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Other Aspects: 6.741

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There are 55 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Played this game years ago and didn't think too much of it until I was reunited a last year in Cincy. Pretty addictive actually, once you understand the rules. Had a few one hour games on it and my friends had to pull me away to go to another bar.
1 year ago
Cheaply made game, but not the worst to play. Callouts, especially for the jackpots, are the worst I have ever heard. Theme is great but the pin doesn't really do it justice. Ramps feel nice to shoot, but that's really the only memorable part of the game.
1 year ago
24 gets a terrible rating but I think that’s a little over done. The art and call outs are not very good. Hard to argue that. But, it’s a fun shooter. You can stack multiballs and there are some very challenging shots.
Very rare pin with only 400 produced.
I picked one up, cleaned it up, and really enjoy it.
1 year ago
this game is just Ok for the casual player , perhaps better for you tourney players , seems like a lot of empty open space on the playfield with shots on the left & right as well as around the top , some aspects & features on the game seem cheap , I loved the show but the Pinball falls short of being something I would want to own
2 years ago
Challenging Steve Richie pin may not be beautiful, by any means, but is somewhat difficult to advance to the wizard mode because with so much wide open space in the middle of the playfield, your ball is often in danger. Fits the theme of the show very well. Chaos, explosions, gunfire, snipers, etc. I understand this pin was made during a precarious time at Stern. Other than LOTR LE, only 24 and NBA were produced by Stern in 2009. After that, Avatar, Big Buck Hunter, and Rolling Stones escaped the factory. Iron Man and Tron thankfully arrived in 2010 and 2011. And 2008 saw BDK, CSI, Shrek, and Indy Jones, all personal favs of mine. But 24 simply feels like low-budget pinball, to me at least. There is SO much shrinky-dink plastic art and toys on this playfield. It's not the most handsome pin ever made, but it does play well despite the somewhat cheap looking toys. The Safehouse, the helicopter, the jet and the Sniper's den are all made of that thin, shrinky-dink plastic. The suitcase is more inspired, and looks like a metal suitcase. Most shots are packed at the top of the playfield, which means the ball is rolling every which way and is soon in danger. You simply cannot just flip the ball casually and score well on this one. You must plan and shoot very carefully. The Sniper lane is very tight, and difficult to hit. The orbits feel good, and the game plays pretty fast. They didn't make many, so there is demand for this game. I owned a very clean example for a few weeks and when I listed it for sale, it sold very quickly. Not a great pin for a small collection, but for a large one, or for fans of the show, you could do worse.
Update- found a minty example about 10 months after selling my first 24 and grabbed it. I enjoy this pin for what it is. Plus I like finding pins that are a bit rare.
3 years ago
This pin should be rated around 120 not 249. I own it and love the toys and the fast flowing gameplay. People say they hate the artwork and it is not great but gameplay is everything.
3 years ago
Lots of cool toys and fun to play. Theme and art are not for me tho.
3 years ago
This is a relatively easier game to earn replays on, at least the one near where I live. I have to say I probably like it more than I should just because its a great value when you can get 2 replays for every 50 cents I put into it. That being said, to really go for a high score, it does become a little bit more difficult. The ball lock is a surprisingly hard shot to make. But besides that most of the shots are pretty easy. I love all the toys on the field and the theme is decent. Not the best, but a solid player from Stern
3 years ago
I was a big fan of the show. I never imagined it as a pin, though. But, with that in mind, it turned out to be a better pin than expected. Some very good modes and it can be pretty challenging.
3 years ago
I own this only because I got it dirt cheap and I was a fan of the show. Also to fill empty space in the gameroom. I don't really like that almost everything is going on at the top. Toys are cheap, typical early stern, and the artwork could have been a whole lot better. It nice to have in a large collection but in a smaller collection of say 5 or less games it doesn't hold it's own.
4 years ago
Not a favorite of mine even though I do fairly well with scoring at locations and I'm not a "great" player. The layout seems pretty wide open with all of the key shots way at the very top of the playfield. I don't have complaints with the design for the ball coming back and draining SDTM. The code isn't very deep. When you score real good, there is some repetitive key shots that have to keep being made. No adrenaline rush when playing it. There are call outs though that help more than modern day pins do.

