Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro) (Stern, 2017)

Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)

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Game design: 7.188

Artwork: 8.037

Sounds/Music: 6.653

Other Aspects: 7.146

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16 days ago
Guardians is an amazing game! This was my first NIB purchase and I'm so happy I picked GotG Pro! The layout plays great, and the groot ball lock is just fantastic. There are enough clear easy objectives for my non-pinhead family to understand, like orb multiball or groot multiball. The game also has a more complex and difficult ruleset to achieve the true wizard modes in the game. It offers up Cherry Bomb Multiball as a nice intermediate goal. All in all, this game is fantastic. Check out some available sound mods too if you want to add some more variety to the audio!
17 days ago
A really fun pin for all pinheads & beginners alike. Reminds me of a mix of: Metallica/Iron Man/Star Trek, which is a great thing! Go play one with the new code installed!
20 days ago
I think this is a great game. I never had any intention of buying a NIB game. Then we played this one. Ordered one the next week. We all love the game, it has some easier shots for the novice, and some harder modes for the more advanced. I think the music is great. The voice actors are ok, but there are some sound mods (Cleland) that make it that much better. I don't see this leaving the collection for a long time.
22 days ago
crazy underrated. The intro code must have stunk real bad for this game to be off the top 100.
23 days ago
Played this at Marvin's Mechanical Museum and was not overly impressed. Thought the gameplay was rather tedious and slow and while the game looks and sounds pretty good, it just felt gimmicky and lacking flow. Not one to play again.
32 days ago
This game feels a lot like Star Wars, with the addition of more characters and missions to choose from at the beginning. I like the groot multi-ball feature, it's an easier accomplishment for less established pinball players. The soundtrack is great and the later codes continue to add to the game. If you're a fan of the movie the game will pull you in.
36 days ago
Massively improved since release. The latest code updates have turned a good game into one of Sterns greatest, there’s no doubt about that. A keeper
45 days ago
A pretty good layout -similAr to met- with few upgrades. Fun to play
3 months ago
I traded my IM for a Guardians at my friend’s arcade, and I’m pretty happy about it. I specifically wanted Guardians because it’s a tough game, and I wanted a worthy successor to IM for my collection. I had to tweak a few things to make it fair, and I suspect that’s why it’s rated low by location players. Once I got the game and myself dialed in, I started to love the game. The rules are great in 0.90, much better than AS at this point. Layout is much more like GOT or IM than MET, mean and fast. My only complaints are a few reused sounds from AS (easy to fix), and art that’s a little more colorful than I like (but my favorite color is brown). I’m expecting to keep the game for at least a few years. It’s a great league/tournament pin, and a great “one more play” pin, like IM was. It helps that I like the theme and the music, but the bottom line is great rules and layout.

STERN, one urgent change request: please don’t turn interrupt the Awesome Mix songs for shot fanfare audio, like the Groot lock. Let us just enjoy the music when we’re not in a mode! When the music turns down it’s like an 8-track player is changing tracks. And we all know the Awesome Mix is on cassette. Thanks!
4 months ago
Great looking game with better build quality than BM66. Both games are very good looking, but each suffer from gameplay problems. GOTG lacks originality and variety in the design and shots. Plus, it's extremely difficult. Almost every shot quickly sends the ball back at you. You play defense all game. The ramps are smooth and fast, but they are simple and send the ball back at you fast. The orbits, the Orb shot, Groot, and especially Rocket, all send the ball back at you, or SDTM. There is no center post either, and this game needs one. Maybe I'm just an average player and this game is designed for great players. But I enjoy most pins, and this one is just too difficult, and unoriginal. I want to like it. I like the theme. I love the art. I think the LCD tv screen is perfect. And if they add a few more songs, and complete the code, the game could be fantastic. But the playfield design is what it is. This game will be limited by a snoozer of a layout, where you spend far too much time bashing Groot over and over until he spits the balls SDTM.
4 months ago
The game has gotten so much better with every code update. The music is awesome but I wish they would've incorporated the soundtrack more within modes. Would be a lot more enjoyable if they had gotten the licensing on the voices from the movie. Groot multiball is a blast. Keeps me coming back for more.
5 months ago
I think the game is good. I'm not a big stern fan but this one is a lot better than the Ghostbusters. IMO. The game has a couple hard shots and I think once they get it dialed in it will be a great game.
5 months ago
The non stop talking and that constant bibalee bobalee boo or whatever he is saying is so anger inducing!!! The shots are near impossible to make. I ended up walking away on ball 3, I just couldn't take it anymore. The problem has to be the code, so once it's had a vast update. I will give it another go.
5 months ago
First let me say, I haven't seen the movies. I had a chance to play this at a show and wasn't to impressed. I got a chance to play it again on location and played several games and it really grew on me. I really liked the flow of the game, Multiball is crazy, but a lot of fun. The soundtrack on this game is awesome!
5 months ago
Man the constant talking while you're playing and disjointed movie clips is just awful. Couple this with a standard vanilla layout and you've got a pure loser.

