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26 days ago
Great game. 4 ramps. 3 drops. Great spinners. Cool mech. Good rules. Awesome flow. Incredible music. Underrated.
42 days ago
- Great music for pinball
- Electric Magic spinner mech is a cool, innovative toy
- Neat light show with expression lights
- Low maintenance

- No Stairway! Denied!
- Lack of interactive mechs
- Poor theme integration
- Callouts are generic
- Cabinet art is lazy

I generally like Steve Ritchie games, but I have to admit this one fell a little flat. Whether it was due to licensing issues or a lack of budget provided by Stern, this game is missing several elements needed to take it to the next level. I owned this game for just under 9 months.

First, the good. Rocking out to LZ music while playing pinball is awesome! The stock sound system is pretty darn good but with sound upgrades can be excellent. The song choices were great, other than the glaring exclusion of Stairway to Heaven. I can’t imagine how that came to be, but it did.

The rising/lowering Electric Magic spinner mech is a much needed toy in this game. It’s a very innovative combination of a magnet and a spinner. It also leads to EM Frenzy multiball, which is arguably the best mode in the game.

When you’re hitting your shots and making combos, the game can have some nice flow to it. The side ramp from the upper flipper is very hard to hit, (my success rate was probably around 30%) but very cool when you do. The game also has a pretty good light show and the included expression lighting system really adds to it.

As far as maintenance, the game was very solid. I had to make a few minor repairs and adjustments, but nothing unusual or difficult.

Now the bad. When the EM is lowered, the playfield is wide open and feels kind of empty. The ball can roll from the top to the bottom and bounce around for a while without hitting any switches. This game really needs another interactive mech. I think the blimp was a missed opportunity.

I can understand the opinion of some that this pin is so generic that it could really be any theme and just happens to be Led Zeppelin. The theme integration is definitely lacking. I feel that music pins should immerse you in the world of that particular band. This game fails to do so. I think the cabinet art is better than the pro, but it’s still just an album cover- very lazy.

The callouts are meh. The generic British male voice isn’t annoying, but it definitely doesn’t do anything to draw you into the game. The animations are ok.

Overall, it’s a good game but not a great game. Stern kind of phoned it in with this one. It’s fun to play while drinking with your friends, but that’s about it. I enjoyed my time with it but I wouldn’t consider owning it again.
46 days ago
Led Zeppelin is a game that has an unfortunate reputation. Being released so soon after JJP Guns and Roses it was inevitable that they would be compared to one another. GnR packed with toys and lights, LZ "bare"(even more so on the pro model, I would pass on that model myself). I get it. Here's the thing though, for myself personally, I've played both enough to form an opinion (I do own LZ, so I've had a lot of plays on it), and the playability and fun, and satisfying shots, LZ owns GnR! I mean I've walked away out of boredom from one, while the other has the "just one more game" quality. And when I've had friends over, everyone is thrilled to play LZ and can't understand the hate for it. You've just got to give it a fair chance and spend some time getting down the shots and learning the rules. Once you've got it down it's a flow-monster and a blast to play!
49 days ago
Not nearly as bad as a lot of people say it is. It's not perfect or feature packed by any means but it's still really fun to play, which is the most important thing. Expression Lights are awesome. Hopefully Stern can start including them (or as a purchasable accessory) for other pins. I've never been a fan of pin stadiums and the Expression Lighting puts those to shame.

Main toy is the Electric Magic rising spinner. It's cool and makes a nice sound when spinning. It also locks the ball before EM multiball which is nice. The other toys are decent. The Elvira-esque jumping naked guy and the Zeppelin. I feel the Zeppelin would have been a lot cooler if it was interactive such as balls dropping out of it to start Zeppelin multiball, similar to the TMNT van.

The game shoots pretty well. Left ramp is rather narrow but manageable. The one shot that is really hard for me is the upper right flipper shot that hits the ramp and returns it to the right return lane. I probably only hit that shot like once a game. It is very satisfying to finally hit it though.

Only 10 songs is kind of a letdown. I would have loved Stairway to Heaven and All My Love, but oh well. I like the Premium cabinet artwork and translite. Not all games need to be an explosion of colors and imagery. Sometimes less is more and it certainly stands out. I can see how some won't like it though.