The theme itself is not a long lasting theme. 24 was a good TV show, but is dated now and not too popular.

I would not own this one, but I would (and do) play this a couple of times while out on locations.
4 years ago
Fun games rules are decent and it has some cool toys. It's downside is the artwork it's terrible and the call outs get annoying.
4 years ago
This was a dud. The toys look like paper planes and helicopters.
4 years ago
This pinball feels and plays cheap. The toys are flimsy and personally I couldn't wait until my last ball drained.
4 years ago
Embarrassingly fun. Didn't think we'd like it but enjoyed it very much and recommend that others play.
5 years ago
The bad aspects of this game are fairly obvious. The artwork is a Stern photoshop job and the playfield is borderline ugly as a result. Also, the lower portion of the playfield is pretty uninspired with some standups, with the game focusing largely on the far upper end of the playfield. Even the top of the playfield was problematic, with the ramp caused airball after airball that was more annoying than anything. Finally, the theme didn't do anything for me personally.

All of the above notwithstanding, I liked what was going on in the upper playfield. I liked the drop targets and the effects with the safe house, the sniper that pops out is neat (albeit the GI Joe seemed kinda of chincy), and the suitcase lock seemed different enough to be interesting. The location that I played this pin at was pretty loud, so I did not rate the sound or music.

Overall, I enjoyed this game. I would not hesitate to play it again on location or in someone else's collection, but the price does not make it a justifiable purchase for me.
5 years ago
I think it is a good game and deserve a better ranking imho.
5 years ago
There is one weird shout of 'multiball' when starting the safe house multiball that sounds like it came from another game and makes me laugh each time. Also, the sniper is really hard to hit.
5 years ago
Imagine paying $5000 for a new in box game, and one of the toys were little green army men super glued in place.
Yes, you would be pissed.

and the game is awful
5 years ago
Under rated game. Had the opportunity to own one and have enjoyed playing it. Timed Sniper Hurry Up is fun. The toy that swings out is cheesy but that is part of what I enjoy about the game. The helicopter and jet fighter toys are flat plastics assembled into a 3-D toy. Some people complain about this. I like the toys better because they ARE unique to the game. Not some toy anyone can just pick up at Toys-R-Us. I like the variety of shots, I like the toys, I like the modes, I love the multi-balls and I love the adrenaline rush. Don't listen to those that give this game a bad wrap. Great game. Sold to a friend. Excited we can still play the game whenever we want.
7 years ago
24 is a game that I'd expect to have for a month or less and then be done with it (like BDK). However, it's been in my collection for several months now and I'm still having fun with it. It is a game that seems simple on the surface level, but once you dig deeper into the rules and the nuances of them, it becomes a much more rewarding experience. The subtleties that surely most gloss over actually make a pretty large difference in scoring, and that's where this game shines.

Initially the game is confusing, and that's due to there being little indication of what things do on the playfield except for the obvious callouts along the lines of, "Shoot the Suitcase to start multiball". It took me a while to adjust to the fact that a mode is always running (that's what the 24 lights are for), and it took a while to figure out I was making progress in any modes or even figuring out what part of multiball I was in. That aside, once you put a bunch of games on the machine and start connecting the dots, the game becomes much more comfortable to play since you actually have an idea of how you are progressing through the game.

The game also has four main multiball modes (a fifth if you count the wizard mode, "Master Agent"). The only issue with these is that you are only going to be starting two frequently--Suitcase (the majority of the time), and the Scene 6 multiball. The other two, Sniper and Safe House, depending on settings may be easily accessible in the beginning of a game, but they eventually become prohibitive as you play longer. As such the game can become boring fairly quickly since you will be playing a lot of Suitcase multiball. However, that's where the nuances of the game come into play. Sure, you can play Suitcase over and over all day on its own, or you can use it to build on other things.

