this game is a power house. Is it attack from mars 2.0? Quick answer is No. Does it share some design elements? Absolutely. But other games and designers do the same. ie Gomez, with LOTR and The HOME PIN layout. So let's look at the game without that bias, as similar doesn't mean that the design was called in. In fact, this game plays significantly more difficult than AFM and the theme is heavy or mature, not light hearted and campy.

The Shots From Left to Right:
Kick out hole: super easy shot to make and essental for activating 2x - perfect
Left orbit: a tight shot but buttery when hit it brings the ball around down a ramp and to the right flipper
Left Ramp/lock shot: It's a tight shot, but the return is quick, as long as lock is not lit, goes back to left flipper.
Left through shot: Tight shot but easy to learn, starts Demodog modes and awards mysteries/extra balls
Center Drop Bank/Demo Gorgon: Risk reward hitting the drops, through shot starts Demo modes.
Demo Center Ramp: Great kinetic feel, Demo bash toy is very satisfying to shoot.
Right Orbit: Super fast shot: loops from right to left, used for building burn it back awards and good for setting up right flipper shots
Right Ramp: Great shot, tight but makable. Returns to right flipper.
Far right dead end shot to Pops: Easy shot used for modes as well as access to pops to change the modes to be played.

The game is very immersive, the theme integration with the projector system and fleshed out code, makes this game a long term home game. You feel the intensity of the moments from the show as you play the game. The animations used in the game are fantastic and add the next level of immersion to the game. Sound and feel are addictive. Fans of the show, will really enjoy the way the theme and mods put you back into the story.

I personally like difficult games, and I feel that Stranger Things Premium is just that. You have plenty of upfront things to do to keep the game fun for new players but the over all getting through the game will be very difficult even for some of the best players in the world. This game has that "just one more game" addictiveness that I need if a game is going to stay in my collection.

UV kit/Pinstadium Things: Get either one as it dramatically influences the immersion of this game. It is a must have.
4 months ago
Great concept…it just isn’t…fun? I don’t know, I didn’t click with this game, could just be me
4 months ago
Ive owned for around 2 months now. The game play is very fast and keeps you coming back. The rule set is deep and has lots of opportunity to decide how to advance game play. Over all very cool. The UV kit is a must.
4 months ago
Favorite game i don't own!
5 months ago
Stranger Things Pinball does not get near the credit it deserves. I understand there's a lot of hate with the whole "surprise DLC" with the UV kit but honestly I think that's kind of cool they did it. For the game is AWESOME! Seriously one of the best toy/ramp combos since AFM.
5 months ago
innovative machine, has nothing like it, the idea of ??the projector is something never seen before in a pinball.
Pure emotion in this machine, surprising how good it is. The sound is wonderful, the effects are fantastic, and it is different from all the others by placing the u.v. the machine is fantastic transporting you to another dimension! There's really nothing I didn't like about this machine.
5 months ago
Fun to play. Some great features but could use another one or two to be more exciting.
5 months ago
Had the game for a month now and we all love it. UV kit is a must. I did nothing to the TK lock until I received the updated ramp cover from stern. Installed it and slid it a little to the left and my TK lock works great. You just need to lower the right flipper power down a bit. I really like the projector. I added the Darkstar 9 material to the white surfaces and it's really great. I love the modes and it's accessible for everyone. I had no interest when it came out, but after playing a dialed in version at a friends house, we had to find one. Its been a winner for us.
5 months ago
The addon for the UV lighting that is already on the PF is a big slap in the face to all Premium owners. At least the topper is cool, but not worth the high dollars, typical Stern. The light projector's picture can't be seen in a normally lit room. Like the gameplay minus the center ramp being ill designed to complete the demogoddon(sp) shot with a hole hit.
6 months ago
My buddy and I played about 20 games today on a location Premium. The sound was almost all the way down, and there were 4 young kids playing a free-play shooter next to us the whole time, but we still really enjoyed it.

The TK lock only worked once to lock a ball to the backboard, but we still got several TK MBs with what I assume were virtual locks. It reminded me of my JM glove that would sometimes just disable itself. We also had some ball hangs on the one-way gate leading to the Mystery shot. Other than those problems, man what a fun game! We had several games between 50M and 120M, and then I finally had a 350M game with Total Isolation. I love a pin with an achievable mini-wizard mode (my Stern JP is lacking in that area). Flow was great, and I found all of the shots easier than on JP. However it’s still a tough, fast game. Get that Spell of Protection as soon as possible! The right orbit rattles a little, but I still made the shot about 75% of the time. Overall, it’s a well-designed layout and I didn’t hate any of the shots (I still hate the “O” shot on my JP).

STh would make a great league/competition pin. We played EHOH after STh, and yeah it was really pretty and fun, but man what long ball times. STh seems just about right.
6 months ago
This might just be my next game purchase - adding to my current collection of 1. I really like the flow of this game, and making that challenging shot into the mouth of the Demogorgan is so satisfying. The playfield projector is very innovative and works great - even in a moderately lighted room - I haven’t seen it in a darker setting, but I imagine it would work even better. Using the projector on the ramps and spinner is a nice touch. When the machine is off, the white backgrounds stand out as a lack of artwork...but let’s be honest - would you ever show off your game with it powered off?

The projector is really the main differentiator between the Pro and Premium version - while the projector is cool, I’m torn as to whether I think the cool factor is worth the extra dough. Both versions offer the ability to add-on the upside down UV light kit. After seeing this in action - it is a must have for the price.
There are 55 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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