Finally I will say the official topper is one of my favorites Stern has made. They are in stock pretty much everywhere at msrp as of this rating and I would highly recommend that as an add-on if you have or plan on buying this pin.
65 days ago
This game is a fun game. The music and code are really good but I think a lot of people play the pro model which is missing two key items and then write the game off as being "bare" or dull. The Electric Magic in the center and the upper flipper shot ramp make the premium/LE game so much better but most people never see those on location.

Light show is spectacular. Stern has Expression Lighting added on the premum/LE and the integration is very good. Probably not G&R good but it makes the game shine.

The usual cliché is to say that this game is underrated. Maybe it is or maybe it's just that the pro models and the poor effort on cabinet art gave the title a less than stellar rating. It's not Godzilla but it does have great flow and if you like modern Sterns, Led Zeppelin and like shooting ramps and targets, its an easy game to recommend.
77 days ago
Felt fairly underwhelming to me. What seems like a perfect 70s theme should go hand in hand with Pinball, but just not that exciting. The music is of course great, but when lined up next to other music pins, it just falls a little flat.
87 days ago
premium feels like the complete game, where as the pro is definitely lacking. Great music! if you love LZ music the premium/LE is the way to go. Pro is a little boring.
4 months ago
I’m not a Led Zeppelin fan at all, but I really like this machine! As far as toys go, the center playfield spinner is EXCELLENT. The playfield has great flow, as you would expect from a Richie game.

These music games are all my dad’s music and not my thing, but if I had to own one this would definitely be it.
4 months ago
Great Theme (Great band) perhaps my expectations were a tad too high. play field seems sparse (unless the electric magic is being utilized) the lights are great and the music is great. some very solid ramp shots, but it does seem like it should be a little more fun.
5 months ago
Fast and fun. Music obviously great. On par at least with other rock pins!
6 months ago
Shoots better than thought in the beginning. Fast'n furious. Steve Richie at his best; a lot of similiarities to "older" Steve Richie themes (T2, STTNG, ACDC). Nothing really innovative/new (despite the electrical magic spinner) but the combination of some famous shots works fine in Led Zeppelin. Rock solid built; only metal ramps; no plastic.

Never thought that the EM (Prem/LE) makes the game so much fun to shoot; combined with a very unique and nice spinner sound (in combination with an active subwoofer it rocks!) and a special lightning effect. Your pulse is increasing the more you hit it :-)
Overall lightning fits very well the theme; 70ies style.
6 months ago
The prices for LZ games are amazingly “affordable” in today’s market. Dream theme for a baby boomer like me…wow a new Stern that is actually available for purchase…this must be a sleeper.

So I read numerous non glowing reviews, watched the videos, talked about the game with my pinball buddies (who actually played it), and finally played it myself at Pincinnati. No big lines, so I was able to play quite a bit.

I really really tried to like it… I’m a baby boomer LZ fan..what could go wrong?

Pros- a modern Stern that has decent code and shots.
Lighting on the premium was good (no comparison to GNR)
Rules are pretty easy to understand for a first time experience.
Led Zeppelin songs!
Great professional designer and code crew

Cons- art work- the art itself is fabulous, but poor choice for LZ pinball. The LE looks like a circus, not a tribute to one of the most iconic rock groups. Premium is OK, the pro-only works for LZ die hards.
Song implementation- just background music- not tied into the game
Animations- mainly fuzzy psychedelic footage- not interesting at all for those of us not on acid.
Flow- not much
Gimmicks- not much- center spinner underwhelming.
Very open play field.

This game is not horrible, but is a rare miss for a modern Stern with such a great theme. Yeah, I know you are supposed to get that retro 70’s vibe with the artwork, call outs, and animations. This revives my memories of shag carpet, lava lamps, Chevy vans, corduroy bell bottoms, station wagons, and many other brilliant ideas and fashions of the time which I blissfully experienced.
7 months ago
I played Led Zeppelin (Premium) at the New Brunswick Centre arcade in London.

I suspect that the major appeal of Led Zeppelin is playing it, at home, with the sound at full volume. As an example, you can choose which Led Zeppelin music you want to accompany each game. Unfortunately, the music was turned down in the noisy arcade and I’m not a fan of Led Zeppelin. In fact, I couldn’t name a Led Zeppelin song if my life depended on it.

The result was that I was playing a somewhat mediocre pin with a near-empty playfield, some flashing lights down the side and a lot of abstract artwork - often featuring zeppelins (and angels). The only spark of interest came from a ball lock that rose out of the playfield with a spinner on it; this was mildly entertaining.

