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There are 116 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
only 10 games or so played.

1. early code vers .87 or something?
2. good looking machine, it isn't Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, or Metallica by any means.
3. playfield was ok, not bad, not good.
4. i like the non typical plunge into either the 3 bank, or try for the 5 drops.
5. i enjoy the option of selecting a character for different strategies.
6. i enjoy selecting play bonuses/options each ball for that character.

7. gameplay. This machine feels like a super fast SS. with the inner horseshoe looops and orbits, the ball doesn't leave the playfield much unless you start comboing ramps.
8. rules. well, there's a bunch. this game is GOT pro model on steriods, options for stacking 2 modes, stacking abilities for 9? multi balls.

overall feel? i think it is a fast challenging game, but not as tough as some others like TWD or GB. all of the shots are deep, i enjoy that. I don't really enjoy the 3 bank target area, i feel that is was an afterthought or something. They missed an opertunity for something more there to make the game more interactive.

overall, i really enjoyed the game. you get so immersed in the gameplay that you really don't have time to look up and see the pf or the display on the backbox, just the shots you are trying to make and combo.

i'll have to play more, and hopefully on updated/newer software. I would say it is equally as fun as GOT, but with more depth and lightening gameplay.
2 years ago
This is a tough game, very fast and kinda refreshing in a way, although I do already own 2 no fears...
2 years ago
The games play, lighting and video will blow you away. This pin is fun and fast ! Every visitor that has seen my game has thoroughly enjoyed it as well and everyone has been quite impressed with this game.
2 years ago
I wrote a review already. In short, the flow is good and hurry up shots can be fun. There is no real gimmick toy and the shots you have are smooth but unsatisfying. The animations are familiar. The pro model death star lights up but that's it. The modes are just different colored lights and can be challenging but not really fun. I was disappointed. Pretty repetitive. It got old fast.
2 years ago
I was going to write, "What @jar155 said".

Played it here on location in Portland, Oregon for part of an afternoon.

It's definitely smooth and fast, in a similar way to Star Trek, but doesn't give me much time to understand what's going on and what I should be doing. Maxi and mini modes seem to come and go without narrative flow. Where am I in the original trilogy? Which movie is this now?

It looks and sounds good on walkup and startup. I wish the rules followed the story of the movies. Sound and lighting could be more dramatic and different to separate out the timed goals. I would have liked to be able to play the villains as well (i.e. Vader, Emperor, Tarkin) or at least vehicle modes (speeders and fighters, for example).

Stern still hasn't quite figured out the LCD integration yet. They could've consulted with the Jersey Jack team. All of their pins do a fine job of combining video clips, animations, and info with game play. The whole package doesn't feel like Star Wars. I have to say the Data East machine, while simple, felt more immersive in the theme.
2 years ago
Ok, it's not ALL bad with Star Wars, but I don't like the sum of its parts when it comes right down to it. I just wanted so much more from the Star Wars theme than we got here. It feels like they cranked the speed up to distract you from the fact that it's a pretty bare game.

The playfield shots are smooth as silk, and shots, when made, just feel right. The geometry of a game is something that Steve Ritchie just seems to understand better than most anybody. Some shots are tight, some are easy, but they all feel pretty much where they should be. It's hard thing to put into words, but you feel it when you play. Compared to something like Aerosmith or Batman '66, Star Wars just has a more refined feel to its geometry.

The sounds on the game are pretty cool. That spinner sound is the best since Metallica. Lots of neat little sounds are found throughout the game. Stern usually does a pretty solid job on sound packages, and Star Wars is definitely no exception.

I'm really not digging the code on the game. Bugs aside (and holy jeez there are plenty), it is totally the wrong type of game progression for how fast it plays. Shots get back to the flipper so quickly, that it's hard to keep up with what you're doing in the game. It's a bummer, because while the game has TONS of modes, they all end up feeling so samey because the ball is just flying around and you're fighting to keep control. Game of Thrones is also very fast, but the modes feel better differentiated, and it doesn't feel like a constant race against ticking timers. Star Wars gets in your face with too many hurry ups, too many timers, and too many dang layers of things going on. And you better like multiballs, because they are to be had at every turn.

