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Game design: 7.073

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Other Aspects: 7.506

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77 days ago
Couldn't here well at this sports bar. Lot's of ramp play if you like that sort of thing. Also lot's of open space in middle of playfield but ball stayed in play pretty well.
88 days ago
This pin is a big miss for me. I have played it most every time I've come across it at shows or bars and figured it would get better for me the more I play it. It has not. This game should have been so much better. With any luck at all it would have been KME's first game, and an all-time classic.
5 months ago
Very deep rule set that makes the game enjoyable for a very long time.... BUT, it does take a while to learn the rules.

Watching videos on YouTube helped me quite a bit to learn the rules, and even then, I watched some of the videos more than once.
6 months ago
Played this at a local arcade and it surprised me....excellent pinball and loads of fun! Themes are awesome and I love the video games in the game such as the Falcon flying through the asteroid field.....makes me consider buying one. At the local arcade which has a wide variety this and AFM LE are two top played games from my observations. That said they don't have in JJ games.
6 months ago
As a Star Wars fan, I was looking forward to playing this. A bit disappointed, not really that good a game, flow isn't great, the gameplay and layout just average, just not one of the better licences from Stern, they could have done a lot more.
6 months ago
I owned this pin (Stern tarwars Pro) for a while.
plays very fast, but a couple of things are really annoying to me:
1- the playfield is bare and there really isn't a proper toy to bash/have fun with...
2- the ruleset, with all these multipliers that you need to rearrange all the time, is complex and boring and imo takes the fun flow away.
So yes, it is Starwars and yes, it is a good pin, but the main problem to me is that this playfield could be reskined into just about any theme. It just happened that this one is Starwars.
Could have been so much better... it is a good pin, just not a great one.
7 months ago
Looking for my first machine to buy I really wanted to like Star Wars as I'm such a huge fan of the movies. I just don't. I've read the rules (on the card) and find it confusing. In 40+ games I've probably had 2 multi all's (conversely, I played walking dead for the first time and got Multi balls the first, second and third game!!) The shots are ok, most aren't too difficult... But what really sends me into a rage is how many times the automatic ball shoot just drains right down the right side. I've had time and time again where it sends two in a row immediately down the right without any play. Disappointing.

EDIT: The above was my older review which was written after many games, but not knowing the rules. I have since learned the rules at the behest of one of my good friends who wouldn't shut up about how it's actually a good pin....turns out, he's right. I have had many awesome games since and some Jedi fun has definitely been had.... I enjoy the challenges / missions of the different players and some of the savoring strategies. To me is now an above average game, but I would still buy deadpool, Metallica, star trek, Maiden, acdc, batman 66, etc over it
8 months ago
I don't mind flipping SW, some great faced paced shots, but the rules/multipliers do my head in. Seems counterintuitive to the fast play and after dozens of games I still have no idea what I'm doing. Possibly a decent game in a home environment, but not for me on location.
8 months ago
It's a pretty game and I'm a big Star Wars fan and a big Steve Ritchie fan, but Star Trek TNG and Star Trek Reboot both win hands down here. This one just doesn't get my blood pumping, I'd much rather spend my time getting to the final frontier with Jean Luc Picard, Data, Q, et. al. or whoopin' up on some Nero. As for Star Wars pinball, I enjoy both Episode 1 and Data East versions more.
9 months ago
I want to like this game, but just can’t get into it. The game play itself is fine, but I find the game sparse and minimal. While the game play is smooth and obviously immensely update, I actually prefer the 1992 Data East Star Wars over the new Stern.
10 months ago
This is a fast and brutal game with deep software and an A+ theme! The playfield artwork is okay, but the cab and translite are certainly the best part of the art package. Theme integration is very well executed and it's hard not to appreciate the music, call outs and video clips that are lifted directly from one of the best trilogies ever released.

The toys on this pin are pretty basic and it's hard not to feel a little let down in that area. The LCD on the playfield looks cool, but really serves little purpose. I think this pinball makes up for the sparse playfield and lack of innovative toys with great software, which is definitely the star of the package. The modes are interesting and well integrated with the story. The multi-ball modes are fun and present some really great stacking opportunities. The mini wizards modes are very achievable and the final wizard mode is a quite a challenge to achieve. Understanding multipliers is essential for a high score and there is plenty of reward for players who commit to learning the rules.

