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Other Aspects: 7.545

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6 days ago
Shout out to Electric bat arcade for having all the new stuff! I love the music but this game was hard to in joy.
7 days ago
How can a game designed by one of my favorites based on one of my favorite bands be so bad, but this one is damn near unplayable. If I want to just listen to LZ music, I've got lots of choices, but having to endure playing this boring game will not be one of them!! Stern should be ashamed of themselves for passing off this turkey as a full realease game, a re-themed classic Stern would have been better! I hold out very slim hope that the Prem/LE version will be better, but I can't see how a rising spinner and another wireform can rescue this one!!
8 days ago
Just like the limited edition version, this pin rocks with good shots, great flow and ZEPPELIN music. The ramp shots are deceptively more challenging than it appears. But when you hit them, the ball screams across the playfield while rocking to some of the music from one of the best bands of all time. The lifting spinner gimmick appears to be the only real difference from the higher end versions, but that does not slow this pin down at all. It DOES include the dirigible toy that appears to serve no purpose other than decoration. If that toy had some purpose and they included more of Zep's awesome musical library, this would likely be my favorite Stern pin. But that still goes to The Black Knight: SOR. Stern rocked this one by keeping it simple, challenging and fun. Rock on, Stern!
14 days ago
Great music from best rock band ever. Best music pin of all time. Playfiled a little bare at bottom but makes for great long shots.
21 days ago
Well, it finally happened. Led Zeppelin has a pinball game.

The Pros:
Long and smooth shots that make use of the entire playfield. all the orbit and ramp shots feel fantastic and despite the playfield looking like it's wide open in the middle, the game does not feel empty when you play it. There are shorter shots on the left hand side of the playfield, longer shots in the middle and the right. The Icarus Target in the middle is great when prepped for a playfield multiplier to make everything that you do all that much more valuable. It is so nice to see a moving skill shot from the plunge again. Skillful plunging and timing is required for those LED targets. While the code is still early, the modes are well laid out, varied, and qualifying the modes and other aspects of the playfield require that you shoot the entire playfield. The music, is excellent. I'm actually surprised they didn't get more songs in on this game. The depth of the Led Zeppelin catalog is so deep that so many songs could have been used on this game. Fans worldwide would have rocked out to just about anything that this group put out. The center ramp is easily accessible from both flippers and the Zeppelin ramp feels incredibly smooth. I like the u-turn ramp on the right is it is most satisfying when you nail it. My initial impression looking at this playfield was not great. I am happy to say that the game feels better than it looks when you play it. I love being wrong about things like that.

The Cons:
The third flipper doesn't do much. On the pro, it bounces off of a stand-up. Add that to the fact that the flipper is incredibly high in the playfield, shot variation is key. This third flipper really doesn't have much to do other than shoot that dog-leg curve. I'm assuming that the premium and The limited edition version will have better sound output then what I heard on the pro. I am sure someone will modify their speakers as well to really get this pinball game really booming. it also may be the showroom location that I played the game at, the music wasn't that loud. Animations / motion graphics from footage from 50 years ago seem to be rather cut and paste. In some cases the footage is grainy even on the smaller screen that Stern uses. And while it works, it's not of the quality that we've seen from other games from Stern recently.

The Takeaway:
This is a prime example of theme selling games. While it not not be as bad as Dolly Parton or Ted Nugent pinball designs, I'm going to take a wait and see attitude with the code on this game. Steve Richie has brought us a new and unusual asymmetrical playfield for this game layout and I can't wait to try the premium and see what the spinner magnomonger does to change the way the ball moves around the middle of this game. This is a big feature, as well as the u-turn ramp from the upper flipper. Led Zeppelin may end up being a great (preem/LE - ala. AC/DC) pinball game, but right now, it's too early to tell.
26 days ago
One of the few machines I've gotten really early on. Thematically, it is excellent if you are a Led Zeppelin fan, which I am. It's awesome to see the tour footage and hear the songs while playing. I like the artwork of the Pro cab the best of all of them by far as well. The Premium is just so bland with the LZ1 artwork and the LE just doesn't do a lot for me either, but I do think it is better than the premium. That drab grey didn't look great on an album cover, much less a 250lb pinball machine.