The game can feel boring when you are simply playing Suitcase over and over, however, it can also feel highly rewarding if you play to fill in all the blocks on the playfield to get to "Master Agent". The thing is, it's not easy to do this. Getting the Safe House Jackpot, Nuke Jackpot, and Sniper Jackpot all require work, especially the Sniper one, and getting to the end wizard mode is going to require serious planning (cascading multiball into multiball, and taking advantage of the add-a-ball on the Super collect). Casual players likely will never see Master Agent, but players that really like to dig into a game and plan things out and work towards higher goals will find it fun and satisfying overall.

For the casual player, there is a mini wizard mode dubbed "Save the President". It is a tense single-ball mode where every shot must be hit, some twice each. The points can be decently sized and the end collect shot feels satisfying. All it takes is starting the multiballs for Safe House, Suitcase and Sniper to get to it, so this is something lesser skilled players will at least be able to see.

As far as subtleties, one of my favorite aspects about the game is the MOLE multiplier. Completing the MOLE targets lights a hurry-up on the left ramp, and collecting this awards you a multiplier on one of the main shots (orbits, Safe House, Suitcase, or Sniper shots). The thing is, what it awards you is completely random. Also, you can keep collecting MOLE hurry-ups and the multipliers can build on the same shots even higher--up to 5X. The biggest thing with this however is that the multipliers don't go away when you drain like they do in other Stern games--they stay for the entire game, so progressing your multipliers can absolutely make or break a potentially high scoring game. Getting these multipliers up adds more depth to the game as well and forces you to change your priorities. Do I keep hitting the center ramp when in suitcase to build my Super, or do I milk the orbits I've got multiplied at 4X instead? Obviously, I'm going to take the left orbit. There is a lot of fun to be had with trying to get your MOLE multipliers up as high as you can.

Sound-wise, I hear a lot of people complain about the Chloe voiceover. Personally it never bothered me, but I can see where some people might get annoyed. Music-wise I really dig the soundtrack to the game. It's got that techno-rock kind of vibe that you hear in games like Spider Man or Batman: Dark Knight, but it fits the fast flow of the game very well. The sound effects asides from the Chloe voice are excellent, and they go with the DMD animations very well (especially the Safe House one where the house explodes).

Overall I really enjoy 24. I think it's a bit of an underrated Stern game, and beats out games like Avatar, BDK, and probably a lot of their earlier stuff. It's a good flow game, it's fun for beginners, but it's got enough subtlety there to be enjoyable for higher level players as well. It's a bit of a rare machine all things considered, so if you see it, I highly recommend giving it a try.
7 years ago
I was expecting the worst… 24 came as a pleasant surprise. Far from a Top10 pin, perhaps not a game I would enjoy owning for long (theme does nothing to me) but a game I will enjoy playing on location if I can find it again.

- Original layout
- Tight shots, some being far away
- Excellent flow

- Built with the Cheap Stern Syndroma. Photoshopped low quality artwork, cheap looking toys (which work nicely though)…
- Rules seem a bit shallow. I would have to play it more to confirm that impression. But that layout probably deserved better.
7 years ago
I am not a fan of the TV show 24 but like the theme that they were trying to accomplish with this game. That said, they fell way short. The play field is super wide open and their are a bunch of crappy shots. The side art is terrible and I hate the picture of Jack Bauer starring at me. This is a poorly executed game. Don't waste your time.
7 years ago
Bleh. Since the only time I've played this game was in tournament, I can't honestly rate the gameplay, but I can say that the voice acting is awful and the artwork is lacking.
7 years ago
People will call me crazy but I LOVE the show and I LOVE the pinball machine!
I think it has the Steve Richie feel. It has a great flow, really cool toys and I can make visible real locks on a ramp in a opening and closing suitcase. There is a house that explodes with nice lighting effects. I think the modes are well done the shots feel good and I love the sound fx and the music even if it is not the real TV show theme.
For me an underrated game. I'd even buy a Vault edition rerun of this game!
There are 55 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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