Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)

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Game Design: 8.068

Artwork: 8.411

Sounds/Music: 7.826

Other Aspects: 8.142

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This is "Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)".
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7 days ago
I think this is a very underrated pin. I enjoy the fan layout, it has 10 shots well balanced and 8 character modes that are very well integrated with the theme for both color and personality. Many shots are somewhat tight but not overly so which is what I want for a home pin to continuously improve. The Groot bash toy ball lock is great and used in multiple ways. Cherrybomb multiball is one of the best on any pin, 60 seconds of pure no-holds-barred fun! The wizard modes are not too easy to get to and the game isn't over when you finish them. People who complain about cheap drains or the rocket shot don't have the pin set up correctly in my opinion.
18 days ago
So much fun n after a few mods like cleland sound mod n groot arms n pin stadium lights it’s great my sons n grand kids love it
3 months ago
It s a good game
3 months ago
Excellent game, nice features, and deep rule set that will have you discovering something new each time you play.
4 months ago
Great game and fun for everyone. Does have that “one more game feel” the integration is great and improved upon thanks to some pinsiders hard work. Shots are fun for pros and noobs.
4 months ago
Fun game, that is close to one of the most fun new games out there. Having all the characters that you can choose to play with is fun. Groot is the boss!
5 months ago
If you are a fan of the movies, then this will bring you right back the theme
5 months ago
This is a game that anyone can play and have fun. Family friendly and yes, shoots like Metallica with different rules and arguably better music( with pinsiders help). Colorful playfield (especially with those neon plastic protectors) gorgeous colors on the cabinet and very fast paced game ( think iron man). The rules are simple and with the updated codes by Stern and by fellow pinsiders the added music and callouts makes this game. I rated mostly based on the OEM code, but the aftermarket code puts this game a step up from original.
6 months ago
Just got to play this game (probably around 25 games so far). The theme is awesome, as are the layout/cabinet; love the Groot toy in the middle. The rule set (from what I see so far), is a lot of follow the blinking light type of game, so average as far as creativity on that front. I also have to say that the game itself is really challenging (hitting some of the shots requires lots of accuracy (i.e. someone better skilled than myself/a pretty savvy pinball player), and for more casual players, it may thus seem clunky if you don't hit your shots. Overall though, a fun pin with a fun theme, but challenging for the casual player.

Edit: now that I own the game and have been able to get an even better feel for the game and the rules, I have to say I love this pin even more (especially with the Cleland code) and have updated my ratings accordingly; the ramps (particularly the right ramp) can be challenging, which also makes this very fun (you have to take advantage of the Groot and Orb multiballs to finish some of the more difficult modes). I love how fast this pin can play (great orbits). The cabinet art is fantastic as well.
6 months ago
One of my very favorite games. Favorite Marvel movies. Game is plenty challenging and keeps drawing you back in.
7 months ago
Had a chance to play this for the first time. If I had the money it would be at my house. Great game.
8 months ago
I love the game and the theme but the Cleland sound mod is a MUST. It takes a very good game and moves it over the top. I traded a Metallica for GOTG and I couldn't be happier. The code needs a few very small changes but nothing that couldn't be overlooked, especially with the Cleland sound mod.
8 months ago
Fun game, of course love the movie and the sound track. Wish they had one or two less ramp shots and maybe another toy to go after but I always drop money in this one because it is a fun game! Finally got a little more use to some of the shots and got a good high score out of this game. Animations, sound track, and Groot keep me coming back for this one.
8 months ago
A very additive game with a nice layout, variety/type of shots, fantastic playfield and cabinet, and an awesome LCD screen. Add a varied music soundtrack from the 70s and enjoy the fun.
9 months ago
Game looks killer, great soundtrack, clips from movie are a blast, groot is perfect, PF has nice colors, shots are challenging enough, huge fun factor that everyone in the family enjoys playing. Way underrated compared to other games. More fun than AVENGERS IQ LE IMO, owned both.
10 months ago
Games played: ~15

Average layout with not that much interesting stuff.
Groot in the middle is an easy shot with a nice ball lock mech and that works pretty well for the "moment" when he spits the balls out.
Also the Orb release bounce into the magnet is well thought out.

Follow the blinking light mode based game with 2 multiballs, so a not very creative but still fun ruleset.
The different mini wizard modes from the mode progress are a good addition.
Side rules like HE and shot X add a little bit of strategy, but not that much.

Display is very well done in the sense that the hexagon theme from the art is carried over, and the info animations have a similar feel to them (same style and text font).
Otherwise it's kept very clean and conveys the info that is needed at the moment, with the movie clips only as background filler.
Lighting works in the same way and is therefore not that special, but very readable.

The shots overall feel ok. With the loops beeing a bit above average and the ramps being a bit below average. So overall ok.
Some of them (e.g. the far left shot and rocket) will only be hit very rarely when they are needed for a mode.
The option to start with a multiball is pretty neat.