Hopefully Stern will step it up on the next game. I do think the groot multiball lock is cool. I enjoyed the integration of the magnet in the middle of the playfield. Maybe some code will save this stinker but I wish the talking would just stop.
5 months ago
Good looking game ,good fast smooth play , i didn't seem to be a great game , i only played it five times and would not play it again unless it was the only machine i had to play, i don't hate it but after a few games I usually know if I wanna keep playing it, i moved on to other games.....not a keeper for me, I will update if I find a premiumn or maybe try the pro again..I like this pro better than star wars pro!!!#
6 months ago
The layout is VERY similar to other popular themes ... good because it is a well liked layout but come on ... Stern needs to do better than this as the newer pins are "kind of" just re-themes of a popular layout. That is a negative to me for this pin ... it suffers because of the popularity of it's predecessors.

The Groot integration is good and when all of those balls come out at you in a multi-ball, it is a rush. However ... usually a couple of them go right down the center drain. AS does it a little better.

It is fun to play. Variety in the music tracks from the movie is great. The video integration is much better than a DMD so I don't want to bash it too much, but a bit repetitive and long video segments when more call outs and subtle fanfare for good achievements are what we "expect". Maybe code updates will improve that. Long video segments if nothing is going on during the game play is just fine to me.

The variation in the code for achievements completing specific shots I applaud. Not super deep, but completing shot goals is a plus for me. I like the game, but would not want it in my collection if I had a MET also (which I currently don't).

I play this pin in a league and would play it out on locations for a few games before moving on to the next game. Game seems better in a quieter setting so that you can understand some of what is going on. Playing it in a loud atmosphere takes something away from it. I don't get the adrenaline rush while playing it, but the fun factor is pretty good.
6 months ago
Disjointed is the best way I can describe this game. Whatever is going on on the playfield seems to have nothing to do with the animations, call outs or music. I've seen the movie, once, and I'm pretty sure these aren't the actual actors voices. For someone like me to notice, that'd have to drive a GOTG fan nuts. Don't bother chasing modes as they don't do anything really. Bash the Groot head for multiballs. Machine feels like a limp noodle and the brand new playfield was full of divots already.
6 months ago
What jar155 said.. I probably enjoyed it a little more. Good case of what could have been. Very similar lay out to several popular pins, yeah.. a little crowded but ok. It has the makings of a great pin. But the VIDEOs!!.. all the time, with some other actor’s voices?? How did that happen? You get the rights to their images but not their quotes?? You don’t mind at first, but by game 3 it goes down hill. Except for the extra ball clip- how the entire game should have been. Also, had several issues with code-game malfunctions. The music quality was very good, but how many times before those songs get worn out? I will put a few bucks in it at the bar, but I wouldn’t buy- especially at Stern current pricing.
6 months ago
Wow, what a bummer this one was. I was REALLY excited to get some time on this game and watched from the sidelines as the code evolved to .85, when I finally got my chance to spend an afternoon on it. Over the course of a couple of hours, I couldn't find a lot to like here, but I'll lead with the few things I did like.

It's a pretty game. The art, the colors, and the lights are all attractive. Franchi is a good artist, and he upped his game here over what he did with Batman '66 noticeably. I can't wait to his next effort. The ramps are fun to combo, and they're satisfying to hit. A ramp that feels great goes a long way when you're learning a game.

