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Game Design: 8.662

Artwork: 8.313

Sounds/Music: 8.512

Other Aspects: 8.663

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Found 81 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 81 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
I overlooked this game for a while but it’s actually pretty damn good! Better than I thought.

The layout is typical Borg. I prefer the Dead End return ramp on the premium/LE over the pro’s implementation.

The artwork on the LE is top notch and I the side rails compliment the steam punk design nicely.

RayDay and Timballs have this game humming along and the code seems to have balanced out. The rules are well thought out and diverse and the game shoots nicely. Some of the rules are a little obscure but watching RayDay’s YouTube tutorial cleared some things up. The Expression Lighting really brings the game alive!

Prices seem to be coming down a little and the game is not currently slated for production in the future. End of run? It’s the perfect time to give this game a chance to win your heart.
9 days ago
Rush really took awhile to grow on me, I was ready to sell/trade this game from the minute it became mine. I watched the Rayday video, after maybe a couple months, and really focused on the combos and multipliers and it went from being a must sell game to a must own forever game. I have played the LE through a local friend and it's stunning, on top of all the great code and layout. Definitely Borg's best game, and in my top 3 overall. This game will be a pricey addition in a couple years when they are truly done selling new ones, and the pro is every bit as good as the premium/LE layout and shot wise IMO you can't go wrong with whatever you can afford on this title-
49 days ago
been playing my 3 buddies Rush LE's and decided to finally add one to the lineup. Picked up a gently used one with less than 250 plays and it plays fast. The back glass is incredible, the music is phenomenal and Rush is damn fun pin. I love the new code update and ability to play mini modes. I appreciate the cool side armor on the LE but come on Stern, ramp up the side artwork and if we are all buying a LE, at least make it shiny. Oh and put this one next to another JB themed pin, GOTG which is another favorite.
61 days ago
OK, so, let's get this out of the way then. Theme in pinball is huge for me. It can make or break my experience on a machine. I will definitely put more time into a not fantastic layout and rules, with a theme that resonates, than I will a fantastic layout and rules, with a theme that falls flat with me. Rush is not a great theme for me. I'm a massive metalhead with hard rock coming a close 2nd. So, they're definitely in my wheelhouse. But, I've never been able to fully connect with they're music, especially Geddy Lee's voice.
Then there's the John Borg thing. Wait,....don't pile on. I'm not bagging him out. I love the guy for everything he's done in pinball that I've enjoyed. Thank you John. Especially for my Metallica Premium. It's just that having lived with a Borg creation in my home for over 6 years, I'm now able to see the "sameness" (to a degree) in his work. I feel like between Metallica, EHOH, and Rush that the right side of all 3 machines shoot very similarly. Which does mean that they're all great fun to shoot as well. This is not a criticism of JB's ability to put fun shots and flow into a layout. We all know that ability probably just oozes out out his pores like chi straight into his pinball creations.
Rush does differentiate itself with its upper right flipper, and the shots to the left of table you hit with it. These are some satisfying shots. Rush has avoided the problems of a sloppy upper flipper, and of making "must hit" shots too hard, or having them obscured behind other parts of the playfield. But. I really did find this game to be right flipper centric. In 35-40 plays thus far, I've had this play out without exception. And then when the ball did head towards the left flipper, it drained down the side way to often. Is it just me, or do others feel like the left in lane is very narrow?
For all my highlighted "faults", Rush is still a game I will happily play on location whenever I see it. The Borg fun factor is turned up high. Once you're into a game the music and call outs are great. And the lighting pulls you into your own private rock show.
63 days ago
Another great game by John Borg. I love the flow of the game when you're hitting your shots. Easy keeper for me because I love Rush's music. Stern mods just announced this week and can't wait to add the topper. I haven't figured out all the rules yet and I could do without some of the goofy callouts but overall the game is top notch!!
67 days ago
First I don' want buy it, because I didn't like the Theme........
I played it several times by a Friend....
This is the best Pin ever... Really !!
Fantastic Gameplay
Fantastic Flow
Fantastic Rulesheet
I like the music ( it's a little bit like STIX )
Great shots with satisfaction guarantee
Try it !!
73 days ago
i didn't mention this pinball machine before i got one clearly under RRP. it seems that this machine is not a top seller? but! this is one of stern's most dynamic pins ever. the theming is not my cup of coffee; but the layout, the ruleset, the whole package is really really great. very good flow, no lack in shots, very well balanced concept. great game!... and i am not a stern boy :)
3 months ago
Huge sleeper hit. I'm not a Rush fan, but this is the game I keep coming back to. Has it all and is John Borg's best layout - that in itself speaks volumes.
3 months ago
The more I play it the more I love it. The combo rules take it over the top. There are different ways to get points. I love pushing the record (mode start) value. Usually I drain before I can exploit a big multiplier! I am now trying to get several combos before I start a song or multiball. The Weapon is genius as a reward for doing the 1-2-3.
Stern needed some play testing before release, that is clear. But now all fixed up by the modders and it is butter. Best game ever? Possibly! Not kidding!
4 months ago
ine of the most fun music themed pins I have played yet!
4 months ago
I'll start by saying first, that I am not a Rush fan. I recognize and know the songs, but I was never a big fan. Playfield artwork a little strange looking to me, but then again, it's a pinball machine. Who am I to judge what they were going for? it's fun and that's what it's all about at least for me. I have gone to play it multiple times and played it next to the new James Bond LE the other night. I went back to the Rush. I don't even know a lot of the rule set yet, but I love the combo shots. I find myself wanting to go back and play it. Of course, there are a couple shots that remind me of LOTR, which is one of my favorites. We have had a Rush unopened NIB for a while now and were trying to decide whether to keep it. I decided that I would keep it and let something else go which is why I decided to write a review. An underrated pinball for sure, at least in my humble opinion.
5 months ago
Great Music!!! Fun Game
5 months ago
Way better then expected (As I am not really a Rush band fan and was worried that the music could be annoying). Music is good for a pinball, lots of enjoyable shots, time machine is really cool, ramps are all really good and flow! The light show is well done, and like the artwork on the backglass and playfield. Just an excellent pinball and fun. One of my favorite John Borg designs.
5 months ago
This review comes after playing forty games or so, with half of them on an LE and half of them on a Pro.

