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Game Design: 7.18

Artwork: 7.758

Sounds/Music: 8.176

Other Aspects: 7.58

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This is "Star Wars (Pro)".
The other versions are: Star Wars (Premium/LE), Star Wars Comic Art (Pro), Star Wars Comic Art (Premium)

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19 days ago
Super fun but also super fast and hard. This is probably Steve Ritchie's last truly great pin (though I hope he makes another classic) and is very true to his Flow style. I love the IP and though there are so many great Star Wars machines, this is probably my favorite. Not sure it would be right for a small collection though because it's just too hard and would probably turn off newcomers.
3 months ago
I feel like I'm in Star Wars when I play this game. Love it!
3 months ago
I’ve played this game on location over the years and walked away feeling meh. Got a really good deal on a pro recently and I will say holy crap this game is really good. Some games are meant to own and this is it. Super fast fun and great assets. If your a Star Wars fan or even on the fence on buying don’t you will not regret it. Sorry for the positive review I’m telling you this game is that good.
4 months ago
Pretty uninspired game in terms of layout, ruleset and artwork especially considering how much there is to work with in the star wars license. Maybe they were limited on the assets that could be used. But, the layout is also boring. The playfield art is basically just blue.
4 months ago
I own a SWpro and it will never leave my collection.

I grew up with Star Wars and am a huge fan of the original trilogy. Theme integration on this machine is amongst Stern’s best

I believe the shots are all very good. The multiballs are all excellent. The modes (and mode variety with selectable characters): 1) fit the theme perfectly, 2) are easy to understand for beginners and still a challenge for more experienced players, and 3) are fun.

The shot multipliers add nice strategic element. They impact scores a lot, and I can understand how this can be frustrating if you don’t know how to use them…but…just learn to use them.

Star Wars music and the made-for-the-pin music and sound effects are all very good.

I have the original art (not comic book). I appreciate the perspective that there could be more artistic expression in the art…but it’s still mostly images from the movies and posters that I fell in love with 40+ years ago, so I wouldn’t want it changed.
4 months ago
Like the game, but not a fan of the LCD blocking the upper play field Not seeing what is happening in the pop bumpers.
5 months ago
Something is off here. Is it the over-reliance on video? The playfield feels dead and lifeless. Maybe trying to cover an entire trilogy of stuff forced design to move all the interesting gimmicks and toys into the video screen, but if that is what I wanted, I'd be downloading Zen Pinball.

Shooting the Death Star feels the same as any of the other orbits.
6 months ago
Played a few times on Brighton Pier in the UK.

If you’re looking for a Star Wars pin, the Mandalorian is definitely superior in terms of theme and playfield toys.

However, as a mechanical play experience, Star Wars is underrated. This is a very fast, flowing machine with a variety of clearly-labelled shots. It is highly enjoyable to shoot and play, and I’d definitely recommend it for that.
6 months ago
It’s a good game if you can get a rhythm going, but is the flow awkward or what? Maybe it’s just the unit I’m playing on at the local brewery, but the ball falls like a rock and floats around the outlines as though a magnet is drawing it to drain. No other Stern pro machine I’ve played is as clunky as this one. Once you adjust to the clunky feel and get a billion+ score game, it seems like a better game.
6 months ago
I love getting the tie fighter and Asteroid mode on this machine, very fun to play :) One of my favorites
7 months ago
The pro edition is the only version I have played and I think it lacks some real fun aspects needed to be a great game. Star Wars always gets my attention but this title always disapoints when I play it. Great sound and Artwork carries the marginal gameplay. I hope to play a Premium / LE soon to see if this is just a mediocre title at the Pro level.
1 year ago
Very underrated game. I'm not a rabid Star Wars fan but not a hater either. The movie theme integration is well done, the option to stack modes or not stack as well as character selection gives a lot of playability variations, the moving multiplier can be used or ignored to the player's preferences for fun. The code is fairly deep so offers a lot to keep it in my collection yet there is plenty for casual players as the LCD and inserts make very clear what to shoot for. It has that "One more game" feel and great wizard modes and victory multiballs. The layout has well balanced shots and good flow, soundtrack, video and voice clips make good use of movie assets.
1 year ago
We owned this game for 3 years...was a dream theme for the family. Its a beautiful pin and captures the spirit of Star Wars. It plays fast and can kinda be a drain monster if you let it.

