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There are 253 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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13 days ago
Played this game with my friends at the Asheville Pinball Museum. It was really fun and we all agreed it was the one of the best games in the place. The lighting is too bright for my taste, there was one very bright light at the top of The playing field that was blinding.
51 days ago
Richie piped in as much flow as possible with this title. Action packed game with deep ruleset and tons of modes. Great animations and original sounds from the movies.
61 days ago
This game with a color DMD display really shines and play well due to the different ramp shots and toys on the playfield. This is definitely a keeper pinball and should be in the list a “A” title pinball games.
3 months ago
Fun, Fast, and pretty Furious. Don't beam me up yet Scotty, cause I need to put allot more time on this machine.
3 months ago
I am adding this pin to my wish list. I played it on location and found it very approachable and satisfying. The shots are like butter, and the playfield geometry is outstanding. It feels very rewarding to make the shots. The game is simple on its face, but has some nice depth with missions and wizard modes. The multiballs feel great. I wish the music were better, but fortunately that can be fixed as there is a thread that shows you how to add the movie sound track to the pin which makes it even better!
4 months ago
Flow. Flow. Flow. Love to shoot this game. In my top 5 games for sure. The Trek callouts and theme sounds are amazing. Love the rules. Possibly my favorite layout ever - as a flow player. And only Attack From Mars rivals it for light show/sounds/vibrations when you are starting multiball or achieving something cool.
4 months ago
This game has become the favorite in my 4 game collection. Based upon my current skill level I can now get decent game play on average of around 15 min per game. My overall skills are improving based on this games layout and play, not as challenging to shoot the special shots, but enough so that it is still challenging. Sound and quotes are great as is the lighting. Based on my rating one can see I really like this game and can see it remaining in my collection a very very long time.
5 months ago
I really like Star Trek, the series. The game is the best Richie game.
6 months ago
Excellent theme, smooth layout, excellent full RGB light show and a very singular feeling when playing this pinball.
8 months ago
What a light show!
Pretty good rules, the vengeance ship is terrific
9 months ago
By far my favorite pinball to date! For me ,that is saying something! No I'm not a die hard star trek fan either, this pinball has a way of really getting you bn into the game and makes you want to continue doing better and better to save the enterprise haha
10 months ago
The added features included in the Premium/LE model are great but not worth the money. I'd rather play the Premium on location but I own the Pro. This is easily one of the best modern pins available. It does a great job of catering to players of all skill levels and keeping you interested game after game.
10 months ago
I own the pro because there really isn't much to set the two versions apart in terms of gameplay. This being said, I do enjoy the strobing light in multiball, and the asteroids and enterprise look nice. I can take or leave the full RGB lighting - looks awesome dwhen lit but when not lit every single light on the game is now grey instead of the colours on the pro. Playfield art is very lackluster but the rest of the game looks awesome.

Massive fan of the rules, themeing, flow, shots and lastability, which i find identical in the LE as I do with the pro. Haven't got to the third tier of modes yet (seeing If I can get that without drilling downwards), so the pro version of this game wont leave my collection for a while!
11 months ago
Where do I start! Light show is one of best in pinball and one of best looking games out there. One of best shooting games with superb flow and just an overall blast to play, super fast! Premium looks amazing with alternate translite. Blackout mod and interactive Vengence mod are just icing on the cake. Klingon Multiball on blackout mode is just awesome. Do yourself a favor and get one today, you will not be disappointed.
1 year ago
I have been lucky enough to own all top 12 pins on the top 100 list besides dialed in. I recently picked up a brand new Stern Star Trek premium. I waited a long time on this title since the theme does nothing for me. However, good things come to those who wait. This is quite the shooter. Flow for days. Love the upper flipper shot for the Warp. Rules are great and seem balanced. Color changing leds for different modes is fantastic. Installed color dmd and shaker. Just an awesome game. Highly recommended!!
1 year ago
The best premium/le in all of pinball. Stern added so much to the premium and le. Today they really don’t add anything worth spending the extra cash on (Aerosmith), but you should really save up the extra cash to get a premium. Great looking, sounding, and playing game.
