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Star Wars

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This game received 267 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.664 /10


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This game ranks #126 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.431

Artwork: 8.02

Sounds/Music: 7.471

Other Aspects: 7.678

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Found 149 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 149 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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67 days ago
This is the best star wars pin in my opinion. It has the toys, shots, callouts, and music that you want as a fan. I wish the Stern SW was able to expand on it...
3 months ago
This was my first pin I purchased a few years ago. It was in its original condition. Very good but needing some love. I had a local pinball genius spend 40+ hours on it and wow what a difference. New updated roms, LED’s and new plastics. I know this isn’t the most fun pinball to play but I love the theme and how amazing it looks considering its age. I also have a Star Wars Premium and they look great next to each other. I love this hobby!!!
1 year ago
*** 1.07 code ***

I've only played this game a handful of times back in the day, and just thought it was neat. Nothing special, but a fun game.

I played it again in Las Vegas 3 years ago, and pretty much though the same thing. It's a beautiful game that just plays OK.

Earlier this year one came up for sale near me, and I got it. I was looking to clean it up, enjoy it a bit, and then possibly flip it. The one I got had the latest 1.07 code on it which I didn't know at the time I bought it. I didn't care either.
Until I played it.

What a difference a change in code makes!

The game is so much more balanced now. It doesn't rely heavily on repetitive shots up the center ramp to post up a good score anymore. Every area in the game has potential of awarding major points. Getting the death star multiball, and then the super death star bonus triggers a visual, and auditory rush that still makes me smile. This game is just plain fun!

The comic book-style artwork, R2 and the death star coupled with the great DMD animations and call outs just makes this the best Star Wars pin to date (Looks like Stern is releasing a comic-book styled pin now too!).

After a few hundred games played over the last 6 months or so it doesn't get old. In fact we added a color DMD, and redid all the lights with LED's to really make it pop. It's worth it.

Overall I'm glad I took the chance on this game. It won't be sold anytime soon!


This game was an easy choice for us:
Star Wars: yes please
Great artwork: oh my yes
Game play: please and thank you!

This was our first big pinball purchase and we bought on the above features and we are still enjoying it!
This game was released when all the big hitters were coming out, think Addams Family, FunHouse, Creaure, etc., so it had a lot going against it at the time.
Even in my opinion, it still doesn't live up to those games, but it is so varied and all out fun that it is highly underrated and still the best Star Wars pin.
My favorite thing to shoot for is the force hole. It's always different. Getting Yoda and hitting the lane to activate it is always fun, waiting to see what goodies to choose from.
Hitting the double jackpot is probably the most satisfying shot in most pinball games. The triumphant theme plays and lingers, telling all how much you rule this game!
Other highlights: Cantina band, Jabba's bounty, all the boys diving in the Sarlacc Pit and the glory of a color DMD on this bad boy.
1 year ago
Love, love, love the art work on this game. It is in that same classic style of Star Wars art work that appeared on bedsheets and burger king glasses when i was a youngin. Game play is pretty solid with the death star target and a pretty difficult center ramp that is really satisfying upon multiple shots. Sound isn't terrible but over multiple plays the limitations of the era's technology become noticeable. Repeated speech and underwhelming music cue don't add much to the game but don't detract much either. To me, though this is the best machine Data East ever put out.
1 year ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 7 - above average

* Great use of the first 3 Star Wars movies
* R2D2 toy is nice
* Backglass artwork is one of the best in all Pinball
* Nice Topper

* Even with new roms, heavily weighted to multiball instead of main ramp
* Not much value in orbits or Sarlac, limiting the shots
* Multiball easy to achieve, no real challenge for advanced players
* Endor speeder race a waste of time

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Lighting inside R2D2
* Cliffy Protectors on both holes

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear around both holes and pathway from them to flippers
* Broken Death Star door target
1 year ago
It's not as complex as some games but it's one of my favourite games. The chad code removes the middle ramp as the point maker and really restores balance to play. Love the feel of the game.
1 year ago
Good game for Buck.
With a pinsound board, colordmd and Leds very cool.
2 years ago
Great theme and artwork, fun game to shoot.
The 360 wirefofm is cool and the mushroom pops , jumping r2 moving Death Star all top notch toys. Grt the updated code , LEDS and you have a great game.
2 years ago
I play my Star Wars every day and it never gets old.
2 years ago
With upgrades on the ROM, led lights and Pinsound, this game is incredibly fun and well themed. Game play isn’t as smooth as newer games, but people gravitate toward the theming and easy game play.
2 years ago
Heck of a game for 1992. You can tell it fits right in to the time period before they implemented interactive toys like in Jurassic Park. I agree with previous comments about the ramp being repetitive and easy but it’s definitely a crowd favorite and the ruleset is easy enough for beginners to have a blast.

