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Game Design: 8.055

Artwork: 8.365

Sounds/Music: 7.902

Other Aspects: 8.159

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52 days ago
This is one of my favorite pins, I have great memories with this one. I like how fast it plays and the music is just awesome if you liked the Guardians movie. I do work in the film industry... so I have bias towards games based off movies. Just a heads up if you happen to want to read my rating. But this game has great modes and I feel you could play for a long time. Love the multiballs and the challenges the game gives. 10/10 any time I get the opportunity to play this game I will. :)
3 months ago
Good game, but just a bit too tight for longevity. Great theme and integration.
3 months ago
Guardians is great fun to play but it is the music that puts this machine over the top for me.
I love all the songs from the movie and obviously the Cleland mod is essential.
Starting a mode and Fox on the run comes blasting out of the speakers is thrilling!
The shots are all satisfying and challenging for me.
I can't see this leaving my house.
4 months ago
I love this game. From the first time I played it.
My kids play it, which I think is an accomplishment.
I bought it from the first owner it had 178 plays on it, in just over a week we've added 550 plays. The other games in my house are forgotten.
The flow of the game is great, and beginner/average player friendly. The theme is great and easy to understand.
It came with the Cleland sound mod chip, which takes the game to a level 5x over the original sounds and music.
Ramps are a bit cheap, and I'll probably look for a wireform mod. But there are a ton of upgrade mods for the pro model that make it really great amd add a layer of reinforcement to a somewhat flimsy original base game.
I'm excited that I'm able to add it to the collection. It's going to have a place for a great while
5 months ago
People ask all the time what is best first pin….the answer has become guardians. Grout cool toy, rules pretty straight forward for new player, but just enough depth for expert player. It has you coming back over and over agains for just one more game.

Should say rating is with Cleveland sound package. Otherwise that would be lower rating.
5 months ago
An average modern Stern game. Definitely a step down from the Elwin games. Code definitely not as deep, playfield is good but nothing special, a good game for novices as it gives some decent ball times. The different characters is nice for novices since it pretty much starts modes without accomplishing anything. Theme does nothing for me personally.
6 months ago
Rating based on version 1.06 with the Cleland code, which is a must have. Without the Cleland code, score would be lower. Beautiful looking game with a great theme. Gameplay wasn't great for me in a home environment. Some of the shots are tight. I'm not a great player, and found this fun and yet too frustrating. The basic modes are not very interesting. The Groot mech is fantastic looking. The magnet worked pretty well after much leveling, but was still inconsistent.
7 months ago
My rating is based on playing with the 1.6 Cleland code which has more of the music and film assets, which greatly improves this game. The base game would probably score a point lower without it.

The playfield is a typical Borg design and is often referred to as a copy of Metallica. Super hungry left out lane, but fun and flowing cross over shots if you are on your game.

I love the 2 physical ball locks with Groot head being an awesome bash toy and the orb drop targets lock. It’s too bad the spinners were left off the pro as the orbit shots are great to shoot, but it’s still feature packed without them.

The playfield really needs to be kept clean for the playfield magnet to work properly, so it will catch the ball and toss it after an orb ball release, and also to deflect balls from the Groot eject so they don’t go SDTM. A recently waxed playfield really makes this game brutally difficult especially with the Rocket and Star Lord shots throwing the ball at the drain.
8 months ago
The game is pretty fun with a wide variety of shots for a 2 flipper game. The rules are interesting and completing modes and making progress is very important in the game. There is a decent balance of risk reward. The movie clips are fine, but some of the sounds get a little repetitive (there is alternative soundtrack mod that improves it). There is enough variety that a lot of people choose different strategies. The scoop is a little overly important, which can be frustrating at times. Another con is that the two left inlane design with metal leads to some cheap drains. The magnet related to the orb shot can also lead to frustrating action on some machines. It's fun and enjoyable overall with a few cons. Solid game that would fit in well in many collections, but maybe not an all time great.
8 months ago
First off, I am rating this game with the Cleland music code installed as it makes substantial improvements to the games sounds, which turned this game into a winner for me personally. Where to begin, let’s talk layout, this game is a classic fan layout, very similar to Borg’s Metallica so it’s hard not to find the shots enjoyable. My only grip is that they stripped the pro of its spinners which makes me furious! The game art is beautiful and I love the color palette CF used, it’s everything you would expect or want in an art package for GOTG. The real secret to this game is the rule set. It’s not overly complex or simple, it’s just fun and keeps you coming back for more. I play this game more than any other game in my collection......perfect for a quick pick up game! Overall it is my opinion this is one of the best pins to buy if you are a new to the hobby, right up there with Star Trek. This game represents a great balance of what makes pinball special and extremely entertaining.
9 months ago
If I was rating the stock sound package this game would be much lower but with the Cleland updated audio this game is amazing. While the layout is very similar to a few other pins *cough* metallica *cough* I actually enjoy it much more. The left outlane can be brutal on this game with the magnet which can lead to a lot of cussing and frustration.

