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Game design: 7.935

Artwork: 8.262

Sounds/Music: 7.578

Other Aspects: 7.932

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8 days ago
Game code review on 1.06.
Good theme, pro cabinet and Playfield are beautiful I’m very impressed.
Sound/call outs are poor hate the fake actor voices, but Cleclan sound mode gives it a hole new experience basically saves the game in many ways when it comes to call outs and music. the original music is good no complaints love hearing 80s music.
Gameplay/layout on this pin is Pretty tuff, tight shots specially the rocket shot feels good when you Hit it just as fast, fun pin good flow gets when you start getting to know your shots not a perfect pin but will recommend
3 months ago
We have had this machine for approximately three months, so I wanted to pause for some time to give a review. When one first acquires a title, the freshness of the new addition will usually have positive results. I wanted to delay this review to be certain that this description is genuine & absolute.

The layout of the playfield is almost identical to MET. Though this layout is similar it shoots absolutely different in comparison. This playfield is much more unforgiving, as your shots need to be precision accurate to accomplish the mode objectives. When in the groove, this playfield arrangement is incredibly satisfying.

The rule-set is moderately deep that is easily understandable. Before launching the ball the player will have an opportunity to choose a mode. The rule flow is always variable depending on what mode objection is chosen. The path to Groot, Orb & eventually Cherry Bomb Multiball is achievable w/ some progression. When you nail your shots this machine will light up for a pinball rush!

The LCD display is basic w/ scenes from the movies throughout. Though this isn't necessarily a bad thing, the display does distinguish each mode/multiball in reference to what you are accomplishing. There is humor within the graphic display, which makes the clips entertaining & worthwhile.

The artwork throughout the entire machine is perfectly suited for the GOTG theme. The playfield along w/ the cabinet is exceptionally colorful w/ all the main characters highlighted in their theatrical disposition. The artwork is absolutely fantastic, as the look of this title is continuous eye-candy.

The sound/theme music is incredible w/ the Cleland upgrade modification installed. The classic sound tracks along w/ the original actor call-outs is a must have. This alone, catapults this machine into the GOTG level. "Fox on The Run" & "Cherry Bomb" are just simply pinball excitement, as the entire sound package just takes one to the GOTG universe.

GOTG was another Stern title that was initially snubbed upon it's debut. The early code release along w/ the expected anticipation, was a let down to the pinball community. With the onset of the latest code progression & especially the Cleland Code, this title has accomplished a full circle status. GOTG is simply another Stern example of patience that eventually transcends into pinball excellence. I wish You well in Your pursuit for the perfect machine!
3 months ago
Design struck me as uninspiring.
4 months ago
This is a very under-rated game. The callouts are a bit cheesy but they can be upgraded with sound mods. The game flows well, Groot is an excellent playfield feature, and that Rocket kickback shot is a lot of fun. It plays very much like Metallica, which suits me well, as I love Metallica, but don't care for their music enough to get one.
4 months ago
One of the best theme integrations out there! With the sound mod the music rating would be higher.
4 months ago
I have a colossal fan of the MCU so when Guardians was announced I was hotly following all the forum chatter and latest updates thinking it was a contender for my modest collection of games. Stern released it far too early, meaning the software was very poor and sadly this is the version you’ll play in most arcades if the owners don’t update their codes. If you find one with updated code however, it’s a decent game. Sadly not anywhere close to what I was hoping for...there’s nothing wrong with it aside from no actor speech, but there’s just not much interesting. Every single feature on the game has been done before and for the same price you can get Maiden or Jurassic Park with tonnes more shots and things to do. I am therefore eagerly awaiting adding a Jurassic Park to my collection rather than a guardians p, which pains me to say it but it’s just not memorable. I’ve rated it as jut decent in every category aside from art (which is great). My love for the theme means I’ll keep supporting it on location but it’s just not the keeper it should have been for me.
4 months ago
Bought pro NIB. Way better than Premium/LE. Fun to play and try to blow up. The shots are great. Not bored at all with this one.
5 months ago
I actually really like this one.. I'm a Metallica fan though so it's probably not a huge surprise. Went on a vacation recently and they had a Guardians pin in the hotel for a cool 25 tokens... Depending on how many tokens you bought as cheap as 20 cents!

