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Game Design: 6.618

Artwork: 6.814

Sounds/Music: 8.156

Other Aspects: 6.755

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This is "Led Zeppelin (Pro)".
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There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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24 days ago
Great music, and a lot of variety to choose from. But the theme didn’t really tie in to the pin. Instead of feeling like a Led Zeppelin pin, it felt like a pin that played Led Zeppelin music. Nothing about the pin itself made a lasting impression.
27 days ago
I love Led Zeppelin and in my opinion the art on the pro is my favorite but the game is lacking. It just doesn't make sense that of all games, this one would show neglect in the design.
32 days ago
The worst of the worst Dad Rock Jukebox games. Terrible line in shot from the plunger, all the action is on the left side of the field, too many game features missing on Pro compared to Premium/LE, the high right side flipper is such a liability with so little reward you barely ever want to use it, and on and on. If I see it at a hangout, I check whether it's a Pro, and even if it's not, I leave it way down the list if there are other machines. Just a huge disappointment from Ritchie. It doesn't seem like his design instincts flourish in this era, for whatever reason.
53 days ago
Even though you can add missing Expression Lighting , the lack of Electric Magic from the Premium and the dead end shot leaving you wanting more. Premium is worth the extra money!

Still a fun modern Stern game though, great combo shots and flow. If you like Led Zeppelin, crank it.
60 days ago
There was so much more to do with the theme !!! And no stairway to the heaven!!!
Disappointed, much more inspiration and led zep style needed !!
65 days ago
Once of the worst modern machines out there.
86 days ago
- Great music (if you like LZ)
- Almost constant flow, minimal stopping
- Expression Lights can be added

- Feels very stripped compared to Prem
- No interactive toy
- Dead end target instead of ramp
- Cabinet art uninspired

I put a lot of games on the pro and premium when I was deciding between them. This is one of those games where HUO buyers just really need to go with the prem. You can add the Expression Lights like the prem, but they’re expensive. If you’re absolutely set on a pro for home use, I would recommend adding them. At least then you’ll have basically the same light show as the prem.

To me, not having the Electric Magic (rising spinner mech) toy makes a huge difference. Without it, you’re just shooting ramps, targets and orbits over and over. Almost constant flow, but very repetitive. The EM really adds that much needed extra interaction.

The other big difference is the missing additional ramp shot from the upper flipper. It’s a difficult shot to make on the prem, but it’s cool when you do. The pro has a dead end standup “Hermit” target. Small ramp/wireform versus standup target/lane, I can’t imagine this as cost-cutting, maybe they were looking for one extra way to push a buyer on the fence toward the prem?

Cabinet art is what it is. It’s the same album cover spread over the entire cab and backglass, pretty lazy. I personally think the art on the pro is hideous. I don’t love the prem cab art either (same deal, different album cover), but I like it better than this.

Playfield has the same great psychedelic look as the prem. As far as I can tell, pretty much all of the screen animations are the same.

Overall, I wouldn’t consider owning this game. It would be ok on location, as it’s fun to rock out to LZ while having a beer and there’s really not a whole lot that could break. In a home collection however, it would probably get boring fast.
4 months ago
Take away the bad artwork on cabinet, backglass and playfield and the game is just great fun to play. Ramps are a blast to shoot at. Really enjoy the gameplay. Well done by Ritche, just not a big seller which is a shame. Play one and see for yourself. Its a great machine.
4 months ago
The pro lacks flow and the shots are too repetitive. The center of the PF is a gapping hole. The layout has much to be deisred in this game.
4 months ago
I HAD to play this horrific machine for our pinball League, and i absolutely HATED IT. This machine is horrible to play, everything is on the left side of the playfield making the playfield unbalanced. The shots are tight and unmakeable at times, making the experience painful.

If i see this game in the wild, i will skip it and flip it off, not worth my time.
5 months ago
Why did Stern do Led Zeppelin so dirty? A premise held such potential, yet LZ is nowhere near as good as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, or just about any other choose-your-own-song pinball.

+ the music, of course. some great LZ songs and the sound quality is as tip-top as you'd expect.
+ I like how the shots change with the music, keeps things interesting as the songs progress.

- hardly ANY toys to speak of, aside from the Bonus X jumping dude near the jets. did Stern spend so much $$$ on licensing that they couldn't afford any halfway decent gimmicks?
- cabinet art and backglass on the Pro are straight-up hideous. Why on EARTH they chose Led Zeppelin III's gaudy album art for this game (and not Houses of the Holy or Physical Graffiti), I'll never understand.
- none of the original band members contributed voiceovers (yes, I know John Bonham is dead), so we're stuck with some generic British roadie giving uninspired callouts. Eeewww.
- no physical ball locks (I have the same complaint w/Judge Dredd). cheapens the feeling of multiball.
- NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN WIZARD MODE?!?! I can't believe LZ's best-known song isn't part of the soundtrack. This seems like a huge, glaring oversight, like playing baseball without singing the national anthem first.

