Starship Troopers

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Other Aspects: 7.726

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Found 86 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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74 days ago
Starship Troopers is a fun shooter.

The layout is alright and the shots are very nice to make. The most satisfying shots are the Warrior Bug and the Brain Bug. In terms of toys this game couldn't be better in my opinion. The moving Warrior Bug is great and the Brain Bug that pops up from underneath the playfield is even better. The mini-flipper is a nice addition as well.

The rules aren't very deep and it is kind of weird that you can be awarded the wizard mode Klendathu during mystery. I didn't even realize what had happened then. The mode itself is fine nothing special though. I think the general concept of battling through the planets is more noteworthy because it is a lot more fun. The Orbit Multiball is a lot of fun too but it is overpowered in competition play.

The artwork perfectly fits to the Starship Troopers theme and I think they did a really good job in terms of that.

In terms of sound this game is a bit basic. The quality is very rough but some of the callouts are really good.

Overall this is an underrated and fun game which is flawed by its sound. In my opinion it is a perfect machine for casual players and fans of the movie.
6 months ago
I was surprised how much I enjoyed this game. I remember the movies well so the theme does resonate with me for sure. Cabinet has a unique look and the game is packed with goodies. Mini flipper is cool though I'm not sure it's needed.

The lack of game depth is actually a good thing, it's a simple battle and it's fun. Highly recommend playing it if you find one as they are not common!
1 year ago
This is a fun easy playing game! I love the theme. The gameplay itself is ok, there's no stacking modes or multi-balls, like most sega games from this era. So the ruleset isn't as deep as a lot of dmd games. The little 3rd flipper gives the game a weird but fun aspect. I absolutely love the callouts and animations in this game. I also love all the toys they jammed in this thing.

Overall its a great easy playing game that always brings a smile to my face
1 year ago
Not the best pins, but I love the theme and the simple gameplay of killing bugs I think just works well. Go from planet to planet busting bugs, fun little sound bytes. If your a fan of the movie I think this will work well. Not a deep game but a fun little game to bat around the ball and the toys in it are neat. The third flipper feels totally pointless though.
1 year ago
Do you want to know more? If you like the movie, you will love the game. It is way underrated. This is one game I will always own. LEDs and a color DMD are a must. This game almost has a cult following. I wish it had a regular translite with bulbs behind it instead of one tube, it would so much better with that. Sounds is mono so could be a lot better too.
1 year ago
This game is just simply underrated. I added it to my collection recently and while it may be simple. It's just a joy to see the light show and some of the shots are gratifying. The toys in the 90s were just better than the newer machines. There's a lot of interactive things to shoot. I love shooting the queen bug! I can see how people would get annoyed with the bug screaming sounds but I kind of like it. I was obviously a fan of the movie when it came out. My girlfriend thinks it's the best in my collection in terms of bang for the buck value.
1 year ago
I am a Starship Troopers movie fan. I have only found a few ST in the wild. I played Starship Troopers a few times and was drawn to the Querkyness. I found one at the MofP in Las Vegas (only 1500 made) what a fun game. My final vote is still out, but i want to play it more, in a room, where i can hear the sound and dim the lights. 3-24-23 I got ONE!!!! i could not be happier!! lots of great shots.. more info to come.
2 years ago
This is not a very memorable game to me. The layout is alright, and the rules are decent, but it kinda falls flat with the art, sounds, and replayability. Eliminating bugs gets boring quickly since it's almost entirely done with standup targets that you just bounce into. The extra mini flipper on the right side is totally pointless and only serves to make the ball harder to control on the right side of the game. The alien screaming sounds plays almost constantly and gets annoying. Defeating bugs and moving planets is fun enough, but isn't my favorite premise due to the bug killing being unrewarding through standup targets.
2 years ago
I think this is a better than average pinball table, but suffers from a poor layout and generic sound design. It’s really hard to find rhythm or flow on the table. It’s really a shame because with a few tweaks to the game design this could really be excellent. It does fit the Starship Troopers theme very well.
2 years ago
its actually a lot of fun to play although i didnt get to advance very far in the game. the sound quality was not great and i dont remember the call outs but i didnt hear anyone say "come on you apes do you want to live forever?" and that was of course the best line from the movie. i think the rules were interesting going to each planet to kill the aliens and then blowing up the brain bug. i almost walked home with it but for the price i just felt like it was lacking.
2 years ago
This game is a mixed bag for me. I'm a fan of the film and I think its a really smart satire.
The pinball machine does a great job with the theming and I like how it incorporates the digital scoring on the playfield for the kills of the bugs, even if I don't pay much attention to it.
Lots of toys, and a good amount of mechs. However, it just feels like it tries too hard and not everything meshes.
The 3rd flipper is a gimmick that I think the game would be better without. Do I use it... Yes... Not certain you really need to. But, for some shots if you get the timing right it can be useful. But, its a strange gimmick and I don't think the game is better for it.

