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Game Design: 8.078

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Other Aspects: 8.259

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This is "Led Zeppelin (LE)".
The other versions are: Led Zeppelin (Pro) (regular version), Led Zeppelin (Premium)

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There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
This is one of my least favorite Stern machines is the last decade.

The rules are fairly basic, but by no means bad. I somewhat like that it isn't as deep as every game that comes to marker. Feels more like a classic title. I honestly think this is one of the best parts about the game.

The art package is bad. Too little going on with the playfield. The blue legs and armor do not match the cabinet art. The backglass art is fine. The zeppelin looks 3D printed and cheap.

The playfield design isn't anything special. It's by no means bad, but the ramps are kind of boring and could use more bends in the wireforms. Part of me kind of likes how simple and uncluttered it feels, but another part of me finds the shots boring and unrewarding.

The toy spinner is neat. Though not worth the upgraded cost.

I have no issues with the sounds in this game.

I do appreciate this game trying to look back and trying to mimic the feel of games from decades ago, the thing is, those games still were often reliant on at least one cool thing to make them standout. This game doesn't have that though.
9 days ago
Led Zeppellin LE/Premium is wonderful, way above its sister (pro). comes with fantastic light effects plus a toy in the middle of the playfield which is a lot of fun! Simple and nice game with the sound of one of the biggest rock bands! Sometimes simplicity becomes much more fun than machines with lots of features and very complex rules to play.
13 days ago
I had played the Premium a ton and finally got to play the LE. The LE plays as great as the Premium only with better backglass and cabinet art. There are no real cons to this game as the shots, layout, lighting and sound are all amazing. This game is up there with the best of all time. It would have a higher overall score if the Premium hadn't shot up to #1 only to be given a ton of fake reviews by the old guard that keeps the top few games the same.
36 days ago
Wasn’t too impressed. Not enough features and terrible art and colors.
43 days ago
enfin un flip pas trop chargé inutilement et genial a jouer avec son superbe éclairage !
56 days ago
Unboxed this game with a customer and played it a couple of games. Seems good!
68 days ago
what i like: buttery smooth shots. super fast. combos. Led Zeppelin music. Sounds are exceptional, old school. i love the artwork. Less is more. i dont need every inch of space covered.

What could improve: Call-outs are weak and uninspired.

my magic spinner has posed no problems. its a cool toy. i dont rank it up there as one of the "greatest". its a fun game in my 8 game collection.
73 days ago
Just love the machine! Not only is it fast and fun but it looks amazing! There is nothing negative to say about Led Zeppelin! I own 11 pins in the top 50 and Led Zeppelin is by far the most fun to play!
76 days ago
amazing game.looks and music are simply the best
80 days ago
This game was fun to play. The lighting package is pretty awesome but the cabinet artwork leaves much to be desired. The middle of the play field is very empty but the game still has some cool shots. The magnet spinner shot that rises from the play field is a really cool shot. Great music selection and a great theme
83 days ago
I had the opportunity to play a Led Zeppelin LE on location. The first thing that stood out was how empty the game is. The $9200 price tag is not justified by toys and features, or lack thereof, in this game. Did I have fun playing the game? Yes and no. The music is great, the callouts are well done, and from what I saw of the modes I played the ruleset seems engaging. However, the lack of features on the playfield is disappointing as well as the complete lack of shots to anything on the bottom 2/3 of the playfield. The emptiness of the bottom 2/3 of the playfield hurts the gameplay in my opinion, it just feels off. LZ is a game that shows that too much flow is overrated when it comes at the sacrifice of toys and features in my opinion. The main toy, a pop up spinner, is one of the most disappointing toys in modern pinball considering the price. A pop up spinner is the main toy in a $9200 pinball machine and represents Electric Magic? The Zeppelin mold sadly does nothing. I don't understand that design choice other then to save money.