Anyways about 70 Games in realized it's not quite Metallica but a great game nonetheless. I am GROOT multiball, nice. Quills playlist during play, great. Quill starting with a 2 ball multiball, awesome! Wish I could try the LE now!
6 months ago
GOTG does not like me... I just got ball drains which makes it hard to rate it well. Regarding the build quality, I just can't get passed the plastic ramps and return lanes. A metal ball on clear plastic leaves gray trail. I would like to get this home and really get into it, but the build quality won't allow for it. Can someone please make aftermarket wire forms and ramps, please???
7 months ago
Lots of fun must learn all the shots you must do once you figure out what's going on you'll like this game a lot and you do not wanna hear time is up that's not a good thing
7 months ago
I first played GOTG several months ago, not knowing the rules, and with little pinball skills (which still persist today). I really enjoyed getting Multiball by hitting Groot and the music/theme were fabulous. I was frustrated by all of my out lane drains and poor scores, so I left overall dissatisfied. However, my wife loves the theme and has always wanted this game and I relented. Very smart wife!!

This game is fabulous. I bought a NOB pro from a local pinsider, squeezed it into a hall closet area, and have really enjoyed uncovering all of the great code (yes, this one has the Cleland mod, so I have never played one without) and shots. My wife loves this game as she loves to shoot up the middle and get Multiball. I enjoy scoring, which is all in the modes/multipliers, and making the (tight, difficult, and very rewarding) shots. It is great to watch the LCD screen and movie clips when someone else is playing and Cleland did a fantastic job with the voices. This game is challenging, yet rewarding, and always brings me back for one more (until dinner time...)

I have six other machines: BM66, T2, WhoDunnit, Getaway HS2, DemoMan, Baywatch (quite an eclectic collection) which I thoroughly enjoy, but I am consistently drawn to GOTG over all of these (OK, BM66 is right up there). Wife and adult kids love this machine.

Flow is excellent, (Cleland) code is outstanding, artwork is superb (I took a couple of points off only because I did not want to rate any game a 10), sound and music are top notch.

My only complaint: every time I want to play, someone else is using it. This game is a top 5 for me. I have played all of the Pinsider top 50 games and I have had the chance to purchase many of the standard top games- so glad I chose this one.
7 months ago
A little biased because Guardians is one of my favorite MCU movies, but think this is a solid playing game. Several tight shots, but it's so rewarding once you get the timing down. Love the Groot toy and various other ways to set up multi-balls. Found each characters mode to be well thought out and different enough to keep you busy. I rated this based on the factory stock package, in which the worst thing to complain about is obviously the lack of original actor voices and not enough licensed music. That really killed it from being a contender for so long for so many, but with sound mods from users like Cleland, you can have full actor voices and so much of the original soundtrack bringing this game to a whole new level of fun.
The layout is very similar to Metallica (which is now a Top 10 game), and I believe the lackluster stock voices has a lot to do with this game not seeing as much success.
Even if you played it at launch, try it again now with the new code and see how much better it's gotten since then.
8 months ago
one of the favorite pins in our lineup. Very straight forward on how to play. Similar to Aerosmith but you collect characters. We put the Cleland sound mod on and it makes a great pin even greater. The groot toy and multiball is awesome. The hidden magnet is a cool feature. No real negatives about the pin. With alot of the sterns, I have found the bad reviews are typically with the older code. I am glad we decided not to listen to those and take a chance on 5 newer sterns. Previously, our lineup was all Williams/Ballys dmd pin and now its a mix of those with newer sterns. The kids love them and we do too.
8 months ago
Great adapted Pin for an awesome movie
9 months ago
This game has it all and keeps me getting back for more.

I hear a lot people complaining about the sound: replace the cabinet speaker with a decent subwoofer and use the Cleland soud-mod. It becomes a whole different game!

Addtion to my comment / 29-10-2019:

I own this game now for 2 months and I surely love it. As I said this game has is all, it really does. I think the PRO version has literally no draw backs to the prem/le version. The only thing I'd like to add is the interactive ORB toy but other than that this game is really good in the PRO version.

Gameplay is awesome, many multiballs, several modes, lots of shots, great callouts, great lighting and great animations. I like the movie but I love this game.

- Modes
- Multiballs
- Smoothness / flow
- Animations
- Lighting
- Music and callouts, although this can get some kind of repetative
- Artwork and playfield layout

Mandatory improvements (in my opinion)
- Add the Cleland soundmod, it's way better than the stock music and callouts
- Add a subwoofer (I replaced the stock cabinet speaker with a JBL Stage 2 - 810)
- Some plastics tend to break (orb) or is somewhat loose (rocket). Add a convolux set or some protectors

Bad about this machine:
- The animations are played sequentaily and this can take some time to execute delaying the game. Especially when your time is counting down for completing a mode this can be super annoying
- My other machines get litteraly no play whatsoever :/
9 months ago
Prefer this to Aerosmith. Surprised to see it below it. Good choice of modes from the off, fantastic music from the film. Mods available if you want to change it up.

