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Game Design: 8.554

Artwork: 7.521

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Other Aspects: 8.682

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9 days ago
Flow monster! Gimme those fast plastic ramps and some warp shots all day.
19 days ago
I love how this game plays. Its flow is really second to none, the shots can be a bit easy for good players but it doesn't take away from the fun at all (almost like MM in a way). The rules and modes are simple, straightforward and easily figured out. In my opinion one of Richie's best games. Still a game I come back to over and over again. Only drawback is the playfield artwork is a bit on the unimaginative side.
80 days ago
Amazing game, fast paced, animations music and callouts make you feel like you are in the movie.
4 months ago
This is on my 'need to find one for home' list. I've played it out in the wild many, many times and am always a sucker to load in another dollar (or five) before leaving. Would love to have the Premium or even an LE, but could be more than happy with a Pro at the right price
4 months ago
Has to be the smoothest shooter ever made. The ramps seem like they're made of ice. Except for the Warp ramp, the other two appear to have a lower profile than your average pinball ramp, so almost anything you send at 'em is going up and around. It's a great idea I wish more tables used. The layout is fine otherwise, but it's stuff you've seen before. The center drop target to scoring (and kick-back) area under the ship is AFM-like, the shot behind the upper flipper is a neat idea (something Stern would re-use for TMNT about 6 years later), and I like both the saucer and spinner shot on the left. It's a great shooting game, hands down.

And while shots are the most important thing, the praise runs out there. The light show is pretty good yet seems stuck in the past compared to WoZ of the same year, the art in all three areas (playfield, cabinet, backglass) is bland and cookie-cutter, and the call outs are weak considering how much they had to work with. The rules are fine, but a bit on the simple side. Play five games of this in a row, and four of them will feel alike.

It's a game that does one thing really well, and thankfully it's the most important thing. Beyond that, though, it's lacking.
6 months ago
Need the premium or le in this title. The rgb lights make this game.
6 months ago
Unlike most people, I'd have to say I liked the movies this pin is based on; though I have to say at the outset the artwork/translite and callouts lack creativity and passion. The best part of this pin is the gameplay itself: it's fast and furious, has AMAZING combos (the shot on the upper flipper feels awesome), and the rules are deep but easy to understand. The ship at the center of the upper playfield is fun to hit, though, given the theme, I do feel the game could have been spruced up so much more with more toys and figures on the playfield (no young Spock?). Overall though, a super fun pin, as justified by its top 20 ranking.
6 months ago
I love the way this shoots and it is sort of like a modern day Attack from Mars! Good use of lockdown bar button and the counting of the warp shot is genious!
6 months ago
This game is an absolute flow monster, and the speed is unmatched. The art isn't the greatest, but if you're looking for a game that will keep you on your toes while hitting combos you could only imagine - this is the game. I will say it's the best pro model of any Stern game i've played to date, hands down - If you're on the fence about losing some extra lighting and a difference in wireforms, don't worry the pro is a fantastic buy.
A blend of Attack from Mars with an amazing upper flipper to warp ramp, almost every shot is makeable from either flipper if you like to backhand - seriously this game will have you coming back for more all the time.
7 months ago
Fun game for basic and advanced players. Nice flow and fast game play. Good sound effects and speech from the 1st 2 movies.
7 months ago
Love the gameplay, not a huge fan of the theme/art.
9 months ago
I really like this game. The large ship that jostles about when hit is so cool. I put a few dollars into this machine and wanted to come back for more(place had like 20 pins so...gotta spread my quarters out).

I'm a huge fan of Star Trek. Not as big of a fan of the movie(s) this is based on, but it's not bad. The theme is great and any Trek fan would probably love to have this pin. In some ways the game is pretty basic, but those games appeal to me. Simple rules, great shots, good lighting, fun toys/targets, and decent artwork. Can't ask for much more. I only own older tables from the early 80s and 70s, but this is probably my 5th favorite modern Stern. Modern pins have a bit more going on, but this one is just plain fun.
9 months ago
One of my all time favorites. Looks great. Plays great. You see it and say man what’s this... walk up and see the ramps, see the spaceship.... damn i gotta play this.

Then the play doesn’t disappoint. Ramps are fast and fun. The warp ramp is sick and a slick shot from the 3rd flipper is repeatable if you can get in the groove.

Hitting the Vengeance and watching it rock and tilt is one of the best toys in pinball.

The modes and coding are so good. So easy to understand. Hit the flashing lights was never better. Complete 3 of the modes in a straight line on the big lights triangle in the middle of the flippers and you get double ramps, double spinners, or double bumpers. Pick your mode before each shot. Each mode is 3 deep. Super easy to get into and understand.

It looks great. It plays great.

