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Game design: 7.838

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Other Aspects: 8.093

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6 days ago
Fun to play. Some great features but could use another one or two to be more exciting.
7 days ago
Had the game for a month now and we all love it. UV kit is a must. I did nothing to the TK lock until I received the updated ramp cover from stern. Installed it and slid it a little to the left and my TK lock works great. You just need to lower the right flipper power down a bit. I really like the projector. I added the Darkstar 9 material to the white surfaces and it's really great. I love the modes and it's accessible for everyone. I had no interest when it came out, but after playing a dialed in version at a friends house, we had to find one. Its been a winner for us.
18 days ago
The addon for the UV lighting that is already on the PF is a big slap in the face to all Premium owners. At least the topper is cool, but not worth the high dollars, typical Stern. The light projector's picture can't be seen in a normally lit room. Like the gameplay minus the center ramp being ill designed to complete the demogoddon(sp) shot with a hole hit.
20 days ago
My buddy and I played about 20 games today on a location Premium. The sound was almost all the way down, and there were 4 young kids playing a free-play shooter next to us the whole time, but we still really enjoyed it.

The TK lock only worked once to lock a ball to the backboard, but we still got several TK MBs with what I assume were virtual locks. It reminded me of my JM glove that would sometimes just disable itself. We also had some ball hangs on the one-way gate leading to the Mystery shot. Other than those problems, man what a fun game! We had several games between 50M and 120M, and then I finally had a 350M game with Total Isolation. I love a pin with an achievable mini-wizard mode (my Stern JP is lacking in that area). Flow was great, and I found all of the shots easier than on JP. However it’s still a tough, fast game. Get that Spell of Protection as soon as possible! The right orbit rattles a little, but I still made the shot about 75% of the time. Overall, it’s a well-designed layout and I didn’t hate any of the shots (I still hate the “O” shot on my JP).

STh would make a great league/competition pin. We played EHOH after STh, and yeah it was really pretty and fun, but man what long ball times. STh seems just about right.
27 days ago
This might just be my next game purchase - adding to my current collection of 1. I really like the flow of this game, and making that challenging shot into the mouth of the Demogorgan is so satisfying. The playfield projector is very innovative and works great - even in a moderately lighted room - I haven’t seen it in a darker setting, but I imagine it would work even better. Using the projector on the ramps and spinner is a nice touch. When the machine is off, the white backgrounds stand out as a lack of artwork...but let’s be honest - would you ever show off your game with it powered off?

The projector is really the main differentiator between the Pro and Premium version - while the projector is cool, I’m torn as to whether I think the cool factor is worth the extra dough. Both versions offer the ability to add-on the upside down UV light kit. After seeing this in action - it is a must have for the price.
50 days ago
I don't understand the negative reviews for this game. If you are a fan of the show at all it is an amazing game to play. My whole family loves it.
52 days ago
Great game!
Love the upside down mode.
The Cleland code is fantastic!
Bummer you have to buy the uv kit even when you have the premium.
73 days ago
Was extremely surprised at how much fun this game was. Never watched the show but still really liked this game. The projections are cool but the white screens look silly when the game is off. The telekinesis lock only works if you hit that ramp fast and clean.
82 days ago
This game at first glance is definitely more for kids. It does though draw you in a bit with its special effects and first ever use of a projector. Once in a while while playing, you'll have a hold shit moment when it'll take your ball and just stick it to the wall as part of the haunted effects etc. Its a fine, fun game, I just think the 80's theme could be better, it needs better music and variation. It just seems a little bare & also is a little tough to get going on as it doesn't have a ton to keep you drawn in besides the desire to keep shooting this main demogorgon monster in the middle. It does get fun though when you're whooping its ass!
3 months ago
Zero disappointment. The projectors make this sooooo cool. What a great shooter. The monster is wonderful (if not extremely dangerous) to shoot at and score.

The uv lighting, the art. The game is wicked fast, but controllable. Shots are hard but not impossible. The real decision comes to whether you wanna bash the middle tagerts for the demogorgon and risk the middle drains. So much fun

I will say, the magnetic ball lock really screws this game up bad if it's not working correctly. It sends it sdtm of it doesn't lock the ball. And that sucks. Big time. Not a lot of info for a good fix either.

