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Other Aspects: 7.517

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The other versions are: Star Wars (Premium/LE), Star Wars Comic Art (Pro), Star Wars Comic Art (Premium)

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There are 115 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
For me, something is missing without the hyper loop...
1 year ago
This game is DENSE with its ruleset and nearly barren with its playfield. They say it’s a “player’s game”, but not if you’re a player like me that prefers the old school gimmicks and overall design of the playfield. Ball moves fast and smooth, but it feels like there is a lot of cheap drains. One I find myself coming back to, if not just to figure out more of what is going on in its video modes.
1 year ago
My kids inspired this choice "Dad, you have to get Star Wars!" so the theme is a massive hit! The digital games (dodging asteroids, etc) are a family favorite too
which for some could be a detraction. The artwork is great, and inspired us to repaint the walls black so we can put Fathead Mil Falcon, Xwing, Tie fighters and a Deathstar up. Now we are committed! We've played this game for hours and had a blast! None of us are professional pin players but we loved it.
1 year ago
I hate middle buttons and video modes. This game PROMINENTLY features a middle button and a video mode. It's dependent on the middle button and the video mode. Boo.
1 year ago
I? wasnt sure when I? brought this one home, but the more I? play it, the more I? like. Hands down the best sound when you tilt...the Emperor makes me want to walk away at times. Not a fan of the left out lane, but that makes you work harder... I? guess. I? still haven’t had a huge game, but it has the one more play factor for me.
1 year ago
Awesome pin....but you really have to know the rule set good or otherwise it might not be that fun.....its a player pin for sure....
1 year ago
This machine is the epitome of why you should not over invest in people's opinion on a game when it very first comes out. When I heard of a new Star Wars pin, I was ecstatic to say the least. Immediately after its release, so many people were trashing this game. This destroyed my desire to find one on location to play it. I didn't even watch a single video because I had lost total interest.

Several months later, I finally came across one and had to at least try it. After my first game on it, I was mad that I had waited so long to try it. I fell in love and spent the last month or two traveling all over to try several pros, premiums and an LE to see which type I liked the most to buy. The hyperspace loop is a neat gimmick, but that's it. It partially obstructs view of the pf. The "ramp" that pops up just makes the Death Star/Hyperspace shot more difficult and takes away from the flow of the game. So, I gladly saved some money and got the pro.

To me, flow and smooth shots are huge factors. This is where the game absolutely excels. I can't emphasize enough how buttery smooth this game feels to play. When I first played it, I of course had no idea what to do. I was just hitting the ball around at all the different shots and they all felt so natural.

Software wise, Stern is getting better with their depth. There's a few characters (not overwhelming amount like JJP Pirates) with different traits to choose. There's a great amount of modes/mini wizard modes that tie in well with the call outs, movie scenes and lighting. The whole use of shot multipliers is a bit different. On my first couple trips to play, I had no clue how to properly earn/keep and use the shot multipliers. I still put up over a billion several times and had immense fun regardless. After fully understanding the multipliers, I of course get more points and it adds an interesting aspect to the game. I say for your first several plays, don't worry much about the multipliers. Just go for fun shots and modes.

The audio quality and call outs are excellent. I love that they use MANY lines from the actual movies. I absolutely hate when games use nothing but obvious voice actors (Walking Dead, X-men, etc.). Even the lighting is noteworthy for Stern. I have zero problems playing in a room that is pitch black when the lights are off. The music and sound effects really help to immerse me into the game.

Now, to the only real negative. The pf art is a bit lacking. Thankfully for me, that is not a massive factor of whether I like a game. The cabinet and backglass art are perfectly acceptable. The LE's translite art is pretty blah.

There are a good amount of games that I love, but after just a few back to back games, I have to move onto a different game for a bit. I'm truly amazed how I can literally play this dozens of times in a row and still want more.

So, if you have yet to experience this game, GO PLAY!
1 year ago
I own it. Don't care for it. Rules don't mesh well with the layout. Shots do feel good and satisfying to hit, but the pin just isn't much fun. I don't like the implementation of the rules. Gets repetitive.
1 year ago
My issue with this game is simple. Great theme and not enough effort to incorporate the theme into the game itself.
1 year ago
Fun to play the different modes, but gets a bit repetitive without the greatest flow, and the playfield seems a bit stark and spacious (in not a good way). Game rules are actually somewhat confusing too. Gets kind of old pretty quick.
1 year ago
Star Wars Pinball Machine Review

Summary and First Impressions

The first time I saw a picture of the Star Wars Pro machine on the Stern website I was underwhelmed. "Where are the toys? The playfield seems so empty..." were the questions and comments that popped into my head. A few months later I was able to play the machine at the "Southern Fried Gaming Expo" in Atlanta. My first few plays of the Pro were quick drains, I didn't understand the rules and the number of gameplay options and modes the game provided was overwhelming; I didn't like it. But I kept coming back to it time and time again over the course of that weekend, intrigued by its fast loops and satisfying shots. My wife and I watched a much better player than myself blow the premium up for something like 2 billion points; it was watching him that I learned the center button was used to shoot tie fighters. It became apparent that the game was much deeper than I understood and would take many games to truly appreciate.