Since I'm talking about the toys and mechs. As I said, lots of toys on it and sculptures. I like the brain bug that pops up. I also like the animation that happens when you fail to kill him... He kills you. And that cracks me up.

What I think works well with this game is its sense of energy. I think the music is passable and works. But, the energy comes from the sound effects of you zapping and killing the bugs, and the bombs and explosions, and the callouts from the movie and /or voice actors for the pinball machine work so well. Some are funny, but all capture the feel of the movie.

While I do think the gameplay does get repetitive and nothing really makes me want to play one more game. It is a very fun game in small doses for me. Love killing those bugs.

I also enjoy the animations, and again those help lend to the energy of the game. As I said above the brain bug killing you is just too funny.

The artwork I think is a mixed bag. The cab looks alright, but to me a little stiff. I think the backglass is nice. But, the playfield art is nothing special. However, as I said above the digital displays are a unique and interesting feature.

I understand most of the code, but I do think the code... While it attempts to do something a bit more unique... Just to me, doesn't really seem anything special. However, this is a late 90s era pinball. And I do like that era of code. Its just to me this machines code doesn't really stand out among the others. It is different and unique. Not bad, but it doesn't make me want to try to get the next mode or anything like that, like how some games do.

Would I ever want to own one of these. I think if I had room for 50-100 pinball machines, I wouldn't mind this one. I know that's not a glowing endorsement. But, I do enjoy playing it and shooting it.
2 years ago
This game surprised me. Its actually pretty darn good. Music kind of sucks, sound FX are OK. The screeching bugs really seem to annoy some people but its not that bad. Good rules, kill the bugs by shooting their corresponding colored targets. A few different multiball modes. Deeper game than most people realize! Smooth ramps. The 3rd flipper is actually pretty neat. Truly an under appreciated game, and one of the best (probably the best) Sega game I have played so far.
3 years ago
One of the better SEGA's out there. Still probably not one I'd ever own, but would throw a game on it if I saw one on location.
3 years ago
N game for a newer player, but the seasoned collector would get bored quickly. For the price, you really can't go wrong though.
3 years ago
One the best Pinball Forever by sega
3 years ago
A real fun game, excellent for a few quick games to mash on. Sound can be tedious but there are a few fun callouts. Artwork is just meh. But it's smooth and flowy. Brain bug is always fun too. Video mode is kinda dumb and there is no skill involved. If you see one play it. It's kind of under the radar for most.
3 years ago
I don't care for most Sega pins, but this is an exception, maggot. I appreciate the optional third flipper. The bug that pops up from beneath the playfield is laughable, but honestly, so is the film. Fun to flip but not a game I would choose to own.
4 years ago
speakers are awful, sound is bad but that can be fixed. game is very fun allot of cool stuff on playfield. good game overall
5 years ago
I may be somewhat biased by my love for the brilliantly anti-fascist, recently-relevant-again movie. The sound isn't good (though it's okay when upgraded, the guitar-heavy soundtrack is a little repetitive), but the cheeky quotes from the movie are solid. Gameplay is good, smooth, and the bug count is a unique feature which ramps up the difficulty as you progress through the planets. Love this one!
5 years ago
Best game from Sega!
5 years ago
Another great underrated pin from the 90's and definitely Sega's best effort. Unique rules and mini flipper integration along with some great toys and magnets. Call outs and music from the movie add to the atmosphere and are laugh out loud funny. Probably doesn't have the last ability of some other games of the era but for a quick bug blast you can't go wrong!
6 years ago
Starship troopers is a fun game it has a lot of cool toys and some of my favorite callouts. The sound is also good and I like the artwork.
6 years ago
My first pin, and a really fun game that I've found to have lasting power. THe music gets repetitive, but the multiballs are fun, and there are several Easter eggs. Been a great a nd durable machine, too
6 years ago
Nice machine of one of my most favorite movies.

Perfect theming, great toys, really nice gameplay, fast game and always fun! Like to play it again and again to beat the bugs!

Great shoutout "JACKPOT, JACKPOT, ...... SUPER JACKPOT!". Music is a little annoying over time.
6 years ago
Ugh. There's a reason why this table is sold so cheap and why people speak ill of Sega when it comes to pinball. Nearly everything, from the playfield art to the gameplay to the atrocious, screeching, tin-can audio (which includes an awful, looping rock song that sounds like it belongs in an eight-bit action game rather than a pinball table), is ugly. There's even a weird red flipper which really serves no purpose whatsoever and functions on a separate flipper button making the control scheme convoluted and confusing. The gameplay is relatively smooth but the rules aren't all that clear, so it's really just trial and error, hitting targets until you can figure it out for yourself and, even then, there isn't that much depth. Balls drain easy, too. Especially if the machine isn't calibrated and balanced correctly. Even the multiball is terrible, forcing you to keep four balls in play. But with a cramped playfield, it's near impossible to do so. This is another Sega failure.
There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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