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Game design: 7.812

Artwork: 7.982

Sounds/Music: 8.406

Other Aspects: 8.075

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20 days ago
Stranger Things is a lot of fun! Yeah the demogorgon mouth shot is a difficult shot, but so satisfying when you hit it. Excited to see how the code develops on this one
24 days ago
This might be my favorite "flow" game. (others would Star Trek, ACDC, Tron, IM, WH20) It's fast, brutal, and has great flow and combos. It's very immersive, with lots of atmosphere.

The theme needs to be fleshed out more. It needs more callouts/lines from characters. It needs to do more with the projector. This game has a really high ceiling in my opinion and if it reaches it's potential it could be a top 10 game.

The game has 4 ramps, 9 ball paths counting the Demogorgan shot, custom callouts, assets from the show, main music theme from the show, And a nice art package.

- Demogorgan toy, which is a way above average overall feature in my opinion, with the drops, ramp coming down, shooting it in his mouth, and movement. Mine has worked perfectly out of the box.

3 things we've never seen before:

- Projector. It's really cool and only going to get better.

- Unique magnetic ball lock. One of the best ball locks ever. I' haven't had one issue with mine.

- UV kit - it's awesome and perfect theme integration
28 days ago
Demogorgon shot is satisfying, as is the right of the demogorgon to left orbit but playing this side by side to an Attack from Mars makes this game a poor copy with little innovation during the 25yrs between the two.
32 days ago
Who. They could of hit it out of the park with this one. I like the series just not the pin

I would suggest you pass on this table
35 days ago
Some Pinball machines just have that "IT Factor". A combination of elements that stimulate my senses. Stranger Things (LE) is one such Pinball. From the music and effects in the sound package, to artwork of the cabinet, Backbox and playfield. The controlled LED lighting scheme; laser light projection very nice touch.

That center Jump ramp aiming for the The Demigorgon is a total blast of a shot. Making the Hole-In-One is a great payoff triggering the Demigorgon to shake and shriek after you nail the shot down the demons throat."Bat-s.h.i.t" crazy I love it. Thanks a million... Brian Eddy... I really like the flow of the game’s shots. Sir you are officially back on the pinball scene ! Pinball is in a very good state.

The challenging rule-set is very deep with consideration to the early code. The modes are random, which always mixes up what will be played from game to game. There is variation within each game as there is strategy with stacking in the modes, demogorgon, demodog. The mode progression is an exciting build up to Telekinetic, Total Isolation multiball. Love the nods to AFM.

If you're in the coin-operated Amusement game business Stranger Things (LE) is going to be in excellent location pinball machine for some serious coin drop coin-drop.

Pinball is subjective . This game is fast, furious and fun. I really am enjoying what Brain Eddy has done so far with Stranger Things (LE) It is only going to get better.
41 days ago
BTW: what’s with the overly long reviews on this sight? Too much time on their hands? Delusions of importance? Too much coffee? If what has to be said about a pin can’t be summarized within a few paragraphs, I won’t bother to read it.

Anyway after getting several plays on this pin, I found myself liking it. The added gimmicks from the Pro version stand out nicely, particularly the projection mapping onto the screen concealing the Demigorgon as well as onto other playfield components. The Demigorgon itself has an added shaker motor and growls. However trying to get the ball down its throat is pretty much impossible (unlike the Pro version). I made what I thought were pretty accurate shots, but the ball wouldn’t shoot high enough to cram it down its throat. So if that’s deliberate, that may be a problem.

There is also a drain monster haunting this game a bit. But it isn’t a deal breaker. The multiball modes are fun. This feels like a well made game with good ball flow and some good shots (except for the Demigorgon) continuing Stern’s solid run.
42 days ago
I am a fan of the series.

THE CONS: Having played the PRO and LE editions it looks like they have moved the on screen information from the big screen to the smaller screen while the upper screen does....what? Maybe that is just a setting thing. The center toy shot is still hard. The machine needs tweaking so that the goofy angle bounce back shots don't drain. Seems a bit repetitive.
Not sure how soon I would get bored of faceless inter-dimensional monsters on the screens all the time.

THE PROS: Love the fact the toy vibrates and sounds like it squeals more when it gets hit (has anyone figured a way to change the settings to get an in the mouth shot?). The lights on the playing field look cool. Can't wait to see the Upside Down lights when they get installed. Loved the Demodogs.

Waiting to see where it goes and to see what this thread looks like a year from now :)

As usual, this is one subjective opinion and respect to everyone.
48 days ago
Was in on the LE from day one but certainly had concerns leading up to unboxing it.
But, I absolutely love this pin and it is so early on in code and projector mapping.
UV Lighting will take this pin to another level.
Blowing up the demogorgon or seeing the ball lock on the left ramp always feels satisfying.
Modes are already fun and they’ll only get better as code advances.
A winner. Glad all the hate was just hot air.
50 days ago
Stranger Things the first game to Brian Eddy has designed in over 20 years. The similarities to attack from Mars and medieval madness are apparent.

