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Game Design: 8.516

Artwork: 8.42

Sounds/Music: 8.701

Other Aspects: 8.775

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This is "Stranger Things (LE)".
The other versions are: Stranger Things (Pro) (regular version), Stranger Things (Premium)

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33 days ago
Yehp, for me its a 10
IT's ok if you don't agree but, you don't have to downvote something you don't agree with all the time! :)
This game was not taken seriously in the beginning and now look how it's holding up.
SO IMMERSIVE!!!! Darken the room and crank up the volume! AMAZING!
Immersive like no other
Projector, I mean come on now you know its just awesome!
UV light kit (WOW)!
Shooting the Demogorgan in the kisser never gets old ever! Way better than shooting a ufo or a castle that's for sure.
The lock on the premium/LE is absolutely killer! Yes, some work better than others but, I have NEVER tweaked mine much and it's ok by me that it takes a good shot to get it. When all 3 balls lock visitors are in awe with the cool factor.
crazy inner loop is fast
Left orbit to right return ramp NEVER GETS OLD EVER with the sound effect/Light effect to go with it.
The modes are cool and the insert lighting is very good.
I even like the saucer and it shooting the ball around the inner loop (When tweaked correctly that is true)
Smooth ramps too
Call-outs are on point and as are the animations.

Lack of 80's tunes unless you get help with that online.
the fact we had to buy and add the UV light kit is still annoying to me today. haha
NEXT to EHOH this game is the longest I have ever kept a pin and I have had offers of people wanting to buy it for way more than I bought it for as NIB CLEARANCE basically before pinflation started. SO HAPPY THAT I DID!
37 days ago
I haven't gotten to play this table as much as I'd like. It was at a local establishment, but it was moved... So that's disappointing! Do yourself a favour, and go out and play this game!

I found this game to be very fun! The theme was everywhere through the game. Very good integration with the demigorgan and the projectors. The middle of the playfield felt oddly empty, but I suppose it makes sense, to make room for the massive ramp into the demigorgan mouth! I would certainly like to own this game, if it becomes available.. but that's unlikely.. as everyone seems to hold on to them! No wonder.. it's a pleasure to play this table!
37 days ago
Finally found a Stranger Things LE to play and must is awesome! Such a simple fan layout with arguably the "best" bash toy in all of pinball. The projector is one of the greatest gimics of the modern pinball world, suits the 80's theme with the drivings/cinema feel from the old days. Game play is simple to understand and keeps you glued to what you need to achieve to advance into the game. The telekinesis lock is far superior to any other game with magnets ( that I have played so far.) Last but not least.... the UV kit, what a spectacle!!! I honestly don't have anything bad to say about this machine other than the 2 orbits need to be aligned right to guide balls towards the flipper. Other than that, I don't understand the bad feedback this machine gets. It's a title I'll be considering to buy one day but seems hard to find at the moment. I would still settle for a premium tho.
51 days ago
The first dozen or so time I played Stranger Things I didn't care for it. The early code didn't do it any favors - and it just seemed like a cheap knockout off of AFM.

Fast forward a few years, and I got to play it in a dimly lit arcade. The code was updated and the UV kit was installed. I really couldn't hear the game too well, but It was a totally different experience. It was definitely fun, but I didn't really ever expect to want one.

Fast forward again... I picked up an LE in a trade. The game has the UV kit and the Cleland code... and wow... in a home environment this game really shines. It really is a deeper modern take on AFM. It has the same fast flow and risky shots. While AFM has far superior art (the LE cabinet is pretty terrible) and callouts, Stranger Things has the best "mood" of any game I have played. When you add the Cleland code the them integration is fantastic. Lots of intensity. Then you add a projector/ramp and bash toy.... and it really does make for a great game.

Things we like

- The UV kit is a must. I know it is a gimmick, but it is a great one.

- The projector adds a lot to the game. Also, try updating the screens to more of a high contrast backing.

- Fun, fast, and deep. Just like AFM the center shots can be deadly. Unlike AFM, the scoring seems to be more balanced - the side modes are important for scores.

It is not perfect.

- The TK ball lock isn't very reliable and is a flow kill when it is rejected. Ultimately, I just disabled the diverter. The lock is super cool, but not worth the hassle.

- Lots of ball traps and airballs galore. This is a game that really must be dialed in.