The only complaint I have is the ruleset and multipliers can be a challenge to learn and even more of a challenge to explain to others. Ultimately we let it go for a Jurassic Park Premium.
1 year ago
Quite disappointing really. Can’t STAND mini screens, what a waste of part money, that’s what the display is for! Some good flow but nothing inherently Star Wars about any of the shot aside from the static Death Star. Rules are unconventional and not hugely thrilling, but of a drain monster and just not as special as a Star Wars machine should be. Fun to be had but not a home run.
1 year ago
well, its now 1 month that SW is home, and honestly didnt really looked at it before that... a big mistake (from me) ! not sure why, surelly i simply quite never saw/meet this one, and than played it for a few games only, on older code, while just shooting for shooting without knowing what i have to do & how to build my game... as a "player", i than chose to get this one home, versus my Houdini, and its a complete change when talking about the gameplay style, from a cool game with lots of "stop & go" (which i enjoyed a lot, dont misundertand me), SW is the perfect opposite : its a (very) fast game, with flow, and not only you have to play it quickly, but you have to also think quickly, because of lots of hurry-up going on, but than also that playfield multiplicator which become more soon than later THE main point of this pin (i mean, if you wanna focuse on big points... or simply forget it if you wanna just reach the wizard mode)... all in all, i found SW to be a very good pin, which is way underated :/ i could imagine some people found it to be harsh (because its eating balls for sure), but than shoots/trajectories are finally not that hard, and code is not as deep (or complicated) that you will think at very first... home, it quickly become "easy" for my son & i ;) ... i not always talk about theme when posting a pinball com, but in this case, SW is perfectly integrated (i have the PRO, i suppose its even better with the PREM/LE ramps)... in conclusion : not the best pin in the world, but than a very good/fun/enjoyable pinball, and without a doubt much better than where it stand actually in the ranking
1 year ago
A good game, it can be fast and furious but give it time to lean the rules and shots and can be rewarding! Great light show great sound nice flow
1 year ago
Wow, almost bought one of these before I had the chance to play. Like many, was drawn in by the theme as a huge Star Wars fan. Finally got a few plays in this weekend and was even more disappointed then I thought possible, even after seeing some reviews. The start is cool with the character and mission selection, I also enjoyed some of the clips and missions. Clearly a lot of effort has gone into the animations/rules. Unfortunately this has come at the cost of proper playfield toys or anything remotely exciting. The flow is ok but after a few plays it all feels really repetitive and you keep hoping to see something cool, unfortunately it never comes. Expected so much more from a theme like this....
1 year ago
Despite the barren playfield, this is a fun machine. It plays very fast - perhaps more so than even other Richie-designed games. Surprisingly, even though it plays very fast and I’m not a great player, it is not a drain-fest. Average players like me can hang around for awhile and explore the rules and modes of this game. I wish it had more toys/gimmicks - even the Premium seems a little sparse, but you get a little more for your extra $2k. I don’t think I’ll ever own one, but I enjoy playing a few games on it when I see it on location.
1 year ago
While this isn't a bad game, it seems like it could have been designed and implemented much better. Enjoyable, but not one I'd miss playing if i couldn't find one.
1 year ago
This game is as unintuitive as any game out there. I didn't care to take the time to figure out this game because it was not enjoyable. I enjoyed Star Wars movies and was hoping this would be a fun game. This game is very difficult to get into and it looks like the money went into the licensing and not the game. I think it is a huge disappointment.
1 year ago
First game, first love. This is star wars pinball packed in full license. Toys like pf lcd, death star, fighter, great ramp shots, multiplier on targets makes this pin one of the best all time. Highly recommended.
1 year ago
Disappointing game. Great theme bad design.
1 year ago
I decided to wait almost a year & a half to rate this machine, in order to ensure I did so fairly & well past any "honeymoon phase". It's also allowed me time to become a more informed & better pinball player overall prior to rating.

In short : 18 months in ... I love this game. My family loves this game. Friends (adults & kids) who come over all enjoy playing this game. This pin is great for home-use. Now, onto some details...