But man.... This machine made me decide to watch the series and now I love the machine even more. The new code is great with the drawings. All the videos and clips and call outs are great.
3 months ago
Don’t like this one at all. Lighting is bright spot. Needs much improvement in code.
3 months ago
Loved the show and had high expectations regarding the machine. It succeeded in underwhelming me. Such a great concept so poorly translated. I real pinball shame.
3 months ago
As many of the recent ratings indicate, this one suffered from early code issues, and it cost the machine. I purchased this one after much debate, and have no regrets. I had parted with my AFM, and this machine filled that void. Obvious similarities, but there is something about the way this machine looks and feels that just appeals to me. The ball lock was a fantastic gimmick, and I also added the UV kit to my Premium, which enhanced the gameplay significantly. I agree with other posters that the Premium or LE is definitely the way to go, as I feel the projector adds a ton to the ambiance of this game. This machine, EHOH, and Xmen seem to be my "one more game" machines at the moment. I don't tire of hitting that start button over and over!
3 months ago
Fun game with some staying power. Enjoyed it very much!
3 months ago
When deciding to buy this game, I would say go Premium or LE. Some of the best features are on these models. If you are a fan of the show you will enjoy the game. Oh and be sure to pick up the UV Kit!!
3 months ago
I love the AFM and this game is for me the new AFM , thanks Brian Eddy !!!
4 months ago
Really disappointed with this pin. It’s like they tried to make a re-make of Attack from Mars, but fell way short. The use of video on the playfield is really inventive, but doesn’t look great in person.

Fan layout is pretty boring, and shots at the demo get old fast.
4 months ago
I really wanted to love this game more. Some of the ground breaking technology with the projectors is truly impressive. I've only played it on location, and probably have 30 games total. Love the theme and the core modes (as I haven't made it to many of the wizard modes.) Bottom line: I don't like the shots. Very plain to me, without much satisfaction to making them (outside of making it in the mouth in a blue moon.)

Still, such a visually impressive machine. If money was no object, I'd have to have it... Call outs are fun. Love the retro graphics as well. I found the visuals more compelling than many new sterns.
4 months ago
Here are my disclaimers: Bought the gaming loving the theme, knowing full well some of the criticisms for this title (which, until now, have deterred me from buying sooner). Played (out of the box) code version 1.00.00 with the UV kit installed by me. Bought the game NIB, never having played it, promising (to myself) to give an honest review.

As I was playing this (and seeing it in person for the first time after watching hours of YouTube play), the legendary (from my RPG days) "operators giving away" Cirqus Voltaire in the '90's as a "bombed title" came to mind. I think this is one of those games who will come into their own long after Stern stops running them... And too bad for those that didn't grab it when it was available.

First, I will get out my apprehensions from all the reviews I have read. The projector is freaking awesome. Worried like hell it was going to be some dim piece of s#!t I was going to be bummed about... Not at all. It adds so much to the gameplay, and unlike some of the videos online, I found it to be perfectly bright, and rely on it more than the games main display. If the hate on the projector is deterring you on this title... Totally don't worry about it. It rocks. Second--I was worried about the code. It is both awesome (and a little risky--at least to me) that Stern can release games with half finished code knowing they can update them easily. I wonder to myself--what if Stern abandons the code, and I am stuck with a half finished turd? As my disclaimer stated--I have never played an earlier code... BUT if Stern abandoned this game, and left it 1.00.00 would I be happy??? Totally. The game is great, and (I think) deep as hell with what they have to offer. I hope they continue revising, but man... It is great where they have it and seriously addictive. Finally--on the disclaimers--should Stern have included the UV kit out of the box??? Totally, but I am rating a game with one, not one without. Is the UV kit worth it??? HELL YES. ADDS SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW TO THE GAME THAT NO OTHER PIN HAS... Finally, (for me) I suffered no out of the box issues some other owners have reported (can make demogorgen shots out of the box--and telekenisis lock is a bitch, but it can be made).

