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Game Design: 8.218

Artwork: 8.231

Sounds/Music: 8.197

Other Aspects: 8.485

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There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Played this at a horror themed store a few miles from my house. The projector in front of the Demogorgon is really cool, and very unique. Whether you're a fan of Stranger Things or simply enjoy immersive pinball experiences, the Premium edition delivers in spades. I highly recommend playing or owning this machine.
21 days ago
The most fun game I have owned. Does a great job of immersing you into the theme. The UV kit is a must have and should have been included with the game. The left ramp that circles around and drops to the right flipper feels like butter. Hitting the Demogorgon never gets old. I am really enjoying the upgrades the premium adds to the feel/theme of the game. Overall the game play and theme just really go well together and I can't get enough. Super happy to have this title back in my lineup.
25 days ago
I have played the pro model many times and recently purchased the premium model. After playing both, the premium model is a must have for home use. My machine was from the recent December 2023 batch, and has been great out of the box.! My TK lock works perfect, after adjusting the focus on the projector and the line up process, everything has been great! This one won't be leaving the collection anytime soon that's for sure!
27 days ago
On my wishlist. It’s moments like the upside down and UV lighting that more pinball machines need to strive for.
44 days ago
I am so very thankful they decided to re-run this game as trying to find one before (especially a premium) was like trying to spot a unicorn in the wild. I track play counts every month on all of my pins, mostly to see which one is next to get sold/traded as its not getting played & was surprised to see we had already racked up 372 plays in 2 weeks after receiving it. The whole family loves the game & it's very approachable from a ruleset perspective. Hit 3 shots, start a mode, hit the lit shots to (try to) complete.
61 days ago
The machine sound is incredibly epic - personally a top 10 game for me.
76 days ago
After a bunch of plays, I can’t seem to get into Stranger things. I’ve watched the show and thought the vibe of the pin was great.

Played on location, and immediately disliked the center target. The angle shot feels inconsistent. Never found any flow, and after a lot of games I was really frustrated by the ricochet drains, etc.

I think the art and theming is implemented well. The lighting and playfield art is great. This is the game better played in the dark.
3 months ago
not a good layout. way too many inserts on the PF. the ricochet down the middle is a game killer.
4 months ago
I am not a fan of the show and had no desire to play this game, but landed on it in an event and found myself not hating it. It has an Attack from Mars vibe, as the playfields are very similar. Side ramps, middle targets that transition away for you to destroy an object. The influence is plain. The projections are slick, but the game itself does seem repetitive. I find it fun to play here and there, but I wouldn't want to own it. Definitely not a bad effort at all, but I feel it has middle of the pack appeal when relating it to other games of this generation.
6 months ago
Played the Pro and Premium on location. The game lacks a certain flow and was a tougher pin for me to flip. But man...after a few games getting oriented...this game is a blast. The shots are difficult, but not as tough as a Mandalorian. Some of the coolest moments in pinball are on this machine and are accessible to even novice players.
There may be nothing more fun than bashing the DemiGorgon...and when that ramp comes down it is "game on". The machine I played had some issues with the telekinesis mode...just a little clunky. The callouts aren't as bad as I've heard, but I can see that they may get a tad flat over time.

Would def say to spend the money and get the premium...the Pro is just pretty barren and the projector / UV kit upgrades are just AWESOME when you see them in person. I'm not a huge trap and shoot fan...but this one is fun enough that its on my "someday I need to own this" list.
7 months ago
Beautiful looking game, beautiful sounding game but I just cannot get into the gameplay at all. Every single time I've played this pin I just want the game to end lol. There are some brutal shots up the middle that just bounce back SDTM and just some goofed geometry and somehow made it out of QA. I know there aren't many made and people love the IP but while the game looks great from across the room this is just not for me.
7 months ago
I struggle with games that put big things in the middle of the playfield that dont add to the game flow. I dont really understand the them behind the big screen in the middle and could hardly get through a few plays without want to move on to something more open. Sad that such a cool theme was wasted on a poor playfield layout.
7 months ago
I enjoy the layout of the game. As it has most likely been said, it has similarities to AFM since it is the same designer. Shots are easy to understand though which is great. 3 times up a ramp and hit center target. Plenty of modes to keep you going.

Missing a shot does punish you though. Seems like how the designer makes games which keeps you dialed in. Nudge on the slingshot or it can easily hit the outline.

Demigorgon shots are a fun challenge. Hit the mouth and be done or keep smacking it. Also, you can use center button to finish quickly or if you have a ball drain.

TK lock is iffy. Have tried to dial it in but finally just turned it off. If the magnet is too high it will grab the ball even with the diverter off and throw it somewhere. Not a deal breaker for me but it is a great feature when working properly.

UV kit is a must. Makes the game a whole different animal. Cool feature in my opinion and plays well into the upside down theme.

