Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)

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This game received 341 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.179 /10


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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Guardians of the Galaxy". The group itself ranks #57 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.083

Artwork: 8.404

Sounds/Music: 7.719

Other Aspects: 8.183

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Found 148 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 148 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
This is a very nice game.

The layout is basically Metallica's layout with a bit more flow. I think it plays a lot smoother and the Orb shot is very satisfying. In general all of the shots feel satisfying. The Premium version's splitting orb is a very nice addition but I think Groot's missing arms on this version are actually an advantage as the playfield isn't obscured.

I enjoy playing the modes and the Groot multiball is a nice feature too. I think the rules are pretty easily understandable, even a beginner could probably have some fun on this game.

The only aspect where this game is a bit underwhelming is the artwork. The playfield isn't bad but it looks a bit photoshopped. But altogether the artwork is looking good, just not perfect in my opinion.

All in all this is a very good, underrated and fun game. For fans of Guardians of the Galaxy this could be the perfect machine.
14 days ago
I bought GOTG pro NIB. After a few games I installed the PoMC's sound mod and... IT IS FLIPPIN' AWESOME!! without it it was quite disappointing..
of course this game is not GZ, but it is really fun and easy going game Im just rocking every minute so far. It reminds me to the 90s a little, and yes, it is really good to have something like this beside the more deep and hc games, absolutely fits my collection.
24 days ago
One of the best of Stern's modern era for sure, and almost ridiculously underrated on here. But that is likely due to the lackluster launch code, which was a disaster admittedly. But they rectified that with subsequent code updates, and now the game has a nice clear, varied, and fun rule set that properly compliments one of Borg's best layouts. The ramps are tall, fast, smooth, and just challenging enough. The center Groot toy is pretty damn cool, and I like the return of the warmachine shot from Iron Man this time as Rocket. Very good mix of shots that are easy and hard to make, close in, and far away, and a good mix of fast and slow it down shots. Game shoots like a dream, has a simple but nicely fleshed out rule set, a beautiful all around art package, great sound and music, and the most important part is that it is FUN.
38 days ago
This game was overall pretty fun. But - a big but. While there are numerous beloved songs on its playlist, I hate the “uga chaga” song SO much I’d always live in fear of activating it.
68 days ago
Hard shots. Fun game
Orb lock was broke had to fix it several times. Groot lock is fun
Wish it had better voice its so fake.
The picking of you oath is fun.
Shots are rewarding.
Music gets old having only a few songs
5 months ago
I like the theme. This game however is just not fun imo
5 months ago
Great looking and playing machine with an enjoyable theme. After playing quite a few games, I did find it to become quite repetitive over time but would imagine it would be better in a larger collection. Callouts are a disappointment and I highly recommend replacing them with the updated movie code.
5 months ago
This is a good example of the sum being greater than its individual parts. The layout isn't special. The rules aren't special. The artwork isn't special. But it all adds up to a game that is inexplicably fun. The biggest problems with the game are the rocket shot that is just a little bit too tight and the left outlane which is just brutal. Some of the upsides are that the pro doesn't demand an upgrade to premium and there are some simple mods that can really make this game pop visually. The highlights of the game are the great music and the fun I AM GROOT mech before the multiball. Most of the shots are tight, so I feel like I am getting better as a player when playing it. Modes are easy to understand and offer decent variety. This isn't Godzilla, but it's underrated. My family loves it.
6 months ago
Solid all around game, being able to choose your mode from the start is always a fun feature in games so you jump right into action without having to unlock basic gameplay goals. Great selection of classic tunes and lots of assets from the films. Not my favorite theme though.
6 months ago
I wanted this game but couldn’t find one. Stern announced a final run and I jumped on it and found one. I am still learning the ways of the pin but it’s been a lot of fun.
6 months ago
Even though the rules are not very advanced, it is played very well and is very fun, very integrated theme and music, arts of 10
7 months ago
i hate you rocket shot. good game though that i can play for a while getting to the wizard modes is fun and feels very rewarding when you get there.
7 months ago
Modified Music and callouts are a must.

I find the rules straightforward and easy to understand. Ramps are nice and flowing, shots not impossible to hit.

It's a better music pin than some of the music pins made.
8 months ago
Fast paced game with a fantastic layout & great variety of shots. Toy sculpts are superb, Groot looks amazing. I really enjoy the time based modes & the multiballs are brilliant. Very fun game to shoot & theme integration is excellent.
8 months ago
Love the IP. Hard pin for a new player like myself. Can't fully enjoy it until I level up. Looks amazing though.
10 months ago
Fun game, love the artwork and Groot figure. The play is fast and with my few plays I didn't do the greatest, but it was a lot of fun. I just added to my collection and have had the same issues most have with this game. Currently disabled the orb mechanic and the drop target gets stuck. Stern is sending a piece out that will hopefully fix it.
10 months ago
Such a great machine, especially with Clelands mod (highly recommended!). My daughter and I have a bajillion plays and still compete!
11 months ago
A good game. I have put some decent time on the game but does not really drive me to come back to the game over and over. Some of the songs I really can't stand, but all in all, it has good music and sound. Some of the shots are rougher than it should be, but it may be because of the angle or flipper strength at the site I have played....(Really have trouble getting up one of the ramps). It's a fun game, but limited so
11 months ago
Played this for the first time today and really was surprised how good it was! Now I want to check out a Premium...

Rules and PF layout was fun with some really tight shots. Had fun locking balls and hit those ramps.
12 months ago
I don't like plastic ramps (although useful for ball speed) so difficult pinball at first approach.

I don't like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (with a few exceptions, deadpool and this one).

But the rules are simple and the flow friendly. The Premium and LE version is really not justified in my opinion
1 year ago
This is one of the Sterns where I say pro is the way to go. You’re not missing out on any special mechs for the most part aside from the orb opening and closing which really isn’t a game changer, and those Groot arms aren’t there which I consider a plus.

Fun shots, good rules, excellent Groot mech. I feel this one is a bit underrated and deserves to be in at least the top 30. Guardians does a great job with the movie assets and even though they had to record new voices, they don’t sound that far off. Add in 4 songs from Awesome Mix Vol 1, and you have a recipe for a solid game all around.
1 year ago
I wish I liked this game more. I had some good sessions with it and have beat it but it just lacks some magic for me. It’s far better with the cleland code but my review will be for the stock game naturally. Not a big fan of the art package on the whole and the animations aren’t great either. It shoots very well I just…don’t really want to shoot it haha
1 year ago
This is one of my favorite pins, I have great memories with this one. I like how fast it plays and the music is just awesome if you liked the Guardians movie. I do work in the film industry... so I have bias towards games based off movies. Just a heads up if you happen to want to read my rating. But this game has great modes and I feel you could play for a long time. Love the multiballs and the challenges the game gives. 10/10 any time I get the opportunity to play this game I will. :)
1 year ago
Good game, but just a bit too tight for longevity. Great theme and integration.
1 year ago
Guardians is great fun to play but it is the music that puts this machine over the top for me.
I love all the songs from the movie and obviously the Cleland mod is essential.
Starting a mode and Fox on the run comes blasting out of the speakers is thrilling!
The shots are all satisfying and challenging for me.
I can't see this leaving my house.
There are 148 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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