Led Zeppelin (Pro)

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Game Design: 6.44

Artwork: 6.733

Sounds/Music: 8.057

Other Aspects: 6.683

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There are 88 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Led Zeppelin is a nice game.

The entire layout feels like a blend between AC/DC and Star Trek. I really like that. All shots are very satisfying to make, especially the left and centre ramp. The upper flipper is kind of pointless on this version in my opinion. It exists literally for one shot which doesn't feel that great. But in general the game has the Steve Ritchie flow and is fun to play.

The different songs and the Zeppelin Multiball are fun to play although I didn't find the game as captivating that I would play it again and again.

In terms of artwork the game looks pretty good, especially the playfield is nice to look at. The Premium backglass is best looking though in my opinion.

Since this is a music-pin the music will most likely only appeal to you as a fan of Led Zeppelin or the musical genre.

Overall this is a fun game with very nice shots. I think if you enjoy the music this game can be very entertaining.
57 days ago
So I used to be a hater of this title, calling it an empty box devoid of fun. This is a very stripped down Pro offering without any significant toy elements. No stairway in the game is a pretty big swing and a miss. I’m also not a fan of the art package chosen for the pro model and tends to look a bit out of place in most line ups.

The main toy on the premium is just a spinner that rises into the middle of the playfield, and it is not missed on the pro. It adds very little interest to game play and it’s prone to breakdown. Save your money unless your are mystified by spinners.

The saving grace is that lay out is pretty good even though there is a lot of open space in the middle of the playfield. Shots are tight and far from the player, but make able with some practice, and the ramps flow well. The game plays fast like all Ritchie games which keeps the excitement level up and the added space helps with multi ball action. Combine the fast pace with the expression lights synchronized to iconic classic rock tunes and it elevates the whole experience. All in all, the game is more fun than it gets credit for and is worth a spot in your line up if the price is right.
3 months ago
Popeye, wrestlemania and led zeppelin. The worst games I have ever played.
6 months ago
Stern chose my single least favorite piece of Zeppelin art (naked icarus) to showcase on the playfield. I do like the right ramp, and actually all the ramps flow very well. Wide open playfield, could have been used for more shots.
6 months ago
Just played this and was really underwhelmed. The gameplay is simply not there at all. There is too much reliance on the music, and not really enough of that. This one was a big miss for me. Actually left credit on it as the group was just tired of even trying. I do want to say, if you are a Led Zeppelin fan it might be one for you.
7 months ago
I purchased this game recently and don't understand the hate. It's not the easiest game and maybe that is the issue. Once you take a little time and get a feel for it, the flow is excellent. The middle ramp shot is easy but you can't just hit the same shot over and over again which is good for the overall game play. The spinner shot is fairly easy using a backhand from the left flipper. The right ramp is tough and the lock on the left is a little tricky (but doable from both flippers) but don't we like a balanced game with some easy and some tough shots?

The music is great and if you don't like Zeppelin this clearly isn't the game for you. Thank goodness they didn't include Stairway - it's a great song don't get me wrong but we already hear it enough on the radio, etc. Tons of great songs to enjoy.

It's not a fighting game and you aren't beating some bad guy but the strategy of the tour is fun as a goal/mission. Great combo shots and collecting records for the songs is also fun. Other tidbits I don't even fully process will keep me interested for some time I am sure.

Finally I like the artwork for the Pro but I understand some don't. Always had an affinity for III. There aren't a ton of toys in the Pro but plenty of after market options to make it your own.

