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Game design: 8.24

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Other Aspects: 8.48

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25 days ago
I have had this game since day one. We are now at 1.01 code. I feel the game is complete enough to review it. I have around 2,000 plays on my game. BEFORE READING FURTHER: this review assumes you have the game 100% dialed in. this can take hours and hours to get right. So please consider that before buying:


The innovation in this game is great. the Projector, TK magnet lock, and Demogorgon toy, and UV kit/art are all pinball firsts. They really tried something different with this game. Execution was not good, but you get this baby dialed in, and those features are all great. when I come across a pro after playing the LE so much, it just feels like the whole game is missing when you play. The added features are so fun.

The shots are smooth, but the right orbit dead end to the pops and the vuk shot to the left are not very satisfying to hit. Overall though, all shots feel good especially the burn it back loop and the left orbit that feeds the right ramp/flipper.

The sounds are fantastic on this game. GET AN EXTERNAL SUB!! that combined with the upgraded sound package of the LE are so so great.

The animations are fine. they do a good job overall syncing the show clips with the callouts (not perfect, but good), but the custom animations are not going to blow you away. The EB animation being like AFM was a nice touch.

The artwork is solid. Not photoshop crappy, and not the crazy details of Yeti, but it is solid and fits the theme well.

Code. This was a slow burn for sure. But the base code had good bones and was updated monthly for its first year of existence. It has come a long way. It is a straightforward ruleset that has lots of modes and tasks to complete, but not too difficult to reach the end. All the modes are varied, some of the rules of the Demogorgon modes are very very good and keep you coming back. The collect drawings side quest is great for all players and makes you want to complete and play all modes well. If you hate multipliers, this is the game for you. only the typical 2x playfield exists in this game and certain modes will double your shot value if you combo the shots. that is it. It is not an Elwin or a Keefer game code wise, but if you like Deadpool, Guardians, KISS, etc. this code is just as fun and easy to pick up. The FINAL SHOWDOWN wizard mode is very well done too. It also has it as a challenge to play from attract mode like other new sterns so that is fun too. The game is set up so that a big scoring opportunity is always around the corner (DEMO modes, Total Isolations, big bonus collects and the mini wizard modes for completing the season modes).


THIS GAME IS A BITCH TO SET UP AND GET PLAYING RIGHT!!!!! haha. you have been warned. this game will forever be plagued by how hard it is to dial it in. I might have the only LE on earth that works right. haha.

The chapter modes from seasons 1 and 2 are pretty basic and could have been coded better. yeah there are 12 of them, but only like 3-4 of them have really enjoyable rules. The rest are just clear the shots and be done with it.

The total isolation modes work like TA modes in AFM. Clear the shots, get a super and restart. they are both different than each other, but I wish they had multiple varied stages to add to their appeal. The scoring in those modes does make up for this somewhat. Very satisfying to score big in those.

The mini wizard modes are a tad too easy to complete and basically have capped scoring to them. I would have liked to see more to these modes as well to add to the risk and reward and allow for more parity in the scoring.

Final Verdict: if you are okay with dialing this game in, or find one that is already dialed, hell yeah. dive in. it should be cheaper than most other recent LEs, and is a sleeper due to the bad reviews it has received. To see a dialed game in action, see the video below. Enjoy!
52 days ago
Just bought it and boy am I happy. Game is fantastic! I am really scratching my head on this one. I have or currently own most of the Williams classics from the 90s and games in the top 40. To say Addams Family is a better game than this is ludacris! I feel like we should have separate ratings for games from each era. It is like comparing an old Chev Iroc to a Tesla. Yes they are both cars but that is the only thing they have in common. To try and say one is better than the other is rediculous. They are completely different animals and can not be compared to each other. This game is waaaaay better than anything from the 90s but yet, quite a few oldies are above it in the rankings. This has a color L.C.D screen , bigtime high quality speakers, projector, ect ect ect. It even has basically a second playfield when the black light mode kicks in. This game is essentially A.F.M with modern day tech and toss in some steriods. So according to the pinside rankings it should be ranked around number 2. Monster Bash is a better game than this......Really .......Put an LE that is dialed in next to a Monster Bash. Let people play them both, give them the option to take one or the other home. 100perc will take S T LE home. Game is criminally underated. Pick one up and thank me later. Premium or LE is a must! Projector and T.C lock are FANTASTIC!!!! Just my humble 2 cents fellow pinheads!

