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Other Aspects: 8.851

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This is "Star Trek (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: Star Trek (Pro) (regular version)

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There are 291 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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24 days ago
Give me STTNG over this anyday. The layout is a bit underwhelming as is the entire art package. The rules and modes are fun and it’s a great shooter but it’s just not for me.
39 days ago
Basically this is STNG which is one my favorite shooting pinballs, I Don't blame Richie for duplicating this. Music, call outs and flow of the pinball is amazing. It's a easy pinball to pickup and a beginner and a hard pinball to master. Center shot is so rewarding.
66 days ago
Star Trek is pretty iconic. I may have been a fan of Star Wars myself, but thus machine does a good job at explaining Star Trek's movies in the J.J Abram reboots, including Into Darkness, and got me into Star Trek myself. Kickbacls and ramps were innovative. My favorite of all of them was the warp ramp, I could build up warps and use it to my advantage in the Captain's Chair wizard modes. Problem lies in the challenge. There are moving shots in later modes and there is a lot of challenge included in the game. I wouldn't recommend this for beginners, but more power to you if you do. If you are able to get to 5-year mission (which I haven't), I commend your skills.
84 days ago
Even though I spend all day in a room with 100 machines this is still one of the top three or four I play most frequently and every day at least once (and has been since the room only had 20 or so machines).
4 months ago
This was the first pin I played on site and came back for. Eventually bought the pin, it was my 3rd after maiden and deadpool. Compared to the newer spike2 systems it is outclassed but has its own charm. I believe this pinball machine has the best feel and flow of any game I've ever played, pair that with morror blades and the light show and you have a stunning game. Modes are fun to play and hard to master. I never got past the 2nd wizard mode. The three tiers per mode to reach wizard modes and bland callouts were the only real reasons I didn't keep the machine (that and a lack of space). I'm a huge trek fan but the game was missing something. If it had been a spike 2 with a screen and trek clips and music then it would have received a higher rating. Kilingon multiball with the laser is magnificent and the warp ramp is hard but fun when it gets going. Normally I prefer metal ramps but there is something to be said about the feel of this game. It just feels buttery.
5 months ago
Picked up an LE and it is loaded vs. the pins today. Great light show and excellent game flow. Great sound effects and simple rules.
7 months ago
Stern's Star Trek is a fun game that pays a great deal of tribute to the latest series of movies following the Kelvin timeline. It is packed with Movie tributes and the game play is well integrated. I enjoy Leonard Nimoy's call outs...there is a large variation of attract callouts. Multi-balls are earned and can be intense...I have had this game in my collection since it was released and feel out of all of the Star Trek Pinball machines, this is the best.
7 months ago
I finally got one home... and I must say I was very impressed... Stern made their best ever LE in this model.... The Armor, the RGB's the playfield and one of the best if not the best game designers. Fast, unforgiving at times, and great bash toy with the Vengeance Ship. Play ability is fun and hard and I think lastability is right up there with the top ten pins.
7 months ago
a very fast pinball with a modern strategy ruleset wich was something quite new in 2013 ( the idea of different strategies through mission levels was interesting)
unfortunatly, the layout was not really inventive and so the lack of toys (surprising after the previous acdc made also by Ritchie)
sold without regret even if my LE edition was really nice with led in the rails)
8 months ago
This seems so much like Attack from Mars I can't get over it. So close with the ship in the middle shaking. If you love that, and you don't care, this game is for you. I would have either in my collection. I have an Attack from Mars in my collection, so I don't need this one. This is a fun game, and the light show is amazing! This was the first multicolor led machine I played and was blown away. The rules are very easy to follow but could get repetitive.
9 months ago
This game takes you for a Ride! Super fast gameplay. Super fun flow.
9 months ago
Pros -
Obviously its a flow monster and geometrically near perfect. Tons of shots can be backhanded, and chaining the warp ramp is super satisfying.

The rule set in this game is easy to understand while at the same time having depth via trying for gold medals and having level 2 and 3 deep missions.

I really like that its literally choose your own adventure, pick your mission when you start a ball, go broad, go deep, etc lots of ways to enjoy the content and work on your game.

Playfield is very clear about what you should be doing which makes it easy for our guests to pick it up fast without being overwhelmed

Cons -
The wizard modes are kind of boring compared to the missions themselves, wish getting to the wizard modes would feel more special and exciting.

Stock music is meh, but can be easily code swapped to use the movie score, which adds a ton of authenticity.
10 months ago
I think this is an inferior game to STTNG pinball, though well above average. The missions feel generic, and the sound design falls flat for me. The playfield art just feels generic.

