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Star Wars (Pro)

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This game received 291 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.586 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Star Wars". The group itself ranks #44 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.094

Artwork: 7.74

Sounds/Music: 8.132

Other Aspects: 7.489

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Star Wars (Pro)".
The other versions are: Star Wars (Premium/LE), Star Wars Comic Art (Pro), Star Wars Comic Art (Premium)

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Found 126 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 126 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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15 days ago
I'll admit, I'm not a huge Stern fan, but I am grateful that they are still making machines and all that the do for this hobby. Having said that... Did we really need another Star Wars Pin? I am a big Star Wars fan... but Meh, I just wasn't that entertained playing this game. I found the play to be very repetitive and boring. After playing a few games, I have no desire to play it ever again.
21 days ago
Fast,Fun,challenging and satisfying when you accomplish feats in the game. That said if you feel you need long ball times and easy shots this game is not for you. There is not a safe shot on the playfield. People need to go back and fing some Williams 90s games to remind themselves just how short pre 2000 pinball ball time actualy were
29 days ago
Such high hopes to get a game worthy of the theme. Such a let down.
It's STAR WARS! deserves so much better. :sighs:
1983 Star wars video still the gold standard for the franchise.
75 days ago
This one is a big letdown. I don't understand why its rated so high. The best part of the game is shooting the death star and maybe the tie fighter. When the game feels like its flowing your just playing catch with yourself through the loops. The side drains are oppressive which really kills the game. Many, many balls l never touched because they side drained (including the ball save) without ever making it to the flipper. Just when the ball gets in play it gets taken away.
78 days ago
Plays very fast. The inner loop and orbits can rocket the ball back to you. Theme is good, especially choosing a character and mission. Makes it fun for multiple people to play and the variety in missions incorporate so much thematic content and callouts. Just great. While fun and easy to play it is a deep rule set to learn as desired. I think the game appeals to casual and serious players.

Biggest downside is the ruthless outlanes and SDTM action from the orbit shots. Even when frustrating, it’s easy to keep pushing start...
3 months ago
As a huge Star Wars fan, this game was a letdown for me. On one hand, the call outs and sounds are some of the best in pinball (I am certainly partial, however), and the artwork is good. On the other hand, this is one of the most barren modern pins in existence. The premium has the hyperloop, which helps.
I will say that there are a ton of modes, so if you are a mode and/or flow player, this is far more likely to be your speed.
3 months ago
Fast, Frustrating, Addictive! This one is a polarizing game for many as the outlanes gobble up bad shots quickly and plunges with a random WTF. The theme is what does it for me on this one. Great movie scene modes, great light show, escape from Boba Fett will put you into borderline seizure with it's flashing lights. I have some top ranked titles in my lineup and my Star Wars Comic Art Pro gets the most play.
3 months ago
I love this game. It’s difficult and has a deep rule set.
I love the lighting and play field art. The game plays smooth as butter, some of the shots are hard and take time to master. I’ve had some luck with YouTube videos. I installed a shaker and love the game play even more.
4 months ago
Found this game to be a huge letdown. I think the the theme integration is very poor and doesn’t have enough shoots. The one thing I like is probably the ball going in a loop to destroy the Death Star. I love the the Star Wars theme and I feel very disappointed in this game.
5 months ago
I played a few games at a mall, i may be the minority here but i think there is too much flow. For awhile i felt like i was playing catch with my self, flip the ball up it would loop around and come back down towards my other flipper. Didn't care for the little lcd, i felt like the playfield was cheapend up to be able to put the lcd in it. Steve Ritchie's next game Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro blows this out of the water.
6 months ago
I'm a huge star wars fan. Huge.

Big let down with this game. It's got too much going on. I wanted to play pinball. This is video games and pinball. The shots are tricky. Outlanes are too hungry. Way to hungry. The one I played was probably not tuned up and taken care of the best. But still. Directions were not clear in the game.

It was fun. Hitting the tie fighter, the death star. Cool. But I wanted more ...
9 months ago
Couldn't here well at this sports bar. Lot's of ramp play if you like that sort of thing. Also lot's of open space in middle of playfield but ball stayed in play pretty well.
10 months ago
This pin is a big miss for me. I have played it most every time I've come across it at shows or bars and figured it would get better for me the more I play it. It has not. This game should have been so much better. With any luck at all it would have been KME's first game, and an all-time classic.
11 months ago
Fun but just for a little bit.
1 year ago
Very deep rule set that makes the game enjoyable for a very long time.... BUT, it does take a while to learn the rules.

Watching videos on YouTube helped me quite a bit to learn the rules, and even then, I watched some of the videos more than once.
1 year ago
Played this at a local arcade and it surprised me....excellent pinball and loads of fun! Themes are awesome and I love the video games in the game such as the Falcon flying through the asteroid field.....makes me consider buying one. At the local arcade which has a wide variety this and AFM LE are two top played games from my observations. That said they don't have in JJ games.
1 year ago
As a Star Wars fan, I was looking forward to playing this. A bit disappointed, not really that good a game, flow isn't great, the gameplay and layout just average, just not one of the better licences from Stern, they could have done a lot more.
1 year ago
I owned this pin (Stern tarwars Pro) for a while.
plays very fast, but a couple of things are really annoying to me:
1- the playfield is bare and there really isn't a proper toy to bash/have fun with...
2- the ruleset, with all these multipliers that you need to rearrange all the time, is complex and boring and imo takes the fun flow away.
So yes, it is Starwars and yes, it is a good pin, but the main problem to me is that this playfield could be reskined into just about any theme. It just happened that this one is Starwars.
Could have been so much better... it is a good pin, just not a great one.
1 year ago
Note: This is a revised review after 3 years of ownership.