NEW CODE MAKES THIS GAME THE G.O.A.T! 1.02 Game is the best ever!
70 days ago
This game creeps me out. The demagorgon is just weird. Don't like the theme at all. But this game is fun and playable. Love the projectors and the center ramp is just awesome. Love the 4 drop targets in the center. The ramps are smooth for me. Save for the theme, I could play this game for hours. Not sure why it gets all the hate, except for that theme just doesn't work. But if you like Stranger Things the TV show, this machine is for you.
73 days ago
Love the show. This pin is average at best. And the cheaper models i like even less
73 days ago
Fun, smooth shooting layout. Lots of code and things to do in the game. Great theme too. Make sure you try it with the latest code.

The main thing I would rag on is the telekinesis lock is a pretty badly designed mech
3 months ago
I played one with the uv-kit; it is very impressive. Fast game, nice theme integration and the sound is incredible good and generates this Stranger-things-atmosphere. Top notch!

What is a pitty that the physical ball lock does not work properly. So you have to disable it to be able to lock a ball.... doing so you are loosing one of the main toy/feature in the prem/LE version.
The beamer is a nice gimmick and well integrated. But in case the pinball is not powered the white areas are looking "strange".
4 months ago
Great flow. Keeps you coming back for more.
4 months ago
In my opinion one of the most undervalued Pins ever, this is really a master piece: Incredible implementation of the theme (activation of upside down with UV Kit is just spectacular), great sound effects, balanced rules and complexity. I just love it!

Playfield, Cabinet and Translite just look gorgeous!
4 months ago
The upside down and projector are what sells this game. It is very cool and brings the player into the theme. The game play is dissapointing and gets old for me. All shots and ramps seem to disappear somewhere behind the giant screen and bring me very little satisfaction. I am more concerned about firing at the entrances to light the insert. I'm sorry but for anyone walking up to this game and sees the Demegorgan come out with a hole in it and find out its impossible to make it in it is deflating and embarrasing. The telekaneses multiball magnet when it works is very cool!
4 months ago
Very under rated pin. This is a Brian Eddy masterpiece.
Once 1.0 hits, I think players. Will change their opinion.
4 months ago
Fast game, wants you play more and more.
the uv light kit and shaker motor makes another level to the game
4 months ago
This is the game I wish I could own right now. I was blown away with the projector and the UV playfield. Just amazing and fun game to play. Shots are really good and shooting for the demon in the middle is so much fun trying to get the ball in it's mouth. It sort of suffers from AFM and MM where in home use the middle toy may get old, but probably not. Would love to own one to knwo for sure.
5 months ago
That one mode... God I want to rip my ears off. Love the show, dont really like the game
5 months ago
I’m liking it more and more every time I play .I only get to play every couple weeks at a pincade by our camper it’s definitely growing on me with a updated code after next season is out it should climb the ladder .
5 months ago
The theme is awesome, and I love the shots in this game. Extreemly satisfying to hit the demegorgan in the mouth.
6 months ago
I will definitely update my rating as the code progresses but so far at v .96 I have been impressed. The shots are smooth and the game is super fast. It can be a drain monster though if you are not very accurate with your shots, reminiscent of Game of Thrones and TWD for me. I'm excited to see where this game goes in the future as I have a feeling it can only get better as the code matures. Some players have complained about the Demogorgan shot being too difficult but so far mine has been quite easy to hit (knock on wood).
7 months ago
It is fun in spurts, but I don't see it as a long term keeper.

They do well on location, so if you are thinking if putting it out there, I would recommend it.
8 months ago
i had my reservations purchasing the LE after reading all the negative comments but i am so glad i went ahead and made it part of my collection
its very different to other machines and TBH it is a fantastic pin. The new innovations are refreshing and i have had no issues at all regarding fact it is one of the best feeling and solid sterns along with my beatles diamond.
the projector images along with the lighting and sound are immense and really drag you in..i keep coming back and its even made me curious about the series as I had previously no interest in watching...the upside mode and UV lighting are unique and everything just works. its a pin i want to play and one of the more involving machines i have played. with .92 code only, the future of this title is endless. I just want to keep hitting that demogorgon. Well done Stern.
8 months ago
This is my first LE and i have to say that I am not disappointed: the look is awesome with its decals, red black colors, the anodized purple paint and a better finished back glass than on the Pro according to me. Then, from the first play, it is obvious that it changes from the old flips that I had (Taxi, Police Force, Road show) like the new ones like an Elvira HOR which has more free area on the playfield . The game is fast, brutal if you play the central targets! The game therefore arises with reinforcement of deadflip, transfer and blocking or we play by feeling and the ball go in all directions :)