Looks fantastic, bright, colourful, great characters. A good movie licence. Personally I prefer artwork to photoshop most of the time, but I think it works well on this.

Gameplay is also brilliant, having played both I don’t think a lot is gained with premium, or enough to make it worth the difference. It’s similar to Metallica as in it has two main ramps and large centre shot for multiball... but that’s not a problem. LCD is nice and well used.
10 months ago
I like this game, I couldn’t get into the movie so I’m not familiar with the characters an what the missions really mean, but the game does a great job of explaining what is going on. The artwork is bright an vibrant an lighting is fantastic, very appealing looking game, looks fantastic under glass an definitely has that look where you want to drop a coin to see what’s going to happen. Only played this game on location so I’ve never really herd the call outs or music but the parts that I have herd were fun an light hearted making this a great family friendly game. The game play is nice an quick an shows the player where to shoot by the bright arrows, modes seem good an differ between each one which is always good, throwing in a multiball mode which is always fun. Groot is a cool feature an main toy which I’m sure will keep people interested because his not that hard to hit an pays out with a multiball after the balls are locked, he doesn’t seem to pay out the points though, but he is very cool, the points all seem to be in the ORB multiball an getting that going which by no stretch is easy, but if you can get that going seems to pay off, reminds me a little of the amp suit in avatar, you can see it clear as day but doesn’t mean you can hit it, which is fantastic. All in all big fan of the game definitely a go to for me when I see it out in the wild, would love to learn how to play it properly an get the cherry bomb or better, sure it will be one of those games I will miss when there not on location as much, An will wish I had one of my own, even though the theme doesn’t do much for me. Great game.
11 months ago
Good game but groot gets a bit annoying
1 year ago
Great layout and rules- similar layout to Metallica and rules to Aerosmith.
1 year ago
I wrote this game off for game play when it first came out but now playing the new code 1.06 I think, this is a whole new animal. Shots feel great, lots of different strategies, easy multiball for beginners but still good rules to incorporate in multiball for more advanced players. So Groot is easy to get but It’s not worth Too much on its own. You have to pair it with a mode. Few different fun mini wizard modes. This just might be the best pro model stern has put out as of late. I’m surprised that the other models rate higher as I found the Groot arms to get in the way of visability. I normally prefer premiums but pro is the way to go.
The sound is so so as it’s not even the real actors but I hear if you install the mod for this then It is much better, but I have not played it this way so my rating is based off of sound.
1 year ago
This game grew on me. I think it's the best use of an action button to date.
1 year ago
Game is fun, It can be difficult to complete some modes, but also easy enough for beginners to shoot around and get a Groot Multiball. The sounds are pretty bad, but made excellent with cleland’s mod. The code has come a long way since release and I really suggest you play it again if you haven’t given it second thought since release. I still am not a fan of the plastic ramps though. Not sure why I let it bother me so much, but it does. Still a great game and has some really fun modes.
1 year ago
Se a convertido en uno de mis favoritos!!!! Las personas dicen que es muy facil pero yo creo que esta muy bien gusta mucho este juego
1 year ago
The layout is very derivative, but offers lots of fun shots. The ramps are steep (but very makeable and fun to hit), the orb shot is very tight and the mode scoop is challenging shot. The code is actually pretty good and there are lots of strategies to blow up the score. Setting up multipliers on the right shots and getting into one of several multi-balls at the right time is a fun challenge. The Cherry Bomb mini wizard mode is very achievable and it's a really fun multi-ball to play with a cool light show and awesome music. Getting to the final wizard mode is a decent challenge that's very achievable for good players. The toys are all fun but unoriginal. The artwork is very colorful and perfect for the theme. This is actually a pretty stunning machine to look at.

The movie clips that play over and over can get a bit repetitious and they seem to lack integration into the gameplay. However, they are entertaining and serve the purpose of being used more as mode timers. Paying attention to the audio/video can let the player know how much time to finish the objectives of each mode. The upgraded sound package is a must on this game and actually turns this into the best sounding superhero pin, IMHO. I never get tired of the great classic rock soundtrack.

Overall, this is a very fun game. The layout and gameplay don't break any new ground, but the fun factor is very high.
1 year ago
With the 1.06 code and the Cleland sound mod this game is better then ever. I stayed away from this game for so long cause I thought the game was basic and not fun, but now I think this game rocks! If your a mode lover then this game is for you. If I had to list the low points, they would mostly fall with the quality from Stern not the game or play itself. There was to many small issues to tweek this game to play right, from the orb lock problems to the magnet. These issues are more of a QC issue from Stern and should not detour anyone from owning this game. I don't understand why this game is rated so low on the list but for sure is a top 20 game.
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