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Game design: 7.625

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Other Aspects: 7.71

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9 hours ago
Only marginally better than the abysmal PRO, this game actually makes me angry that they tried to pass this off as a premium pinball machine.
6 days ago
The fully featured Premium/LE version of this title is the way to go. Third flipper shot and ramp can be a challenge to hit when the ball flows but satisfying and helps make the game a more complete experience overall. The magic spinner can be great and problematic - luckily recent code has improved this as well. While the side light rails do not add as much overall like a GNR does, they do really add to the psychedelic playfield art package which is good as the premium cabinet is uninspired. Overall it’s ZEP tunes and a fun shooter at this trim level.
33 days ago
Steve Richie's best game to date. Between the amazing layout to the awesome code and animation, Led Zeppelin is easily one of the best pinball machines I've ever played.

For me, medieval madness has always been the standard for a game to beat. It's not nostalgia for me, MM is quite possibly the perfect pinball game.

Does this one beat it? Almost, but not quite.

From the layout, artwork, code and awesome animation Led Zeppelin has it all but at the end of the day it is a music pin where the code is tied to the music and it's front and center, if you don't like Led Zeppelin it could grow stale. For me, Zeppelin has been one of my all time favorite bands so this was a no brainer for me.

I've played the pro extensively and the premium. The premium and LE with the added electric magic spinner is the way to go. While people may not think the magic spinner is a big deal, it changes the entire playfield and is a lot of fun to start hitting. External sub woofer sounds epic here.

This game has serious replayability and once you get the shots flowing it's a BEAST. Multiball is one of the most fun I've played on a pinball both EM multi and Zeppelin Multi, both play totally different flows when activated and while I like Zep multiball the most my wife enjoys the magic spinner multi more.

It's pretty forgiving for newbies and the game playshots/combos are pretty tough for more serious players.

The artwork on the premium is for some people underwhelming and this is where I dinged it the most. The callouts and artwork are both "meh". Aside from these two small nit-picks I'd say Led Zeppelin premium is a winner.
33 days ago
For a machine selling for over $10,000 there is not much to it. The music is good though.
34 days ago
I wanted so bad to love this game. Frankly I did not find is that fun. I liked the artwork, music and general field layout. I did not like lack of shots, it seems very repetitive. I would play on location but I would never own one.
36 days ago
This is an alright game. On location I will play a game or two but it is not a game I gravitate to. The recessed side wall lighting and the raising spinner are the two coolest things about this game. The music is Led Zeppelin and if you are a LZ fan it is probably the game for you. The flow is good you can make the shots however there is no flair. There are no big events other than a change of a song. Now the transition from song to song is great. But there is not a big ah-ha moment.
For Stern games I love Batman 66, Jurassic Park, Stranger Things are some of my favorites. It is not a game I would put in my collection. If you are a Zeppelin fan this is probably a game for you. It flows and plays a lot of Zeppelin music.
36 days ago
I played 25-30 games of this at galloping ghost. I do believe the Led Zeppelin premium is by far better than the standard version, but I still think this game is way over rated so far. No comparison between the guns and roses LE and led zeplin premium. I’ll play it more and maybe come up with a better rating.
37 days ago
This game was not on my radar at all. After seeing the Stern previews my expectations were low. I set one up for a customer and was blown away by the flow and light show and sound effects. The Magic spinner sound is epic. The side lights interact with the music and creates a mesmerizing effect. The playfield lighting and colors of the playfield itself makes the game incredibly easy on the eyes fatigue wise. I find I can play the game for hours without my eyes getting tired. Great call outs. Absolutely love the game. Loved the game so much that I came home and ordered one for myself, I just had to have it. I have a large collection and have owned a couple hundred pins and there is no doubt this is one of my all time favorite games I've ever played. Can't get over how awesome this game is. It will not get old anytime soon.
37 days ago
Love the music but the game challenge is missing for me. Not a lot of variety and the play field is way too open for my taste. AIQ and JP are far superior as is DP. This does not come close to GNR LE as a great music pin.
39 days ago
Recently picked up my premium and it is a great game. Shots are smooth and fun to shoot. The magic mech is great. We are huge Zeppelin fans so I guess that factors in, but honestly I would give it the rating I feel it deserved if it was mediocre. The lighting is fantastic. It sounds great. The rules are good and will improve. The upper flipper shot and the combos once you dial in the shots are a blast. You just can't judge this game until you play it. It's just a fun game to play. What else can I say.
42 days ago
Got mine NIB yesterday (5/5/21). It's my 4th pin, 3rd NIB. Comparing against LotR, A:IQ, and JP I think it fits well into the collection. I wanted a music pin, and I was really considering IM, but already having A:IQ and JP it felt too similar. The LZ pin is simpler and more relaxing to play, with still plenty of depth to challenge. I read a lot of the earlier reviews about the ruleset being too simple and the playfield being too open. Having put about 6 or 7 hours into it already, neither of those are issues for me. I'm a relatively novice player, and while the ruleset may not so deep, I'll likely never get that far. The blade lights are simply amazing and add a lot to the experience. My only complaint so far would be that the balance between the songs and the other game effects is not where I would like it. I'd rather have the music be as loud or louder than those effects. If I turn the music up to where I want it, I occasionally get blasted by other game effects. If anyone is aware of a setting to balance that I'd love to know.
42 days ago
This game is very fast and has tons of flow. It has many satisfying shots. As far as people criticizing the artwork on the back glass or cabinet it is directly from their first album cover. I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan and I am totally satisfied with the way it looks. The expression lighting is amazing. The electric Magic is a great feature and has a really cool sound to it. This machine is bolted to the floor. The more I play it the more I love it.