Then you have the action button. It's way overused, and there's nothing fun about having to constantly babysit that thing. You have to use it to unlock, move, and lock in your multipliers, you have to blow up TIE fighters with it, you need to hold it down to add a ball in multiball, and you have to unlock and move your multipliers again. Don't forget to lock them or else you'll make your shots but they'll be worth, literally, a 40th of what they could. The game barely gives you a chance to breathe, but you're expected to keep up with slapping that action button so often? That was not even close to fun.

There are also some real head scratchers with Star Wars. Why do they even have pop bumpers in this thing? The ball rarely goes in there, and when it does, it's completely hidden from view. You can't see the pop action at all, because the mini LCD screen blocks it. They feel like they're in there simply because "a game should have pop bumpers." The mini LCD is nothing special either. It helps you on the "skill" shot, and then it's used fairly sparingly from there. You barely have time to check it for indicators anyway, because the ball is always at top speed. The kind-of-a-scoop is a bummer. I've played on 7 different machines now, and all of them had reject issues. Stern could have spent an extra buck and put a proper scoop in there. The eject from that shot is wild too. Blah.

The plunge on this game is terrible. By ball 2 of your first game, you already know the exact timing to get the max skill shot reward, but it sends the ball into an out-of-control state in the lower half of the playfield. Not a fun way to start a ball. Less fun when the ball saver just throws the ball back into chaos again. I would prefer the option to short plunge for the stand ups or to full plunge to the pops. Make it so you can risk chaos for a multiplier or play safe if you want to. But no, Star Wars never takes its foot off the pedal.

The game is always teetering on the edge of control. That can be fun in bursts, but to always have every shot leading to a blazing fast return is just too much. All the stand ups cause a lot of airballs. Bad ones. I think the flippers are overpowered here. It's just one speed to experience: maximum. The Star Wars films aren't some adrenaline-fueled spaz fest. They are very measured in how they dole out action, and the speed of the game just doesn't feel like a good match to the franchise at all.

And that's really my biggest disappointment here. It doesn't feel like Star Wars at all. It looks like Star Wars, but once you start playing, it just melts away. Stacking up Hoth and Tatooine stuff seems so strange. It's like an extreme over reaction to people not liking the Ghostbusters ladder system, so they just let you throw everything in a blender. Makes for a weird use of the theme.

The game is still very much in development, so things can evolve on the code front quite a bit, but I doubt it's going to dramatically change how the game feels to play. It's always going to be too fast for all the layers it's trying to put into the experience. Once the rush of the game's speed wears off, it just feels overwhelming. It's really hard to parse out why a shot scored the way it did, because some shots will have so many things stacked on them beyond what the game can adequately indicate.

I have a feeling that this game will have a hot moment of popularity and then people will get fatigued by it. Once you start getting dialed into the shots, you start having these insanely long ball times of super fast play. Multiball rolls into multiball, modes sit on top of modes, and it all just blurs into a samey hot mess. Almost all the games you play start feeling so alike. Even Ghostbusters, as linear as it is, has games that feel very different from one another. I can't seem to find out how to do that in Star Wars.

I was cold on Aerosmith out of the gate, but I am liking it more and more these days. I hope Star Wars goes through a similar process for me.
2 years ago
UPDATE: I had a chance to play several more games and my view of this pin has changed necessitating an update to this review. The playfield design and the current gameplay have some significant problems similar to Ghostbusters pro, but not NEARLY as bad. This table has too many "punishment shots" when you nail a required target, there is a good chance that it will go SDTM. Some of the game play modes do not make much sense as you nail certain shots and nothing happens. I'm guessing that the modes issues will be remedied with software updates.

