Jurassic Park (Home Edition)

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There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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47 days ago
This Jurassic Park (Home Edition) pin was the first new Stern pinball machine that I owned and I have to say that I really enjoy playing this game. The rules are not that complex that even my children can figure everything out without me having to explain to them what some of the main objectives of the game are and what needs to be done to get a high score. I have played other Stern Pro pinball machines that didn't have a good flow and that really bogged down the game play. This machine has good flow and good pace which for a Home Edition machine I was pleasantly surprised with. This pin is one I will be keeping in my collection for a while because of all the positive aspects of the gameplay.
5 months ago
I know home games have a weird reputation, but this game is undeniably good. I really love the layout! The trex head is just challenging enough to hit, and the ball jump in the back is extremely satisfying. I just can’t help but love this game
7 months ago
This game deserves to be more that a home pin. It's too bad that most people won't ever get to play it.
11 months ago
Pretty dang good for a home edition. Definitely has enough to keep someone interested for a long time. It’s cool they added a Dino toy in a home edition. Ramps are smooth and orbit shots are fun. Rules are pretty simple but still tough getting to final nublar. Multi balls are ok and sound isn’t to bad. Overall an awesome game for the price imho. I mean you could buy one of these brand new for like 4.5k or less, or an Addams family for 10k.
11 months ago
A fun pin to play. It reminds me of a 90s B/W - simple layout, simple rules, and a blast to shoot. The build quality feels perfectly fine to me despite gripes from those who "know better".

My only complaint lies in that sweet simplicity. While I could play a dozen games on this every day, there's not much progression. I hit the two wizard modes in the first 100 games, and knew there wouldn't be many more "aha" moments past that. I'd consider this an excellent game for non-enthusiasts, kids, and people who just want to play a few games and walk away. But if you require deep rulesets, you may want to reconsider.
1 year ago
Before playing this for the first time I was definitely in the "Home Pins aren't real pinball machines" crowd. That is, until one drunken house party where I got to actually try this out and my opinion did a 180. A few months later I had one of my own.

-JDJP is more loaded than Toy Story 4 and Bond 60th. It's crazy how much they crammed into this pin on such a tight budget. Major props to Robert Blakeman for the t-rex head.
-The layout is fantastic. Jack Danger did an amazing job with the layout of this machine. It flows extremely well and just about all shots can be made with either flipper. Shots on the left side of the field return to the right flipper and vice versa. This encourages the player to loop shots (while building bonus multiplier on the ramp returns) while also encouraging the player to backhand shots in order to switch between flippers. I like seeing Joe Kaminkow's Robocop jump shot being revived. It's clear a lot of thought went into this design.
-The code is well done. The ruleset is more akin to something you would see in the late 80s/early 90s. 2 skill shots, 2 multi-balls, 2 wizard modes. Easy to learn, hard to master. I appreciate not having to read a masters thesis length manual in order to understand the rules
-This pin is really high on value. You can find gently used JDJPs for under $4k. Mine was a showroom model that had less than 20 plays that was shipped to my door for under $4k. Really tough to beat that value in today's market.

-MDF construction: Overall, the cabinet feels solid but on the lighter side. According to the manual this is about 50 pounds lighter than a standard machine (~220 vs 270). This does make the pin easier to nudge (and also easier to tilt). I rearrange the gameroom fairly frequently, so it is pretty nice to have something that's easy to manhandle.
-The single speaker is tinny, but Stern gave you the option to upgrade these on your own if that's what you want to do. You do have the option to add a second speaker or a subwoofer if you want to improve the audio. Dropping an extra $100 on speakers would make this problem go away.
-The screen is smaller than on a typical Stern. While it is much larger in person than it appears in photos that's not exactly a positive. The design team did a really good job of conveying what the player needs to do via the playfield inserts and the audio callouts. I find that I very rarely have to look at the screen to figure out what's going on.