I really enjoy hitting combos on this machine, and I enjoy the variety of available shots. The layout has a familiar or "classic" feel to me, albeit with small differences and improvements. The speed of play is just about "right" on all versions, although I prefer the somewhat faster Pro model over the Premium and LE in this regard. Music is excellent and the call outs are all the more pleasing because Geddy and Alex put so much effort into them. They aren't the best voice actors, but the knowledge that they cared enough to invest time and effort in their creation more than makes up for any mild deficiencies on this score. In short, shots, flow, depth, and sound are all strengths.

The weaknesses, from my perspective, can easily be seen as strengths by other players. First, the game is more complex than I typically prefer, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do at certain times. The initial learning curve is steep (or I am just not very good at interpreting the variety of flashing lights and spoken instructions while also trying to navigate shots and multiballs and working on basic pinball flipper skills). Second, the game is much less fun in a public setting if the call outs and music are hard to hear. Music pins without the music, and complex rule sets without the ability to hear verbal instructions, are simply less enjoyable than they should be. The Cactus Canyon that was adjacent to the Rush Pro I played in a microbrewery, was much more enjoyable in the face of the same external noise. The third potential weakness, I suspect, is long ball times if you're a good player. Thankfully, I am not one of those, as I tend to like shorter games rather than marathons (I'm talking about you, LOTR).