Edited: have owned this game in my house for months now. The only thing it doesn't have is a video mode. Nearly perfect game. Have decked mine out with mods and a shaker. Fast, technical, brutal, fun, zero to not like.
10 months ago
Games played: ~5, >200 on Pinball Arcade

Exceptional layout with good flow.
The warp ramp and the under the flipper shot are nice additions.
There aren't any toys on this game, but the focus is clearly on having easy and combo-able shots.
The only thing that would make the game more interesting is something like a captive ball instead of a target for the black hole.

It's a mode based game with some follow the blinking lights rules.
Nothing special there and also there's not much else to do outside of modes.
The three in a row and three in a colum are a good idea, but there isn't really any incentive to go for columns instead of kobiyashi.
Multiballs along with punch it are ok as well.
Some things like upgrading modes need a lot more explaination during gameplay.

Well the focus is on the colored mode lights so that's the majority of the lightshow.
Besides that there are some nice light swoops here and there.
Also the game can get way to bright sometimes, e.g. during super spinner.
The DMD work is pretty awesome with the looping background animation during modes.

Shoots absolutely fantastic. That's the whole point of the game.

The playfield is intersting with the small white dots and lines, and solves the problem of not having randomly photoshopped characters. But then there is also just Star and not Star Trek, so whatever.
Translite is ok, cabinet looks good.

Small beeps and boops (with high frequency) as the main sound as well as some mode sounds get annoying or repetitive quickly. Callouts contribute to that.
Music is completely unnoticable.

I can't comment on how well the show has been integrated because I don't care about the show.
Compared to the other Star Trek games, this one feels a bit "disconnected" or too "general".

Very fun game because of the flow and combos (even incentivized in code).
When playing the modes over and over again it becomes a bit boring.
10 months ago
Flows really well, esp. multiple warp shots. Nice balance of ramps and targets. Really like the sounds and call outs. Even though I'm an original-series star trek fan, I enjoyed the recent ST movies with Chris Pine et al., and this game represents the movie well.
10 months ago
I was in the hobby when this came out new, same year as WOZ. I remember all the excitement around WOZ and getting to play that game for the first time at my nearest pinball arcade. I remember being very underwhelmed by WOZ, however the arcade also had the newest Stern game which was this. I spent the rest of the night playing star trek. Years later I finally had the budget to buy newer games and this was the one. The thrill of the fast pace of this game, the flow, the sounds, the vengeance ship, klingon multiball, is just amazing for the first few games. However after owning for a while, I started playing less and less. As good as the game was I was just not getting better at it and would usually have the same game all the time, sometimes completing all the modes at level 1 and making it to the wizard mode and most of the times not. It doesn't help that although I'm a huge star trek fan, the reboot movies were not my favorite. Just like this game, they were shiny and fast paced, but I'm not going to picking them back up to watch years later. Also changing out the backglass translite for an alternate is a must for the pro, can't think of a more boring backglass.
11 months ago
Love the sound effects, animations and smooth shots. Vengeance is a blast! Character call-outs really add to the game.
11 months ago
Special place for this one because it is what got me hooked on pinball in my early 20s after having not played since being a kid. Really fun, good shot variety and the Klingon multiball actually feels rewarding because lighting the locks isn’t super easy and you need to do it again to get the last lock. Sounds are great. Not a lot of cheap drains so you can really get in a flow. The back glass for me is very meh I feel like they could have done a way better job on that, otherwise I love it highly recommend.
1 year ago
My 3rd pin.

Traded my TF LE for it and in the limited amount of time that I had it (I had to trade it to get my AF) it's a very fun game with a lot of different modes. The Enterprise is a great toy on the field. I wish I would've got to keep it around longer as it's a great game to play and learn.
1 year ago
Amazing shooting game, pretty meh art.
1 year ago
It's a game that I keep coming back to, and it keeps making me smile. Sure, all the modes are the same, but I don't care. Great game for beginners and advanced players -- one people gravitate to on route and in game rooms. Knocked it down for the backglass and the original sound track, but the gameplay rocks.
1 year ago
Great layout great lighting great set of rules .... very nice lay out .... very hard game to beat
1 year ago
I'm an absolute Star Trek fan and have searched a long time until I got this machine and it was worth the wait. A super pin, super fast good animations, is a lot of fun if you can often hit the warp ramp and the ramps are very fast. The playing area is very clear and very bright. Cool multiball and just doesn't get boring. will never give the pin back.
1 year ago
So I have had a pro for about 2 months now and am in love with it. Its 100% Steve Ritchie. The lightshow is awesome, I could only imagine it in full RGB like the LE. The sound effects are topnotch as well as the dots.
What I love about the game the most is thats its simple to learn. It feels like a old Williams game, brought to modern standards.
Of the modern Sterns, this is hands down the best of the DMDS.
1 year ago
Great game. Warp ramp is satisfying to make over and over again. Callouts are good. This game is a lot like Spider-Man and Evan a bit too much for me but other than I have no huge issue with this pin.
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