Unfortunately, this game has a mountain of issues, most of which are the result of either a rushed development or a phoned in attitude. The layout itself is a recycling from Metallica. Stern is starting to reuse stuff more and more, and Guardians is showing just how bold they are in dodging the challenge of new or innovative design.

The rules are a mess. The scoring is way out of balance. There's no incentive to play modes at all. Just play Groot multiball, because the only points of significance are there. With how tight the shots are on this game, modes should be worth way, way more than they currently are, because completing them is fair challenge.

The sound in this game is about the worst I've ever experienced on a pinball machine. It just throws constant noise your way that does nothing to indicate what's going on. Movie scenes play during modes and hitting shots does nothing to alter what's happening. You just get an onslaught of noise and it's unbelievable that anybody felt this was a good idea for pinball.

And those same movie clips also manage to make knowing what to do a little more fuzzy as well. Take a peek up at the screen and you don't get a ton of great indicators, but you'll sure get a chance to revisit your favorite movie clips from the first Guardians of the Galaxy flick for the 4983rd time! They gotta fix this movie clip show treatment.

Then there's that magnet. Look, John Borg, not every game needs a playfield magnet. You might think that's the case, but you're well beyond overdoing it at this point. It sucks to get punished so regularly by making that Orb lock shot to have the magnet chuck the ball straight out the left outlane (and it will do that A LOT). When Groot releases balls during multiball, it'll pulse there too. No problem at the start of multiball, but if you re-lock balls to build the multiplier, ball saver won't often save those magnet drains (despite the ball saver flashing).

The layout is recycled, sure, but it's not a bad layout. They can make this into a good game, but they probably need to reverse course on a few things to make that possible. Who knows if Stern is willing to unwind some of the knots in the software design on this game, but it's a pretty messy experience right now. The theme could have been used much better than this.
6 months ago
I've spent quite a bit of time in the past couple of months playing at a local club called "Pinball Jones" which has many of the Top 20 games on the floor. What really makes me think Stern did a good job with Guardians is that it is the game I keep going back to. I love Medieval Madness, Attack from Mars, and Indiana Jones... but Guardians is always calling me from the back corner. So much fun to play and when it flows, it's easy to put more quarters in.

It is worth noting that the software is still buggy. I've been playing on 0.7. 0.8 was released a week or two ago and it is supposed to fix quite a few bugs and add (2) new songs to the mix. The call-outs are lacking in 0.7.

Edit: too many of the call-outs are not the original actors and I find that disappointing. I haven't tried 0.87 yet, but this game's lack of good call-outs is really keeping it from being great.
6 months ago
I really wish Stern would take more time finishing these pins with a good code before releasing them. The dialog on this game was atrocious. Also it felt like while I was playing the game it was at a constant cut scene from the movie which was annoying. Maybe with better code it would be more enjoyable to play but who knows.
6 months ago
I don't understand the hate for this one so far. I got to play it for an hour (so not an in-depth review by any means), but my first impression is that it was a ton of fun to play, had me wanting to come back, and the layout is enjoyable. With further code updates and tweaks, this could be a top 10.
The package works great as a whole. Art is good and lighting is great as well. The only cons at the moment are the modes need to be fleshed out more, some of the animation/cutsceen stuff needs to be augmented, and sound need a little work (music and call outs). The shots and the gameplay are there, so hopefully Stern can tie it all together in future code releases.
Current rating is with anticipation of these issues being resolved.
6 months ago
Rated on .81 code after more than 50 plays. THe code package is still very bad and audio in particular is just sloppy junk, like a music pin with random crap all the time. GEneral shotlayout is good but shots are very tight, too tight for some, so not sure if code will help it in the long run.
6 months ago
Walked up to the game with high hopes. Thinking Metallica and other pieces of games would be great.

Turns out it's not so good. Shoots alright, but overall feels like a cheaply made Metallica. The plastic ramps (especially being two pieces) feels clunky. The right scoop (or lack thereof) seems like they cheaped out on an actual scoop.

Mixed feelings really. I wanted to love this game, but being an owner of Metallica and iron Man already, I was quite underwhelmed.
There are 35 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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