CONS: There ARE still some glitchy things about this game... Namely, in my first 30 hours of play, the game locked up once... Not cool, but hopefully will be something that is addressed in a future code fix. Didn't pay attention to what caused it, but it did happen. Has also happened with other titles I have owned, but take it for what you will. Second, not really a con, but the game must be leveled correctly if you want to avoid ball search city. This is really my bad, and not Sterns, but again, take it for what you will. This is a "serious" game... Contra, TMNT or Deadpool which are more "lighthearted." Some people have mentioned this is "a great 80's theme even if you don't know the show..." Don't see that, but might be a good horror pin if you don't know the show. You come this game to play... Feels more TZ, CV, LOTR, RBION, in that it is "serious" when you come up to it... Finally, the show has a rich '80's soundtrack, which the game basically doesn't use at all. Would have been nice to mix some of the shows more light-hearted elements in, as I don't think the show is as totally dark as the pin (mood, not lighting).

Pros: Shots are awesome... Some people have mentioned AFM on steroids... AFM to me is more lighthearted, but the shots feel similar, and it definitely has more "modern" elements built in. If you like how AFM shoots... You will LOVE how this shoots... Lighting (with the UV and projector) is INCREDIBLE... Smokes every other pin I have played, and coupled with game play, makes this amazing. The videos on this really do not do it justice... You have to play this in person before you rate it. I also think the game has an incredible amount of assets, which are all integrated very well. This is my "one more game pin..." We will see how it holds up over time, but this game TOTALLY is underrated, and over-hated... My prediction is this will be the modern-Stern version of Cirqus Voltaire... Dissed at release, and loved in the long run. All in all, an awesome title, which I am so glad I pulled the trigger on... Also--that Demogorgon shot is MOST satisfying!!!
5 months ago
Holy cow is this game underrated. First off-- has things no other pinball machine has ever had--projector and UV lighting. Both have exceeded my expectations greatly. There is no other machine like it out there. It plays fast and faster. Many modes and most of them are really good. 2 minis and a final showdown. The TK ball lock is nice too---IF you can get it dialed in correctly. The demogorgon shot is cool also. Many people adjust this to make it too easy imo. I want it to be a difficult shot as the game can be tough overall. It's more satisfying when you hit it that way. Play better. Good looking machine all modded out too. A few cons---the TK ball lock can be really hard to get dialed in. Most of the time can be accomplished but it will take you much trial and error. The demodog modes are a little lacking--not very compelling. Many feel they need to dial in the Demogorgon also. Some QC issues that can be resolved--no playfield issues on this one. Not perfect but give Stern credit for trying new technology and pushing the envelope. It's always tough being the first to try something. Code is complete---give it a try!
5 months ago
This game is absolutely amazing! The projector is as cool as others have said. It really provides an immersive game play experience. The UV upside down mode is mind blowing. I just wish it would last longer. The magnet that holds the ball capture is such a cool idea and fits the theme of the game really well. I also really enjoy the ramp shots. There are plenty of ramp shots and I have been missing a good drop target layout and this has a great wall of targets. I love the show and they really hit a home run with the theme. My only complaint is there are so many sound effects you miss out on what music might be played. The back glass could be better, but doesn't effect overall play.
6 months ago
Projector is an awesome toy and magnet is great when it works. Callouts are so so but it does have some good tracks. Game isn’t incredible, but it shoots well and looks nice.
7 months ago
It's not for me.
7 months ago
I've had this one for about a month now. Amazing game. I'm glad I was not in the market for one when it first came out as all the negative talk may have persuaded me not to purchase it...

The game is super fun. Great shots, even better toys. The left orbit to right ramp/flipper shot is one of the most satisfying shots I've seen recently.

The toys on the Premium are insane. The playfield projector is a game changer and the Demogorgon bash toy is really well done. The UV kit is a must have.

Theme integration is insanely well done.

I can't say enough good things about this pin. One of the most fun pinball experiences I've ever had. It'll be in my collection for quite some time.
9 months ago
Very cool game! Ignore the critics from the initial release. The code is getting better and better (currently playing .97). Fan layout but who cares? it shoots fast and furious - which I love. Lots of call outs, samples from the series and animations. The upside down mode with the UV kit is something you need to experience to appreciate it. Projector is super cool! This game feels futuristic! I upgraded the speakers, added an external sub and shaker and I’m telling you, it’s complete immersion.
There are 35 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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