Edit note. This game is also very difficult ... I get over 1 billion on stranger things but my best so far on my Zep premium is 167 million. It kicks my butt over and over again. It is definitely challenging.

Now up to 651 million but still a very challenging game.
51 days ago
This is Steve Ritchie's best shooting game since Spiderman. Sure the layout is open but the shots are so smooth and fast! Combos aplenty! The more difficult shots (the upper flipper ramp and right orbit) are rewarded well in the code. I own Maiden Premium and Metallica Premium and find myself playing Zeppelin at much higher volume than either of them. The 10 songs picked are PERFECT for pinball, yes I wish there were more ("Bring it on Home" would be a perfect addition) but I find myself headbanging every single time I play. Having the lit shots change to the music keeps me on my toes and really keeps the game fresh. The EM spinner RIPS!!! The backglass and cabinet art are just Zeppelin 1 album art but the playfield art is spectacular. The Expression Lighting System is outstanding! I have awful night vision so I usually play with the lights on; however, the Expression Lighting is bright enough for me to enjoy playing in the dark. Current code is quite good although the callouts could be improved. The tour modes/EM Frenzy/Mothership Multiball are all really well integrated, stackable, and easy to comprehend. Sexton did a great job!

The bottom line is that Zeppelin Premium is a preposterously fun game to play. I cannot see this one leaving my collection ever.
54 days ago
This game is fast and fun. The cabinet is a let down but the game plays great.
56 days ago
This is a great game, especially the LE and Premium. It is fast and has a ton of flow with amazing combo shots. The combo to the upper flipper ramp is a very satisfying shot. The Electric Magic assembly (rising spinner) is a great toy and the ball flows through in both directions so it doesn't block the playfield like a normal bash toy would. The Electric Magic Frenzy is one of the best multi balls in a long time to say the least. Hook up that subwoofer and enjoy the best music in any pin.
60 days ago
Yes, the playfield is very open but this makes for a great game. The shots to the ramps are very satisfying. This thing plays fast and smooth, way better than TMNT which is hampered by the lower right ramp being in the way of everything. I've played both the Pro and Premium and the features in the Premium add a lot. The Electric Magic toy is a nice addition, but just as nice is the ramp return on the upper flipper shot. The dead end shot in the Pro is a bit of a dud. The expression lights along the inner sides of the cabinet add to the entire retro vibe. Speaking of vibe, Led Zeppelin doesn't have that typical Stern feel to it, which is refreshing. I'm not knocking the Stern feel, but their games from the last several years all feel similar. I think this machine breaks free of that. Perhaps it is the artwork and psychedelic feel.