That same player who rocked the premium machine also introduced me to a local restaurant/bar/comic-shop/pinball arcade called "My Parent's Basement." It was at that place that I would play the majority of my games of Star Wars. I still couldn't learn the rules fully at the machine, the internet was needed for that. However, once I understood the rules the game opened up and I started to enjoy it tremendously more. It's quickly become one of my favorite games.

What I've come to understand about Star Wars is that it is a pinball enthusiast's game. It's scant on toys and gimmicks (though the premium has the hyperloop) but BIG on layout, rules, and gameplay.

* The game shoots very fast and very smooth. The inner horseshoe shots come back to the flipper at a blazing speed!
* The Tie-fighter hurry up - by hitting the tie-fighter bash target the player will eventually start a hurry up. Hitting the bash target within the time allotted will allow the player to "shoot tie fighters" by rapidly pressing the center action button. This, of course, requires you to take 1 hand off a flipper WHILE THE BALL IS LIVE! Destroying tie-fighters one of the main ways to start a major multi-ball mode so there is a large incentive to hit that button! Sometimes you can trap with the other flipper... sometimes you can't, what'cha gonna do?! Great risk/reward mechanic.
* Characters - At the start of the game you choose one of four Star Wars characters to play as, with each giving you a unique bonus that can change the way you approach the strategy of how you play. For instance, Luke is "good with the force," meaning he spots you a FORCE target making it easier to finish the Jedi rank objectives.
* Multipliers - One of the central mechanics of the game is the shot multiplier. This feature can be toggled on and off by the action button. Multipliers can be gained by hitting the risky screen standup targets, enabling the player to increase it to 20, which can be doubled to 40 by another mechanic. As the multiplier goes up the number of shots the multiplier applies to goes from 3 down to 1 and it will last less and less time before it resets back to 2x. While the multiplier is toggled off the player can move the shot it's applied to using the flippers, however finding the time and place to do so in the middle of a live ball is one of the skills of the game. Hitting a shot for BIG points with the multiplier is one of the cooler moments of the game.

* There's just no way you are learning this game's ruleset through trial and error on the machine. Go look up the rule sheet, a tutorial video or get a friend to teach you.
* The game plunges directly to the middle of the playfield creating a kind of wild situation where occasionally you'll get some cheap drains. The better you are at control the less of an issue this will be for you, but for beginner players, it can be frustrating.
* I don't like the asteroid video mode. Too long and slow. Not enough happening.

+ Fast, very satisfying to shoot the inner loop
+ All the shots were very hittable on the machines I played
- Plunge arrangement sometimes leads to some cheap early drains

+ Plenty of risk-reward mechanics that lead to tense and fun gameplay situations
+ Great usage of the action button
+ DEEP ruleset with plenty of strategic choices
- DEEP ruleset that you are simply never going to learn without help
- Wack asteroid field mini-game

+ Moving Tie-fighter is cool
- Deathstar kinda just sits there on the pro. Not much else happening

+ This is a fun table to shoot. Even without knowing the rules I kept coming back to it. Once you know the rules you're hooked!

+ Great art package, does the theme well. I can find no fault

Sound and Music
+ I mean it's got star wars music! Seriously though, great SFX, callouts, and music. Voices worked well even without the original cast.


I know this game kinda gets a bad rap but I honestly think more enthusiasts should give it a second look. It shoots great, has deep rules and integrates the theme very well, even without many toys and gimmicks. Just do yourself a favor and give the rule sheet a once over!
1 year ago
Wanted to love this game since I am a big Star Wars fan. Didn't care for the flow, but it just may be my average skill. I like playing it, but could not see myself adding to collection. Maybe more time playing it will change my mind.
1 year ago
welly welly, what an underrated little gem we have here.
I did not like this game very much on location. But, the same team that developed GOT worked on this and I am a big fan of GOT (PRO), so I finally had to give this a shot in a home setting. Don't buy into the hate this game gets on pinside; it's bad ass! but I get it, it's not for everyone. It's a players wet dream pin for sure - if you like dolls and simple one-two rulesets, you will not like this game.

This game shines in the gameplay and rules department. The rules are next level fantastic. So much to do, so much to explore. There are so many paths you can go with the rules. The synergy with the rules, layout, and gameplay is fantastic. The ramps aren't all that great but the rest of the shots on the game are very fun and satisfying to shoot. And when you can string in some fast and rare combos, the game can really put a 'holy shit, that was awesome' smile on your face.

Sound package is top notch. I really wasn't a fan of the custom voices at first, but they have really grown on me and fit well with the mixture of a movie call outs.

This game keeps pulling me in time and time again. I can tackle the game different ways each time; not just with different characters but with different play factors. I cant speak highly enough about the rules and strategies that the game offers. Probably the best rules package in pinball.

Toys and Gimmicks: Well, if you like dolls that are a major mechanic of a game, then you won't like this. The game feels like it was built for players that want to play pinball all the time; not just once in awhile with something pretty to look at. The action button is used great with the add-a-ball stacking features, Tie fighters, and multipliers. Very risk/rewardy are the toys and gimmicks in this game.