Game plays fast too. Be on your toes
8 months ago
I spent about 3 hours with this game, saw quite a bit of the content and I loved the demogorgon and the theming. The references to the show were great, but in general I didn't find this table all that fun. I'm not a big fan of the layout. Most shots either fed the outlanes or returned straight down the middle. Even once I learned the table and started cruising through the modes that left outlane was thirsty. The demogorgon shot was a lot of fun, but none of the other shots felt remotely fun outside of that one. Also until that front panel comes down the play field feels really locked down and constrained. Great production values, but not a table I love at all.
10 months ago
This is a love/hate game for me. Out of the box it really doesn't play well. I have spent a lot of time adjusting the orbits and it still isn't feeding consistently to the flippers. The TK lock adjustment issues are well known. The playfield looks great but it's so dark that you really can't play it without Pinstadiums or the lights on in the room or else you lose the ball. It has a tendency for the slingshots to shoot straight into the outlane. I don't really agree with some of the scoring logic. The projector seems to always be a little fuzzy. Some of the modes are high risk / low reward and you can't really skip them. All of those issues are really annoying. But with the Cleland code this game just takes you into the Stranger Things world and that's a fun place to be. The Demogorgan is fun to bash (but dangerous). There's a reason this game is expensive. It's really fun. I just wish it was easier to dial in to give a consistent experience.
1 year ago
UV kit, magnetic vertical ball lock - finally something new! And everything works!
rules are simple, easy access - super good flow.
Cleland sound tracks are a real plus
This pinball is just a MUST to have (UV kit is essential)
We can play endless :-)
1 year ago
Cool pin and fun to play for the most part. Seemed like it was a one-trick pony though after a few plays.
1 year ago
Love the game. Theme is ok
1 year ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

To me this game is identical to the LE with a couple extra mods needed

Number of shots - 8 - high

* Projector and UV kit really unique and add to the gameplay experience
* Hitting the ball into the Demogorgon’s mouth extremely satisfying
* Lots of modes with good rule set
* Burn it back shot fun and fast shot
* Bullsh!t mode pretty funny
* Think AFM on steroids

* Very similar layout to both AFM and MM
* Left scoop shot and right shot to pops rather unsatisfying
* TK Ball lock is very hit & miss.
* Feeds from left and right ball guides need to be adjusted
* Gameplay overall can grate quickly if not dialed in properly
* More high scores for modes etc would be a bonus

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Cleland sound mod an absolute must
* Dice shooter rod as the factory one lights up
* Titan glow rubber kit looks really cool as does perfect play purple, both react with UV kit
* Speaker Light kit
* Medisynal Mods platform set
* Powdercoat (metallic purple) and T Molding purple brings it close to LE standard

What To Look For When Buying
* Check for the amount of playfield dimples
* Make sure the Telekinesis lock is working properly and ball feeds are satisfactory
* Check playfield hours put in from a projector point of view
* UV kit has been installed
1 year ago
The game plays fast and is beautiful ! When you play with a good sound, you are in the story ! Great feeling and lot of fun !
1 year ago
My favorite pin in my collection. Owned a pro and loved the game so much I upgraded to a premium. Great theme with that one more game factor. Pro was easier to maintain as the TK lock can be finicky at times but it is really cool when it is working well. Projector is cool as well.

The game needs the UV kit and Clelands code to complete the theme integration and its full potential. Premiums now sell for, well, a premium. There just weren’t a ton made and the game’s popularity went the roof once the UV kit and more mature code came out.

The pro is a great game as well so if you like the game and can’t find a premium or LE without breaking the bank, don’t be afraid to go with the pro version.
1 year ago
I was really underwhelmed by this game unfortunately. I love the show, but was not enough to get over the open play-field and obscured top playfield where I couldn't really see what was going on. I've not studied the offering to know what the premium has the pro does not, but I would caution against getting a pro considering how sparse the premium was.

A fellow gamer told me you have to spend a lot of time with it to appreciate it; I couldn't get into it however.
1 year ago
This pin has had a rough start.
But it’s one of my favorites. We’ve never experienced any of the flaws you read in the first comments when the game came out.
Only thing of a remark I might have is that when you complete the round you are starting all of it over again. Maybe we have the settings to easy? The gamerule depth is not so difficult.
But then again, all the different features makes it a great pin. Always want to play this one on game nights
And that’s a good thing.

I also love the extra options to start. It gets you practicing shots you need during the game
1 year ago
Stranger Things Premium with UV lighting is nothing short of amazing! Having the playfield change completely during upside down mode is thrilling. I don't think there is anything else like it. I like the shots and the layout. A couple of the shots feel great, and a couple feel not so great. The demagorgon mouth shot is exciting at first, but like others have said, success rate is pretty low and I wish it were easier to make. The projector isn't that great, but I would rather have it than not have it. The music from the show is dreamy, the call outs are by the actor, and the Cleland music mod takes it up a couple of great notches. I didn't care about the show that much, but I watched all 4 seasons so that I could understand the pin better. Love the 80's theme of the machine and the movie clips. Stranger Things was not my favorite show, but this pin is bolted to the floor until I can get one with less wear. Mine is sort of beat up and was routed by the previous owner, but I LOVE it!
1 year ago
Only one thing wonderful
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