As far as the artwork goes, the Premium has the least exciting backglass and cabinet. If there is anything to complain about on this machine it is that the backglass is boring. The playfield artwork is great however. Stern has really ramped up the sound quality on this thing too. The bass is deep and the songs fill the room like a nice stereo system would. I also want to commend Stern for letting the songs continue to play after a ball drain and not restarting them like on Metallica. Also the song choices are perfect, no slow, quiet songs here.

As with all great games, this thing makes me want to keep playing it again and again.
60 days ago
I find the game difficult, if you are not precise on your shots it will be a short game. Lighting is amazing, music is great. Shaker motor is perfectly integrated and really adds to the feel.
74 days ago
I’m not a huge Led Zepllim fan but besides the artwork, this is one of the nest games I’ve ever played. It plays super smooth, the shots are satisfying and the rising toy in the center is awesome. The third flipper shot is hard but satisfying. I do not like the artwork. Cabinet and back glass is the worst I’ve ever seen. Only fault I can find with with this game. Brilliantly designed and great gameplay. If you are a Zeppelim fan, this game is a must!
84 days ago
Beautiful game, awesome flow, another Steve Ritchie gem
Fun code, the complete package
85 days ago
Simply put its a beautiful game with great flow..art package..lighting and sound are tremendous..A true keeper in anyone's collection..Of all the led zeppelin pins ..its the best of the 3 hands down
85 days ago
Well, it finally happened. Led Zeppelin has a pinball game.

The Pros:
Long and smooth shots that make use of the entire playfield. all the orbit and ramp shots feel fantastic and despite the playfield looking like it's wide open in the middle, the game does not feel empty when you play it. There are shorter shots on the left hand side of the playfield, longer shots in the middle and the right. The Icarus Target in the middle is great when prepped for a playfield multiplier to make everything that you do all that much more valuable. It is so nice to see a moving skill shot from the plunge again. Skillful plunging and timing is required for those LED targets. While the code is still early, the modes are well laid out, varied, and qualifying the modes and other aspects of the playfield require that you shoot the entire playfield. The music, is excellent. I'm actually surprised they didn't get more songs in on this game. The depth of the Led Zeppelin catalog is so deep that so many songs could have been used on this game. Fans worldwide would have rocked out to just about anything that this group put out. The center ramp is easily accessible from both flippers and the Zeppelin ramp feels incredibly smooth. I like the u-turn ramp on the right is it is most satisfying when you nail it. My initial impression looking at this playfield was not great. I am happy to say that the game feels better than it looks when you play it. I love being wrong about things like that.

The Cons:
The third flipper doesn't do much. On the pro, it bounces off of a stand-up. Add that to the fact that the flipper is incredibly high in the playfield, shot variation is key. This third flipper really doesn't have much to do other than shoot that dog-leg curve. I'm assuming that the premium and The limited edition version will have better sound output then what I heard on the pro. I am sure someone will modify their speakers as well to really get this pinball game really booming. it also may be the showroom location that I played the game at, the music wasn't that loud. Animations / motion graphics from footage from 50 years ago seem to be rather cut and paste. In some cases the footage is grainy even on the smaller screen that Stern uses. And while it works, it's not of the quality that we've seen from other games from Stern recently.

The Takeaway:
This is a prime example of theme selling games. While it not not be as bad as Dolly Parton or Ted Nugent pinball designs, I'm going to take a wait and see attitude with the code on this game. Steve Richie has brought us a new and unusual asymmetrical playfield for this game layout and I can't wait to try the premium and see what the spinner magnomonger does to change the way the ball moves around the middle of this game. This is a big feature, as well as the u-turn ramp from the upper flipper. Led Zeppelin may end up being a great (preem/LE - ala. AC/DC) pinball game, but right now, it's too early to tell.

