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This is "Rush (Premium)".
The other versions are: Rush (Pro) (regular version), Rush (LE)

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30 days ago
I would recommend this game to people. I like it because it has a little more control than the pro in the following:

-Dropshot has a kickback that goes to the right flipper. Helpful since the pro version doesn't have it and I have to manuver the ball so it doesn't drain.

-Love the time machine ramp: how it goes up and down when you are ready to activate a mode.

-Cabinet artwork is more appealing to me than the pro version.
39 days ago
After playing the LE, I had figured there would be a little less to get excited about when playing the Premium, but it's still a blast! The art on the cabinets isn't quite as exciting, but flows well with the game (and you can't top that Steampunk LE with the Guitar armor anyway!).
Solid game all around. Love it!
43 days ago
Hey, 30 games in. Lovely. More later.
44 days ago
Normally I wait a couple of weeks to rate a game that I own and play at least a 100 games. Well I am damn near that after 3 days.

This game so fun. My GZLE is getting pissed.

I am a Rush fan-not super but I've seen them in concert back in the 70s (Kiss backup band!) as well as more recently in their Clockwork Angels tour. Their music and deadpan humor are not for all, but after several hours on this machine you will be laughing and singing. RayDay, the kid boy wonder (you will always be a kid to me Ray- sorry!), was on a stream singing along with the tunes as he coached play-Ray knew little of the band before the project. The music and sound production is TOP.

Where does this game shine the most? IMO- code (Raymond Davidson and Tim Sexton) and layout. The code is so awesome - a buddy of mine and I spent three hours with just the Stern rule sheet going over the game. That night my buddy stayed up until 2 a.m. watching the video streams. Yeah the code is that great and is not even finished.

For a Borg game- tough but manageable - great for average and expert players. The shots are so fun. Risk/reward is built into the shots as well as the code. If you find this game easy- you are either a monster player or have stuffed the outlanes with paper towels. So many shots and devious drop downs as well as stand-ups. Ramp through pop bumpers and somewhat tight right lane and orbit. Borg upper flipper with 3 and often 4 shots possible. When you are shooting well- so fun! When not...well that's pinball

Artwork? The premium looks much better in person - the playfield has the cartoon bobble heads. I am not a big fan of that, but I only notice it when I start out the game. Apparently Rush has had lots of artwork renderings of the band and this is what the band wanted. No real complaints, because a lot of work and thought went into to the art.

Complaints? I'm fortunate that my game is playing great out of the box. My scoop is hanging in there - will probably have to replace sooner than later. The double scoop is so great - lots of strategy with the side scoop. The blue tip rubber pieces on the ramp take a real beating - mine are ok so far. Sometimes the dead end VUK shot will reject but not that often.

Stern is on a roll- this one of the best music pins out there. Not as pretty as JJP GNR or as iconic as AC/DC (I have both), but the play and code make Rush pinball a top ten.
44 days ago
I own a Rush Pro and was lucky enough to get to try a mint new Rush premium at a friends house on the weekend. Comparing the two, game play is not materially different. The VUK definitely slows the game down a bit - for a lot of people that's a good thing, especially during multi-ball. The drum clock is a nice feature, the scoop shooting out balls sideways adds another dimension for sure.

Scoops were no issue on the premium but a lot of people are purchasing 3rd party protectors and the owner of this machines was leaning the same way. It's too bad Stern didn't get this right the first time, I think a lot of pro reviews were low because of this.

Overall, game play is fantastic with lot of great shots, great music, funny callouts and good flow. Very much a Borg creation. I am thrilled with the amount of passion owners have for this theme and this game. It's a keeper if you own one and a go-to game if you are playing on location.
45 days ago
Not a huge Rush fan but always excited to see a band get a pin. The game plays well enough but has had documented problems. The lower left feels like Whirlwind a bit more than an homage and the center shot feels like so many other games out there that has a magnetic lock. It’s a good game, but in my personal opinion, if you don’t love the band, it’s not one I would seek out due to the layout, rules, and fun factor. To each his/her/their own!
70 days ago
I love the upper diverter that provides alternative ball paths for multiple ramp shots. That's super cool. The game overall shoots pretty well too. Ball times were super long and multiballs were plentiful. Our first three player game took well over an hour, with one of our players walking away after ball two. I think the backglass and playfield art were a bit of a miss. I'm generally a big fan of the extra toys on a Premium, but in this case I prefer the static ramp on the Pro over the lifting ramp on the Premium.
74 days ago
The newest title from Stern Pinball, X-men! Errr, Rush!

