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Game Design: 7.703

Artwork: 7.531

Sounds/Music: 8.385

Other Aspects: 7.678

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15 days ago
Excellent theme and should last the test of time. Very Fun to play, but at time challenging to keep ball from draining so I would call this a a more technical challenging pinball machine. Love the Pro version as gameplay is fast and you are not waiting for ball to return via second elevated return. Lack of clock opens up the playfield and I like the fixed ramp to the Time Machine making flow of the game uninterrupted.
38 days ago
I contrast this game with Led Zeppelin, a favorite shooter of mine. I enjoyed Rush and found a degree of polish in it frankly that LZ lacks, in particular in the animations. That said, this shoots slower than LZ which is what I enjoy the most and it also has a more stilted flow than LZ.

If you are Rush fan, you like this game. It is very solid and works well with the music. Like LZ, you can select which song you are "playing" which is a great feature (as compared to Metallica, for example).
43 days ago
60 games played.
Amachine that went from enthusiasm to disappointment and now annoyed. Very bad and frustrating operating machine I'm ok that it was lent to me in the living room to learn how to play it. But in operation it is HELL

hard shoot
miles of marbles for nothing.
Ball that always ends up in the same hole.
43 days ago
The layout, fun, and playability of this game is very high! I got to play a few games and I really enjoyed playing it, however, it was hard to rate because I do not like Rush or their music so this is sort of a contradictory rating. Great game, terrible theme...that's the best way I can say it. If someone reskins it, I may buy one!
57 days ago
I played it on location when the machine came out 3 games and I literally was feeling of walking away each game, or hoping my ball would drain because I hated the machine. I took one in on a trade to give it another try, even though the theme does nothing for me.

Low and behold…. WHAT AN AMAZING GAME! Great flow and amazing code. The music will grow on you, sorta how Iron Maiden has grown on me. I don’t feel I’m missing much with a pro. The dead end shot feels way more satisfying than I ever thought it would. I just miss the ramp being up in the person because it makes the inner orbit/spinner shot a little more easier to hit on the premium. Other than that, totally underrated machine
3 months ago
Love Rush music and I am so happy Stern made this game!! As a fan of the band, I really enjoy this pinball machine. The playfield layout is unique and interesting, which at times can feel awkward and one sided, but at other times, feels refreshing and great to shoot ……..This ain’t no fan layout. Truthfully, the art is lame, but who really cares when the sound and music are perfection! Is this game a home run, no, but it’s above average and a really fun game to enjoy, especially if you like the bands music.
3 months ago
Absolutely love this game. The Cygnus wizard modes are awesome. Great flow. Being a huge Rush fan makes the game even better.
4 months ago
I am a huge Rush fan. I have all their albums in multiple editions, know all their songs and bought almost anything they ever put out.
I also love pinball so when the two things I love got together I knew I had to get it.

At first I was a bit afraid of ordering a game I've never played before but I don't regret it one bit.
The game is fast but it's also hard. I watched my nephews have a 2-3 millions on their first few games and it was "scoop-fest 2022" from constantly hitting the scoop.
Even I sometimes get 10 millions points on 3 ball games. So it's not a beginner table but it will grow on you, you'll know the dangerous shots and you'll get better with time. I made it to 1 billion once after a month of playing on a 5 ball setting.

The rule set and coding is superb with lots of possibility. The music integration couldn't be better.
The multiballs are very satisfying and there are many throughout a game. You feel like you're a pro during those modes.
It also has 2 other Cygnus modes so when you want to try something else, it's a totally different game.

There are a few flaws, like the right pop-bumper sticking to the back of the scoop, the inner loop not registering shots or the front scoop destroying the metal protector (on the first run of this machine - corrected later). Not a very big deal but it should have been caught during development.
I also wish it drained a little less. I put my machine to 5 balls play so games last longer and I can advance in a few modes.

Overall this game is awesome and one of the greatest pinball machine made to date. Any Rush fan should be delighted from all the little things that are Rush-related. Let's not forget the 600 voice calls made by Geddy and Alex themselves which are funny and entertaining. This is fan service of the highest order.
I find myself playing for hours and I can't imagine pinball getting any better than that.
4 months ago
I reluctantly took a new in the box Rush in a trade. But let me tell you. I am so glad that I did. I'm not the biggest Rush fan. But its pretty damn awesome! The shoots and flow are great. Compared to Godzilla it a more of a controlled flow. Were Godzilla is flow that is out of control.