-Some of the cost cutting features. The lock down bar is less than ideal and is a pain in the ass to get put back on correctly. No matter how many times I try I always manage to get the start button cable caught between the lockdown bar and the machine. The plastic side rails are cheap and tend to come off when you remove the glass.
-While this doesn't ship with a subwoofer, the cabinet has a large hole in the bottom to accommodate one. Since it's a big gaping hole it also lets all of the coil sound out which makes the pin loud. You will hear it every time a coil fires. This item could be moved to the "neutral" category depending on how loud your gameroom is. If you add a subwoofer this problem goes away.
-The soundtrack isn't that great. As much as I love the Jurassic Park theme song I hate hearing it over and over and over again.

Overall I think JDJP is a great addition to any gameroom. I have 13 "real pins" going from the late 40s all the way to the late 90s and this stands shoulder to shoulder with all of them.
1 year ago
Jurassic Park home edition surprised me. In a good way.

The Pros:
A great layout on a game that most people will pass on due to it's "home" designation. The shots feel good and there is enough variation in the design that it isn't just another fan layout. The drop targets and captive ball are well placed. Orbits and rams are somewhat standard, but they feel good and are enjoyable when made.

The Cons:
$3800.- for this? Yikes! It may not be seen much because of this. Trying to find the middle ground is not an easy business proposition. The display screen on my phone may be larger than this one.

The Takeaway:
The rules on this game are better than people will give it credit for. It is not the most advanced game from Stern. I would say the rules would fit well in 1988 (and I do love me some T-A-X-I!) and for many home users and casuals, that is a great fit. Playing it, I had a few moments of real pinball chaos and fun. And that may be the first time that a "home" game has ever done this for me. Play it for what it is and have some pinball fun!
1 year ago
I played it fair bit but for me it just not fun no real challenges to unlock. It is a more basic pin and it shows. It is not bad but not what I look for. Just a bit boring but still thematic is great love the theme.
1 year ago
After owning this game for a couple months I wanted to share my thoughts. This is a very well done machine, regardless of the price. It has some great flow with several looping shots that can be hit back to back. The rule set is not "deep" by todays standards but this also make it very approachable for casual players. Even with these shallower rules it's still tough to make it through the main modes and will be a challenge even for the most skilled player. The functioning T-Rex mouth shot is great and is one everyone wants to try to hit, with a 2 ball multi ball payoff. The raptor multi ball (3 ball) has a neat shift in colors making the play field slightly darker and red, simple but neat effect. The back ramp has a jump in the middle that adds some extra excitement when you make it all the way across.

As far as not so great, the lighting could have been better; being dim in some areas and a pretty limited and bland switching effect is all you get. The screen size is on the small side but not a huge deterrent in actual use.

Drop targets, multiple ramps, captive ball, moving mechanical t-rex, there's plenty to do on this. Even as a "value" pin this machine holds its own against newer games and punches way above its weight.
1 year ago
Overall, the game looks great. I want to be clear, this is a home model. It does not feel or play like a commercial model. Then why all the 8's and 9's ratings? Because they are mostly from owners of the game. Mostly from lesser experienced pinball players and collectors. When rating a game like this, you must compare it to everything else that is out there. You shouldn't give it a 9.5 and then say "it's great, for a home model".

The game is very loud. When one slingshot fires, they both fire simultaneously. Same exact thing for the pop bumpers. I suppose that, plus the fact that the cabinet and playfield are MDF instead of plywood contribute to this.

When you put your hands on this game and play it, it will feel different. It is very light. There are large gaps between the siderails and the lockdown bar. The siderails are plastic. If you pull on them they will come up from the cabinet.