1 year ago
After years of hearing good things about this game, I finally got a chance to play it. I own Spider-Man, and I had heard this feels like a better, more involved version of Spider-Man, and I agree. Of all the games I played this weekend for the first time (Houdini, GOTG, DI) this was the best. DI is more sophisticated, and both GOTG and Houdini are better looking (to me), but Star Trek was a fantastic shooter and a great game. Incredibly smooth, flowing ramps and shots. Steve Richie knows how to build a great shooting, flowing pin. Spider-Man is good, Star Trek is great. Rules are a bit deeper than Spidey, and I only took points off for the playfield (just ok to me) and some toys (the space rocks/asteroids are silly). But I was really impressed with this game, and I now want to add it to my collection asap.
1 year ago
Solid pinball but lacking that something special. Not huge Star Trek fan, but who didn’t love Wrath of Khan? I don’t think that is in this pin, just calling out high point of entire Star Trek Universe.
Ramps seem the focus, yet their appearance seems underwhelming. Maybe they were going for futuristic and wanted them transparent but something changed their mind during development. The gameplay itself is decent, software seems mostly dependable. Music was okay, not sure what they could have done to improve but it is just okay. Voice talent is a plus, but I think this series of Star Trek is more action then character development-so I have little attachment to these actors-except Scotty. Thumbs marginally down on this one.
1 year ago
In the everlasting debate over stern pro/premiums, I would have to give the premium/le more marks here, the left side upkicker sets up your shots more and the extra features and lights add more immersion. Solid game all around. The code is there but its very rinse and repeat after the first kobiashi wizard mode but that's just being picky.
1 year ago
Great Game by Steve Ritchie Love the Enterprise Action
1 year ago
I am not a Trek movie or TV super-fan, but I really enjoyed this pin. This is a fast table with a lot going on. However, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the playfield. The game play seemed to make sense and the shots were attainable. I think long term the shots might get repetitive, but I think there is far more to the game than I was able to soak in having only played about 15 games in two different locations. I also like the small details like the shape of the mission lights as the Enterprise crew badge and the outline kicker being labeled as “reengage”. Lots of fun Easter eggs. I’ll definitely play again!
1 year ago
Star Trek is a pretty fun mode based game. All the modes are just shooting lit arrows on the playfield so they can get a little repetative. It’s not too bad though cause the flow on this game is great so the shots are all satisfying to hit. The game is simple to understand but getting to the final wizard mode is very hard cause you have to beat all the modes 3 times and they get harder with each attempt. Overall a fun game if you are looking for a game with good flow and easy to understand rules.
1 year ago
Possibly the best Steve Ritchie flow game ever... and that's saying A LOT! Great art package by Greg Freres, and integrates the films with a game about as good as possible. Rules can be a bit repetitive, but the game fun factor keeps me playing more regardless. Fantastic effort by a great team! Proud to own this one.
1 year ago
Great Game Best LE Stern has ever made!!!!
1 year ago
Love the game, a keeper. Great light show, even a rotating pf laser. Super cool red lights shoot from each side of the cabinet. Armor looks great, love the way the blue powder coat armor looks, esp when firing the red cabinet-side dot lights. Music is very good and from the movies. Wish they had put some of the ST original series music, like when Commander Decker was going inside the Doomsday Machine, and other TOS fight/battle music, as it's so groovy and cheesy and would make it all the more thrilling and, funny and nastalgic, imo.. Understandably they wanted this to fit the new movies only (but I like breakin' the law, breakin the...I mean rules in such trivial matters if it brings fun/something extra, as afterall it would still be "ST"). The toys on the LE - star ships, meteors, are plentiful and very cool. Although a Klingon battle cruiser and a Romulan Warbird would look better/super-tough (whether in movie or not, imo). Makes it pop and brings a sense of thrill and wonderment. Now, if they ever make a modern Star Trek the Original Series machine - or a Super Duper Shore Leave TOS LE that comes w/ a green gal, a case of Tronya/Romulan ale and a tribble for the ol' hookah - count me in!
There are 253 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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