When I first played it, I was a little meh. It is a wide open playfield and doesn't have that immediate hooked feeling you get when playing Avengers or Deadpool or Jurassic Park the first time. However, as the plays racked up, I came to appreciate it more and more. It's a combo monster and when you really get it going, it is a super fast and exciting game even if there aren't a lot of toys and gimmicks to it. Furthermore, I wouldn't call it an easy machine. A lot of the shots are a little tight and to really get those combos takes a lot of skill. The lower inlane/outlanes require more nudging then I can remember in recent memory from a modern machine. It's almost EM like to keep in play sometimes down there.

The simplicity and strategy it requires makes me feel like people who gravitate towards EMs or early solid states may really love this machine ahead of some more recent offerings. It is definitely tailored towards skill, more traditional pinball playing and combo add ons, over a lot of bashing or mode based play. But, that is just in how the game is setup and styled, don't take it wrong and think that means the machine is slow at all, because it isn't. It is a fast player.

Overall, it is a very different style of game than what I feel Stern has offered over the last few years, but still fun and the theme is obviously great if you're a Zep fan.
33 days ago
Played this game on location. Playfield was wide open but it was awesome. Shots were great. Had great game flow. Music was awesome. I can't wait to get my LE.
33 days ago
Looking forward to the prem / LE. The pro fell flat on this title for me. Sure it shot fast, but that was because there just wasn't much on the playfield. The music was great and kept me engaged. Overall, it's a pinball... It's fun to shoot a game or two. Just don't need to bring this one home.
33 days ago
Played the Pro for awhile at a dealer shop. I love Led Zep, the band, and really wanted to be blown away by it. The reveal and streams made the game seem sort of just OK. I really don’t want to slam this one, but honestly, I was totally underwhelmed playing it. Yes, it plays fast and the combos are plentiful. And, yes, it plays 10 different Zep songs in a juke box fashion. Those are good things (although 10 songs seems a little light). But, I couldn’t help thinking the whole time that this seems like a home pin version and not a cornerstone. If it were $1000-$1500 less? Sure, good buy.

There are some main issues that make it underwhelming.
1) the third flipper that leads to nothing but a stand up target. Disappointed that the wire form ramp was removed.
2)No toys or theme integration. The Zeppelin and Icarus are lame, sorry.
3) The layout just seems bare and too open to be interesting enough to hold one’s interest over time.
4) The art is redundant, repetitive and not that attractive.

I’m disappointed that I arrived at this mediocre impression of the game. I really wanted to like it more. When I compare it to other Stern Pro’s like TMNT, Deadpool, JP2, Iron Maiden, etc., this one really pales in comparison and seems stripped. I’m sure code will improve it over time and maybe I’ll end up enjoying it more on location(whenever that becomes possible again).
34 days ago
Pro version. On site.

the playfield is a BARREN WASTELAND and the shots are sooooo far away. You look at it at first glance and first thought is, there is literally NOTHING in this game. There's nothing there. Wow. It's just... empty. The entire playfield is empty until you get to the edge or the back.

But.... it plays soooo much better than it looks. THANK GOODNESS! The shots are makeable as well as frustrating. Satisfying is a good way to describe the scoop, ramps and orbits. Annoying is a good way to describe the drop targets, Icarus and stand ups. They are ..... just there.

But when it starts flowing, it's pretty darn good. The upper ramp is repeatable and a 6 ramps goal is one of the modes in the scoop. So it helps to be able to repeat it. The spinner is one of THE BEST in ANY pinball game. FAST! The sound is AWESOME!

Speaking of... the music is great. playing the game while Ramble On or Whole Lotta Love or Black Dog builds up is just great. It seems to get louder as well. It's freaking amazing.

Multiballs are relatively easy to get to and, being a wide open and empty playfield, they can be lengthy ball times which is fun.