I do like that you can choose your own path on the way to immolation and save zandar. I really wish those modes were worth the journey though. Cherry bomb is a much better wizard mode than either of the final ones IMHO. I still enjoy playing it on location but glad it is gone from the house.
9 months ago
Had this game for a couple of months, for me personally it got old pretty quick.
The Groot multiball is a nice feature, but the missions get repetitive after a while.
I had the sound mod on it wich was nice, soundtrack is great of this movie.
The wizard modes are also switch based so nothing to go for really, just shoot as much as you can and try not to lose your ball.
Overall fun to play a couple of times but no keeper for me...
9 months ago
Music is TERRIBLE! All the shots are very tight so it's difficult to hit anything. The magnet in the middle does not play well. Really cool Groot in the middle.
10 months ago
I bought it to make wireform ramps to replace the plastic ramps and now I am keeping the game. Its just fun. A real great machine that suprised me.
11 months ago
Okay. I hate hate hate the stupid kickback. It's hard enough, but the flipper is disabled too? Come on. The orb shot is a sucker shot too. I have yet to understand the different modes. Do they time out? Do you have to complete them in one go? Just tell me how many shots I have left, don't give me a gauge with tiny markings I have to decipher. I do like groot. The game is heavily dependent on the right scoop shot. It's so confusing, and I'm a smart guy.
11 months ago
I feel that the game designer John Borg made this game just for me. If I would design a pinball the Layout is perfect. It does help I am a huge guardians of the galaxy fan. I do wish it had more licensed music. GotG was all about the music and the sound tracks are anemic on this game.
11 months ago
I just do not mesh with this theme at all. Shot ok though.
1 year ago
played at the same place as avengers pro (contemporary disney :P) this one was far superior. the layout is good, fun shots, love shooting the ball into groots mouth. i couldn't advance very far in the missions but at least it was clear what i was supposed to do. spent a good chunk of time playing this and would have played more if i hadn't run out of time. Would probably have considered buying one if i were a bigger guardians fan I do like them maybe ill get one eventually
1 year ago
Doesn't feel like a re-theme
1 year ago
I think this is a very underrated pin. I enjoy the fan layout, it has 10 shots well balanced and 8 character modes that are very well integrated with the theme for both color and personality. Many shots are somewhat tight but not overly so which is what I want for a home pin to continuously improve. The Groot bash toy ball lock is great and used in multiple ways. Cherrybomb multiball is one of the best on any pin, 60 seconds of pure no-holds-barred fun! The wizard modes are not too easy to get to and the game isn't over when you finish them. People who complain about cheap drains or the rocket shot don't have the pin set up correctly in my opinion.
1 year ago
So much fun n after a few mods like cleland sound mod n groot arms n pin stadium lights it’s great my sons n grand kids love it
1 year ago
It s a good game
1 year ago
Excellent game, nice features, and deep rule set that will have you discovering something new each time you play.
1 year ago
Great game and fun for everyone. Does have that “one more game feel” the integration is great and improved upon thanks to some pinsiders hard work. Shots are fun for pros and noobs.
1 year ago
Fun game, that is close to one of the most fun new games out there. Having all the characters that you can choose to play with is fun. Groot is the boss!
There are 124 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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