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Game design: 7.719

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Other Aspects: 7.694

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20 days ago
Great layout and rules- similar layout to Metallica and rules to Aerosmith.
30 days ago
I wrote this game off for game play when it first came out but now playing the new code 1.06 I think, this is a whole new animal. Shots feel great, lots of different strategies, easy multiball for beginners but still good rules to incorporate in multiball for more advanced players. So Groot is easy to get but It’s not worth Too much on its own. You have to pair it with a mode. Few different fun mini wizard modes. This just might be the best pro model stern has put out as of late. I’m surprised that the other models rate higher as I found the Groot arms to get in the way of visability. I normally prefer premiums but pro is the way to go.
The sound is so so as it’s not even the real actors but I hear if you install the mod for this then It is much better, but I have not played it this way so my rating is based off of sound.
43 days ago
This game grew on me. I think it's the best use of an action button to date.
53 days ago
Really enjoy the game. It can be difficult to complete some modes, but also easy enough for beginners to shoot around and get a Groot Multiball. The sounds are pretty bad, but made excellent with cleland’s mod. The code has come a long way since release and I really suggest you play it again if you haven’t given it second thought since release.
60 days ago
Se a convertido en uno de mis favoritos!!!! Las personas dicen que es muy facil pero yo creo que esta muy bien gusta mucho este juego
67 days ago
The layout is very derivative, but offers lots of fun shots. The ramps are steep (but very makeable and fun to hit), the orb shot is very tight and the mode scoop is challenging shot. The code is actually pretty good and there are lots of strategies to blow up the score. Setting up multipliers on the right shots and getting into one of several multi-balls at the right time is a fun challenge. The Cherry Bomb mini wizard mode is very achievable and it's a really fun multi-ball to play with a cool light show and awesome music. Getting to the final wizard mode is a decent challenge that's very achievable for good players. The toys are all fun but unoriginal. The artwork is very colorful and perfect for the theme. This is actually a pretty stunning machine to look at.

The movie clips that play over and over can get a bit repetitious and they seem to lack integration into the gameplay. However, they are entertaining and serve the purpose of being used more as mode timers. Paying attention to the audio/video can let the player know how much time to finish the objectives of each mode. The upgraded sound package is a must on this game and actually turns this into the best sounding superhero pin, IMHO. I never get tired of the great classic rock soundtrack.

Overall, this is a very fun game. The layout and gameplay don't break any new ground, but the fun factor is very high.
3 months ago
I really didn't care much for GOTG a year ago, but I recently gave it another chance. I am really glad I did...the code improvements have really done wonders for this game. I added Clelands sound mod to the game, and the game has really come to life. The 8 missions to choose from when you start the game really keeps things fresh from play to play.
3 months ago
A decent enough pin, quite clean design, easy to know what to do, fairly simple, better than most of the recent releases from Stern.
3 months ago
A good and solid game, easy to play and still challenging enough!
3 months ago
Layout is great. Light show is fantastic. Artwork incredible.Fast game with great shots. Should be rated way higher than it is
3 months ago
Played this on location and just... couldn't really get into it. There are some good things here, though, too.

So I will do my usual. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

The Good:

1. Playfield layout is actually good. Not the best, but definitely good. It plays reasonably well. Smooth, for the most part. Not a lot of clunk.

2. The LCD animations with movie clips and all... this was very well executed. This is probably Stern's best direct movie/video clip integration to date - and that includes Munsters - which has some cheesy photoshopped containers around the Munsters clips.

3. The theme integration - especially with the Groot head - is great. I have to hand it to Stern on this. They've become experts at this lately. So much better than they used to be. And frankly, they are ahead of Jersey Jack even, when it comes to really using the license to its fullest.

4. Sound and Music was great. Nothing super special, but didn't annoy me at all, and complimented gameplay well.

The Bad:

1. The playfield art is off, and looks like a quick photoshop job. I saw this pin sitting right next to a Deadpool pro, and the difference was night and day. The beautiful hand-drawn look of the Deadpool vs. the photoshopped cheesy look of the GotG... Stern, if you read these at all... go with more hand-drawn stuff going forward. It works waaaay better than this. It really turned me off to the machine.

2. It felt a lot like Metallica - with which it appears to share a lot of layout decisions. This isn't ALL bad, mind you. Metallica is a good game. But if you want more variety... meh. It's too much like some other Sterns. It would probably make a good pin for someone who doesn't have any other Sterns in their collection, and is a GotG fan. But I don't see this lasting in a larger collection.

The Ugly:

1. Frankly, IMHO, there are better new (or new-ish) pins out there for the same money. If you really like GotG and can get over the cheesy photoshop playfield art, it may be good, provided it doesn't feel too similar to any other Sterns in your collection.