That said, the gameplay is smooth, and there’s a much stronger rhythm to playing.
10 months ago
I’m just not that big a fan of The Kelvin Time Line. But this is still fun to play.
10 months ago
I picked up an LE about a month ago in exchange for a Deadpool pro I was selling (Im upgrading to a DP premium). This is hands down the best LE I've seen from Stern (I have it next to a XMen Magneto LE which also isn't too shabby) - the amount of extras they included is really cool on this one. As others have mentioned the mirrored backglass is incredible, as are the led lit siderails, the RGB lighting and the powdercoat. Can't think of any downsides in terms of the aesthetics, the cabinet art is cool, and even the playfield is really well done.

I've always seen this game described as having great flow, but I wasn't quite prepared for just how awesome it is. It's immediately satisfying - the ramps are slightly easier to hit than some other Sterns i've owned which means you can get some combos going with very little practise/time on the game. The orbits whip around nice and smooth, and the warp ramp is just so simple but BRILLIANT. There are some excellent moments too - most notably Klingon Multiball with the laser show and Vengeance Multiball which shakes the huge ship toy, and also fires the ball back at you via a kicker.

It's also cool that you can manually select your missions when the modes start and can opt to go for different missions each time or just go for level 1,2,3 on the same mission. Speaking of modes, they are really well done. Before I played I assumed levels 1,2 and 3 of each one were basically the same but more difficult. However, they have different scenarios, different animations and play out different scenes from those stages of the movie as well as altering the completion rules. So this really does have 18 separate mission modes and there's some excellent variety here. Throw in the multiballs, the mini wizard modes (3 I think), and the away team shots and you get quite a lot to do with this game. One very minor criticism is that the level 1 missions are a little "samey" and a little like just hitting lit shots without much feedback. It's a common complaint with this game and I would agree - it opens up a lot more as you progress past level 1.

I didn't expect to like this game as much as I do - it's an awesome surprise. It's worth noting that I think this came with a custom sound package because it has the movie soundtrack installed (which i think is different from the factory music) - but this new sound package is also very cool and recommended if you have an ST.
11 months ago
this game is beautiful to look at and fun to play.Great theme and its a change of pace to my collection.Well done IMO.If you like Star Trek you will most likely love this game and if you dont I think you will enjoy it anyway.Add a sub to this and the game is a blast.
11 months ago
Nice! Great flow.
12 months ago
Overall, a great home game, at least for a while until you start making it to 2nd and third round of modes as you attempt to make it to final frontier. After extended home ownership, the slogging through these modes becomes too repetitious and the game times for a good game get way too long. Sold mine when I found it was no longer fun to work my way through this.
1 year ago
This game was super fun from the get go! The room was a little dark so it was hard to see some areas, but was still able to make a lot of shots. They just seem to set up well and I really liked that if you miss the shot by just a little the ball doesn't fly back down the middle. Even a novice player can enjoy longish ball times. Would definitely look to add this to my collection.
1 year ago
A true Steve Richie wonder. I love the flow on this game and getting Klingon Multiball is definately one of those pinball moments I look for in a pinball machine.
1 year ago
This is a fantastic game! I've always enjoyed this game and play it every time I get the chance...and now I own a Premium. I don't know why I waited so long. The shots are fantastic and feel great. This game is a flow monster. Every made shot whips around ready for the next one. 3 shot combos just happen by themselves on this game. The theme is a winner. Who doesn't like Star Trek. Yes, they are the new movies, but still they are based on the great theme. Add in the custom sound package with the film scores and this game is taken to another level. The cabinet artwork on the Premium, plus the beautiful powder coating (on a Premium...c'mon Stern do this again) make it a beauty. The playfield artwork is functional, and the weakest part of the game. Callouts are part film and part custom and all good. Color DMD shines in this game. Lastability...we will see. But I've been putting off buying one for so long, that I'm pretty sure this is a long term or forever game. This game is just pure pinball fun. Steve Ritchie's best.
1 year ago
My fav pin I've played to date, the RGB lighting is simply outstanding. Rules make this fun for both the casual flipper hack who visits and also for those who want to discover a further depth in scoring and objectives.

So glad to have finally found the perfect ST Prem for my home collection!
1 year ago
It's a Ritchie as it's best. The limited edition is a eye candy. RGB general illumination is awesome. Vengeance toy is cool. One of my best pin in collection
1 year ago
A really fast and fun shooter. Lighting, effects and modes are great. The LE adds another level of lighting, effects and trim that is awesome.
1 year ago
After a year of going back and forth on this table I finally pulled the trigger and grabbed my buddies HUO STLE from him. What a fun game to play. This LE has to be one of Sterns best offerings with the mirrored bg,powder coating,laser side armor and led badges this is truly a visually stunning machine. Gameplay encompasses the two movies perfectly. So many great shots to be had. Warp ramp can get the ball moving with multiple shots. The light show is mesmerizing at times. Toys are great and very well done. A super solid shooter that with some work you can progress through the modes and have a ton of fun with this pin. While I was on the fence adding this one to my collection it may never leave. “Live long and prosper”
There are 291 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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