For $9200 I expected much more. There's no reason for Led Zeppelin LE to the cost the same as Avengers Infinity Quest LE and Jurassic Park LE when those two games have significantly more in it.
84 days ago
Not a fan of this one but I'm sure the theme is good for many.
88 days ago
Some valid criticisms of this pin, but if you are a fan of Led Zeppelin and pinball- very hard to find much to complain about. The spinner takes adjusting- and it is disappointing they shipped knowing issue - but when dialed in, one of the most satisfying shots around. I feared music would get old, but I’m hundreds of games in and it still rocks. Not sure why people think you can only enjoy LZ or GnR- they’re both great. Price is what it is anymore so no point in complaining. This is the first pin on and stays on the longest when family visits- none were fans of the band before the pin.
89 days ago
I have an LZLE and at first didn't like cab. As time goes on it just seems to be the right colors.

The code updates have made the game a keeper. I reversed My spinner and have never had another issue with it.

Ritchie did it again! I'm a Zeppelin fan so the music is awesome to Me!!!
3 months ago
This rating is for the le.I love music pins,and this one is amazing.I love led zeppelin music,and Steve flow.This pin with steel ramps flows like hell.The game light is perfect.I know that everyone not aggry with me.But we all have to give this game a chance.I like this one.
3 months ago
I have the premium and love ripping spinners and Led Zeppelin.
3 months ago
Pure fun... a lot to shoot for, great soundtrack, challenging and rewarding rulesheet... no wood chopping.
More infos... here
3 months ago
Played the LE at a friends place had really good flow, loved the magic spinner, the Ramos are tight but rewarding and can be hit off either flipper all in all it was actually really fun!

I like the fact Stern are adding in different game modes like on Zep “Top of the chart challenge” that was also fun!

Only downside is that most of your shots are left hand sided and the right side has only 3 real shots but other then that a great game.

Ps - I’ve played the pro and wouldn’t buy one it’s premium or above for this title.
3 months ago
Played a few games on this and wow, probably the worst recent Stern I have played. The entire right side of the play field is empty and the entire setup in the left side is pretty basic and has nothing special or unique about it. Can’t help but feel underwhelmed by this game.
3 months ago
Got this as a means to trade another game. Figured I would end up trading it away if. I didn't like it.

Game is gorgeous in person. The playfield art works perfectly with the games lighting. The powdercoat and cab art look terrible in sterns photos, but in person jaw dropping.

Having just gotten tmnt le, this blows it away. I do not get the ratings on here because turtles seems like the worse game yet currently rates higher.
3 months ago
LZLE flows great, and the rules are complex enough for me. The Expression lighting is awesome - would love to add it to my Aerosmith. Overall, it’s a fun game to play, and I’d definitely put a few dollars into it on location. But as a collector, I gotta ask: “Where’s the beef?” There are a few ejects (no VUKs), and a drop target bank. The Electric Magic mech is fun, but its novelty wears off quickly. Balls that fall back through the spinner go SDTM, and that happens a lot.

LZ also falls a little flat for me on the callouts and theme integration. Random tour videos and the music are the only thing that tell you this is a LZ pin. There’s a blimp, but it’s just a decoration, and doesn’t physically lock the balls - a real miss for a $10k game. Finally, the upper flipper is pointless, since the ramp shot there is MUCH tighter than the tower shot in JP. After a few dozen tries I just gave up on that shot and enjoyed the other 3 ramps.

Just to end on a high note: this is a really fun location pin. I think ops will get their money out of it. I thought about ordering a Premium to put on location, but I’d have to make a lot of $$ to make up for the value that’s missing. When the Pro gets down to the mid-4K range in the used market, I’ll be interested again.
4 months ago
Well, it finally happened. Led Zeppelin has a pinball game.

The Pros:
Long and smooth shots that make use of the entire playfield. all the orbit and ramp shots feel fantastic and despite the playfield looking like it's wide open in the middle, the game does not feel empty when you play it. There are shorter shots on the left hand side of the playfield, longer shots in the middle and the right. The Icarus Target in the middle is great when prepped for a playfield multiplier to make everything that you do all that much more valuable. It is so nice to see a moving skill shot from the plunge again. Skillful plunging and timing is required for those LED targets. While the code is still early, the modes are well laid out, varied, and qualifying the modes and other aspects of the playfield require that you shoot the entire playfield. The music, is excellent. I'm actually surprised they didn't get more songs in on this game. The depth of the Led Zeppelin catalog is so deep that so many songs could have been used on this game. Fans worldwide would have rocked out to just about anything that this group put out. The center ramp is easily accessible from both flippers and the Zeppelin ramp feels incredibly smooth. I like the u-turn ramp on the right is it is most satisfying when you nail it. My initial impression looking at this playfield was not great. I am happy to say that the game feels better than it looks when you play it. I love being wrong about things like that.

