Star Trek (Pro) (Stern, 2013)

Star Trek (Pro)

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This is "Star Trek (Pro)".
The other version is: Star Trek (Premium/LE)

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24 days ago
After 1 week in my house I can tell you that my Star Trek Pro is fantastic!

1. There is a unique loop around the back of the machine that actually goes behind the playfield, which allows for a buttery smooth loop.
2. You can shoot the ball behind the third flipper. This provides a very unique shot and way to lock the ball.
3. Although the machine is cheaply built, I can see this as being extremely reliable. There are not a ton of moving parts.
4. I love the third flipper and the warp ramp, it gives you something to shoot for.
5. The basic rules are straight forward and easy to understand.
6. The DMD animations on this one are pretty cool. I like how there are 3 different animations for each of the 3 levels of a mission.
7. I really like the sound on this. This sounds more like a 90s Bally Williams with DCS sound than a mid 2000s Stern.
8. The Vengeance is a cool toy.
9. This machine seems like something newbies could hammer away on and understand but a more advanced player could be entertained by. Great machine for home use.

1. The art package on this is terrible. How do you make a playfield with literally no art, no aliens, no spaceships for Star Trek.
2. The Translite is terrible. The first accessory I ordered for my machine was a new translate.
3. The cabinet art is sub-par... I don't care about the actor's faces.
4. The advanced rules on this machine are a bit confusing. In the week I've had it I understand the basics, but there are 3 sets of targets... shields, weapons, and light locks. Light locks is pretty straight forward, but the other 2 are not self explanatory. The machine saves my ball way more than it should and that is presumably related to the shields, but it's not easy to understand. Also don't understand away team or black hole yet.
5. The plastic ramps are cheap. I understand cost cutting but I really wish there was something better here.
6. The plastic apron seems cheap... wish they didn't have to cut corners here.
7. I really wish they threw on an Enterprise Ship and maybe a Klingon ship or 2. $50 worth of toys on this machine would have been awesome.
8. I think Stern is planning for the plastics on these to be a problem down the line... they have gone to the effort of printing unique numbers on each for easy replacement ordering.
9. Stern support on this is less than stellar even though they are still making it as a vault. Mine was purchased used, and is missing the Kirk Decal on the Left of the Backbox. I am getting the runaround from them trying to get a replacement ordered.

All in all this is a great game. I have 2 machines at home, this Star Trek Pro and an AFMr SE. I am planning on trading out the AFM this year but keeping the Star Trek. Great machine and I would strongly recommend if you can get one at around the 4k mark.
28 days ago
In my top 5. Great attract mode too.
29 days ago
Game was just ok for me. Game was good for a tournament, but got boring after several plays. Rules are good. Art wasn't great. Theme doesn't do anything for me. An ok game, but not one I'd buy.
46 days ago
Fun game. Would be a decent addition to any line-up. Doesn't quite reach the quality of Star Trek: Next Generation, but still plays like a fun Steve Ritchie game.
78 days ago
It's fun to play for awhile, but personally....this didn't last too long in my collection. I love the theme (enjoy the ST reboots), but at the end of the day...this game is more about keeping the ball alive. It seemed a little too repetitive too me. Callouts, music, and multi balls are great.
83 days ago
A great game. I like what Stern did with the “3-d” mode set. Music is great however some of the sound effects could get annoying. Overall a fantastic game.
3 months ago
Star Trek is one of the better modern Stern games IMO. I'm not a Star Trek fan, but can enjoy this game. I think the playfield and use of colored lighting is used really well in this game.
4 months ago
The only problem of this pinball is to completecall the missions 3 times.... very repetitive....
4 months ago
Good game
4 months ago
my brother owned this machine but got rid of it i really enjoyed playing it cool game
4 months ago
The pro model is a very close representation of the premium/LE model
Main difference being the vastly superior light show presented on the upgraded models
5 months ago
Such a good surprise. Didn’t expect this Star Trek pin to be this good. Arguably my favorite Stern pinball machine currently.
6 months ago
This is one of my favorite modern pins. It does a great job of catering to players of all skill levels.
6 months ago
First I want to say, I am rubbish at this game. I've only had a handful of good games, and I don't think ever one great game. Still that doesn't matter. I won't be able to comment on all its modes and how DEEP it is. But, again that doesn't matter. Because, to me this game feels like how a pinball game should feel. It plays like a dream. Great flow, great shots. Fun game, love the shaker motor use and integration. Nothing beats hitting the ship and feeling the shaker kick in. Good light show, great sound effects and callouts. I do think the animations are really weak and look like garbage. Yes, its a DMD game, but I know there are older DMD games with much better animations. It just looks lazy and uninspired. But, who cares cos you won't be looking at the dmd, you'll be looking at the playfield and the ball whizzing around. The playfield art is a bland. Love the spaceship toy and all the lights and the layouts with all the ramps. But, the artwork for this game kind of SUCKS!!!! Really no playfield art, cab art is boring and backglass is like a bad movie poster that I would never hang up because its a shot of people wearing cos play outfits... Okay... So its the real actors in their Trek Uniforms... Still boring... I need drama and action. But, again none of that matters, because to me, this game is what a pinball machine should play like. Hard to put into words, but its a great pin.
6 months ago
I bought this pin already upgraded with plenty of mods, speakers, subwoofer, shaker, color dmd etc and lots of custom modifications... In the top 3 in our collection.
7 months ago
I can't fault this machine. I'm not even a Trekker. In fact, I watched the movies so I could understand the call outs in the game. It took me 25 years of playing pinball before I pulled the trigger on a purchase and I couldn't be happier with my choice of Star Trek Pro. It's fun, fast and challenging. It has flow and depth to the rules. Trying to get to the final wizard mode will keep me coming back for many years to come. It looks good, sounds good and plays good. I love it.
8 months ago
This is such a great game and has very smooth play through. The game logic is easy to understand and very satisfying. I love the vengeance ship and the various multiball game play. I added a color dmd which makes the game even better. Such a great variety in game play modes and missions. Who doesn't like to take a punch at Kahn!
9 months ago
What a game. So much to do and hard to master. Great sound and lighting. Install a color DMD and the fun gets even better. Just do much fun to play and really fast. Hard to master, but that is a goood thing.
10 months ago
Great game. Rules are a little vague, but you'll figure them out after spending enough dollars.
10 months ago
There's not alot of Stern Tables that I 'love', but I genuinely love playing this game. Very fast game with a really deep rule-set. Great theme and lot's of great callouts.
10 months ago
I don't understand why this game is ranked so high.
Code is very bad IMO, very boring and repetitive. Callouts are always the same for each Vengeance multiball. Ramps are smooth but i find the gameplay is bad (ball hop at flipper bats, cheap feeling, airballs...)
There's really nothing really exciting in this game, we are far from a Met or a TWD. STTNG is a better Star Trek machine for me.
I keep my ST Pro two weeks and it was really enough.
10 months ago
Excellent game!
11 months ago
This game keeps me coming back and I’m not even a Star Trek fanboy. Everything is fun about this!
11 months ago
Excellent Start Trek "update". The warp shot is so satisfying. The pro model is just as good as premium and limited minus a smaller lightshow but that is very much so OK. The rules needs to be straighten out with code uptates but I keep coming back to it.

Great sound, excellent lightshow around and fun gameplay. A bit dull playfield art unfortunately.
11 months ago
Geat game fun to play. Challenging and has a rewarding playfield. Highly recommended to play. The only thing and the only thing I thought was a problem is I would loose sight of the ball sometimes when all the led s started flashing. Wih I owned one.
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