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Other Aspects: 8.441

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This is "Stranger Things (Premium)".
The other versions are: Stranger Things (Pro) (regular version), Stranger Things (LE)

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41 days ago
This pin has had a rough start.
But it’s one of my favorites. We’ve never experienced any of the flaws you read in the first comments when the game came out.
Only thing of a remark I might have is that when you complete the round you are starting all of it over again. Maybe we have the settings to easy? The gamerule depth is not so difficult.
But then again, all the different features makes it a great pin. Always want to play this one on game nights
And that’s a good thing.

I also love the extra options to start. It gets you practicing shots you need during the game
57 days ago
Stranger Things Premium with UV lighting is nothing short of amazing! Having the playfield change completely during upside down mode is thrilling. I don't think there is anything else like it. I like the shots and the layout. A couple of the shots feel great, and a couple feel not so great. The demagorgon mouth shot is exciting at first, but like others have said, success rate is pretty low and I wish it were easier to make. The projector isn't that great, but I would rather have it than not have it. The music from the show is dreamy, the call outs are by the actor, and the Cleland music mod takes it up a couple of great notches. I didn't care about the show that much, but I watched all 4 seasons so that I could understand the pin better. Love the 80's theme of the machine and the movie clips. Stranger Things was not my favorite show, but this pin is bolted to the floor until I can get one with less wear. Mine is sort of beat up and was routed by the previous owner, but I LOVE it!
62 days ago
Only one thing wonderful
68 days ago
I like the game, but don't love it.
75 days ago
We love the show and wish we would have bought the pin when it came out. Its such a great fun pin and the lighting is amazing. They could have done a little more with the callouts and music but its still good. Hopefully we are going to end up with a used one or Stern will run another run.
79 days ago
After playing 100+ games on a pro I finally got to play a premium and was somewhat disappointed. The projector didn’t add anything to me, the location was pretty dark and the images seemed too washed out. The ball lock didn’t impress me too much either. I liked the back glass and cabinet more on the premium. The machine I played had the UV kit unlike what I am used to and this seems like an absolute must for this machine. How this wasn’t included on the premium and LE is beyond me. All versions of this game are very good but not great.
4 months ago
Did not really like this title the first few times…even though i really like the show.
However, first impression was wrong!
This is a great game, a better version of AFM if you will!
Not a very complex rule set, but plenty to do.
Nice shots and great atmosphere!

And yes, same goes for the Pro version…despite the lack of some bell’s and whistles.
5 months ago
Not too bad, but I never saw this show that the theme is based on, unfamiliar with the plots, terminology, and logic in progression. That hurts understanding theme integration into the code and rules as the game itself isn't intuitive with that. I would have to study the rules to "get to know" what is going on in the game. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but not knowing the show that the theme is based on makes me lose interest.

The ball gets stuck in some of the same places from machine to machine at locations which is another thing to contribute to losing interest. The UV lighting kit should have been included in the premium as it does add to the gimmick effect and is pretty cool. The projection on the spinners and center screens is interesting but wonder about the long-term durability of that feature.
5 months ago
Took me a while to get into it, but after a year of ownership I can say it's just outstanding. Challenging, great toys, just a lot of fun. Swapped the lackluster translite for a season 3 one which looks lightyears better.

Probably never gonna make it to Final Showdown, doubt i'll ever part with it.
5 months ago
Another great game from Brian Eddy with deep rule set that makes you keep coming back for more. UV kit is a must and is really incredible when seen in person. Premium and LE offers a projector that displays a lot of useful information when playing the game on multiple locations within the game. I tend to think the Pro is a little dark in the center of the game without the projector. Game can be a PIA to set up IMO, especially the TK ball lock on the Pre and LE models but another awesome feature when dialed in. Pro model plays the same as the Pre and LE but in the end, the projector just adds so much to the game like no other out there.
5 months ago
my god this theme. The upside down black light? The movie screen? The Demo toy? The magnetic lock? Get outta here!