The Cons:
The third flipper doesn't do much. On the pro, it bounces off of a stand-up. Add that to the fact that the flipper is incredibly high in the playfield, shot variation is key. This third flipper really doesn't have much to do other than shoot that dog-leg curve. I'm assuming that the premium and The limited edition version will have better sound output then what I heard on the pro. I am sure someone will modify their speakers as well to really get this pinball game really booming. it also may be the showroom location that I played the game at, the music wasn't that loud. Animations / motion graphics from footage from 50 years ago seem to be rather cut and paste. In some cases the footage is grainy even on the smaller screen that Stern uses. And while it works, it's not of the quality that we've seen from other games from Stern recently.

The Takeaway:
This is a prime example of theme selling games. While it not not be as bad as Dolly Parton or Ted Nugent pinball designs, I'm going to take a wait and see attitude with the code on this game. Steve Richie has brought us a new and unusual asymmetrical playfield for this game layout and I can't wait to try the premium and see what the spinner magnomonger does to change the way the ball moves around the middle of this game. This is a big feature, as well as the u-turn ramp from the upper flipper. Led Zeppelin may end up being a great (preem/LE - ala. AC/DC) pinball game, but right now, it's too early to tell.

I REALLY don't like the auto-feed from the plunger in the shooter lane. Multiple shots enter the ramp/target lane and then exits into the right outlane with consistency. While this game has the hungriest outlanes since World Poker Tour, it shouldn't feel like the Star Wars experience. Auto-plunge to outlane... again! Between the pro and the preem/LE, the preem is the way to go. The changes that the monger-spinner make to the shots and the play of the game make a huge difference in the way this design plays. Time will tell if this feature is worth it in the long run, but this game plays better with it now. The lighting on the Preem/ LE isn't JJP GnR worthy, but it is a step in the right direction. The older film clips of concert footage definitely feel a certain way, but the playfield artwork has the same feel to it as Aerosmith. It's not Dirty Donny, but it feels the same. Will this be the last Grandpa-rock game made? Who knows. But Moby Dick has been landed and if Stevie Knicks agrees to the license, Fleetwood Mac pinball is on the way soon!
4 months ago
Forget rating all the little details about art work, music, layout etc. There is really only rating that matters and that is the amount of play if gets from everyone in my family. Outcome... Never had a pin that has been played so much!
4 months ago
LZ is a tough game to play. This is a dream theme for me and initially I was disappointed with the art package. However, seeing it in person I really like the LE art better then the pictures online. I'm sure licensing had something to do with the minimalist layout. The game is a lot of fun and flows well when you make the shots but they aren't easy. A lot of people will complain this game is to tough and operators may complain its to tough on location. Its still early and the code is somewhat weak and I'm not a huge fan of the English commentary during gameplay. Sterns new lighting system is amazing and I hope this remains for all future games. The pro is a huge drop off from the Premium/LE so I wouldn't recommend the pro. I rarely consider a pro with any title since I'm buying these for HUO. The right side flipper shot is almost impossible to be consistent at but I like tough games when I own them. This will remain in my collection for a while. I like it. I don't love it (yet).
4 months ago
This game had impossible expectations from the start, if you leave them at the door and just play it? You'll love the game. I haven't owned a Ritchie game since T2, and very happy it plays like a Ritchie game, FAST. It's FUN. Needed a game like this so badly in the collection. One where anyone could stand up to and play, and know what to do from the start. It's like Arcade pinball to me. It's strengths are it's flow and all the ramps, ease of learning and yet it's still deep and takes skill to master because if you miss shots it will kill you straight down the middle. It could've used a little more love with the art around certain areas like the pop bumpers but that's what mods are for, not a big issue at all. I love the Magical spinner & Expression lighting, it's the best lighting I've seen that reacts exactly with the music. Super game, it's a keeper.
There are 42 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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