All in all, I find this to be a very fast and fun pin. Game times can be very short due to the brutal nature of the game design. However, the game can be very rewarding when the pinball gods smile down upon me and I'm actually hitting my shots and completing modes. I keep hitting start and it's rare that I play less than 5 or 6 games every time I'm in front of this pin.
10 months ago
I have loved this game the second I put my fingers on the buttons. Can't beat the animations and the storyline. One of the features I like the best is being able to play as different heros and having the game tailor the storyline to that character. The shots are all clearly marked and attainable. The death star shot where the ball circulates on the ramp is pure genius. I have not been displeased with any of the new Stern pins and this one is no exception.
10 months ago
My buddy got this machine and we were both really excited for the first few minutes of game play. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold up. For a franchise as legendary as Star Wars, this simply should be one of the best pinball games of all time. Instead, it's a very open playfield with too few shots to hit and too few toys. I literally felt like there were only 4 shots to hit and it got old remarkably fast. The ball has a tendency to find its way SDTM too, which is infuriating because every time you lose, you have to hear Yoda saying something really annoying. It gets remarkably repetitive. The lighting and playfield art are fantastic, the audio really gets you into the game at first, but this is by far my least favorite Stern pinball machine so far (I haven't played them all, of course). My buddy was frantically looking to sell or trade this game soon after he had it, after being so excited when it arrived. Definitely a missed opportunity on Stern's part in my opinion.
10 months ago
Great audio and video, but was dissapointed in the playfield. Way too much open space on the lower half.
11 months ago
This pin is a theme pinball that plays fast and has great shots. If you like Star Wars you will love this pin.
11 months ago
Edit: The more I play it the more I like it... You gotta be ready to battle the machine though. Make sure its level too or issues listed below are too common.

I had to play Star Wars to see for myself what everyone was saying. Right out of the gate my dollar was gone in seconds, straight down the middle, down the left out lane, the ball save went right into the left out lane.

Ok, so its a hard game. After a few games I figured out you have to intensely battle the machine with nudges, slaps and you can't be afraid to get a danger or tilt.

The art is horrible, the ramps are amazing to shoot, The mini LCD is horrible and in the way, I like the inner orbit, the code ok but better for home use and some of the shot geometry could use some tweaks. The sound is perfect and LCD is great, I mean it's Star Wars.

The machine in my opinion suffers from lack of direction, I'd assume there were too many cooks in the kitchen. I feel like the premium is closer to what Steve Richie wanted but I doubt it is any better.
11 months ago
Fun game, I like the different missions and thought the annimstions were well done.
1 year ago
Data East still the best Star Wars ever made, and that was 1993. This game is just a wide open playfield and an LCD screen.
1 year ago
Certainly a fun game to play, but I always find this table a bit lacking. Ritchie's tables are never my favorite, but this one really feels phoned in.
1 year ago
Pro just has nothing on play field. Game is still fun, but there is zero wow factor here. I like playing, but will never buy this one. Good to play a few games on location, but if buying, premium is way to go. The shots were a little tight, and the layout was very basic. You're definitely playing the LCD and sounds on this title, and nothing really on play field to interact with ball. A let down for sure, but still fun on location.
1 year ago
Oof. Just couldn't get into this one. While by no means the worst Pin based on 'Star Wars,' it's definitely a disappointment overall.
1 year ago
I'm a big fan of Ritchie's tables, but this one looks like a lazy licenced themed pin. Uninspired PF, with poor design. Maybe it becomes nice after you really dig the rules... Myself after a dozen plays, i just did not find any fun at it. Animations are great, sound is what it should be, that's about it.
I guess this can be an option for SW fans, but as we are talking pinball, I have to agree this is one of the worst table recently produced. At least, you can play for free when you'll find one routed, because players usually leave it before they use all of their credits...
1 year ago
I own this game and couldn't be more happy with it. I agree with a few here, the game is not populated with toys and other stuff but it really doesn't need it. The game is super fun with the screen scenes and working the shots to complete the missions. Since there are over 400 screen scenes it really doesn't get old. I like the fact they they stuck with the old school Episodes 4,5, and 6. I think anyone that watched or grew up with Star Wars will appreciate this pin, I don't plan on replacing this one anytime soon. I highly recommend this game.
1 year ago
For me, something is missing without the hyper loop...
1 year ago
This game is DENSE with its ruleset and nearly barren with its playfield. They say it’s a “player’s game”, but not if you’re a player like me that prefers the old school gimmicks and overall design of the playfield. Ball moves fast and smooth, but it feels like there is a lot of cheap drains. One I find myself coming back to, if not just to figure out more of what is going on in its video modes.
There are 113 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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