With Vader being such a great villain at the center of the original trilogy, I do wish he would have played a bigger role in this game. I recently added the ColorDMD and that’s a great addition to the graphics. Translite and cabinet art are great! Sound is pretty good but I do wish more of the original score had been integrated. I’ve added spotlights and some accent lights as well to brighten up the playfield and Death Star. FYI, you can hide a small strip of LEDs behind the sign above the ramp to brighten up the Death Star.

“Shoot the Death Star” haunts me in my sleep. If you find a nice working DE Star Wars and give it a spin, you’ll probably want to add it to your collection.
2 years ago
I played this for the first time a couple weeks ago, I was totally pleasantly surprised. I had a blast enjoying the game play, I will admit that ramp shot can/might get boring but an overall fun factor was there for myself and my sons
2 years ago
I've owned this machine for about 2 years now and have played several hundred games. I haven't played it more often because it had a lot of down time while I was waiting to repair it.
I have changed the lights to LED lighting and the game looks quite nice with them. Next up, I'm changing the DMD to color.

Data East's, 'Star Wars' sold quite well at the time of it's release around 1990, over 10,000 units. So it was quite popular in it's day. It has some interesting features and modes.
The Death Star and the large R2D2 figure are the two features that easily stand out above everything else. R2D2 doesn't do a whole lot other than bounce up and down but it is better than nothing. The Death Star is far more important as the game pretty much revolves around this feature. You need to open it up by lighting the 8 moons. The moons are lit by hitting the Death Star and simply by moving to your next ball. You can also open the death star by hitting the button on the shifter/plunger after 5 moons have been lit, but then you only have a limited amount of time to do so or you have to start over. Hitting the Death Star while it is open will start multi-ball and destroying it will give you the largest jackpots in the game.
There are two scoops that will start modes and/or give you benefits. The inner loop will do likewise when the various inserts are lit.
There are three drop targets to the side of the ramp and need to be cleared 3 times in order to get to 'Hyperspace.'
There are 5 X-Wing fighter static targets that are used to start a mode and also will score you a lot of points if hit during the 20 second X-Wing Fighter mode.
The DMD display is for instructions and information only. There aren't really any video modes. There was supposed to be but this was changed and is discussed elsewhere in this review.

POSITIVES: - The artwork on the playfield, while not spectacular, covers a large amount of material from the original trilogy. You will see scenes and many characters from all 3 movies. I think the backglass is quite nice.
- The various modes and rewards that are included cover a lot of ground from the trilogy. There are quite a few modes, some of which are hidden and you won't see until you've progressed far enough. This is especially so when it comes to 'The Force Scoop." You need to hit this often because not all rewards are available until you've cycled through it more than once.
- There are quite a few call outs that any fan of Star Wars will recognize and you won't hear them all until you've played a lot of games. Also, the music is nice, especially the Victory theme after you destroy the Death Star!
- The animations are pretty good on some of the modes.
- Most shots are pretty smooth. There are very few 'klunkers.' The most satisfying shot is the left orbit through the bumpers but unfortunately this shot is one of the least important ones in the game.
- Again....the Victory theme after destroying the death star!

NEGATIVES: - The ramp is too easy to hit and it causes an imbalance in the game. You can hit it repeatedly and your score and benefits will keep increasing. What's worse is that you can easily make the shot from either flipper. I highly recommend that you turn off the save feature on the ramp so that your score doesn't carry forward on each successive ball.
- The shifter/plunger has been rendered fairly useless by a last minute game design change. I'm not exactly sure what happened but I'm pretty sure it was meant to be used during the 'speeder video mode'. The way the game came out, you automatically win the race and you can end it early by repeatedly hitting the button on the shifter.
- The modes are simplistic in nature but that was the case with pretty much all pinball's from the era.
- The three drop targets don't add much to the game. Even if you clear them 3 times, the Hyperspace reward isn't worth a whole lot. So you just sort of take it if it's there. This game really didn't need any more reasons to hit the ramp!