The whole art package looks good with the hexagon theme along with the characters.
The tilt of the translite art is somehow cool, probably because it's something unusual.
Also the groot head sculpt is awesome.

The music is ok overall and the not-orchestra-epic-movie-music songs are a nice addition.
The whole sound package except for very few bits (e.g. completing a mode) including the callouts is extremely forgettable.

It's a movie theme and I don't care about movies.
Unfortunately there is very little explanation of and connection between the scenes so for me as someone not familiar with the franchise it feels a bit too random.

This game is increadibly easy to understand rules-wise so it's a good game to get into, keep playing, and dig deeper into the strategies.
10 months ago
Cherry Bomb multiball if one of my favorite Multiballs.
10 months ago
Love the theme. Bought this game after having played maybe ~10 times on location. After bringing it home, I quickly lost interest within first 50 plays due to not taking any time to understand the rule set - thought the purchase was a mistake. I gave it another chance and decided to watch some videos on gameplay and learn the rules, and now it’s one of my favorite games. (I know, I know...the rules aren’t complex by any stretch of the imagination...I was just confused about how to complete the character missions).

Pros: great toys, great art, great rules, great multiballs, great sound (after installing one of the sound packages from a fellow Pinsider), cool magnet effect. I am groot.

Cons: I don’t know what makes a game “clunky”...probably the poor skills of the player...for me, I hit posts more often that I hit the ramps. They don’t look like tough shots, but I just can’t hit the ramps with consistency...and the Rocket shot: F that little trash panda!

Overall, I enjoy the game immensely!
10 months ago
My first and only NIB pin to date. I played this game on location a little over a year ago and knew I wanted to buy one right away. This game really is the complete package of a great game in my opinion. The theme is utilized greatly in every aspect. The cabinet and playfield art are great and colorful. Unlike a lot of other games, the lights really tell you what you're going for. Clips from the movie are used. Groot multiball is cool and fairly easy to obtain. The playfield layout is solid and is tough without being brutal. I think it is awesome that the game uses some songs from the movie soundtrack between modes. Speaking of modes, there are plenty of them and learning the strategy of what order to do them in keeps you coming back for more.
10 months ago
This game is great. If you like deadpool you'll like this and vice versa. Easy to understand rule sets and modes. Multi all is achievable and fun. Ramps are great. Shots are great. Layout is top notch. Fast but not punishing. Rewards for good shots. Picking game mode is great. This is easily a Top 5 game in my book. Everything, lighting, sounds, game flow, it's got it all.

Edit :. After playing a lot more. The shots are hard. Really hard to hit shots unless you're in tune and got the flow going. When you can't hit the shots, it makes it not as fun. When you are hitting the shots, it's a top 5 game. More often than not tho, the shots are just off, not quite, and you miss ever so slightly. They are tight, hard shots to hit.
10 months ago
Tough game to develop a strategy starting out.
After a lot of trial and error my technique is to start with pod chase because it has the longest timer. Go straight into Groot ASAP and hopefully knock out Pod Chase on the first ball. Then go to any mode that allows you to “upgrade” and actually light more shots. Knowhere is a good option. Anyway complete four modes and get to cherry bomb etc..

Code is great, non linear, variation, follow up modes after you complete one that focus on a certain shot. This game makes you think and learn ball control, post passing right to left to attempt mode start scoop. Definitely needs a cliffy on the right scoop though.

Great game for beginners and pros alike..easy to learn but has some challenging shots. The rocket shot has been my only hinderance to getting to Save Xandar. Hitting the Rocket kicker with any degree of regularity is apparently beyond my skill set but keeps me coming back out of frustration.

Would highly recommend for an entry level pin. This machine does very well on location too. Hated this game until I got the right scoop shot dialed in. Even if I could complete a mode I could never start another one unless I got a lucky bounce off the slings. Draining the ball would be the only way to get back to mode select.

This game would make a good home use “only pin” can pick up a good used one for less than $5k.
11 months ago
Rating this with cleland sound mod. Have had this for 2 years and still addicted! Kids now loving it too. Perfect high scoring game with just enough difficulty. Progression through modes is fun. This game is underrated on pinside.
11 months ago
I have had this pin in my collection for almost a year now and it is still one of my go to games. I added the Cleland mod and the game ties seamlessly into the movies. The soundtrack and call outs with the mod are awesome! The game seems to play really easy or really hard depending on how well I am shooting on that particular day. When I am on I can rack up some really nice scores. But when I am not I have a hard time hitting 10 Million. I love the option to select your mode and even first time players can get a Groot multiball going which really makes the game play more exciting. Great layout, great audio package with the mod, and a great theme make this a keeper for me.
11 months ago
original sound/music is not that great, thank god cleland released a great software upgrade for this!
11 months ago
Great for a pro model.
Smooth flow.
There are 103 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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