- The cabinet art is.. bad. The backglass is ok - but the playfield is excellent.
67 days ago
So much fun. Theme integration is so well done. The spinner orbit shot and the TK lock are 2 of my favorite shots in all of pinball. Definitely has the “one more game factor” going for it and the projector images are so incredible and innovative. The premium and LE are amazing innovations but the pro is still pretty fun to shoot. This game grew on everyone for a reason!
67 days ago
I might be biased here as I really dig the series, but the game ticks every box for me.
76 days ago
Not too bad, but I never saw this show that the theme is based on, unfamiliar with the plots, terminology, and logic in progression. That hurts understanding theme integration into the code and rules as the game itself isn't intuitive with that. I would have to study the rules to "get to know" what is going on in the game. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but not knowing the show that the theme is based on makes me lose interest.

The ball gets stuck in some of the same places from machine to machine at locations which is another thing to contribute to losing interest. The UV lighting kit should have been included in the premium as it does add to the gimmick effect and is pretty cool. The projection on the spinners and center screens is interesting but wonder about the long-term durability of that feature.
5 months ago
This game is a hit and miss. The game lacks an amazing layout or toys however it sports many industry firsts such as video mapping I think this is the perfect game for the common player very easy shooting game
5 months ago
rated with OS 1.02 + Cleland code
includes UV kit
6 months ago
The projector on the Prem/LE is one of the coolest features I've seen on a pin. Add in a classic Bryan Eddie layout, crazy ball lock, the incredible UV kit and over the top Cleland sound package...and it's a formula for super success. Thanks Stern!
7 months ago
Is the Demigorgon the greatest gimmick in pinball history? Very arguably. If you haven't played this, there's a projector screen which lowers. There, behind it is a shaking giant monster. You have to shoot the ball up the ramp to land in the Demigorgon's mouth. It's a thrilling moment.

But, beyond that amazing moment, the rest of the game feels lacking. There aren't great missions. So much of the playfield is monopolized by the screen, that you're just chipping around the edges.

If you see it on location, be sure to play it. But, it's not one I would add to my home.
7 months ago
I enjoy Stranger Things (Netflix Show), but it is not a top theme for me. With that being said, I want to purchase this pin after spending a couple of hours on it. The gameplay is fun and the music perfect! The blacklight MOD is a must!
8 months ago
The more I play pinball, the more I realize how special this game is! Whenever I go to different locations, people are still actively playing this machine, even with new machines out like Godzilla. The game flows well, and I think shoots better than Attack From Mars, which it is often compared to. They have the LE version at my favorite location, and wow is this a beautiful game! The UV mod makes it look even better.

If the machine is set correctly, making the demogorgon shot is fair. The projector is such a cool element, that it draws in even non pinball people. I've played the pro as well, and it's still an amazing machine. This machine is a must have, and I can't wait to have the funds to add this to my one machine (Deadpool) collection!
10 months ago
I love this game…played one at a place in Colorado… ended up purchasing a Pro model because of the $$..

It is a gorgeous game but I am a sucker for purples and blues. The UV lighting is flat out awesome. As long as the game is dialed in, which can take some doing, it is supremely fun.

The biggest thing for my friends and family is it is so easy to explain and understand. There have been many comparisons to AFM and that totally makes sense. Very similar…game plays fast and brutal at times.

We really liked the TK lock and projector… but decided that 2 grand or so increase in price could go towards another pin. The actual gameplay is near identical barring the ability to “swipe” a ball from the Telekinesis lock. Again, super cool.
10 months ago
Very unique UV playfield. Easy to understand rules. I don't know about the theme if you have never watched the show. But it works well with the game play.
10 months ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 8 - high

* Projector and UV kit really unique and add to the gameplay experience
* Hitting the ball into the Demogorgon’s mouth extremely satisfying
* Lots if modes with good rule set
* Burn it back shot fun and fast shot
* Bullsh!t mode pretty funny

* Very similar layout to both AFM and MM
* Left scoop shot and right shot to pops rather unsatisfying
* Gameplay overall can grate quickly if not dialed in properly

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Dice shooter rod
* Titan glow rubber kit looks really cool
* Speaker Light kit

What To Look For When Buying
* Check for the amount of playfield dimples
* Make sure the Telekinesis lock is working properly
* UV kit has been installed
11 months ago
I think this might be my favorite pin of all time. If I could trade this table for anything else.... I wouldn't.