In short, I’m sure Led Zeppelin fans love this, but - otherwise - there are better pins to play.
8 months ago
Very underrated game. So many complaints about it being a barren playfield, yet it has FOUR metal ramps, a drop bank, a completely unique disappearing spinner/magnet mech, another spinner, and two custom molded toys (one huge, one on a jumping mechanism). This is one of Steve Ritchie's best layouts...right up there with Spider-Man, Star Trek, GoT, etc. Just smooth, flowy perfection. The rules are unique, thematic, well thought out, and very fun for beginners right through pro level players. The art is as true to the theme as possible, using actual album artwork. The A/V assets are great, and I love the tour poster based custom animation. Just an amazing total package all around. I'm not a huge fan of the band...some great songs but not a theme that captured my attention on its own. It is great pinball playing music though, and do not get me wrong, the band is iconic for a reason. I hope more people discover how great this game is, because I honestly do not understand the criticism.
8 months ago
Alright so this is the first game I am giving a perfect 10. Some people are gonna think I am nuts, however I will try and explain my thought process. So first of all theme is excellent for me. I personally like the psychedelic look of the playfield and mix the expression lighting in with that and it really pops out in my opinion. As far as the cab artwork I know some people think it’s boring and lazy, but in my mind it screams zeppelin and is very iconic. I wish it had more than 10 songs but the songs included are most of my favourites so I am ok with what is on this machine. People also complain about the grainy concert footage but once again I feel it fits the mood of this machine perfectly. So now on to the most important aspect the gameplay. So let me start off by saying I like open playfields and am not hung up on cramming toys and as much things as possible on a playfield. The open playfield allows insane flow and combos. The flow is my absolute favourite part of this game, when you get flowing and in the groove to a favourite song that feeling is unbeatable. The ramps are very smooth and very back handable. The upper flipper shot is a difficult shot , but when you make it feels amazing. The electric magic spinner is the toy I never knew I wanted. I love open playfields but when that spinner is up it changes how you interact with the playfield. The magic spinner is kind of like a mode in my opinion as when it’s up that’s all I shoot for and enjoy it when it does make an appearance even though it removes the flow in a fun way for a while. Ripping the em spinner is amazing and that sound affect us great. Em frenzy multiball is amazing. The rules are greart for this game and let you attack the game in various ways. Bought this without playing it and no regrets. This may finally be the first machine I keep longer then a year and possibly even bolt it down to the floor. If you are on the fence about this game or just been hearing the pinside hate , then go do your self a favour and track one down to play a game and decide for yourself. Also I haven’t played the pro so I can’t knock it but that being said I would very much so miss all the premiums features. I think this game seem like a premium or bust.
9 months ago
really better than the pro , fun , excellent flow , nice multi ball
9 months ago
I really wanted to like this, but it is *hopelessly* boring. Lackluster shots, slow gameplay, soft feel, grainy old concert footage... no excitement. Sounds are great... obviously!
9 months ago
This is with out a doubt one of best themed and executed games in the premium and limited format. First off it hits you like a concert in a box. Pick the song you wish to start with, fire the ball and rock on. The sound and the lights make you feel like it a rock concert and not a pinball machine. I can imagine customizing this further with a fog machine underneath just for a cool effect as it would add to the concert in a box feel to this machine.
For me it has what I like in pinball machines. Long orbits, a long launch shot, rails and ball scoops. The upper midfield flipper allows for a wicked orbit redirect into the up down scoop if you time it right. The Icarus bash toy is simple and nice. A satisfying pop up when hit correctly.
The left orbit spinner is one of my favorite spinners ever. You can power shot into it and when you nail it, it spins and spins releasing one of the best sound effects found in a game. The satisfaction of the sound makes it remarkable feature and gameplay element.
With the premium the left spinner is not the only one on the playfield, set up your shots right and unlock the real fun of this machine. The Electric Magic bash toy spinner. This is why you should only play this on a premium as the gameplay of this is feature is incredibly fun and satisfying and without it this game drops its replay value tremendously. I can't imagine playing this game without this feature. it brings so much to the game and a thrill as it rises up from the lower depths of the playfield. An absolute must have feature.
I like this game and hope one day to add it to the collection. I think there is longevity in its gameplay and features to make this machine an instant classic.
10 months ago
i played this at a loud location and couldn't hear the music but really loved the game even so. the blimp, the angel, most of all the elevator that comes up in the middle are very cool! the lights and images were captivating it was fun too play i kept going back to it. seemed like a big step up from the pro version which i played at a different location.
11 months ago
Let's start with fundamentals: I tend to enjoy wide open playfields with shots that are far back, so it's not a huge surprise that I enjoy the way the game shoots. You've got classic Steve Ritchie butter smooth shots that are backhandable (that's a word, right?). The upper flipper side ramp shot takes some flak, but I personally love that it's challenging. And it's satisfying as hell when it's hit and the ball comes flying back at you on that ramp with a quick 180 turn.