The gameplay is OK. The rules are very simple compared to the average Stern. This is a home game that doesn't really compare well to a commercial game from Stern, or any other manufacturer.
1 year ago
This is my first pinball machine and I absolutely love it. This "pin" is cheaper then a regular full one but you don't miss out on any of the fun. The game has an amazing flow to it. The jump ramp and short ramp are super satisfying to hit and since the ball feeds to the flipper that usually just shot it the ramps begs to get hit over and over again. It's fun nailing the newton ball or hammering a perfect shot right in the raptor pen. The t-rex awesome too. The rule set is pretty simple but a lot of fun and it's great that there is two wizard modes. This game can be tough but its that difficulty that keeps me playing one more game over and over again. I have owned this machine for three months now and I have not gone a day without playing multiple games. I hope stern releases more "pins" because it's fun playing a machine where the rules are pretty straightforward unlike some of the new sterns where for a novice player can be a little intimidating. Overall I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you Jack for making a kick ass pin.
1 year ago
Yes, this is a home pin, but it is sooooooo much fun to shoot. The rules are simple and easy to grasp, and offer 2 different multiballs, multiple wizard modes to keep things interesting. Game play is fast and just plain fun. 3 skills shots. 2 ramps (including a jump!), 2 spinners, 3 drops, and a functioning T-Rex head (unlike the pro cornerstone).

Don't hate it before you try it because it has a particle board cabinet, or because it has an MDF playfield, or that the LCD screen is small. This pin is a favorite in my line up when guests visit. It's somehow fast and challenging, while not unfriendly. Drains don't feel cheep, and shots are flowy with almost no clunkiness. An awesome first design by Jack Danger. Looking forward to his future pins. The call outs are great and even has a cameo with Jack Danger for the dead flip skill shot after the update. The LCD screens graphics are perfectly formatted for the size making it plenty easy to read. The cabinet is slightly shorter than a cornerstone, but looks great in a line up and is the same height as a classic early 80's Bally/Stern.

There are a few things that aren't perfect but can be overcome relatively inexpensively. The GI is dark to the point I needed to add a couple of spot lights to the lower playfield to be able to play in a dim room. The sound from the speaker is tinny and there are some loud mechanicals. The good news is, for $20, you can fix all that is wrong with the sound of the machine. There is a cut out with studs for an 8" speaker in the cabinet, that when it is shipped is open. This is what makes the mechanicals sound noisy. Adding an 8" speaker here dampens that sounds from the mechanicals. The speaker also fixes the game's sound issue's that stem from the single little 4" speaker by filling out the lower range. The cabinet channel was originally disabled in the first ROM, but the latest update enabled the cabinet speaker output allowing for fade, EQ, and frequency cut off settings making it sound great. There is some great music and dino sounds that the little speaker couldn't handle on its own.
2 years ago
Jurassic Park "The pin" was my first game I bought new and still is a great version of the game. The entire machine is just slightly smaller than the Premium or Pro but when playing it you wouldnt even notice. This is the game that hooked me into Home pinball, now I own 6 machines. This version is affordable and great entry level machine for any home arcade.
2 years ago
A simple/fun game with a good shot layout. The only real detractors are the quality of the build, and the not so deep code. For a home pin, it is absolutely great. Compared to a pro, it's almost there.
2 years ago
Great flipper! I know they wanted to use assets already available but wish artistically it differentiated its self a bit more from Elwin JP, but that's my only major complaint (other than the price of home pins these days but this is the world we live in and not the pins fault)

But great shot design and amazing flow.... Thing can really get you in the groove. Rule depth is there, but easy to pick up and have a good game regardless of experience. Hats off to Jack for pouring his heart and soul into this pin, it shows and I hope this is the start of a long lasting tradition of great pins to go from his mind into wood and wireform.
2 years ago
Amazing and unique machine completely different from the cornerstones. Weaknesses can be summed up with "It's a home pin". Single speaker in the backbox disappointed me more than I thought it would have. Pops and slings fire at the same time, but completely unnoticeable until multiball. Even with all those negatives, this machine excels despite the compromises of a lower BOM. Gameplay is FAST. Perfect shot layout with plenty of variety and some neat toys that are pretty unique (Raptor pen is surprisingly fun. T-Rex actually roars anytime the SFX does and spits out your ball unlike the bigger cousin Pro model. Jump ramp is awesome). Great geometry - everything flows. The same 'Simple but Hard' rules that more prestigious machines like AFM, MM, MB have. Theming is perfect - doesn't lean heavily at all on the movies, and has a unique story (Escape the exploding island and rescue as many workers and dinos on the way). Definitely recommend anyone flip on this machine any chance they get.
There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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