The Pros:
The good news is I really like playing X-men and listening to Rush! I’m joking, but that’s how playing this game feels to me. The Radical ramp diverter is implemented perfectly and makes the ramps more fun and is a great part of this design. I am curious to see how it is implemented in the rules and modes. The 1-2-3 shots and their variances in lit shots make for great and easily followed sequences. My other favorite bit with the layout is 3 bank of targets and the TWD inspired sequence to multiball (R.I.P. LFS). Is there a drum solo mode? I haven’t found it yet.

The Cons:
The holes in the middle of the playfield seem to swallow up the ball from indirect shorts meanderings and caroms more often than direct shots. The artwork on the cab is a mess of iconic Rush imagery. The playfield artwork is functional to direct the player, but looking at the band, they look like they are made out of play dough. Except for Lemmy, he looks GREAT! Where’s his hat? Video footage is quite varied in image quality throughout their career. I know that something like this wouldn’t happen while Neal Pearl was alive (damn... two R.I.Ps in a single review), but I wonder if they will take any audio and put it into call outs. I don’t expect to hear him. Try to read the rule sheet. Just try...

Poorly adjusted scoops will put the ball between the flippers. Yay!

The Takeaway:
I know the code is early, but right now it feels like the rules are well thought out in its direction. Other than the wolverine holes, this game plays really well. Earnings-wise, this game design may end up like x-men. The theme fans and technical players will love it. But most casuals will probably dismiss it as a "dad thinks he's rad" jukebox and walk on by. I’d love to be wrong on that call. Rush is one of my favorite bands of all time and I am happy that they got a pinball game. It just seems strange to me as they never really licensed anything with their identity before... Looking forward to playing the Preem / LE!

Played the premium last night and it was more of a noticeable difference than I expected. The third ramp goes to the the left inlane on the right. All 3 inlanes can now be scored with ramp/ VUK shots. The rising ramp on the time machine magno-ring is a simple and well done toy. The lighting on the side is similar to the lanes on the side of Led Zep. Is it me, or all of the children of the 70's happy with their happy place tunes now? Grandpa rock... rocks on! The good news, is that this layout is solid. A more refined and tuned x-men playfield with incredibly well done code. Code balance is the key here and while the risk/ reward isn't as heavy as multiball scoring, stacking modes and bringing them into multiball is always a solid path of gameplay. The modes are challenging and well directed to the player on the tv screen as well as with the playfield lighting. The "stacks" of inserts by the shots reminds me of metallica. There is a LOT to do on this design. multiple goals are placed for the player and the little things that matter, are paid attention to. The touring of the music is well placed and nothing feels so right as Mr. Lee and Mr. Leifson gurning you out as you play as any proper Canadian would.

For me, I like the premium/LE more than the pro for playability reasons. Lighting is well done and the game is a shooter's delight. Didn't like it when I first played it, now. It is on the want list! Wait... didn't that happen with X-men???
77 days ago
Huge Rush fan and love the idea, theme, music and the overall game play is smooth with some nice shot options. I wanted to love it but it was just OK for me. Artwork feels a bit cartoonish and just expected more for RUSH and from Stern. Again not a bad game, but just left me wanting more.
3 months ago
I played a non-production copy of RUSH at Funland in the Brunswick Arcade in London.

It’s really easy to start up a mode by shooting the Time Machine. It’s actually easier than LoTR because the magnet on LoTR doesn’t always catch the ball. Qualifying shots is also really easy. If you shoot just about any three shots, you qualify an album (mode) and the ramp comes down. As a result, you can just fire the ball around wildly for the first couple of minutes.

The lighting is nice and the graphic design is okay. The callouts seemed to have been recorded by Rush especially for the pin and have a relaxed, chatty feel. The layout feels a pretty standard fan layout with the pop bumpers-on-a-loop from Aerosmith and Tron (two other John Borg titles). The dual scoops weren’t as exciting as I’d hoped and, in general, I was left with a bit of a ‘meh’ reaction. It‘s a good pin, but - unless the advanced code is REALLY REALLY deep and innovative - I’d predict it’s probably a top 20-30, not a top 5.

I’d definitely recommend it to a Rush fan who wanted a relaxed, easy-to-play design.
There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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