Overall this is a fun game with a good mix of shots, good flow, and great music.
7 months ago
Led Zeppelin—I played this game for first time on boardwalk in Delaware. I don’t get it.. To shoot the ball —it doesn’t go up to top. It only goes halfway—then falls into playfield. What doofus thought of that?
It has ramps but they are so repetitive. If you hit ball up the center it gets into a thicket it seems. The flippers are like you flippers. The action of machine is sub par. Another dud…
8 months ago
Love the music. The upper shot that goes nowhere is not great. Overall I would pick any other new stern game
8 months ago
I wanted to love Zeppelin. I really did. Love the band and the music, but the machine feels clunky to me, and not enough going on for a modern pin. This might be one that I'd learn to love with more time on it, but I left the sessions I had with it wishing for more.
8 months ago
There's something to be said for an open centered playfield. It gives the less skilled player time to react to missed shots or making muliballs last a little longer. I think this game gets a bad wrap. Music is amazing.
8 months ago
I expected more from this game. Playfield is way too open and was pretty uninspired. I like Zeppelin, so I’d play it again for the music aspect but it feels like they relied on the music to carry the game.
9 months ago
I like the Pro. Nice Steve Richie Pin, for me much better as the premium, with the obstacle in the playfield.
10 months ago
Led Zeppelin's Music really works for Pinball, the shots flow nicely and the game is fast. But it feels like it is missing so many of the toys that make pinball magical. The Playfield looks like a home pin it is just so empty, it doesn't even compare to earlier Richie games like ACDC. Lastly the art looks lazy and photoshopped.
11 months ago
This machine was disappointing. I am a little biased as I didn’t like the Zep III album. Music on this is pretty good. Definitely would need a sub woofer. Recommending paying the extra and get the Premium.
11 months ago
Big expensive license means stripped game unfortunately. But beyond that Stern just did not capture what is cool about Led Zeppelin. They were not just a run of the mill “rock band” as presented in this pin. The coolest thing about them wasn’t the JET or touring. Where is the Zoso? Where are the Tokien and Aliester Crowley references? Where is the Mystifying English occultist heavy rock magick? It is not present in this game. I do not trust Stern to understand what is cool or captivating about our beloved rock titans. And I very much hope that they PLEASE stay away from Black Sabbath. Let someone who gets it do it, like Spooky. Thematically this game is a disaster. Artistically, a disaster and and the layout? Boring. It shoots nice, but who really cares if you’ve dropped the ball everywhere else?
11 months ago
Led Zeppelin pro is by far the greatest disaster in modern pinball history………..Oh wait forgot about WWE! First off, although flawed, the premium is a pretty good machine. My take is Steve never could get a handle on the whole pro vs premium design, as many of his pro games suffer the same fate. He simply likes to design one game and I frankly don’t blame him. This game excels in so many areas regarding sound, music, callouts and narration……….It’s an audio orgasm and Led Zeppelin is perfect music for pinball. The layout on this game is one of the worst, most unbalanced games ever, it’s not fun to shoot at all. If you need to own this game, go buy the premium, the spinner adds a huge amount and although it doesn’t always work well, it’s a blast to rip.
1 year ago
I think LZ got a bad rap early and didn't recover. Considering that there isn't a better music pin as far as theme integration goes (acdc being tied or a very close second), especially with the code, I'm surprised so many think poorly of it.
Great driving music to play pinball too. Learning the songs so you can maximize points. Really clever. The rules go so well with Ritchie's flow.
That said... on stock settings this game can play so long and get a bit boring. Also the top flipper feels underutilized in the pro (but I have lately found that there is good incentives to hit the dead end).
Still a really fun game and one that really benefits from the sound in a creatively way that not many other pins have. The flow of the ball, with the driving music, all tied into a flowing code. Great game (even if my rating doesn't fully show that). Steve Ritchie is a legend!
1 year ago
Great music, and a lot of variety to choose from. But the theme didn’t really tie in to the pin. Instead of feeling like a Led Zeppelin pin, it felt like a pin that played Led Zeppelin music. Nothing about the pin itself made a lasting impression.
1 year ago
I love Led Zeppelin and in my opinion the art on the pro is my favorite but the game is lacking. It just doesn't make sense that of all games, this one would show neglect in the design.
1 year ago
The worst of the worst Dad Rock Jukebox games. Terrible line in shot from the plunger, all the action is on the left side of the field, too many game features missing on Pro compared to Premium/LE, the high right side flipper is such a liability with so little reward you barely ever want to use it, and on and on. If I see it at a hangout, I check whether it's a Pro, and even if it's not, I leave it way down the list if there are other machines. Just a huge disappointment from Ritchie. It doesn't seem like his design instincts flourish in this era, for whatever reason.
1 year ago
Even though you can add missing Expression Lighting , the lack of Electric Magic from the Premium and the dead end shot leaving you wanting more. Premium is worth the extra money!

Still a fun modern Stern game though, great combo shots and flow. If you like Led Zeppelin, crank it.
1 year ago
There was so much more to do with the theme !!! And no stairway to the heaven!!!
Disappointed, much more inspiration and led zep style needed !!
1 year ago
Once of the worst modern machines out there.
1 year ago
I could continue to follow the trend here and pile on but I just can’t do it. It’s a good pin with a really good rule set. Good flow and decent art as well. For the money you can’t go wrong here. I had a premium and traded down and have no regrets. Solid pin with good rules, you don’t always need toys.
1 year ago
- Great music (if you like LZ)
- Almost constant flow, minimal stopping
- Expression Lights can be added

- Feels very stripped compared to Prem
- No interactive toy
- Dead end target instead of ramp
- Cabinet art uninspired

I put a lot of games on the pro and premium when I was deciding between them. This is one of those games where HUO buyers just really need to go with the prem. You can add the Expression Lights like the prem, but they’re expensive. If you’re absolutely set on a pro for home use, I would recommend adding them. At least then you’ll have basically the same light show as the prem.

To me, not having the Electric Magic (rising spinner mech) toy makes a huge difference. Without it, you’re just shooting ramps, targets and orbits over and over. Almost constant flow, but very repetitive. The EM really adds that much needed extra interaction.

The other big difference is the missing additional ramp shot from the upper flipper. It’s a difficult shot to make on the prem, but it’s cool when you do. The pro has a dead end standup “Hermit” target. Small ramp/wireform versus standup target/lane, I can’t imagine this as cost-cutting, maybe they were looking for one extra way to push a buyer on the fence toward the prem?

Cabinet art is what it is. It’s the same album cover spread over the entire cab and backglass, pretty lazy. I personally think the art on the pro is hideous. I don’t love the prem cab art either (same deal, different album cover), but I like it better than this.

Playfield has the same great psychedelic look as the prem. As far as I can tell, pretty much all of the screen animations are the same.

Overall, I wouldn’t consider owning this game. It would be ok on location, as it’s fun to rock out to LZ while having a beer and there’s really not a whole lot that could break. In a home collection however, it would probably get boring fast.
There are 88 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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