I REALLY don't like the auto-feed from the plunger in the shooter lane. Multiple shots enter the ramp/target lane and then exits into the right outlane with consistency. While this game has the hungriest outlanes since World Poker Tour, it shouldn't feel like the Star Wars experience. Auto-plunge to outlane... again! Between the pro and the preem/LE, the preem is the way to go. The changes that the monger-spinner make to the shots and the play of the game make a huge difference in the way this design plays. Time will tell if this feature is worth it in the long run, but this game plays better with it now. The lighting on the Preem/ LE isn't JJP GnR worthy, but it is a step in the right direction. The older film clips of concert footage definitely feel a certain way, but the playfield artwork has the same feel to it as Aerosmith. It's not Dirty Donny, but it feels the same. Will this be the last Grandpa-rock game made? Who knows. But Moby Dick has been landed and if Stevie Knicks agrees to the license, Fleetwood Mac pinball is on the way soon!
3 months ago
This is a game that doesn't blow you away at first but is a joy to own, once you play it a while. It takes a while to learn the shots but once you do it's very rewarding. This is a must for LZ fans. I guess you'll see this game with low ratings but satisfaction comes with playing it a while - it's not easy to understand like AFM. 'This pin is in my favorite 1 or 2 but it took a while to get there.
3 months ago
A group of us drove from Richmond, Va. to Pinball Palace in Brunswick, Ga. last weekend (2nd trip) to play all of the best games out. If you've never been, man you just have to go. Totally worth the trip.

Really wanted to play GNR. Incredible game with cool tech, gadgets, lights, sound, etc... However, IMO it had so much going on that I spent half my time figuring out where there ball was going and couldn't see parts of the PF because it's completely populated with stuff. Upper PF...meh... Didn’t like the plunger at all, very unsatisfying.

Why is he talking about GnR, this rating is for LZ? I'm getting there...

LZ LE was right next to GnR, so of course we all played that next. We all had low expectations for LZ because of all the chatter online and from pinheads that have been in the game a while, even watched a couple of youtube pinball channels, the same folks we all watch, not naming any hosts The artwork stinks, there's only so many shots, why can't this flipper hit this ramp, what are those side lights, etc... Blah blah blah..... WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!

This game kicked ass!!!! Loud music from arguably the best rock band ever, side lights were awesome and PF was nice and bright, shots were super fast, ramps were accessible and really fun to hit. All three of us plus my 13 year old son hands down preferred LZ to GnR. I know it sounds kooky, JJP has a lot of cool tech, and was fun to play, and I know some of you pinheads know more than I because you've been in the game much longer,. Who does this newbie think he is, blah blah blah....

LZ was a blast...

LZ had people waiting to play it all weekend while GnR was untouched for periods of time. That's all I'm saying. Oh, and I need to get the Premium ASAP.

I agree with the comments on the rating before this one, he nailed it. It feels like an old school pin on steroids.

BTW, I played the LE, not the premium, but I don't feel like cut and pasting, deal with it..lol
4 months ago
People like to bash this game for having an open playfield. The open playfield design is what makes this game shoot so good! The ramps and orbits flow like butter. The rules are very good. If you like a stop and go type game(think Pat Lawler, TZ, Funhouse, etc.) you may not like this game. But if you like fast and furious games with great shots(think Steve Ritchie, Star Trek, AC/DC, etc) then you will love this game.
4 months ago
This game is an absolute surprise. First look and it feels empty, but when you get in to it, it’s one of the most rewarding multi ball experiences I’ve ever had. What it lacks in toys it makes up for in submersion. When you are hitting your shots and the balls are flowing, it reminds you of why pinball exists. If you like Zeppelin, makes all the better. My best way to describe is it reminds me of 70s pinball, at its best, with modern flow and ramps....the pro left me wanting...the premium, can’t get me off it...AND THE BALL!!!! No one realizes how amazing those side lamps make the balls when playing...truly incredible. Ramble on is currently my favorite scheme with regard to lights and ramp shots.

Could not recommend this table more...if you want a bunch of toys to hit this isn’t your game, and that’s ok, but if you want pinball flow at its best, this is on another level.
There are 29 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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