Overall, LZ pro is a huge disappointment, from the garish cabinet art to the lack of appealing features on the playfield. Of all the music-related pins Stern has created, this is probably next to Rolling Stones as one of the worst. So sad.
6 months ago
Man, this game could have been great. It has a great theme and a great designer, but in the end it just fell apart and became a definitely “meh” game.

Rule set is fairly decent, though simple.

Animations are incredibly well done in my opinion.

It’s Led Zeppelin, so the music is great.

I am personally a fan of the center and right ramps.

Playfield design has so many failures. The left ramp is short and not satisfying to hit. The stand up target that replaces the side ramp is a poor choice, and the game has no flow.

Art is overall not great, and is reused constantly.

Upper right flipper has little reason to be there.

Game is very floaty (at least the one I have played).

Just not that fun of a game.

Overall, just not a great game, but it seriously could have been. There are some good aspects, but the other areas of the game just make it not great.
6 months ago
I expected alot more from a newer game but I guess the music makes up for the lack of game play. Artwork is okay. Game didn't have last ability for me.
6 months ago
Played this on location. I was not expecting much with all the bashing in the forums. I had a blast playing it. Who knew that LZ music was made for playing pinball? Artwork is kind of lame with no imagination.
7 months ago
A bit disappointed on the lack of good toys on this game... But it is a bit fun..

Pro does not look very good.. Premium has better artwork, and one ok toy!
They could have added an interactive zeppelin that locks balls on the Pemium/LE
8 months ago
SO I tried to like this a lot and was playing it in a well set up location but, but.... it's just so DULL. Everything seems to revolve around the same few actions with a high emphasis on Combos to score. Not a lot of feedback, not a lot of fun. Music and annimation package was good but I was just bored. Got a few replays, made the high score board after about 10 goes but it wasn't opening up or revealing anything interesting to me... I'm done with it now. Contrast that to Other tables I played in same week (Iron Maiden LOTB, Star Wars, Monster Bash) and Led Zeplin just doesnt show up.
8 months ago
This game flows really, really good. I see a lot of people hating this game because there's not too many toys and is empty in the middle but it flows flawlessly in my humble opinion.
8 months ago
I really tried to like this game but I found it to be incredibly boring and uninspiring.
8 months ago
Kind of disappointed after playing this model. Glorified jukebox - in a way. Playfield is very open with a few hard shots.
9 months ago
Very underrated. Super fun play over and over again. Rules are easy to understand and pretty straight forward. Can hit shots easily all day backhanded and I’m no expert. I have Jurassic Park pro and Avengers infinite quest and I keep going for Zeppelin!
10 months ago
I would end up hating this machine after hearing the same 10 (or whatever) songs over and over and OVER again.
1 year ago
i like led zeppelin but i dont love love led zeppelin and i think you would really need to love them in invest in this pinball unless if were a very good deal. compared to the premium this one was not as interesting.
1 year ago
i m a huge Led Zep fan and i like musical pinballs ( this one is way better than Ac/DC , Kiss and Aerosmith in my opinion )

it s okay to play it on location , it s really fun , but i would never buy one Nib , mostly because of an average layout ( lack of originality and too empty )

the pros :
fast pin with excellent Steve Ritchie flow
Plenty of nice multiballs
can shoot all 3 ramps backhanded
Nice rules version 1.05
Great music

the cons :
3rd flipper is almost useless, what a shame
Very long shots , and playfield feels empty ( nothing in the middle , wide open , some people won t like it )
Lacks a good toy and inspiration

I play it every day on location on holidays more than 1 hour without getting bored ( next to an Avengers and a Mandalorian ) ,and i m really enjoying it
But i m sorry to say i m a bit disappointed , what a great theme wasted on an average ( but good ) game , could have been so much better
1 year ago
The shots on this game are so. far. away. Once you dial them in there is some nice flow, and of course Zeppelin. But the fake British callouts are not great (couldn't we have gotten the woman from Iron Maiden?) and the lazer-like sling sounds absolutely kill me - they feel way too modern for a pin themed around a 70s behemoth. The upper flipper is a waste without a ramp connected and it's a shame Stern couldn't have made that happen. With that one piece this could be a much more serviceable Pro, but now it just feels super stripped down.
1 year ago
I know the Led Zeppelin Pro gets a lot of negativity. But if you look at it like a 70's pin on steroids, I think you can appreciate it more than judging it for what it's lacking.

The cabinet artwork is not the greatest. But it's a fun shooter, it plays very fast, and the ramps are fun to hit. Software is very strong and the music is great. Playfield artwork and the lighting is done very well also.
There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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