The Time machine is a great use of a magnet. The control of the diverter on the upper ramps is a cool feature. The whole theme and music is integrated so well. John Borg hit it out of the park with Rush.
4 months ago
Great game, lots of fun and easy to make shots. I'm not even a big Rush fan but this pin made me realize how many of their songs I enjoy.
4 months ago
This is, without a doubt, one of the best modern Sterns and a Borg masterpiece. The rules are also very interesting and well done. It has a lot of replay value and is also a good bang for your buck at the pro level.
5 months ago
shooters paradise....
I was pleasantly surprised; even the music is ok.
give it a try , and buy a new scoop protector :)
6 months ago
This is probably the highest rated game for me to date. Rush is a dream theme for me and it didn't disappoint. This is Borg's best design with lots of satisfying shots, great flow and speed. Other than the time machine, Rush doesn't have a lot of toys but it doesn't need them as its a blast to shot. Even with the lack of toys, Rush Pro is packed with stuff on the playfield - third flipper, subway, two scoops, an outer and an inner orbit, three ramps, a path diverter and a bank of stand-ups! I ordered the Pro as the extra features did not seem worth the extra dollars and I'm not regretting that decision. Code is fun with a lot to do. Weak point is the Pro artwork which is very good but not great.
6 months ago
I'm not a lifelong Rush fan. In fact, it was the rumor of a Rush machine that really made me revisit them, and I'm so glad I did. Their depth and technicality are brilliant, but they never took themselves too seriously, and all three of those qualities are on display in this pin. The flow, when you're hitting your shots, is tremendous; nothing feels quite like hitting the through pops>upper ramp>right ramp combo. The risk/reward of trying to collect more records and combos versus just getting into the modes adds a ton of nuance. Callouts are varied and fun, and the music is incredible. My only downside so far is that, for an average player, the modes are a ton of work to complete. The two-ball default for multiballs is also a little rough sometimes, but there are enough ways to add a ball that this isn't a dealbreaker.

On the whole, Borg brought the best of his layout elements, and Tim Sexton and crew have coded a gem (and we're only on .93). Highly recommend checking this one out, but make sure you're somewhere you can crank it up!
6 months ago
There's no way I can objectively review this game. I'm the proto-nerd that's lived Rush since 2112 was released in 1976. Seen them in concert too-many times to count. Rush + Pinball pretty much completes my life. I've waited 40 years for these two loves to converge. For a Rush fan, this is heaven on earth in a cabinet. Game rules are deep. I'm about 40 games in, and am just now starting to understand the flow, rules, modes, combos, and objectives. Tons of stuff to do, and shots are varied and just the right amount of difficulty. Fortuantetly, I upgraded my Pro to allow headphones, a detail which has probably saved my marriage, or at least, a half-dozen painful joint counseling sessions. Ah, Rush Pinball, bearing a gift beyond price, almost free....
6 months ago
Only have played the pro, so I can't comment on the premium, but I feel that it's sad this is rated as a 7.5. It's so much more than that and truly not vastly different from the premium. If you like the theme, you are almost guaranteed to love the pin. I'm not a huge fan of the cab art on the pro, but the rules and layout more than make up for it. Compared to Zeppelin, I am really happy the band participated in the creation of the game as it really shows.
6 months ago
The game is ok. If you are a Rush fan (which I am not) I'm sure you will enjoy the game immensely. The shots are tight but they are there. Playing the game I found that I had heard more music from Rush than I thought and it's cool that some of the footage in the game is retro/ older.

***The more I play this game, the more I love it. Now I want to get my hands on a Premium!
7 months ago
Fun game, but a little too easy at times. Also, the scoop protector damage issue is a pain and should not be present on an expensive machine like this.
7 months ago
This is just a great looking game with fun shots, good call outs and a great theme integration. Of all the music pins I have played and I have played most of them. I think this has the one of the best layouts with only Iron Maiden beating it slightly. One of the weaker areas of the game for me is the rules. I am not really drawn into the modes and they don't seem that different. Possibly that will change and improve with updates. I still rated it 5/6 in that category.
7 months ago
I've only played this pin a few times but thoroughly enjoyed it. I am particularly partial to the music, having grown up in that era, but the playfield layout is also what kept me playing it. Lots of great targets to shoot for and seems reasonably deep, though haven't played enough to comment further. Love the entire game.
7 months ago
Full disclosure: I am not a Rush fan. But I am a huge Borg fan, and have been very curious about this pin. Played a ton of it today, and unfortunately I don’t think it’s his best work.

The table doesn’t feel like it has flow, and the time machine mechanism on the pro is a real letdown. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t get into it.

Judging from the forums, people who love Rush have a very different reaction than I did, but as a pure pinball game this is not a pin I can recommend.
7 months ago
FUN! Very smooth gameplay. Played at a local arcade and loved it. I've now played all 3 versions and they all feel solid to me.
Only real issue is the speaker. For a pin based on a classic rock theme, I wish the sound quality was just a tad better.
Other than that - Home Run for Team Stern!
7 months ago
For me, Rush Pro is on par with Medieval Madness and Monster Bash, two of my favourites. Rush Pro is a game you can play again and again and again. Extremely satisfying playfield with a gradation of moderate to challenging shots. Love the combos. Game pace is fast. And most importantly, the game doesn’t frustrate you - I rarely feel robbed of a ball. For a pro level game it is really well set up and play is balanced - it does not actually feel like there are any missing bells and whistles. I imagine the Premium/LE feel like icing on the cake but the Pro version is all cake and loads of it!
8 months ago
I have been playing this game like crazy and it's amazing. It didn't play great out of the box, but with some tweaks it now plays perfectly. The layout isn't very innovative, but it's mimicking great games.

I absolutely love the artwork of the pro. I think it got the best cohesive design of the three trim levels. I can see this game sticking around for years.

I hate how much abuse the scoop takes and mine was damaged in the first 1000 plays. As soon as stern can figure out how to protect it properly, I will be a happy camper.
8 months ago
This game is fantastic. It is Fast! I a voting on .91 code, so it will get even better.
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