Artwork is fantastic on the cabinet and translite, not so much on the play field but it does get the job done. Lighting is superb; so much going on. It is a little distracting, but very much like TWD in that it brings out the theme and modes much better and really makes for an outstanding experience.

Fun & Lastability: What I can I say; I cant stop playing or thinking about this game. It delivers on all levels of wanting to play over and over again with a great mixture of brutality and fun.

- Scoring Display. Don't get me wrong; scoring is fantastic and very well balanced with how they utilized a multiplier that can build up to 40X. But aside from Hyperspace Multiball; displaying big value shots is lacking bad on this game which is a bummer because that's something I really enjoy in pinball. When you defeat one of the main planet multi balls, there is no score displayed ANYWHERE for the shot you just made. Show me the money!! There's a lot of inconsistencies on when the display shows big value shots vs not showing them. Another example is Light Saber Duel, while it shows your shot values, it does not show your total LSD score for the mode. Only way you know if you did good on it is if you just happened to break the high score table for it.
- very much like TWD and IM this game can give out a cheap drain from time to time. Not as bad as IM and TWD cheap drains, but it still can happen. I think the rules more than make up for this though because of how quick the progression can be.
- There's a couple minor bugs like the sound cutting out if you happen to change the multiplier during a mode start sequence; but you have to do this at just the right precise time so it's really minor.
1 year ago
Very disappointing considering the license. Comes off as a paint-by-numbers shooter that was rushed out.
1 year ago
Didn’t last long, too barren, artwork and animations are pretty weak.
1 year ago
Addictive, fast and challenging. Good effort from Stern, could be improved with future code tweeks. Similar flow to GOT and ST. A good earner on location along with GOTG
1 year ago
First new in box purchase and have not been disappointed.
The PRO version gives a similar vibe to the Data East version, while also giving an update to the game. It's also the only backglass to feature Yoda, which was a selling point for me.
The game itself continues to improve with each code update. The lightsaber dual mode is highly addicting and never gets old. Escape from Boba Fett applies pressure and tests your ability.
If you are a fan of pinball and also a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, you cannot go wrong with this machine. The ability to choose your character's path gives a different dynamic each time you play.
1 year ago
Well, I bought this pin without even playing it first. That's how I roll though, I see something I like, I research it on the forums, watch YouTube videos and go for it. I currently own a Stern Star Trek too. The play through is a bit smoother on the ST, I have to admit. However, the live video and the nostalgia of Star Wars make up for it. The game play on Star Wars makes you think making your play more strategic and less about just tapping the flippers. It is very competitive and I like the open playfield. I give it a thumbs up!
1 year ago
It shoots well, but it is way too complicated rule wise. I played it at a arcade and could not understand all the lock bar pressing and changing multipliers. Art work is awfull. I has nice shots and is fun layout. It amazes me that that Star Wars machines are just bad, while Star Trek has 2 amazing games and even a decent third one by data east. Makes no sense.
1 year ago
The 1st time I played this game, I absolutely hated it! I was really bummed out that this game was so terrible when I loved the theme so much. I wanted so much for it to be good and it just was not. THEN they started updating the code. It's amazing what a code update can do for a game! The newest code has made the game flow much more smoothly and now the shots make much more sense plus the video mode is pretty awesome! I actually enjoy playing it now.

The biggest complaint that I have of this game is that it's not intuitive- at all. Most shots are hurry-ups and you don't have enough time to figure out what you're supposed to be shooting for before the time runs out. The more familiar I get with the game, the more sense it makes but initially it's a lot to take in.

Also, beware the rapid-fire tie fighter center button shot. It's a major ball drainer. I'm pretty sure it's designed just to make me take my hands off the flippers so I lose my ball.
1 year ago
Could change with time, but first impression is not good. Feels like a tiny step up from Gottlieb street level pins, rules might be great at home, but not straight forward enough for casual location pin.
1 year ago
Not a bad game, but it just doesn't grab me like some of the other Stern games. I like the theme way more then say, ACDC or Metallica, but when it comes down to it I like those other games quite a bit more then Star Wars.
1 year ago
Relatively basic design... I feel like they could have done more with this modern IP, but overall still fun. It's my sons new favorite machine, but that probably has more to do with it being Star Wars than the actual game play :)
1 year ago
What the hell is going on here? It takes time actually figure this one out. It's fast. Maybe too fast. Guests didn't like it. I didn't like it until it just clicked. The software is complex. Moving the bonus around and figuring out where to shoot almost feels like a game within the game, but once you understand it, I think this game is great. Very underrated. I think that many people write this one off because they either don't get it, played an early version of the code or have not played it enough.
2 years ago
The game is nice but clearly built for attention of the franchise. They could have done so much more with this title. Generic art, basic movie clips and not much else going for it.

The scoring is also a heavy tilt towards the better players who know the very specific rules and how to exploit multipliers. If an amateur walks up to this game, they don't stand a chance at producing what is considered a good score without a lot of luck behind it.

Wish I could like this more, theme is fantastic, but game is lacking.
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