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Game Design: 8.565

Artwork: 8.058

Sounds/Music: 8.64

Other Aspects: 8.595

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There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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32 days ago
Played this pin during 2023 TPBF so I was unable to to rate the sounds and music.
46 days ago
He play's very well !! a good machine.
47 days ago
Finally managed to play a Premium on location (vs the usual Pro I have access to). Premium is def the better option on this pin. The flow of the game fits the modes and themem more. I went in thinking a wirefrom, a moving ramp and a drum wouldnt make much difference... but it does. The game speed is slowed down with the additional wireform and makes shooting that little bit more interesting and planned. The drum toy is fun and conveys useful info. Still not essential but fun. The moving ramp for the time machine also alters the game flow enough that I thinnk it's a positive overall.

The modes and code have always been fun but this feels like the "right" way of playing them. I would not say no to owning a pro... but I would consider the Premium if I could... It is better in unexpected, but meaningfull ways. It doeesnt feel quite as unfairly brutal. Outside of the SDTM from the orbit-pops it's more "your fault player!"
73 days ago
I've played both the Premium and Pro versions of Rush, initially playing the Pro and loved it. However, after getting a taste of the Premium I knew I just had to have one. Both are fantastic pins, but the additions to the Premium, for me, were worth the extra cost. The playfield is among the best out there. It is relatively unique, particularly with the side placement of the pop bumpers with the clear path through them if you hit it just right. Just so many cool features to shoot for and very, very smooth. The timing of the shots with the audio is fantastic. The only downside for me was the complexity of it, knowing how best to score. The callouts do help as do the flashing lights, so it did become much less of a concern for me now but it did make me hesitate before pulling the trigger initially. Like a lot of machines, though, there is a learning curve and as long as the path along this curve is fun then that's all I need. Very deep game and I love the music.
77 days ago
I wasn’t real excited when Rush was announced. After about a year, I gave it a chance and play it for a while at my distributor.

