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Game Design: 6.597

Artwork: 6.64

Sounds/Music: 8.174

Other Aspects: 6.944

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This is "Led Zeppelin (Pro)".
The other versions are: Led Zeppelin (Premium), Led Zeppelin (LE)

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55 minutes ago
i m a huge Led Zep fan and i like musical pinballs

it s okay to play this one on location but i would never by one Nib , mostly because of a poor layout

3rd flipper is almost useless

sorry to say i m disappointed , what a great theme wasted
4 days ago
The shots on this game are so. far. away. Once you dial them in there is some nice flow, and of course Zeppelin. But the fake British callouts are not great (couldn't we have gotten the woman from Iron Maiden?) and the lazer-like sling sounds absolutely kill me - they feel way too modern for a pin themed around a 70s behemoth. The upper flipper is a waste without a ramp connected and it's a shame Stern couldn't have made that happen. With that one piece this could be a much more serviceable Pro, but now it just feels super stripped down.
12 days ago
Led Zeppellin is a simple machine but with a dynamic and pleasant gameplay, but what makes this machine strong is the Led Zeppellin soundtrack. The playfield is very psychedelic as well as the whole machine, half of the playfield is protected with original factory mylar thus making it much more resistant, the construction is simple, but you will hardly have mechanical problems since it does not have advanced mechanisms to break or fail, perfect for pinball clubs. One thing I didn't like was the art of the box and the very simple Back glass, but in general the machine pleased me more than I expected!
14 days ago
So normally I would have agreed with these bad sub par ratings, and about a month ago I would have joined them. But on a whim I rented LZ pro For a couple months to get a real feel for the game. And I absolutely enjoy playing it now. Yes the art sucks on the backglass and sides, I do like the playfield art, and stern could have definitely added that ramp on the pro for that upper right flipper to make this game fantastic to shoot. But all and all Music, code and fast flowing shots, and a great light show really make this game fun. Plus the Top of the charts mode is a very fun way to play the game.
This game will grow on people, and I expect it to be like stranger things when everyone decides to play it, Rather than mock it.
16 days ago
I really wanted to hate this empty looking game, but instead, I really enjoyed it.
39 days ago
A subar release. No features on the pro that have a wow factor.
49 days ago
This game really came up short for a modern music game. When the theme was announced I was strongly considering ordering before even playing it, I saw the play field pics and was worried so I waited until I could get some games in before ordering it, it was worse than I expected. Playfield seems painfully empty. Not very fun. Code is repetitive and boring. Some shots seem like Hail Marys. Led Zeppelin’s music is great and timeless it’s too bad it will forever be burdened with being on a not good pinball machine.
69 days ago
Well that was disappointing
71 days ago
Played a good amount at my local arcade. Great game but compared to the premium or LE offerings it's a different game almost altogether. Still flows great and a fun shooter but lacking the magic spinner leaves a pretty plain pin with great music.
76 days ago
Box of lights with music. Stern thought they could strip down the game because of the title. What a shame!
79 days ago
Wanted this game to be awesome. It wasn't. Far from it.
85 days ago
Led Zeppelin is a fun game to play! The music is classic and sounds great! Really love this game!
88 days ago
Put a bunch of games on this today at my local , it shoots smooth,, good orbits , brutal out lanes , looking at the playfield it seems bare but the long shots make up for it . The artwork is just lazy and really lets it down . It’s just ok.
89 days ago
Finally had a chance to play this machine. What a feeling of disappointment. The only fun part about the game was the music. Not much going on with the playfield either. Was going to buy now there is no way.
3 months ago
First plays were ok, long playfield but bored me. I finally like it enough to be good, just for feel and flow. I have played it in 3 different locations and I would love to crank up the sound over everything else but I have never gotten the chance. Good game but underwhelming.
3 months ago
So excited to play this game and love the band. Made a special trip to play it for a whole evening and after after a couple plays I moved on to play other games in this small collection for the rest of the night. Watched others and tried again and was blah...Game was empty and a Photoshop slap of playfield art was disappointing. No incentives or payoffs worthy for a new era game where the expectations would be high. So very disappointed. Designers should have realized an older appeal group would know their pinball. Save the shallow effort pinball for the youngster-flavored Intellectual Property. My ratings are based on the release year expectations just like folks that complain and knock rate about sound on an old machine doing the best it can for the period. Not enough songs on the machine as memory space is not an issue in 2021. Sorry, this machine was phoned-in and broke zero ground and took a steps back on flow and shot layouts. Felt like incomplete. I'll revisit after possibly a code update but that's not going to change the playfield and flow.
3 months ago
This game.is horrible. The build quality is awful. The play field decal has a very apparent line right in the middle of it. Lots of dimpiling or fish eyes.in the wood under the decal. Its not very fum to play at all. The arr work is very bad. I would never own one.
3 months ago
Stern brass: "Our Rolling Stones has been much maligned for years. Is it possible to create a playfield that makes Mick on a Stick seem like a brilliant design?"

And this game was the answer.
3 months ago
The overuse of virtual mechs (ball lock/kickback) really suck the kinetic soul out of this game. Music is just background filler and you start to drown it out. There is flow but all of your other senses seem neglected.
4 months ago
It's hard to believe that this is what Stern delivered for a "dream theme" like Led Zeppelin. The rules are fine, the layout is pretty standard and ok, the shoots feel good (minus the upper flipper shot), but the Led Zeppelin specific theme integration is terrible. This game has nothing integrated into it that screams LZ like other Stern music pins do. I didn't think they could go any more bare bones for a huge license then they did with Star Wars, but apparently I was wrong. Not having the upper ramp on the Pro is ridiculous. The features of this game on the Pro are equivalent to a home model pin version. I'll play it on route when I see it, but I don't have any desire to seek it out to play and/or buy one for home use.
4 months ago
This game will appeal to the novices very well. The pro's will find it way to easy and have long balltimes. Playfield is the most barren of any modern game and it suffers due to it replay wise. Was very easy to hit all ramps forehand / backhand which makes the game flow real nice for combo hitting. I thought the Angus face on ACDC was bad, the faces on LZ are even worse.
4 months ago
I was underwhelmed
4 months ago
The music, cabinet, and backglass are amazing. Man is it sparse though. There are three basic ramps, the one small valkyrie toy...and that's pretty much it. The playfield and layout could be reskinned to be basically any theme. The music variety is great, it plays clean not a lot of cheap drains, but I couldn't imagine paying full price for this. It feels like they took very cookie cutter and basic pinball layout and just threw Zeppelin music and graphics on it.
4 months ago
I had a chance to plan this unlimitedly for free, after just a few games I was board. The only toy is that springy angel guy. The missions are not clear. The shots easy, but not very rewarding. I am a huge fan, so I wanted to love this, but not so for me.
5 months ago
It was a great Pin to play. I love how loud you can crank out the sound! Lots of Fun!
There are 48 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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