I had the pleasure of trying this pin out last week. I have had issues with Stern's recent offerings. They are getting very repetitive with the designs of their pins over the last few years; it took them WAY too long to start using LCD displays with video animations, they seem to rush the pins out resulting in unfinished pins that are frustrating or confusing to play and they really blew it with Ghostbusters. So when I looked at this pin, those considerations combined with the oversaturation of Star Wars (freakin' everywhere), my confidence was pretty low. I played some games on it and was pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out to be. Great ball flow and very dynamic play with easy to understand rules and modes of play. But the REAL bonus is the freakin' thing is really addictive. Few pins have effected me like this, but I have a hard time NOT thinking about going back to play it more. I have no explanation yet as to why, but I can't wait to play it again. Based on this alone, it looks like Stern really nailed it this time. Consequently this review is unfinished and updates may be pending.
2 years ago
I enjoy this game, one of the more fast paced pins I can remember. Very tough to get into the story though as it is hard to get things going sometimes. Feel like I either score a great game or next to nothing, with not much in between. I do like the LCD screen, although significantly smaller than jersey jacks. But, you can't hardly watch the screen during gameplay because of the speed of the game. The smaller screen in the play field seems irrelevant, hopefully an updated code uses it more in the future. Can't help but to think a toy should be in that spot as it also blocks the view of the bumpers behind it. The Death Star looks nice, but doesn't really do anything which is disappointing.

Unfortunate that stern releases their games before having a fully complete working code. I know they got to make their money, but the original code on this is awful! I've updated the code 3 times already. Can't imagine how many updates there is going to be for the first year of the release. Once they figure it out, this game will be a lot of fun. I am very interested to see how the premium turns out and the hyperspace loop.
2 years ago
very good Stern in my top Five Stern with GOT Ghostbusters Lord and AC/DC
fast pin , nice LCD screen , excellent flow , deep rules , after almost 100 hours still love it
2 years ago
Got a Pro . Have not seen or played a premium but if I do and it is any more fun than this I will most likely upgrade. Theme is a home run for me . Big fan/ So may be biased/ Fast furious and wow. much to do . flow and shots are satisfying . The new non DMD Screens are Awesome!!!
using real clips from the movies bring back the memories!
Choosing characters and paths /finishing missions is the goal / The Artwork of the cab and head are just great / any way you look at it / playfield art is too/ well lit / wizard modes / I keep playing and playing/ my poor other games are jealous / 6 balls in the game . grand slam
2 years ago
Fast and fun. Complex rule set that will provide significant challenge in figuring out the many possible approaches to game-play which should be great for the home environment. Shots are super smooth and lighting package (GI and light shows) is outstanding. LCD screen is fun and unique with excellent movie scenes that make good use of the technology to enhance the game-play. Good depth for the experts but achievable and fun objectives for the novice. All-in-all Steve Ritchie and Dwight Sullivan delivered a great pin - again.
2 years ago
This is the best Star Wars Pinball game ever made.

The Pros:
A solid ruleset from the get go. I like the 4 multiball miniwiz modes. A solid layout that reminds me of No Fear. The shots are slightly wider and more playable. Crazy Ritchie flow when you can find it. I am used to seeing a fan with a 3rd flipper or 3 banks with orbits and ramps between them from SR. This game, GoT and NF have made me re-think his designs and I have to give the designer the credit he is due. The art package and sounds are solid! The modes are easy to read from the screen and can be stacked in certain cases. Choosing the right hero from the movie makes a big difference in game strategy and play. The inner horseshoe loop shows that even the King can learn from new blood. This PF is very well laid out and the double skillshot makes any pinhead smile! Learning how to work the combos will make a hyooj difference in your score and while R2-D2 can help with that... there is lots to do in the modes as well. I also like the nice little nod to the original DE game with the trooper/tiefighter shootout that makes you play the bongos on the lockbar whammy button! Multiple modes and hurryups mean that you are shooting all over the PF and making strategic choices with every shot. I am VERY interested to see how the newer versions of the S/W compare to what we have right now. This is a great start and this game really gives an immersive Star Wars pinball experience while getting the balance right between playability, depth and FUN!

