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Game design: 8.61

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Sounds/Music: 8.222

Other Aspects: 8.856

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This is "Star Trek (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: Star Trek (Pro) (regular version)

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14 days ago
This one of my first experiences with Stern modern machines and hated it. Confusing, clip art, etc.

BUT, this is the only game I have owned all 3 versions!!! After learning the Pro, it started to grow on me . . . It was popular title at the arcade and upgraded to a premium . . . Now have an LE at home.

The premium is only stern I know that is powder coated. Add to that a beautiful art package (Perhaps better than LE). But LE adds great laser cuts rails and internal light.

So many ways to play the game. I’m a decent player and feel I just scratch the surface with some the rules

Game flows well (Steve Ritchie) and feels familiar to layouts past and present . . . .
20 days ago
A good example of simple yet, very fun layout. Great sound effects. Ramps are smooth as all get out. The ship is fun to bash. Its just a fun game.
45 days ago
Very familiar layout that works again for Star Trek. Great theme integration but uninspired rules that make every mission feel exactly the same. The Vengeance toy is fun but offers very little to the game, only wobbling a bit when hit.

A fast, fun game that is worth your time, just not enough variety for me.
49 days ago
Had a premium with shaker, laser and color display. Smooth shooting machine with IMPRESSIVE sound quality and with the RBG lighting just a pleasure to watch. This might be one of the few games regret selling and keeping an eye out for possible replacement.