The Pros:
While I have never watch the show, playing this pinball makes me want to check it out. That’s a good sign for a theme. The layout, while initially showing itself to be a fan layout has a few more things going for than are immediately available to the eye. The in orbit to the right of the drop targets spins around quite quickly to the left or a bit with the spinner, Think of the spinner shot on monster bash. The artwork reeks of those great Drew Struzan movie poster of days gone by. The music and effects in the sound package and quite good. The UV lighting kit is HOT! Very well implemented. The sound design and music on this game is very well done. In fact, I think it’s one of Stern’s best sound packages ever. I haven’t watched the show, but listening to this game makes me want to check it out. The big innovation on this game is the projector in the reflective surfaces that it is placed upon. We saw a bit of this with the last Elvira game in the coding on the mansion that would reflect the different colors projected onto it in relation to the modes within the game. These features act more like the movie screens specifically driving but it’s also on the ramps and the spinner and in combination with the UV lighting kit this game pops out theatrically let you know the game before it. It looks fantastic big ups to the creative minds that conceived and executed this feature. While it may not hold up well under bright lights, in an arcade environment, this effect is absolutely incredible. I love it! And now... the rules, while still a work in progress are quite well laid out. Qualifying the lit yellow and orange modes from the left and right Orbits and ramps are quite well done and offer good scoring opportunities. Multi-ball from the left ramp doesn't offer big scores, but stacked with modes... Yas! Another nod to AFM, the linear inserts telling you how many shots are needed to get a mode started. It seems that there’s Three levels of wizard modes with in that layering of the six modes on each side. When you qualify all four main shots at the ramps and the orbits that’s two modes on either side of the playfield. Once you get all 4 shots and their modes lit, it starts again for a total of three times. This leads to three (mini) wizard modes within the game. The inserts at the bottom of the table give an indication of what attack from Mars brought to the rule set on this game with 5way combos and the like for game rule qualifications. The ramp that lowers to the playfield works as it should. I am very curious to see how this thing will hold up to long-term use and play.

The cons:
The rules are well done and I really like the flow of the game’s shots. However this game feels good when games like JP, Wonka, IM and BK SoR feel great. This game may grow on me with time, but you can’t fix a PF design. The kick out on the left since the ball in a direction that will quite often rebound into the left out lane. While this can probably be fixed or adjusted easily, I don’t like being punished for successfully making a shot on a game. And this is a physical part of the play field design. The stand of target on the far right is not available to be hit by the flippers. While it does bounce around in that area quite a bit, I’m surprised that the fan layout has an upward facing luck shot like this. This game has a plethora of inserts on the layout? How is this game being held together with structural integrity compromised to this extent? Last thing. You'd better make your shots to the right ramp. There is a good chance that it will go sdtm if it comes back atcha...

The takeaway:
This is a Fun game with a fantastic spooky horror theme. There’s a lot of things I like about this table and a few things that I don’t. While I am very happy to have Brian Eddy back in the pinball game, I find that this game in many ways feels a lot like what he designed along time ago for Williams. Who knows what he’ll come up with for his next design? While I don’t love it, I like this game. Nothing is perfect, Especially pinball. So let’s see where the code takes us and what the operators do to make sure this game plays the way it should. Something to look forward to.
52 days ago
Stranger Things - The Good - The Bad - and the Ugly

After playing the PRO and the PRO only I said right here that the game overall was a cash grab, that little to no effort was put into the game to create the theme from the show. As people debating if the projector would or wouldn't work I said it would work but those types of projectors would lose their brightness over time. The real focus should be on is this or isn't this a good game!

So despite bashing the game, and well a game that has now fallen all the way to 258 in the ratings I will list the good the bad and the really ugly about this game and stern in general.

I got an LE because of the THEME! Theme to me is everything in pinball and because I have one of the WORLDS biggest haunted houses, and at the exit we have all types of horror themed games. I dont 'think Munsters is a very good game (great artwork) but the game itself is boring. I bought that as well because of theme. I don't care about the current value of Munsters (a lot less than I paid) because I'm not selling it today or ever.

Moving on... THE GOOD!

The LE is way better than the PRO by a long shot. In the case of a game like Deadpool I don't see a true reason not to go with the PRO, same with many Stern games. But in the case of Stranger Things you need a Premium or an LE because the projector MOD is amazing. It gives a pinball game an entire new look. This new mod is GOOD for pinball because it means someone is thinking outside the box and honestly I hope someone does it again!

Turning the entire playfield into a blacklight look is amazing even though it should have BEEN INCLUDED with an LE... that is ridiculous! Still shows Stern really thinking outside the box (GOOD). The Ball Lock is really clever again PROPS to Stern. So in short the GOOD is Stern really did try to create something here that was TOTALLY different. I give them two thumbs up!


Stern should have added more toys especially on the LE... the flashers could have vine covers, it could use a demi dog or something anything. I think so much was put into the main feature they forgot about the rest of the game. This is the bad. Even with all this I like the game I think its actually pretty cool innovative and think mod companies will make up the difference. So I like the game UNTIL WE GET TO THE UGLY!


NOW THIS IS WHERE THE REAL UGLY KICKS IN... forget the fact that Stern knew about the Blacklight Mod, and didn't include it on the LE because honestly that is HORRIBLE OF THEM! Forget the fact that I got my game and had to take it apart because the project cords aren't even plugged in... SAD but true.

The real UGLY is this game shouldn't have EVER made it out of the factory and into your HOMES! The game simply doesn't WORK!

1) Ugly #1: You can activate a fight with the demi monster my game goes under that mech but comes back adn the drop targets are up catching the ball. The ramp comes down and can't because its hitting the ball, then you shoot balls at a ramp that is about 1/2 inch off the playfield. I'm sure the motor is also straining to get the ramp all the way down. A SERIOUS FLAW they should have fixed before shipping a single game.

2) Ugly #2: I haven't been able to play
58 days ago
Don’t let others fool you. This game is fast, furious and fun. The sound and art package is amazing, the early rules are enough to give you the “just one more game” bug. Can’t wait for the code updates. This was my first NIB LE and admittedly was nervous, but I am very happy with it.
81 days ago
Good fun that should remain fresh for some time. Artwork is substandard for a high end pin.
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