Also this is not a finesse game. You literally mash the buttons the entire time trying to get the ball up the playfield with as much power as possible to make the ramps and orbits. There are not (many) shots where it's about finesse and fine touch. Slam the buttons, mash the flippers. And it's EXTREMELY HARD to trap/rest the ball on a flipper, so you are constantly trying to get the flow going to time the full power flips to your targets.

Much more fun than I thought it was going to be when I looked at the playfield. My rating honestly doesn't do it justice as far as play.
34 days ago
Led Zep pro is fast and fun. The shots flow very well and combos are available at almost every shot. The majority of the shots can be backhanded. The rules at this time are good but still need more to be considered great (v.93). The music is so awesome. It fits pinball very well. Update: V.95 is out and added a mini-wizard mode and the final wizard mode. Rating adjusted accordingly.
38 days ago
I admit that I am a Led Zeppelin music fan and wanted to like this machine, when I heard it was coming out. I got to play it at a local arcade, new out of the box (PRO edition). It did not have the fancy popout that the more expensive versions do. Therefore, the playfield is a bit more open (a complaint of many, but not me.) I like the ability to choose a different song title from the band for each ball. I enjoyed playing it repeatedly (getting better at making the ball and thus the song last longer). I got good after a few games of repeating ramps with the left flipper. Without reading a rule sheet prior, I was able to get several multi-balls, which made it more exciting to play. It is hard to look up and see the actual film footage of the band playing, while the ball is playing so fast on the playfield. That upper flipper is key to getting some special scoring. It has me going back to the arcade on a weekly basis, and that is a good thing.
38 days ago
Great game that has a lot of potential with code. Playfield is defintly barren with no interactive toys, but it shoots really well, and the combo's ar every satisfying to make. Callouts get the job done, but are just okay. Game sounds surprisingly good with stock speakers. Also looks nice in person. It does have a strange clunk to it, but to me, it adds to the satisfaction of making the shots. I will say I am disappointed in what they did with the third flipper on the pro. Feels like a wasted opportunity. Definitely give the game a chance before you judge it.
39 days ago
I had very low expectations for this one, but it is a great shooter. Super fun shots and the ramps are really smooth and rewarding. Looking forward to playing the premium.
41 days ago
My initial review here is based on a few games played on a brand new Pro model at a local bar. Upon first impressions, I think it's a good looking machine. I like the look of the Led Zeppelin III album as artwork. I mentioned to another player that it has a retro look to it and it's a nice break from the modern splashes of cartoon n' colors on most recent Stern releases. Playfield artwork is nice, though the inserts don't really blend with the artwork. Not a big deal for me. Lighting is bright throughout the playfield.

I like the features that are available in this machine. I like far left scoop shots, as simple as that feature may be. The left orbit shot and ramp shot are somewhat narrow, but not entirely difficult to hit. You can make backhanded shots on those as well. On the right of the playfield is another orbit shot and another ramp, which feel quite distant but satisfying when hit. This game has a good flow to it. My ONLY gripe is in regard to that third flipper shot to the dead end target. I wish that was an orbit shot. I understand it is another ramp shot in the other models, but it would've been nice to still keep it as a somewhat interesting shot. Aside from that, it's a good layout and a nice variation of elements from the designers previous work.

I'm still getting accustomed to the rules, but I was able to achieve a few multiballs and had a decent ball 2. I like that you can select a feature (such as spinner shots or ramps) to advance scoring/modes. The LCD images translate game progress pretty well and are made up of a nice combination of archive footage and graphic design.

Music and sounds blend well together. I alternated between either Immigrant Song or Kashmir. Not having Achillies Last Stand as a selectable choice is a negative. Not having Steve Ritchie's voice in this one is a plus.

