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Game Design: 7.707

Artwork: 7.332

Sounds/Music: 8.537

Other Aspects: 7.933

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There are 77 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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25 days ago
One of my favorite bands of all time they did a fantastic job with the LCD and Expression lightning. But man what an empty boring shooter, the shots are not fun or satisfying and even for a premium it feels super empty. The cab art and back glass is bad imo. And the art on the play-field lacks flare. Such a disappointing pinball for one of the greatest bands of all time. I wish they took this band and put it on iron maidens playfield. I wish elwin would have done this pin. Just a waste for an amazing band.
25 days ago
This game gets a lot of criticism. I don’t disagree with all of it, but it’s nowhere near the worst of Stern’s offerings. The pop up spinner and lock mech is cool, and that’s about all you get (and this is a premium?) . I don’t love the ruleset, although band pins are awkward thematically to code. But it’s not terrible. I grew up listening to Zeppelin so I like the music, and it’s a Ritchie so the shots are smooth. Overall it’s just alright.
32 days ago
Nice family fun
40 days ago
This might be one of the most boring games of pinball I've ever played. I got bored immediately. There's very little on the field, only slight variation, the game relies on focused minimal gimmicks and the shots are not satisfying. Mix that with the music just not being fitting or exciting and I just feel like you could only enjoy this game if you really love the band. It's overall just boring and to focused on the license branding not gameplay.
44 days ago
Just recently play this for the first time. In a room filled with new, and classic games, I kept coming back to this. It looks neat and plays great.
60 days ago
I find this to be a very underrated game. I really enjoy stacking the modes with songs and multiballs. The music goes very well with pinball. The playfield and expression lights are beautiful. The code is deep enough and there’s lots of shots, combos and multiballs.

Only knock is that the exterior art work on the Pros and Premium are very lacklustre. I wish they could have done better artwork like that on the LE’s.
3 months ago
4 months ago
Game doesn’t have good flow. Layout is just mediocre. Art could have been better. Lighting is really neat though. Missed opportunity.
4 months ago
Looked a little rushed . Could have more interactive features.
5 months ago
I wish that we had space in our house for this one (own Godzilla and James Bond 007 and that's probably sufficient for one room!). Being able to choose which song to start with is critical and welcome. Our 7-year-old Led Zeppelin fan loves it too and wanted to bring it home. I feel that the variety of shots is lacking, though. It is just one ramp after another.
5 months ago
Well, this is a rare game where I have very different opinions between the Pro and Premium models. This is much better as a premium.


Game has a shockingly flowing, smooth layout when set up properly. I have to give credit there.

Electric Magic and Expression lighting are just fantastic.

Side ramp, while not that great, is a big improvement over the Pro model.

Sound is classic Led Zeppelin, so of course it’s good.

Rules are very good, and require progression and multiplier understanding, while the less experienced player can hit the flashing shots and have a good time.


I’m never really going to like the right ramp. It’s somewhat clunky and rejects often for no apparent reason.

Skill shot seems kind of slapped in to resolve the poor plunge design.

Theme was taken as literally as possible with very little originality, which is unfortunate.

Overall, not as bad as I had considered it prior.
7 months ago
Fun play field with stage and spinner and the music is awesome.
7 months ago
I actually like this game a lot more than my TMNT that I recently traded in. There are a lot of shots to hit that are fun and challenging. Lots of ways to stack modes and multiballs. The electric spinner absolutely makes this machine. This game is definitely harder than I expected, but is very enjoyable to keep coming back to.
8 months ago
Not in my top 5, but the LZ music, expression lighting, very cool topper, Steve Ritchie flow, and overall fun for new and experienced players make this a great home pin in a decent size collection. The Electric Magic mech is simple, but I like both the opto spinner that you can rip to infinity & the ball lock. Hooking up to an external sub is a must, and the topper’s moving lights catch everyone’s eye. I thought this would be in and out of the collection quickly, but I had to try a premium, as I could not find one in the wild within driving distance. I’m very happy that I brought this in, as I’m very happy about the premium’s distancing itself from the pro in many aspects. I have the ninja camp under cabinet lighting on order that match the expression lights, just to take it over the top.