When I got this game in 2017 it wasn't just my first pin, it was my first experience actually understanding what pinball is about. Unfortunately my skills were not strong enough to get very far. As such my interest waned and after a few months we had the dust cover on more often than not. Eventually the game sat more or less idle for a few years.

During this time I picked up several of the best JJP titles, and the extremely difficult Wonka made me a much better player.

I decided to sell Star Wars and so decided to give it some "farewell" plays. I was surprised to find that the game was MUCH more appealing to me now that I've gained better catch, nudge and aim skills. In fact...I am hooked on it. I've decided to keep it and I'm actually having a very good time playing this game.

So first the negatives: yeah the playfield doesn't have much on it, yeah the toys are weak. But what it does have is outstanding flow and a lot of fun combos. Making the hyperspace hurryup is a rush, as are winning the "planet" modes (Hoth, Death Star, Tattooine, and Endor.)

One of the controversial things about this game is the shot multiplier system. You have to continually bang the 3-bank to juice the multiplier, and it decays back to 2x if you don't keep that up. This was originally a negative for me but I now really enjoy exploiting this! Bump it up to 40X, then hit video mode or a super jackpot to really blow up the score!

In more general terms, the game did a great job with the Star Wars assets. It seems to have TONS of clips.

As my pinball maturity grows, I am learning to appreciate the nuance of different machine play styles. This one is flowy, fast, and fun.
1 year ago
Looking for my first machine to buy I really wanted to like Star Wars as I'm such a huge fan of the movies. I just don't. I've read the rules (on the card) and find it confusing. In 40+ games I've probably had 2 multi all's (conversely, I played walking dead for the first time and got Multi balls the first, second and third game!!) The shots are ok, most aren't too difficult... But what really sends me into a rage is how many times the automatic ball shoot just drains right down the right side. I've had time and time again where it sends two in a row immediately down the right without any play. Disappointing.

EDIT: The above was my older review which was written after many games, but not knowing the rules. I have since learned the rules at the behest of one of my good friends who wouldn't shut up about how it's actually a good pin....turns out, he's right. I have had many awesome games since and some Jedi fun has definitely been had.... I enjoy the challenges / missions of the different players and some of the savoring strategies. To me is now an above average game, but I would still buy deadpool, Metallica, star trek, Maiden, acdc, batman 66, etc over it
1 year ago
I don't mind flipping SW, some great faced paced shots, but the rules/multipliers do my head in. Seems counterintuitive to the fast play and after dozens of games I still have no idea what I'm doing. Possibly a decent game in a home environment, but not for me on location.
1 year ago
It's a pretty game and I'm a big Star Wars fan and a big Steve Ritchie fan, but Star Trek TNG and Star Trek Reboot both win hands down here. This one just doesn't get my blood pumping, I'd much rather spend my time getting to the final frontier with Jean Luc Picard, Data, Q, et. al. or whoopin' up on some Nero. As for Star Wars pinball, I enjoy both Episode 1 and Data East versions more.
1 year ago
I want to like this game, but just can’t get into it. The game play itself is fine, but I find the game sparse and minimal. While the game play is smooth and obviously immensely update, I actually prefer the 1992 Data East Star Wars over the new Stern.
1 year ago
This is a fast and brutal game with deep software and an A+ theme! The playfield artwork is okay, but the cab and translite are certainly the best part of the art package. Theme integration is very well executed and it's hard not to appreciate the music, call outs and video clips that are lifted directly from one of the best trilogies ever released.

The toys on this pin are pretty basic and it's hard not to feel a little let down in that area. The LCD on the playfield looks cool, but really serves little purpose. I think this pinball makes up for the sparse playfield and lack of innovative toys with great software, which is definitely the star of the package. The modes are interesting and well integrated with the story. The multi-ball modes are fun and present some really great stacking opportunities. The mini wizards modes are very achievable and the final wizard mode is a quite a challenge to achieve. Understanding multipliers is essential for a high score and there is plenty of reward for players who commit to learning the rules.

All in all, I find this to be a very fast and fun pin. Game times can be very short due to the brutal nature of the game design. However, the game can be very rewarding when the pinball gods smile down upon me and I'm actually hitting my shots and completing modes. I keep hitting start and it's rare that I play less than 5 or 6 games every time I'm in front of this pin.
1 year ago
I have loved this game the second I put my fingers on the buttons. Can't beat the animations and the storyline. One of the features I like the best is being able to play as different heros and having the game tailor the storyline to that character. The shots are all clearly marked and attainable. The death star shot where the ball circulates on the ramp is pure genius. I have not been displeased with any of the new Stern pins and this one is no exception.
There are 126 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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