Star Wars Trilogy

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Game Design: 6.936

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Other Aspects: 7.31

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There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 months ago
This is my favourite Star Wars pinball & the only one i feel that captures the magic of the original trilogy movies. I say movies because i think DE does a wonderful job of re-creating the 80's comic book feel. The Stern star wars perhaps does the best job at telling the story, just with none of the magic.

The Sega SWT looks like a Star Wars pinball should look and a modders delight. The ruleset is simple, easy to follow & more a collection of mini games than progressing a story, but for some reason that feels right to me.

Will never leave my collection
1 year ago
I feel this game is critically over-hated, generally being considered the worst Star Wars game. Compared to Phantom Menace or what I have seen of Segasa-Sonic Star Wars, this game definitely doesn’t deserve that title, though it still isn’t great.

Artwork is for the most part well done: the lenticular backglass is a neat touch.

Layout is fairly creative, with interesting aspects such as the tie-fighters and x-wing toys. The right ramp shot is rather smooth and I dig it honestly.

Rule set, while simple, is well done.


Some aspects of the design are just illogical, such as the mode start scoop that is way at the top of the playfield near the pop bumpers, and the Han Solo scoop that has no purpose other then so you can either thaw Han, answer a trivia question, or have a kick-out from the tie fighter area. The gun fire section that stops the ball is also pointless.

The cabinet art not only implies the game is an LE of some sort (it’s really referencing the re-release from 1997) but is fairly bland, and is using the Sega Showcase head.

Overall, not a bad game, just sort of average. Not my favorite Sega by far, but a decent one at that.
1 year ago
It's not bad, but forgetable.
1 year ago
Overall, the game is fun. The tasks are pretty easy to do but the layout of the board has a fun design to it. Would rate it a solid 9. Love the Death Star shot to destroy it.
2 years ago
i thought i wanted to get this game when it came available near me but once i played it i just didnt find it very interesting. seemed like everything was kind of bunched to the sides. I guess each of the characters had different quests but they didnt seem very different. of course han solo in carbonite didnt do anything. the X wing firing across the way seemed cool but i didnt get to see it in person. the art work was clips from the movie i prefer the more artistic version in the data east although ive never played it. the box looks neat too but the brown isn't really star wars colors. Im a big star wars fan and I think I would have just been disappointed all around if id brought this home.
2 years ago
Of the Star Wars games currently available, I like this one the best. The toys/mechs on it are great - the blaster cannon, x-wing, and tie fighter are all top notch. It's very satisfying to shoot the left ramp repeatedly which goes all the way around the playfield in order to spell FALCON for one of the multi-ball modes. The trivia is a fun addition, so is the firing of the ball from the x-wing toward the drop target bank. There are some tight shots on this game, and a couple of pretty forgiving ones as well. It's a great game that people seem to gravitate to in the collection - likely because of the 3D backglass and the toys on the playfield (and of course the Star Wars theme). The game can be a drain monster if you don't dial it in. Overall, a fun game, I wouldn't call it 'underrated' - but play one in good working condition - and there's plenty of enjoyment to be found.
2 years ago
Fun pin with a great theme.
2 years ago
Star Wars Trilogy is a fun, easy to understand pin. Its not deep, but it doesn't need to be. It has quite a bit to shoot for, and incorporates the original trilogy well. Kids and casual players will gravitate towards it, but its still fun for more experienced pinball players as well. The toys and mechs on this pin are great too. Overall, I'm very happy to have it in my collection.
3 years ago
Underrated Pin. Great Theming! Animations and Authentic Sound Effects and Music. This game is a dream for Star Wars fans that want that nostalgic Special Edition feel. This pin plays fast and has a lot of different modes. I was surprised given the rating how great this pin is. Lots of variety. Tough shots. Lots of Modes(video modes. Star Wars Trivia!) This game has really grown on me. The Force is Strong with this One.
3 years ago
So I’ve had this game for about 5 months. I’ve only had it full cleaned, shopped and rebuilt for about a week. I’ll come back and update as needed. So far I’m pleasantly surprised! I read so many comment on how this game is bad and no fun but as a Star Wars fan and pinball player, I’ve found much fun in playing. The shots are decent, the modes are good and the music is very good considering the era and hardware. Multi all is hectic and rewarding all the goals are pretty clearly established. It’s a little random but each mode has its direction. I only wish there was an additional flipper above and a tough shot. The Xwing cannon replaces this but not well. As for the machine, I’m very seriously considering adding pinsound! As for mods I did leds and titan rubber, mirror blades also add a completely elevated look especially considering the amount of plastic ramps. It adds class.
3 years ago
Looks fantastic when givin full LEDS and figures. Upgrade it and its the perfect Star Wars Machine
3 years ago
I don’t know if this was just the one I played at the local arcade, but one thing or another would regularly break on this machine. The other machines (Bally and Williams, mostly) at the arcade were fine but this thing would break constantly. In spite of that, I enjoyed it because I could regularly get high scores and replays and play the thing forever on a dollar.
5 years ago
the best star wars pinball
5 years ago
So disappointed in this game. I searched high and low to find one that I could play and was extremely disappointed. The shots are easy, the playfield is wide open and the features such as Han in carbonite mean zero to the game. This could have been epic in multiple ways, but turned out to be a stinker.
5 years ago
SWT is a clunky game that included a graphic Photoshop style artwork set, subpar sounds (even with stereo sound), poor playfield design, and weakened rule set. The 3D translite did not save the artwork. The cannon is not a good toy, and only will work in a home environment.