The main thing I think about after playing this machine, is that it's not an overly gimmicked toy fest, nor is it a splash of modern artwork. That's what I like about this machine. There is nothing modern about Led Zeppelin. They were a moment in time and I think this machine captures that moment pretty well. I am not a major Led Zeppelin fan, yet this is a machine that I would have no problem having in my home. It looks good, plays good, and there is nothing modernly goofy about it. That's a plus for me.
41 days ago
LZ pro is a decent shooter and has the smooth shots you would expect. No shot is too dangerous, the artwork on pf and cab is better in person, and the lighting and continuous tunes take you on a long ride. The lcd syncs pretty well with the psychedelic pf art as it washes in classic concert footage. The biggest miss is what’s not on the playfield - noticeably barren in features to bring this theme to life compared to AIQ and TMNT pros sitting next to it. The opto spinner is a fun rip, but from an overall gameplay perspective it feels uninspired, like a stripped cousin of ST pro made almost a decade ago. That game was a very slick shooter w/sweet third flipper warp ramp shot and interactive toy. The third flipper shot on LZ is souless without the additional ramp. Huge miss. Icarus is no Vengence ship either.
Having a LZ pin in the wild is cool as I enjoy the music, but this model representing the iconic band is simply average. Code may improve it some but not enough to elevate it past better executed Richie pros.
42 days ago
Fans of Led Zeppelin will be satisfied with the pro, especially if you prefer the Led Zep III artwork, like I do. The art package is very good, and the animations and clips of the band work nicely. The rules are fairly simple and easy to understand. This isn't a deep game, it's a game for music and pinball fans who want to rock out to LZ and shoot some nice ramps. Multiball is pretty easy to get, and you can backhand both the 2 left ramps, which is nice when you choose the concert mode calling for 6 ramp shots. Each concert mode has a scoring requirement, but lets you pick which one you want (6 ramps, 5 orbits, 70 spinners, etc.) That's a nice feature. The orbit is smooth and you can really rip the spinner. This is a straightforward pin that casual pinball fans will enjoy. The only downsides to the pro are the lack of any real mechs or toys to interact with, and the upper flipper has nothing to do, and the plunge into 3 standups isn't very exciting. The little lane ending in a standup target may be one of the worst designs I've seen on a pin. At least put a scoop or maybe a magnet there to stop the ball. Instead it just bounces off the standup and guarantees loss of control, with no real payoff for taking the shot. The premium and LE feature a 4th ramp there, which returns the ball to the right flipper, which is key. Plus, the LE and premium feature the magic rising mech with spinner and magnet and lock feature. Those are notable improvements. On some games the upgrades on the premium and LE don't matter much to some players. These seem important. But the pro is a great looking pin, with some fun, smooth ramp and orbit shots. It's easy to walk up to and play, and the music is great. I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy jamming to Led Zep and progressing through songs, but the game is really fun to play. A decent addition to the music collection. Just how much better the premium and LE are depends on how well the rising mech works, and how much you value the 4th ramp.
45 days ago
I am pleasantly surprised with this game. It is super fun, fast and flows like crazy. I am not a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, but I knew some of the songs and thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay! Multiballs on this game are worth huge points!
48 days ago
This is a classic Ritchie pin with long shots into ramps and orbits. However, the third flipper is a waste on this pin and the main shot you hit with the third flipper is unsatisfying and often causes your ball to eject side to side and drain in an outlane. The plunge is uninspiring as well.

However, if you want to chill out and listen to some Led Zeppelin while playing pinball, this is the game for you. Shots are satisfying (other than plunge and third flipper), but the code is pretty uninspired, so it really is all about just the shots and the music.

Also, the more I play it, the more I like it!
50 days ago
I put enough games in now to judge.

Got to tell you when I 1st got the game I put it up for sale after some drinking on day one.
I then reached out to pinside griping about not being able to see the upper area of playfield do to backglass being way to bright.
Also lots of drainage on right do to leveling issues.
Finally got machine dialed in and this thing is stupid fast!
Game play on this is unlike any machine I own it is virtually like going back in time to older style EM machines with added speed. I have never had to nudge a pinball machine so much. Really enjoying that fact.
Shots for left ramp can be back handed with ease.there is a slight clunkienes which actually makes the nudging more enjoyable.
The right ramp is not easy to hit so it feels rewarding when it's achieved.
After many games and a lot of thought I do believe we have a keeper.

Thank you to designer for making a game different than I'm used to.
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