Wish the screens and the other augmented signage was brighter, I think it'd be a huge step forward for the medium and I love the experiment here. I legit mean this as praise. This finally did was what Pinball 2000 was trying to do.

My biggest disappointment was the amount of the shooting space that the projector and the associated drop targets take up. I would have preferred that farther back, so it doesn't cut off so many prime-time shots. That said, hopping a ball into that things mouth never gets old. Very much hope that these design threads get pulled further and improved over time.
5 months ago
I've played Stranger Things (Premium) a few times at Funland in Russell Square.

I enjoy it, but only because it reminds me strongly of Medieval Madness/AFM.

Unfortunately, although I enjoy the TV Show Stranger Things, I don't really like how the theme is implemented on the pin.

The artwork, plastic ramps and so on always look a bit tacky compared to the charm of the B/W alternatives, and I keep feeling - when I'm playing it - that I'd far rather be playing MM. I also find that the projectors on the Premium version look terrible under day lighting.

That said, if you're a huge ST fan and like the overall appearance, and you like MM/AFM, you probably can't go wrong with this one.
6 months ago
This game is to open. I find it to be pretty boring
Cool light show with some neat tricks but a lot of other new pinballs are a lot better.
6 months ago
The Premium version of this pin has some neat features, such as the projector emulating a drive in theater feel. The telekinesis magnet lock is great when it works. The Premium I play on location frequently rejects balls back down the ramp, due to a timing issue. Not being able to hit that shot to get telekinesis multibull really hurts the game. Overall, Stranger Things is brutally fast and watch out after the playfield has been waxed, because it is utter chaos.
7 months ago
Very nice machine. Gameplay is nice and projector is a super cool feature.
8 months ago
The UV kit and projectors have made this game popular with my grandkids.
8 months ago
Have played various models from Pro through LE. Always fun. Tend to play it at least once when we visit a bar or arcade that has any of them. You do miss the projector if you are playing the Pro but still enjot it. The Demogorgon shot always brings me back to the game.
8 months ago
Game is a masterpiece! Something about hitting the demogorgan over and over again keep me coming back. The telekinesis ball lock is another great moment and the UV lighting puts it over the top. Plus the wife loves it! It has the X factor!
8 months ago
Super fun. Very novel
8 months ago
My Demogorgan shoots fairly accurate (especially off the left flipper) , my telekinesis ball locks (if hit solid? Most of the time), and I adjusted the left diverter so it doesn’t touch the left sling once the ball is released. If you can get that trifecta? This game is pretty close to perfection?! Cleland sound mod and UV kit are both must haves! I’ve owned most of the pinside top 20-30….. this is by far my personal favorite! It’s a perfect 10 for me , the score doesn’t reflect that because of the backglass art ….although I do have an alternate backglass to fix that ….Soooo? A 10!
9 months ago
Great game. Tough as heck so many modes and options, great playfield art with the UV kit. Love it.
9 months ago
Great game. Great flow. Brian Eddy’s familiar fan layout (AFM, MM) taken to a new level with great code (1.02) and a great theme. 12 chapter modes, 3 demodog modes, 5 demogorgan modes, 2 total isolation modes, all lead to final showdown mode. What’s that, like 23 modes? Not to mention the coolest physical ball lock in pinball history, and a very good center bash toy.

This game doesn’t multi-ball you to death, and the swipe-a-ball feature is an incredible addition to help you extend certain modes. Very fun game, and the all important “one more game” allure is always there.
10 months ago
Just a dud for me. Design flaws everywhere. Ball getting stuck in multiple areas. Mainly behind the projector screen. Just feels like a clunky game to me. I suppose the UV Light kit would make it much cooler but I haven't played one with it in it yet. I also don't care about the theme in the slightest. This is one of Stern's worst releases IMO. I just can't get into it.
11 months ago
Love my ST Premium
Lights n game play are extremely challenging n enjoyable
12 months ago
When the UV lights kick on, it’s the best table ever.
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