NO, THE GAME IS NOT BROKEN: Until I read further about this particular game on the internet, I thought that the game had a few issues that didn't need fixing. The first one involves the StormTrooper shootout. Since this brief mode started up while nothing in particular was happening, I thought it was started through a flaw in my game. As it turns out, there is no rhyme or reason, for this mode starts randomly throughout the game. The second issue, I discussed above under 'negatives.' The shifter did not seem to work during 'speeder video mode' and I thought this was an issue or it perhaps I had the game on an easy setting since it always awarded points. As it turns out, this is due to a last minute change in the game.

A NOTE ON THAT HUMMING NOISE: Many Data East pinball machines have an issue with the machines making a dull humming sound while turned on. You don't hear it much during the game but if you leave the machine idle, it will be noticeable. I have read into it and there are some answers but it probably comes down to a design flaw. Some are fixable and others aren't. There are various suggested fixes but none are full proof. They include tightening screws, changing capacitors, changing the DMD, etc.

CONCLUSIONS AND BOTTOM LINE: Fans of Star Wars will probably enjoy this game. It's pretty good for the time period. There are nods to most characters in the original trilogy but focuses largely on the first two movies (A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back) with only a few bits on "Return of the Jedi".
Star Wars can be exploited by shooting the ramp repeatedly but it does have a good variety of targets. The Death Star, and 'TheForce Scoop' along with the inner loop are all important. The orbits are important when trying to get points during certain modes. The other scoop, The Saarlac Pit and Jabba's Bounty, gives some good rewards also.
Overall, I would rate this game as decent and higher if you are a Star Wars fan.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this game a 7.
2 years ago
Fun game. Probably my favorite Star Wars game. Nice play field art
2 years ago
The machine I played has new 1.07 chad code. Very fun. Great shot selection, fairly deep number of different sub games to gain points. I will change/update as I keep playing. Also need to add, the one I am playing has color DMD and pinsound sound board. Also has 2 spotlights added.
2 years ago
The rules kill this game. It is a great looking game and thats it. Its a shame. Even newer code has not changed my opinion of it and I have owned it for 17 years now.
2 years ago

-Death Lock, just a cool function
-Play field layout
-Cool toys and gimmicks
-Great artwork and translite
-Just a fun game
-I love the DMD graphics and actions during game play
-Pretty challenging skill shot for the last one
-Fun multi ball
-Great theming


- Not a ton of shots
- The lighting is not that great. Could use a spot light or 2. I'm working on adding more lighting
- R2-D2 doesn't do a lot besides jump up and down. I believe they could of served a better function with that toy.

Overall a fun game that you don't have to think too much. I wonder how many games are resting in peace. A lot of them have been beat to death.
2 years ago
Not too bad but sound effects and music very similar to Jurassic Park and not as much fun (IMHO). The Death Star lock isn't too bad as well as being able to use the shooter rod/handle to lower the death star target and shoot storm troopers is okay. R2D2 jumps around when the ball goes under him. Again very similar to JP but I prefer the dino toy to the R2 and/or Death Star as far as that goes and more modes in JP. Backglass artwork is really nice and animations are pretty good. I did purchase this at one point as I was a star wars fan and remembered playing this from earlier in my childhood but after a number of games didn't feel there was much left to do on it so grabbed a TZ instead. (Note I haven't played with updated rom so can't comment on that).
2 years ago
The sound effects and DMD animations are great! There are a lot of different objectives and skill shots that make this game a lot of fun. It's definitely one of my favorite games and I highly recommend it.
2 years ago
The best Star Wars game to date. LED the thing, give it the current home ROM, and pinsound and it's incredible. It's a bargain at current pricing and should only go up. For its day the amount of modes, shots, goals is crazy high. Theme integration at its finest.
2 years ago
Star wars has many cool toys and I really like the artwork but the rules are horrible it's shoot center ramp over and over.
2 years ago
Great game to play over and over, great pinball for a family
3 years ago
Color dmd and pinsound put this machine on a different level.
3 years ago
muy divertida, excelente gráficos, muy buena música.
3 years ago
I enjoy all the Star Wars titles
There are 149 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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