Although the LE is my favorite version, thanks to the Steampunk art package and the expression lights, the PRO version does not feel shortchanged to me. Kudos to the designers (and bean counters?) for not shortchanging the lowest model.
6 months ago
just a piece of artwork.... i thing the RUSH LE is underrated! one of the best pinballs as today!
6 months ago
Being a huge Rush fan, I bought this before I had a chance to play it. I was relieved and blown away when I started playing. So many fun and satisfying shots! When compared to jjp GnR, Rush plays so much better. Combos, time machine, ramps are all excellent.
7 months ago
Really enjoyed my time with Rush LE. Im not a bug rush fan but its incorporated really well into the game. This is one of Borgs best layouts(maybe we hes used it multiple times!). The spinner is one of the best spinner rips in recent history and the code is awesome. Well done RayDay and Co.
7 months ago
You don't have to be a Rush fan to like this game. It is much better than I expected (I was not a Rush fan). Music is good, not annoying even during long playing sessions. More you play the game, more you will like it! Good shots. Not a copy from another game.
7 months ago
Rush pinball is as good as it gets for me. Ive waited until the honeymoon phase has worn off before this review. I've have the machine in the house for over 6 months now. Ive has HUO pins for 12 years now and have seen Rush 5 or 6 times live - so a big Rush fan. Im usually good with Premium machines, but had to get the LE on this, it is spectacular. The game play is spectacular, one of Borgs best!!! The rules and game play keeps me hitting that start button, "that one more game" is my experience with this amazing pin. I wasnt too crazy of the art of the guys on the play field, Peart kinda looks a bit evil, which is weird as he seemed to be a very nice and learned man, but it has grown on me. The lighting is over the top. This one is bolted - blows away GnR Le that I sold to buy this and that was THE BEST move I have made in pinball. If you are thinking about picking this up, just do it, u wont regret it.
8 months ago
My first NIB pinball. For sure not an easy pick: RUSH is not a brand very popular in this side of the atlantic ocean.
I didn"t know anything about Rush, and didn't know a single song of the band. And it didn't stop me. Why?
The cabinet is very "classy": the backglass is by far the most beautiful backglass I have ever seen.
This pinball is very fun to play: the double inverted flip mode of the Cygnys book is one of a kind.
The Expression Lighting System lighting is something never seen for now.
The music is great and match my taste. The flow is smooth and natural.
In summary, there is more in this pinball than meets the eye.

EDIT: Rush's songs are great!!!
8 months ago
Great shooter with music and light that mesh really well with the game. The playfield art gets bashed a bit but the music is mostly ‘70s and ‘80s and I think the artwork represents that periods airbrush style. It’s a beautiful machine.
9 months ago
Eight ball is still my favourite one, this one hits the third spot! when i heard they made this i ordered it asap, 8 days after release announcement i think. it’s my first nib game too! what a ride what a rush of a rock band. they put in real great flow in this one. love smashing up 1-2-3. combo shots then that combo jackpot. love their humorous call outs. the little nods to the song passage to bangkok is nice and made me put it third up, along with the sweet flowing shots. this is a shooters game, it’s fast but tame if trapping is your thing. the out lanes are hungry but unlike tommy you can wrest em back into game mostly! loving the whole experience that it gives. it’s always a rush.. the time machine ramp and the vuk shots flow well too! it’s well designed indeed. watch out for the borg walkout on the right side!! Too many great things to mention but i like how your modes don’t end at ball drain. you must finish em to advance so loads or replay time here.. not just a juke box pin, a players pin too! light shows is closest to concert you can get
10 months ago
As a huge lifelong Rush fan, this was a must own for me. I think John Borg did a great job on the gameplay and I am excited for future code updates. I also love that the surviving members of Rush had an active role in the game, unlike other rock-theme pins.
10 months ago
I'm huge fan a RUSH because of this game, it keeps me coming back for more...Absolutely LOVE the Rush LE it has the Best game lightning in pinball if you ask me.. The cabinet and backglass are a work of art. No glare from the glass or lights. I wasn't a RUSH fan before but I love the music and the way the video syncs songs to the game modes. Easy to understand the next mode when the music changes.

Combo shots are awesome, but SOME are not easy, a few are timed and you'll keep coming back to the Time Machine to restart the time. It can take some time to understand how to advance the move, but once you get it, you'll have it down. If you can advance the combo and the albums your game gets more variation, and more multi-balls. Wizzard mode is the ultimate goal..

Toys... the time machine and the drum clock are easy to understand, and light up when active, again pretty intuitive.. No real Animations in the game but that ok, I don't need to fix the Animations years down the road.

As others have mentioned, issues include problems with the skill shot, and the inner loop shot. But the design, programming, and engineering of the game is top rate. I really love the lightning and the expression lighting, it changes the game. I would ABSOLUTLY recommend this game. Play it!
10 months ago
Really great game with some interesting rules. Expression lighting really adds to the game and looks great with this one. Didn't think I'd like this one as much as I do.
There are 81 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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