For the love of pinball, Stern - please start making Expressiob lighting kits for Rush pro/premium!!!!
8 months ago
I went in with low expectations, as this game is ranked fairly low on pinside.
And I was completely blown away!
The game flows very well, the shots are so much fun und the code is really good for a music themed pin, much better than GnR. Yes it has only one mech with the Electric Magic, but that does not mean it is less fun. I quite enjoy the playfield design with not much in the lower/middle part, it makes for a more traditional pinball experience. It also strikes a nice balance between approachable and hard to master. You immediately last long, but it takes a while to score high. I highly recommend this one, especially if you are into fast and flowy games like BK or SW.
My only gripe with this game compared to the LE is the mediocre cabinet artwork. The playfield has a really nice psychedelic 70s design, why not for the cabinet? Or they could have used the artwork from celebration day or Mothership, that would have also been really nice.
9 months ago
Amazing game. I am a long time zeppelin fan and this game does not disappoint.
10 months ago
The reason I enjoyed playing this pin was because it seemed like I could last a while on one ball. Didn't seem like a ball drainer where you're history in 2 mins. The playfield isn't cluttered. The shots seem to go well as there aren't toys in the middle to veer the ball. A toy does rise from the middle of the playfield, but it's not bothersome. The lighting seemed great. The 1st time I played the game I was able to enter my initials as a spinner champion. If I was a huge Led Zeppelin fan I might buy it, but I'm not.
11 months ago
Owned this for a couple months now. Huge Zep fan, but was initially let down by the "basic" design. Turns out the combination of great flow, clean shots, killer music, and a great ruleset is actually a huge win for me. I grew up with 90s era gimmicks and toys, and those things still catch me eye first, but nowadays I've learned long-term I just want pure pinball. Zep is just that, and it's currently getting more play from me than anything.

My biggest knock is the lazy artwork on the premium. Also, the EM spinner is cool but actually can be annoying in the middle of the playfield sometimes. The upper flipper cross-shot ramp is tougher than I think it needs to be, especially for what's basically a one-shot flipper, but it does make it satisfying as hell when you nail it a couple times in a row.
11 months ago
Played this and really enjoyed it. I liked it much better than the Pro. Looking to get one and put a sub woofer on it. Love the artwork of the classic debut album.
11 months ago
Big expensive license means stripped game unfortunately. But beyond that Stern just did not capture what is cool about Led Zeppelin. They were not just a run of the mill “rock band” as presented in this pin. The coolest thing about them wasn’t the JET or touring. Where is the Zoso? Where are the Tokien and Aliester Crowley references? Where is the Mystifying English occultist heavy rock magick? It is not present in this game. I do not trust Stern to understand what is cool or captivating about our beloved rock titans. And I very much hope that they PLEASE stay away from Black Sabbath. Let someone who gets it do it, like Spooky. Thematically this game is a disaster. Artistically this have is a disaster and and the layout? Boring. It shoots nice, but who really cares if you’ve dropped the back everywhere else?
1 year ago
Enjoyed the flow and overall gameplay to great audio. The playfield can be a little dry without the magic ball, but the flow holds. A keeper.
1 year ago
Summary: if you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, do not hesitate to play or buy this pin

I am enjoying this very much. I like Lee zeppelin and listening to them while playing a great and classic machine is awesome. Not too many gimmicks, just solid pinball here. Love the ramps and the flow.

Update: still love it. The rules are deep so it takes some playing to learn them. I’d you love Led Zeppelin , don’t hesitate. If you’re not a fan of the band, another machine may be better for you, this is definitely one of the main reasons to buy this

Update: I own three music pins : Metallica pro, Jjp GNR LE, and this one. this game is super classy , love it, and play it as much as my GNR. A timeless classic it feels like
1 year ago
Really enjoying this game! The Pro was not my favorite, very glad I gave the premium another chance. My 11 year old can't get enough and now loves Led Zeppelin. Win Win !!
1 year ago
This was a pretty fun game! Hopefully the low ratings make it an easier buy in the future.
1 year ago
Nice game plays great music sound quality is wonderful. Shot making is challenging but I can see this being a game that you could master pretty quickly. It’s still a great game that keeps your attention while playing
There are 77 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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