But a game that shoots well can only go so far unless you have good rules to back it up. Thankfully, this game delivers that. Tim Sexton and Raymond Davidson found a way to make the paltry 10 songs feel more than enough given that you need to pretty much play completely through them if you want to get to the wizard mode. This means that you're likely to have some long games, especially when the game hands out extra balls like candy. Fortunately, this doesn't feel like chopping wood, due to playfield multipliers (Icarus shot) and solid multiball rules where locking a ball during some of them can X your score during multiball. You're actively engaged in pushing your luck and/or scoring as many high valued multiplied shots before the shot multiplier timer runs out.

The game is also fairly open ended in the way it can be approached: choose what song you want to play, choose what tours to do, choose to focus on song shots, or starting multiballs, or going for that epic playfield multiplier stack. Choice is yours, and I like that. This is more of a "score chasing game", rather than a "mode completion" based game, even though the songs function essentially as modes, albeit, they don't feel that way to me (and that's a good thing in my book).

Speaking of multiballs, if you know what you're doing, you're probably going to spend 75% of the game in a multiball. So if you don't like hearing that, then maybe this game isn't for you. Personally, it works with this game, as it's a long playing game, and you'll need the safety of being in multiballs to help get through the epic journey of playing through some of LZ's best songs.

Finally, in terms of rules, there's a number of mini-wizard modes. Again, this helps keep the game from feeling like chopping wood by breaking up your main task of getting through songs, by being rewarded with a mini-wizard mode. They are fun and they are varied enough.

Lighting is excellent. The expression lighting system, while not as as impressive as GnR's lighting, is a fantastic touch, and in some ways, not being over the top may be favored by some compared to GnR's lighting. To each their own, I personally like both.

The main toy, the Electric Magic (EM), is clever. I've joked in the past that Stern thinks a spinner is a toy, and in a true, "hold my beer" moment, they've made a spinner the feature toy in a game. But to call it just a spinner would do it a great disservice. The EM sits below the playfield for most of the game, and is enjoyable when it makes an appearance. Maybe 20% of an average game you're interacting with it. This makes it something to look foward to, rather than something that gets stale quickly and overstays its welcome. Ripping the spinner is incredibly satisfying, thanks to great spinner sounds and lighting that accompany it. Once the spinner is hit enough, you hit it again and a magnet captures the ball and takes it below the playfield. This is cool.

The art seems to be a low point for some people, but I disagree to an extent. The playfield art is fine, if not maybe even good. It's not overly busy and touches on the psychedelic theme that combines very nicely with the expression lighting system. The cabinet art is from LZ's iconic first album, which I personally dig. When you have something as iconic as this, it doesn't need to be amazing hand drawn original art by some artist. Where the art falls apart, is that the black and white cabinet clashes with the colorful playfield. It isn't cohesive and looks a bit jarring. I'm personally hoping to remedy this a bit by adding powder coated rails.

In all, I love this game, and I'm having a blast. I'm tempted to call it "AC/DC 2.0". It's a Steve Ritchie music pin with great feeling shots, classic rock, and a set of rules that I think improves on AC/DC's stellar rule set . Sorry Stern haters, this game is great.
11 months ago
Led Zeppellin Premium is wonderful, way above its sister (pro). comes with fantastic light effects plus a toy in the middle of the playfield which is a lot of fun! Simple and nice game with the sound of one of the biggest rock bands! Sometimes simplicity becomes much more fun than machines with lots of features and very complex rules to play.
11 months ago
I thought this game was trash when I played the PRO version but when I played the PREMIUM version? It was AWESOME, great flow and simple. I went ahead and bought a premium one for my personal collection.
11 months ago
I played both the Prem and the pro. I am reviewing the Prem.
I will say, I don't like the artwork on the pro and I did find the playfield baren.
But, besides the magic spinner(which is awesome and I will talk more on later), the playfield is barren, but that's kind of the charm of the game.