In summary on the “pros”
. The video projector really adds a visual aspect but also in the information during the games. Personally I don't have the time at stake to watch the DMD, but more the projections on the playfield (arrows of directions, time remaining on the mode in progress etc)
. The Atmosphere combines carefully chosen sounds and 80´s music, crazy light cinematics (especially with the UV kit) and brings a great immersion in the game.
. The shaker and the subwoofer are mandatory in my opinion. It really changes the experience of the game to physically live the monster grunts
. The shaker on the demonmorgon allows him to move like a damned (Like on the sparky from metallica) the more we put his mouth full the more we want to butt him: D
. This flip is technical, but it has a good flow and I think it is accessible to experts as well as to rookies (my kids of 8 and 15 years old manage to have good games). With a sufficient technical level we can play some crazy multiballs !
. The mods are very numerous, personally even on a pro with 600M in score I havent done all these modes.
. Overall it's a physical flip: I love it! you have to control the descending trajectories a lot, move the flip to avoid the outlanes, the forks start off full ball on the ramps ...

In summary on the "cons" :
. The quality and brightness of projection is correct but really lacks contrast on the central ramp and the side ramps (I ordered a black mat vinyl which will solve the problem,
- It is almost impossible to do backhand on the left ramp with the left flip, it is imperative to deactivate the magnetic lock of the flip in the menu (and it will always be much easier on a pro). Otherwise, the ball is insured. No worries however on the throws of the left flip.
. The flip is therefore significantly harder than on a pro and requires more technique (transfer, deadflip)
. The difficulty to shoot in the demon's mouth is really high, it's a big challenge! No worries however we can bash it and adjust in the menu the number of shots needed to kill him.
. It is often necessary to shake the flip in order to control the fallout and avoid the outlanes which are quite large
. No video mode yet but the code is only at version 0.9 with already tons of improvements (voice of the actors, SCi ring, kinematics of the light, projected images ... etc) and there are about one to two updates per month which is a good omen.
9 months ago
Excellent game, super fun.
9 months ago
Looks a lot of bad reviews.I have played and owned many of the top ranked games on pinside.I do not agree.The game is very good designed,and super fun to play.For me the game is fantastic.The procjetor is awsome.Brian eddy has done a huge job.My pinball has worked without errors, so I also do not agree with quality problems.Top character of me.
9 months ago
Some members on Pinside tend to crap on every game that isn't a theme of their liking or doesn't check the boxes for what they like. The constant complaining and arguing about everything doesn't make Pinside very entertaining often. Look at this game. Projection has never been used like this in a game. Something that is inventive and new and implemented very well into the game. The TK lock goes along with the theme and is sort of new idea, levitating ball in Kiss being another. I know that some have have issues but mine works like a Champ. The UV lighting for the "Upside Down" is the best lighting feature that I have ever seen in a game. Would have been great if Stern would have included it in the LE's but they didn't, so move on. All of shots don't have the normal paths around the machine that we are used to, again inventive and not cookie cutter. The Demogorgon is better than any other bash toy that Stern has offered. It isn't just a static Herman Munster, TWD Walker or Wolverine. It moves, has a target and a ramp. Lastly is the theme integration.I had never watched the show until I decided to get one of these. I watched all 3 seasons over two weeks and this game picks up on every detail. No matter how big or small a part it played in the show, it made it in there.

Members such as Chuckwurt laboring with pinsound to add in songs that mirror a part of the show in certain situations in the game have made the game even more enjoyable.
10 months ago
Stranger Things is a lot of fun! Yeah the demogorgon mouth shot is a difficult shot, but so satisfying when you hit it. Excited to see how the code develops on this one
10 months ago
This might be my favorite "flow" game. (others would Star Trek, ACDC, Tron, IM, WH20) It's fast, brutal, and has great flow and combos. It's very immersive, with lots of atmosphere.

The theme needs to be fleshed out more. It needs more callouts/lines from characters. It needs to do more with the projector. This game has a really high ceiling in my opinion and if it reaches it's potential it could be a top 10 game.

The game has 4 ramps, 9 ball paths counting the Demogorgan shot, custom callouts, assets from the show, main music theme from the show, And a nice art package.

- Demogorgan toy, which is a way above average overall feature in my opinion, with the drops, ramp coming down, shooting it in his mouth, and movement. Mine has worked perfectly out of the box.

3 things we've never seen before:

- Projector. It's really cool and only going to get better.

- Unique magnetic ball lock. One of the best ball locks ever. I' haven't had one issue with mine.

- UV kit - it's awesome and perfect theme integration
10 months ago
Demogorgon shot is satisfying, as is the right of the demogorgon to left orbit but playing this side by side to an Attack from Mars makes this game a poor copy with little innovation during the 25yrs between the two.
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