It's just a fun, easy to pick up, hard to put down kinda game. But plenty of games have this quality, so the Things that set it in a league of its own are its innovations.

- Projector. Why has nobody thought of this before or ripped this idea off yet? It's infinitely better to be able to see new modes and objectives displayed right there in front of you. Plus, it's a great implementation of an 80s staple, that being the drive-in theater.

- UV lighting. Again, how has nobody thought to do this before, and why aren't other tables ripping this off? The effect is honestly breath-taking, even in a medium-lit room, but in the dark, it's astonishing, and you always want the mode to last longer than it does.

- Demogorgon shot. This has to be one of THE most satisfying shots in all of pinball. Setting it up with projected drop targets and spelling progressively longer sentences? This is the kind of stuff Nintendo would do if they made a pinball machine - simple, easy to understand, difficult to master. I honestly can't think of a more exciting moment than sailing a ball, off a ramp, through the air, and into the mouth. Then getting 2 in a row on the more difficult modes? Forget about it. Pure bliss.

- Telekinesis Ball Lock. When this works, it's amazing. I had to dock a few points here for this one, because it's just not a good design for the effect they were going after. Idea? 10/10 Implementation? 6/10 Again, when it works, it's an absolutely amazing effect. Getting 3 balls suspended in the air? Come on, this is brilliant! But yeah, wish it was more reliable. I have a new ramp cover coming from Stern, so I hope that makes it a bit more reliable. Right now, I just play with the cover off, because even though the ball will go flying off the ramp, at least the ball lock is far more consistent.

EDIT - got the new ramp cover from Stern, and my god, it actually works consistently now! I didn’t think it would make this much of a difference, but if you have a stranger things premium or LE, HIT UP STERN AND GET THE UPDATED LEFT RAMP COVER. My tk ball lock works like a dream now. Score has been updated to reflect this.

- Sounds, music, theme, callouts, rules, layout, all of this stuff is 10/10 for me. Here come the flags, but I'm gonna say it. This is a better table than Attack From Mars. The way the drop targets chime in key with the theme is just so satisfying. Demodog and jackpots are appropriately intense and rewarding. All if the music is just perfect too. I love the end credits remix with the prions for show - it absolutely captures the vibe of the show.

- World Under Glass. If this is important to you, I honestly believe Stranger Things (LE/Premium + UV kit) is the most other-worldly pinball table in existence. Sure, Guns & Roses has a lot of flashing lights, but this table takes you somewhere else entirely. It's not the quantity of lighting, but how they are implemented. Between the UV lights and the projector, this game is absolutely the lighting champ as of this moment. It's not even remotely close IMHO. Maybe lighting is just more important to me, but if you've only played a Pro without the UV kit and projector, you've shot this game, but you haven't EXPERIENCED this game.

I currently own a Jurassic Park (Stern) and as much as I absolutely love that table, Stranger Things is just a better overall package. If I could only own one table, this would be it.
11 months ago
Rating Premium with Cleland sound mod
1 year ago
stranger things premium, follow the fantastic innovation of the projector and the uv kit! for me the best stern ever made to date! very good game with wonderful sound and effects. for those who watched the series there is no way not to like this machine!
1 year ago
Such a great game for Brian's return!
1 year ago
sensational machine!

Great connection between the theme and the machine.
Revolutionary lighting and projector.
1 year ago
This is a surprise.
I owned the PRO and couldn't get rid of it quick enough. The LE is a different game, the ball magnet lock once dialed in is a great feature. The projector works surprisingly well and the animations blend nicely with the theme. The shots are AFM, however the LE left orbit is easier on the LE and consequently more satisfying. Once dialed in the "VG" shot is easily achievable and satisfying...
This is a great game and compared to AIQLE is, really....superior, and I love KEs work.
The flow is fast and fun and a wizard mode that looks to be difficult to reach.
One of the best from Stern, and I've owned them all...
1 year ago
Very Addictive! Love it!
1 year ago
I was surprised by this game. Fun to play. I only had about 10 plays on it though. Unfortunately it is gone from the location now.
1 year ago
No variety in this game. It just feels like you do the same thing over and over again. I like the main toy and whole idea of shooting it, but it often feels more like luck then skill when I land it in the mouth. Can see why this game is having trouble selling...
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