The only SW title that stands out is the Data East version especially with the updated "ultimate" EPROM set for rules and a PinSound board. Only one phrase sums up this pinball pinball and many of their titles, "Mediocrity was SEGA's watchword." Even Williams SWE1 Pinball 2000 machine, or Hankins Empire Strikes Back fair better.

Enthusiasts that believe that this is the "Best Star Wars pinball" have most definitely, NOT played all the games in pinball history. Move forward to other games or overpay for something that should have been redesigned at the original factory.
6 years ago
The best of the old star wars machines
6 years ago
Great game when set up properly. Game can be improved by adding secondary audio channel to unlock the stearo sound and adding a sub as it really enhances the sounds and makes it really tie into the game.
6 years ago
Fairly terrible game. Played on location and it wasn't set up all that well... really floaty and the flippers didn't have a lot of strength. That said, when you could hit the shots it seemed really uninteresting. Has giant hole in right side of playfield similar to South Park... which doesn't help things.
6 years ago
The code really ruins the MB and modes. Trying to get a super jackpot is pure luck as one of the targets are blocked off from any flipper. You have to be real lucky to get that last force target.
7 years ago
I can't help but compare this 1997 Sega version of Star Wars pin to the 1992 DE version. Ultimately, the art and the theme seems better executed (for SW lore) on the Trilogy version (this one), but the game play was clunky and not as fun. The X-Wing sits in the way, and there is so much plastic! The shots were boring and everything felt kinda cheap.

This isn't a game I'd like to have - despite being an avid Star Wars fan, but the '92 version isn't much better either. At any rate, worth a play, but don't go out of your way to do it.
7 years ago
played more than three diferent machines in 98-99 and found they all played different ,they all felt kinda cheap ,not that good in my opinion,back glass is jus seemed boreing, not a keeper !
7 years ago
Well, I just like this pinball. If in a great condition, this one is really nice. Il like it better than the DE version, that is just to dark for me, and the graphics on Trilogy are way better. The shots are simple but fun. I like the toys. The ruleset is simple but for a quick play ok. Music and theme do it for me. Hard to find a good one, most of these machines are pretty banged up. Would love to restore, clearcoat, new toys, etc. Just need to find the correct machine and time....
This is in my eyes the best of the three Star Wars pins, not by far on DE, but agree that the franchise needs a way better pin! Would be a killer!
9 years ago
Love Sar Wars but really don't get into this pin. We really need a great Star Wars pin. DE got the closest but for such an iconic theme, the pin falls short
9 years ago
Star wars. Fun to play but sound gets a bit repetitive at times. Has many challinging shots like putting C3po back together (hard to do). Cannon and Wing fighter are ramp shots with the Wing fighter shooting to destroy Darthvader and the Deathstar. Game is fast. May the force be with you!!
9 years ago
This seems like an underrated game to me. While I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, the game represents the theme very well. There are good toys on the play field. Compare the play field toys to a modern Stern, and it meets or exceeds them IMO. The cannon is nice, and similar to the T2 or AC/DC cannon. It also seems like a good bang for the buck game. My friend owns one, and we just spent all weekend playing it. Looks great with LEDs. Very fun game, and didn't get tired of it despite playing it all weekend.
There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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