This game shoots great(both pro and prem). I think where the game truly shines is in MB and I have never played a game where MB felt so smooth and so much fun. I think that's due to the wide open space.
Outside of MB, I still enjoy the open space as there is plenty of stuff to shoot for on this game. I could be wrong but there are at least 8 main shots in the game and that's not including the drops and the other standup targets. So lots of shots in this game and plenty of space and when you hit these shots, the goal of course is to keep the combos going and it feels so smooth.

While I didn't like the art package on the pro, I love the package on the Prem. It looks much nicer to me.
But, the Prem has a few other things that are so much more amazing. The side led light panels make the lighting on this game some of the best ever. Of course the playfield inlays are nice too, but in a darkened room, the side panels really shine(pun intended).
The aforementioned magic spinner, is amazing and I think is one of the best mechs ever in a pinball machine. It also solves the barren playfield as it gives the middle playfield a really cool toy that is able to go up and down depending on the mode you are in. So, if you do have an issue with the barren playfield, the prem has an amazing and clever solution for it.
And its not so easy to hit. I've played this machine many, many times and I have yet to truly get dialed in on it. But, it will happen, but if you miss, be prepared for drains... So the solution is to play better!

I don't really like the animations. Some of them are good, some are generic, and the callouts mostly are generic as well.
BUT! This is about the music. And the music is varied and top notch... Because, well, that's how Led Zeppelin was as a band. Great music.

I also like code for this game. I don't know how deep it goes. For me it goes pretty deep.
Be mindful that I've played dozens of games on this machine and put up decent scores. My best games are around 40-65 million. Which have been good enough to get replays(not all were set to free play so, I liked getting free games), but of course is not such a huge score where I opened up the game to get anything that was there.

I don't know if the code is finished or not.
I do know what code I played I rather enjoyed it. Its simple, but varied enough. I generally try to shoot the left lock and I pick 6 ramps for tour mb. I think try to shoot the left ramp and get into that MB. And then I keep shooting ramps. I believe you relight the MB locks for the left ramp by either the standups or the drops. I can't remember. Doesn't matter. This is the type of code I find fun. It flows and its natural and you can really can just focus on enjoying the game and making shots.

That's how I feel about this game. I've played this at the Galloping Ghost pinball arcade and that place has so many of my favorite pinball machines there. But, this is the one I've been playing the most the last few times I was there.
I keep coming back to this machine and I think I will keep coming back to it.

It shoots amazing, it feels great to shoot, great layout, great fun. While maybe not the best themed machine ever in terms of the gadets and toys that fit(you could probably easily retheme it), what is there works amazing. And in a sense fits the band.
I use to think that I wanted an AC DC Luci. But, if I was buying another band pin, I would own a Prem Led Zep. It just plays that damn good.
11 months ago
Blast to play if you love speed, flow, and multiball.
1 year ago
Steve Richie's best game to date. Between the amazing layout to the awesome code and animation, Led Zeppelin is easily one of the best pinball machines I've ever played.

For me, medieval madness has always been the standard for a game to beat. It's not nostalgia for me, MM is quite possibly the perfect pinball game.

Does this one beat it? Almost, but not quite.

From the layout, artwork, code and awesome animation Led Zeppelin has it all but at the end of the day it is a music pin where the code is tied to the music and it's front and center, if you don't like Led Zeppelin it could grow stale. For me, Zeppelin has been one of my all time favorite bands so this was a no brainer for me.

I've played the pro extensively and the premium. The premium and LE with the added electric magic spinner is the way to go. While people may not think the magic spinner is a big deal, it changes the entire playfield and is a lot of fun to start hitting. External sub woofer sounds epic here.

This game has serious replayability and once you get the shots flowing it's a BEAST. Multiball is one of the most fun I've played on a pinball both EM multi and Zeppelin Multi, both play totally different flows when activated and while I like Zep multiball the most my wife enjoys the magic spinner multi more.

It's pretty forgiving for newbies and the game playshots/combos are pretty tough for more serious players.

The artwork on the premium is for some people underwhelming and this is where I dinged it the most. The callouts and artwork are both "meh". Aside from these two small nit-picks I'd say Led Zeppelin premium is a winner.
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