The game is currently my favorite layout. It’s fast and has tremendous flow. There are a ton of great shots and they all seem well laid out. Animations and concert video are well done. Sounds and call outs are great. My only gripe is that I don’t love the cartoon character depictions in the center of the playfield. I think the steam punk theme is well done as is the rest of the art on the premium.
3 months ago
I really like to play this pin. The first time I played it I liked it, and now I've played it on location 3 or 4 times. The shots are just easy to find and feel good. Love the ramps and flow. The last couple of Borg pins were just brutal, TMNT and Munsters, but Rush Premium is definitely a 'feel good' pin. I'm not a big Rush fan, and I don't really like the hokey art. The premium cabinet is simple and nice, not a fan of the backglass, BUT I do LOVE the time machine theme and shooting the ring is super fun and the ramps and light show. I would definitely play this pin often if I had one in my collection.
3 months ago
If you are a fan of Rush this is a must own game, from the studio music matched to concert footage, to Alex and Geddy's voice overs to a play field that is fun and enjoyable (loosely based on their Time Machine tour).
3 months ago
Possibly the most boomer machine ever. Boomer music, boomer (and a bit lackluster) callouts). I couldn't care less about the band, but it is a neat pin with good flow and a lot of variation. All in all a very good effort by Stern. Just wish it was a better band... Like Ramones.
4 months ago
Amazing and deep rule set - still scratching the surface after 50 games...
4 months ago
This premium seems like a huge upgrade from the pro. Unlike some other games where it is harder to justify the price difference from the pro (tmnt most notably, maybe JP) overall This game is amazing, I just don't love the band.
4 months ago
The game is fun to play with lots of good and challenging shots to make. I do enjoy the music, and I think the artwork is very good. I play the game regularly and look forward to it every time I do.
5 months ago
The call outs are spot on... "your late numbnuts"... love it. Music adds to the fun and excitement well, increasing play intensity. Favorite, but players game, not as enjoyable for beginners.
5 months ago
Love this game, just got it, played Godzilla and Rush side by side. Bought the Rush premium.
5 months ago
Was nervous buying this game, played the pro and absolutely hated it. Had a trade offer I couldn’t resist. The premium is absolutely the way to go. Nice flow, spacious shots, unique layout. Believe me when I say I’m not a Rush fan, I knew two songs, and actually liked one “Tom sawyer”. After playing it I realized I knew four songs. Now you think we’ll it’ll get annoying after a while, so far not at all. Actually it’s a very nice paced game. Really enjoy it and it’s going next to my Godzilla and not moving from my
5 months ago
Upon unboxing the game needed few minor mechanical tweeks. Namely, the original scoop protectors and the inner orbit not always registering shots. Both of which were easily fixed. I'm not counting those in my rating.
This game has it all. Yes, I was a Rush fan before I got the game. So that certainly helps. This is my favorite Borg game. The whole team did a great job. The rules and theme integration are just great! Top tier game for sure. So happy I got my premium in the first production run.
6 months ago
One of the best games ever made
6 months ago
I will place more later. But I really like this pin. Never heard of the band, but it grows on you. Really like they placed videos from concert. You get the feeling of the band this way.
Okay here is the [Edit]
I’ve never ever created a ringtone for my iPhone. But…..the song “Far cry” really ticked my buttons so I did now. :)
I think the Rush music is the best in pinball machines ever. It really goes with the flow and excitement of the game.
We had a few mechanical issues but easily fixed.
The call outs a great: boss is coming, look busy hahahahaha
Really love this pin!!!
7 months ago
In france, rush doesn't exist so i will only play about the game feeling. It's really but really great ! Lots of toys and a real fun factor to play ! Well done ! Perhaps too much lightning on this game from everywhere !
7 months ago
Love this game. I got it about a week ago, and have been playing it every chance I get. The game pretty much needs some aftermarket parts to get it 100% (scoop protectors, loop fix, shooter lane fix), but the variety of shots is awesome and flow is great. Lots of opportunities for different combos. The software and graphics/sound are top notch. This one isn't leaving my game room.
7 months ago
I have mixed feelings on this game. It is laid out well but the mod to the center scoop makes it a more clunky game. The shots are good and the flow can be good. The game's band is nothing something I identify with, but I recognize the good qualities too with the game. With that being said, I don't have that feeling that makes be wanting to come back to play it as much as many other modern games.
7 months ago
Awesome game, with excellent and deep as hell, rule set! Shots are great, and varied and the call outs are probably my favorite, especially if you love the Band and know them. Music variety is phenomenal and some really cool multiballs. Fly by night, gets' darker as you progress, is a visual treat and the captive is very cool. Think this game was poo pooed a little early, as it has turned out to be a real players game.
As an owner, not happy about multiple fixes, that were not addressed at Stern. Super jackpot ramp, inner loop, lowest drop target, VUK and some missing ball saves on relaunches or scoop releases.
7 months ago
Rush is my flow go-to. I really wanted a game in my 3-pin stall that would flow like butter on a hot summer day. And it does! The modes are varied, some are easy, some are not. Overall the game makes me a better player, and I enjoy playing the games. Music is great and a lot of songs to choose from. I was not a Rush fan before buying this, but I am now.

It stinks that mods are almost required for some games to help with the inner loop and shooting lane, that is about the only knock I have on the game. Everything else is great!

You can tell that the code is well done. Also a lot of love was put into the machine by the band and Ed Robertson. It shows.

This game will be up on the list for quite a while.
7 months ago
I genuinely don’t like Rush as a band, but I genuinely love this machine! I probably don’t understand a bunch of the call-outs and references, and I’m not 100% on the rules, but I really enjoy how this plays from first play to 100th play. Underrated!
7 months ago
I really like this game just not the music so much. I still want to buy this game tho!
7 months ago
This game is a sleeper. Easily the best game of 2022.
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