The Cons:
The rules, even in this state with a video screen are not that easy to "get". Even the color coding of the bonus x shots on the pf in coordination with the whammy button will confustipate most (and just about every one of the casual) players. Don't tilt, you will lose your bonus which can easily be half your score in a game. This will probably be addressed in the future with updates. Some of the hungriest outlanes I have ever encountered in a modern pinball game. Barry Oursler would be proud!

The Takeaway:
A much better game than I thought it would be stepping up to it. Stern has got a winner on it's hands and the Star Wars faithful finally have a pinball game worthy of the lore of the movies. I will update this review as the software is updated and balanced.

May the Pin-Force be with you!

This game requires deep pinball knowledge of the ruleset and is a bit of a chore to play. Playfield multipliers are king and the opportunities to score need to be carefully built up and executed. I am not a fan of the game auto kicking the ball into the outlanes after a short ball saver. I know, I know... play better and take control of the plunge when the ball exits the pf... Software updates are solid, but I just am not interested in playing this game any more than I have to. Not a good sign. We shall see what the future holds for this table and how much more code\excitement can be squeezed out of this game.

Update v2:
Star Wars really requires deeper table knowledge than ever for a Steve Ritchie game. Just like Game of Thrones, the first decision that you make before you even plunge your first ball will be a determining factor of how you approach your game strategy. Most players now seem to be choosing Han or R2D2. A huge factor in this decision is how close you are to a mini-wizard multiball mode from the start of the game. The light Saber mode is a lot of fun and the smaller adjustments to the gameplay really make the difference between what felt like a good game and what now feels like a more complete game. The red/blue light show is way sweet! I am still not sure how to really work the video mode for big points, but the Gyruss controls and the whammy button warping the the speed through the asteroid field are fun. I guess I need to set the multiplier to this lane when I start the mode as well. PF multis make a huge difference in this game and I have seen a few billion point shots made by people who know this code better than I do. Personally, I prefer the pro over the preem/LE, but this is just how I feel about this design, the preem/LE is good too, but the slight edge goes to the pro for me. If you like Steve Ritchie designs that will constantly keep you playing and thinking at all times. This game is for you.

Update v.3:
I have tried. I have really tried. Really, really, really tried to like this game. This game defines the word "flowball". Either your shots flow or you die. That's this game. How many times have I played this game and the ball autoplunges into the left outlane? This game has one of the most dangerous plunges I have ever experienced. Houseballs all around. This game is even more of a luckbox than WoF. While the modes are well diversified, the layout is one of Ritchie's worst. The rules, while deep, require specific knowledge of the table you are playing to the point of choosing Han or R2D2 can rule or kill your game outright. This is SR's worst design PF since BK2K. If you tune this game properly, there is a player in there. But this table is just not fun for me anymore and no amount of code is going to make this layout sing. Scores reduced accordingly.
2 years ago
Think Game of Thrones + Iron Man -- Game of Thrones type gameplay with Iron Man difficulty..maybe even a bit more. And you have Star Wars. Super fast flow, amazing shot progression, and amazing sounds/animations. This game is a winner forever. I can't wait to see where Dwight takes the code.
2 years ago
This game is fun and immersive to play. Scoring is wack (should lower initial base scores by factor of 10, so mode awards multiplied by 40 are 130Mil instead of 1.3Bil. It's just too much.
2 years ago
I really like this games layout, and rules, since it really forces you to use the whole playfield! The Music is really good, and the sounds are pretty fine! ( Even though i like Classic artwork better, it looks pretty good on this game) BEST Star Wars pin out there!!
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