Build quality on a few items was crappy though- Broken steel bracket on the up/down target and broken wiring on the ship.
67 days ago
Played Premium at Einstein's in Richmond, TX
5 months ago
Played a few rounds in a row and it's super ready to get into. Pick your game and go. Ramps are awesome. Challenge to hit but not impossible or frustrating. Rule sets are easy to follow. The warp ramp is fun. Reminiscent of the RPM loop ong Getaway. Hitting the ship is fun. Multi all is achievable and definitely fun. This is a well done game with lots to offer. In a lineup of 30 of good games, I'd play this a lot.
6 months ago
Really fun game! Golly does it rumble! Lighting is great and the Lazer mode is awesome. Lots of different mulitballs which I love. Wish I could see the pop bumpers a little better but doesn't really mess with you. Alot of different modes/missions. But feel like the main goal is to just shoot the ship over and over.
7 months ago
Initially I didn't think too highly of it because I am a huge STTNG pin fan. But this pin has its own unique flavor that I enjoy. Can be very fast which I find satisfying.
7 months ago
This is a great pin, very good flow.
I like the mission and the theme.
Keeps me coming back every time i see one :D
7 months ago
This game flows really well, and has a straightforward yet sufficiently deep rule-set. The lighting effects are great, and the use of RGB LEDs is impressive, especially for the year it was released. I'm not crazy about the artwork, but this could be due to theming. I would have honestly preferred a classic Star Trek pin from a theme perspective, but understand that the most recent cast and franchise entry probably appeals to a broader audience. The game does feel a bit "bare", and could use a few more toys. The main ship is very satisfying to hit, but I think it would be fun to include a Klingon Bird of Prey or other ships from the movie. The metal "asteroids" don't really stand out. Overall, fun to play and always on my list for a few rounds.
7 months ago
What a great all around game. It has that Steve Richie flow, jam packed with things to do. Can easily be approached by a novice or advanced player and both have a blast playing. The rescore of the audio is a must in this game oh my is it out of this world. I just can’t believe I waited so long to own one.
7 months ago
Brought the LE home this week. Such a beautiful machine. The light show, the sounds, the all perfect. The shots and flow are the best in pinball in my opinion. Although not part of the Stern code, the Film score you can easily load onto this machine is a huge boon. Feels so immersive. The animations in this game are also amazing. The style is fun and comical...and when paired to the shots, feels well timed. The multi-balls are very fun as well. So great to see a kickback in this machine.
8 months ago
OK, I've owned a perfect STTNG with all the best mods, (laser cannons, pinsound, etc) and this game is it, yet a little smaller (not a wide body) and A LOT faster!. This is the twin sister you want from Steve's past designs! For anyone that wants fast pinball like Iron Man, yet has deep rules and code, look no further. The light show alone on my LE is amazing. Lasers, color changing LEDs and flashers makes this game a stand out not only in attract mode, but in game play. Of course the mod community improves on this game is spades, but stern alone, with code 1.62 makes this game awesome. The side art of the cabinet is beautiful, body armor with LEDs, and the mirrored backglass again, is just perfect. It is actually a shame they don't go this far on the new sterns as they did with this LE as far as cosmetics. Guess adding better speakers is it now, but there are plenty of options on that department now for these "older" games, thankfully!. If you get to play, play it, you won't be disappointed, and if you get the chance to buy, buy it, yes TMNT and a slew of other pins are coming, but for cool star trek nostalgia and super fast keep you on your toes pinball, its tough to find a better pin.
8 months ago
I own the Pro myself and could also play the LE. The difference is actually only the light show and that he has a kickback at the bottom left. is as much fun as the pro. Pointy pin
9 months ago
I just can't get over how great the layout is on this game. The ramps are positioned perfectly and can be made from either left or right flipper shots. The warp ramp is so addicting to hit and is so rewarding to combo. The light show is stellar and really puts it in a class all by itself. The different modes are great, except that they seem repetitive. Most of the modes require to hit certain shots on the playfield and are similar from one mode to another. The sound is superb and callouts do not get repetitive. Finally the DMD is probably my biggest gripe. Some may like the old school dot matrix style, but really should have been in color. But it is easily fixed with a color dmd. I will go out on a limb and declare that this is Sterns best, modern pinball machine to date.
10 months ago
Maybe im biased because I I grew up watching Star Trek as a youngling - but this machine is on my Wishlist to add to the man cave - played the Premium in a few comps and cant fault anything with it ... ( it will be mine one day - live long and prosper )
10 months ago
Rating based on the LE version - definately the one to get if you like something that truly feels unique. The lighted cabinet sides really make this stand out, and backbox & backglass are just beautiful. Combine this with a true combo shooter (scoring supports this!) and you have one hell of a machine. This is a flow monster that has me hitting start over and over again.
10 months ago
Have owned this machine for a few months and absolutely love it so far. It is fast and somewhat forgiving which allows the player to really go for those whippy combos. The lighting is amazing and the Vanquish toy is cool and fun to bang on. Theme is well incorporated. I read an earlier review that compares Star Trek to Spiderman (which I also own and love), and I think the comparison is fair. I'd have to give the nod to Spiderman which is my all time favorite machine but this Star Trek pin has the same feel and is really nice to have as a new flavor of the same style of game.
1 year ago
Best example of a “flow” layout. Repeatable warp ramp is one of the best uses of the third flipper in a game. The rules are both easy to understand and diverse. The achievable mini wizard provides great lastability for intermediate players. They copied this layout concept for several games, but Star Trek is the best of the bunch. I knocked points for art because they totally phoned in the art package.
1 year ago
Nice flow in the game. I really enyoyed it. Fast and very accurate. One of the best stern games I’ve played.
1 year ago
Great game by Stern! I highly recommend the premium over the pro if for no other reason the awesome detailed lighting especially under the playfield. The LEDs are amazing they way they sink up during game play. Fun flowing game with fairly simple shots. Maybe to easy. A shaker motor and blackout mod will really enhance the game. I love the cab art and wasn't a fan of the back glass so I added the Ulrich translate on mine. My only beef with the game is its a little to easy to play and the rules are very simple. Not a lot of depth here. Still a fun game and I highly recommend!
1 year ago
If you are a star trek fan, you have to own one. The gameplay and fun are there in spades. Star trek isn't a theme that strikes a cord with me, however.
1 year ago
I've been playing this game a lot lately at the local arcade. It took me a while to warm up to, but man it's fun to shoot. The deep rule set makes working through the modes very gratifying, and I love the warp ramp! At first I hated it, but once I got the shot a little bit dialed in it totally changed my mind. I'm not a fan of the far left lock shot as I seem to struggle with it the most. I do like that once a mode is complete the player can raise the upper right flipper and shoot back into the shooter lane to select the mode.
1 year ago
My new favorite pinball. I have a LOTR and a funhouse which are both awesome, but Star Trek is so smooth, has a great layout, tons of great multi-balls and keeps me coming back for more. The artwork, narration and dmd graphics are second to none. The game pulls you in and makes you feel like your part of the crew battling the Vengence, Khan, the Klingons, etc. This game is a rising star, sure to break into the top 10 as soon as more people discover it!
1 year ago
Had a pro, now a premium. Excellent game all around. Great shots, lights, sounds, but playfield Art is just what it is. Bolted to floor.
There are 270 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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