The Good: Theme integration is simply fantastic. There is an absolute TON of video and audio clips well-integrated to game play, missions, and shots. The rule set is DEEP, allowing you to spend significant time growing & exploring the game with 4 characters (Luke, Leia, R2D2, Han Solo) each having their own unique play impacts/rewards. 4 sets of mission 'bundles' (Tatooine, Hoth, Endor, Death Star) each have multi missions, and each one's final mission is a MB (which upon winning that unlocks another Victory MB). You've got Video mode which is an asteroid mini-video game, tie fighter mash gimmick (which once you realize the importance of how this contributes to extra ball milestones makes it key), and side missions like Escape from Boba Fett & Lightsaber duel. I have only made it to the final wizard Emperor battle twice, and I didn't even realize it existed for the first few months of having the machine!.

The lighting is great, especially with mirror blades on the side which help the "star/galaxy" theming of the playfield. The LEDs pop and change color in modes to really suck/bring you in... I love playing this thing with the room darkened. Some folks may not like the strobing effects that occur in some modes (I'm looking at you Boba Fett and All Escape), but I personally like it. (I do realize some people may not, so this is personal preference.)

I can have as much fun watching someone playing the game & progressing through wins as doing so myself (due to the significant amount of video/audio clips). My wife & kids all love this game, and guests always end up spending more time on this machine than others in our house (vs our other pinball & multi-cade machines ) ... which tells you how much people dig this.

The Recently Improved: The Q4 2020 code update was a great improvement. Now you have configurable ball save timers, helping reduce the number of "cheap drains" after plunge as well as the Tatooine scoop shot eject (1-2 seconds on the latter is all you need). Plus, the new DJ Mixer option allows for the kids to have a blast listening to iconic Star Wars themed music.

The Cons: This game is fast & certainly can be hard. Some reviews have called this a drain monster, but there are now settings to partially help with that. Play certainly benefits if you are good at "nudging/bumping".
It shines in home-use allowing skill-growth/deeper-exploration-of-the-codes and where you can ease control over some settings (ball save timers, mission difficulties, tilt sensitivity, etc.) to really enjoy an incredibly immersive experience. I don't think it's as much fun for onsite/pp-play where you're just fighting constantly to save the ball & unable to appreciate the video & audio callouts.
Many people will note the basic Pro playfield is bare... That is absolutely true. However, that also means you've got plenty of options & spots to put in additional toys - I added mini AT-ATs, an extra Tie Fighter, an X-Wing, and the Millennium Falcon to my Pro. Easy & cheap additions that helped make it "pop".
Lastly, I will state that a MAJOR part of enjoyment with this game is the overall them of Star Wars & the video/audio clips. If you are not a Star Wars fan, then this is probably not a great pin for you (because otherwise you're not 'enjoying' listening to Harrison Ford as Han Solo, or zooming into the AT-AT from a snow speeder's POV, or seeing lightsaber fight clips, or watching Lando celebrate after blowing up the Death Start atop Endor, etc. etc.) FYI, even a die-hard fan will sometimes want to strangle Yoda when he chastises you at the end of each ball ... yes, I was "reckless" when I tilted, lol. :)
1 year ago
Both family friendly and very deep rules for a serious player.
1 year ago
When I decided to join the hobby and buy my first pin, Star Wars was the first pin I researched, since I LOVE the theme. However, after reading reviews about it, I went another way and bought Stern JP instead (followed by AIQ). I then got a chance to play the pin on location several times to see why the reviews had been the way they were and if they were unfair. Overall, the most impressive thing for me for this pin are the callouts and music (5 out of 5 there). The cabinet and general artwork is also really pretty. As far as gameplay, I can agree that perhaps there was more potential for this pin with this theme. I wish there was more variety of shots on this game; for me, the ruleset and multipliers were a little confusing (though I think perhaps if I had this pin at home, rather playing on location, I'd change my mind about that). The combos on this game are rather fun, though I will have to agree with some other reviewers that the outlanes do cause lots of cheap drains, just when you are about to get a rhythm. I think overall, the game can be fun, yet a little underwhelming for the expectation one has of the theme.
There are 155 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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