2. The cabinet and backglass art - to me - was just too much. Too busy. And this is weird, because Deadpool's backglass art was super busy as well, but somehow didn't bother me. I think it's just the fact that they couldn't seem to pick a color to focus on. Part of this may just be par for the course with the GotG license requirements and not Stern's fault, per se. But yeah... too much going on.

3. Rules were difficult to understand and (maybe?) buggy. BUT I do not know what game code version the machine was running, so it's possible all that was cleared up already.

To me, it was a smooth-playing machine with great use of the LCD, but otherwise just too busy/cheesy in terms of artwork. Your mileage may vary, as my beefs were mostly aesthetic, save for the fact that it REALLY reminded me of Metallica. Like... a lot.
4 months ago
I like the updated code which evens out the scoring. I like the variations in game play based on which characters you choose and find you can really play completely different styles based on those choices, which keeps the game fresh every play. I've really grown to like this game after not liking it at first.
4 months ago
Super fun and beautiful machine. GREAT flow. Highly underrated IMO.
6 months ago
Code 1.04

The Mettalica layout with the aerosmith rules and video/music integration better than any other machine that a played to date.

The groot and Orb mutiballs are great as you can lock balls and unlock as you play
great artwork on the playfield and cabinet, colorful.
The pro has about the same game as the premium, making it one of the best pros out there.
Groot toy is really nice and fun, kind of the castle from MM.
Layout, sames as metallica and everybody seens to love that one.
Rules, reminds aerosmith with the different shoots to choose as you start.
Music, not a rock band theme but the music from the 70s are really nice.
Overall, great layout, great rules and great music.

Guardians are not famous as other super hero moves, not for everyone.
I do like to have control over the top part of the playfield with a third flipper or so. Could be a premium feature.
I will have to look for more as a play, not a lot to be honest.
Not sure how many musics are there from the Quill famous tapes, but could have some more.

As Batman, the new code completely changed this one and made it one of my favorites.
Because of the music and action during playtime (shoots/video/audio) I enjoy playing it more than Batman.
6 months ago
Great pin lotta fun
7 months ago
The new code totally changed this game! What a fun game to play. One if the few games where the pro is just about as good as the premium in my opinion.
9 months ago
I wanted to buy this game when it first came out but as referenced in just about every review, the game wasn’t much more than an expensive light show. Today, I am ordering my first ever NIB machine. I generally like long ball time, mode based games. This seems to have something for everyone. A now deep rule set but fun shots/multiball for my guests to get excited about.

I already loved the theme and think the art is only second to GB.

I need more time to get a better feel but I did feel the ramps almost seem too steep to get that feel good flow like on MET but maybe just the machine/pitch I was on.

Overall it’s fast and can be frustrating but keeps me going back for one more - especially with new, deep, incentives.

This should shoot up the top 100 rankings as players revisit it with new code.
9 months ago
Really enjoyed the flow on this game. With new code, game got better. Like the theme and it was integrated well in my opinion. Shots are challenging, but not impossible. With my skill, this suits me just fine. Loved the movie which makes this fun to play.
9 months ago
It's Metallica layout with scifi.

Would've been Ok to play if the music wouldn't cut out all the time. The game never shuts up it just plays clips and quotes from the movie. ALL. THE. TIME.
Extremely annoying, too bad.
9 months ago
Really fun and cool game! I enjoyed the TV screen and shooting balls into groot's mouth! The ramps are also very satisfying to hit. It's a good theme and stern did a good job on it!
10 months ago
Liked Guardians a lot, want to play it more and start scoring a little bit and going further in the modes. Seems a deeper game than first thought.
10 months ago
This machine is a blast to play. The whole family agrees. Never had a machine that my wife would play by herself and she does so regularly now. With the latest code the modes are fun and challenging. Lot of depth to the game but doesn't seem impossible to get there one day. The sounds can be at times repetitive on long play sessions but you can mix up which modes you are playing easily for each game. I do wish is had a few more songs from the movies, but it's got the great ones. Overall this is probably going to be a forever machine for our family.
10 months ago
Guardians is an amazing game! This was my first NIB purchase and I'm so happy I picked GotG Pro! The layout plays great, and the groot ball lock is just fantastic. There are enough clear easy objectives for my non-pinhead family to understand, like orb multiball or groot multiball. The game also has a more complex and difficult ruleset to achieve the true wizard modes in the game. It offers up Cherry Bomb Multiball as a nice intermediate goal. All in all, this game is fantastic. Check out some available sound mods too if you want to add some more variety to the audio!
10 months ago
A really fun pin for all pinheads & beginners alike. Reminds me of a mix of: Metallica/Iron Man/Star Trek, which is a great thing! Go play one with the new code installed!
11 months ago
I think this is a great game. I never had any intention of buying a NIB game. Then we played this one. Ordered one the next week. We all love the game, it has some easier shots for the novice, and some harder modes for the more advanced. I think the music is great. The voice actors are ok, but there are some sound mods (Cleland) that make it that much better. I don't see this leaving the collection for a long time.
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