Star Wars (Premium)


Star Wars (Premium)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Star Wars". The group itself ranks #50 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.9

Artwork: 8.136

Sounds/Music: 8.619

Other Aspects: 8.266

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Found 193 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 193 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 hours ago
Very underrated game and i think it's mostly because it's fast and brutal. That said, in a home environment it's got the assets and the code, you will get better. Usually takes me a game or two to get into the game but man it's fun. Definitely a game on my wish list - one day I'll swap one in.

May the force be with you!
26 days ago
Ok ok. I just got this game have maybe 5 or 6 plays. It's frustrating right now. Lots of centers and lots of left drains. It's fast and will get you into trouble just as fast. Everyone says keep playing it will get better and you will love it .. ok ok. I'm and EOP Equal Opportunity Pinballer. Let's see where this goes. DEAD POOL is the same layout .. almost
88 days ago
I enjoy the fast, flowy gameplay of Star Wars. It’s difficult at first, but once you learn the rules, it’s a satisfying game.

The left side has too many drains, and I wish the lighting was better… but the positives outweigh the downsides.

The theme is implemented well, and the animations and video modes are well done.
7 months ago
Star Wars is one of my favorite SPIKE 2 games.

The layout is very nice and the ramps flow similarly to Star Trek's ramps. I think those are the most satisfying shots as well. The Hyperspace shot is very satisfying too but it seems a bit rickety which is odd for a Steve Ritchie layout. In terms of toys this version is perfect from the LCD screen, the splitting up Death Star, the Tie Fighter to the Millenium Falcon. And the Hyperspace loop which is essentially a toy makes the Premium superior to the Pro version on its own.

The ruleset is nice and there's a variety of different modes to play which makes this machine very replayable. I often tend to return to this game when I see it on location. It's just so much fun to play.

In terms of artwork this is one of Steve Ritchie's best looking machines of the last 20 years. I really like the look of the playfield and the backglass. It looks ideally themed for a Star Wars machine.

All in all this game is very underrated, with a nice flow, awesome toys and a gameplay that is pure fun for everybody who enjoys Star Wars. I think it is a good challenge for players of any skill level.
10 months ago
You want star wars! I mean the real star wars, the OG star wars. This is that in a pinball machine.

Its fast and flowy, it has some rewarding shots, crazy multipliers, stackable modes, its Star wars.

The death star shot can be frustrating. Its almost impossible to backhand up there. But if you do make it. Its oh so satisfying. Especially if you get the hyperspace loop.

Premium has a destroying death star mode, for when you complete all the purple modes(death star) it also has Hoth, endor and tatooine. Each character contributes differently.

There's a couple fun multiballs. Tie fighter is my favorite

Lightsaber deal is annoying and no way to skip it of avoid it once its lit.

This is a game everyone can play and enjoy for a short period of time.
It can become a brick fest and gets frustrating but its still Star wars. It has a great collection of assets from the original movies.
10 months ago
A game of contrasts. Beautiful playfield art, the best theme ever, terrific sounds and lights and outstanding use of video clips. Unfortunately the layout is rather dull and the rules are so quirky that unless you know in advance what you have to do it's almost impossible to get a good score. It's hard to get a good score anyway because it plays very fast and it gets frustrating when the game always seems to end before you get to see some of the game's better features, especially the videos. It's not a bad game and I enjoy it, but I'd rather play something where I don't feel like there's a good chance the game will be over in one minute. I agree with some other commentators that it would probably be a lot better in a home environment where you have more time to learn the rules and can play as many times as you want. It's different when you're paying a dollar a game.
10 months ago
I am not sure why there is hate on this game. IMO it is one of Stern’s better releases. Sure it is hard, and is a little too video gamey, but it has tons of assets and they are well used.

A couple of things…. This is a game where the pro plays much differently than Premium/LE make sure you play both types to see which one you like the best. Also, the LE doesn’t pack many upgrades - this is definitely a game you go with a Premium (or a pro) and save some money.

I am not a huge Steve Ritchie fan- but Star Wars ranks with Spider-Man as my two favorites that he designed.
11 months ago
It pains me as a lifelong Star Wars fan to have to give this game such modest grades. The layout simply gets old for me after a while.
11 months ago
This machine is very suitable for training techniques, with an open area in the middle and a fan-shaped full target shooting area in the upper part. It's all long platform shooting
11 months ago
I can play this game daily and it doesn’t get boring. Sooo much to do and I never seem to finish all the levels, which keeps things from getting boring.
11 months ago
Cannot figure out why this is not a higher rated game. I know some people say it’s too hard. I think that’s one of the best things about it. Near perfect game.
11 months ago
I really, really wanted to love this game. It's my absolute favorite theme ever but the gameplay just doesn't live up to the hype.

That dang hyper loop shot is so hard to hit and when you do sometimes it's not hard enough and it drops out, unregistered.

As I get into he hobby more I find that two flipper games just don't have enough flow and shots. This one get's old with the right flipper, left flipper and loop.
1 year ago
3- Just installed mirror blades and now the game looks stunning! Huge difference! Also with some Flipper Fidelity speakers the sound quality is much nicer now. Love this game!

2- After 100 games: this machine is a pure Star Wars madness! I just love it! It is insane! It needs time to understand the proper gameplay technics - the mission system, when and how to switch the multipliers without stopping the ball, the difference between characters. Surely this game is not for a beginner, but with some experience this is just a big fun adrenaline rush. Oh gosh and after the first 10-20 games I thought it was a mistake to buy this new and was thinking about selling it quickly! Just if that damn playfield could be more nicely done, not this very medicore something with those ugly standard Stern triangle inserts from the 2010 era..

1- After understanding a bit the rules I was just amazed by the game. Very unique game and I can understand why some people does not like it, but for me who loves combinations this is magic. Plus I'm a classic SW fan since my childhood.. The playfield is a bit ugly.. disappointing how this unique game did not deserve better and can't understand why the comic version is not an option yet... I will try to pimp it up somehow. I did not recognize so far any too much annoying drain problems other people mention. My NIB premium's plunge works quite well. It was not the same with the machines I tried on locations which were very annoying how the auto-plunger worked. Maybe it is just the question of setup and maintenance.. I will update my review as I play more, but so far I feel this game will stay interesting for a long time!
1 year ago
I’m surprised this game doesn’t get rated higher until I think about the geometry and how it isn’t friendly to the causal player. The left outlane is a drain monster, and the stand up targets can be sucker shots. The coolest shot in the game, the Death Star ramp, is arguably the toughest because it’s so tight and can’t usually be backhanded.

With some practice you can get around these pain points and you are rewarded with a very fast and exciting game. It has all the assets a fan could want from a Star Wars game. The hyper loop is pure adrenaline when you get multiple balls locked. Blowing up the Death Star is super rewarding when you can do it.

The other aspect that is really interesting is that this more than any other Stern offering plays wildly different than the pro version.
1 year ago
I am rating this game as an LE, if I were to grade it based on the art of the movie art premium this score would take a big hit in the cabinet and backglass areas. I am a huge Star Wars fan but I think I am still able to give this rating without rose colored glasses. This game is fun as hell but far from a perfect Star Wars pin. It is an adrenaline pumping machine for sure, as fast and as brutal as they come which is right up my alley. That being said it does kind of have a feel of high speed three in a Star Wars suit. There isn't a lot going on on the playfield but I do really like what is there. Shots for the most part are smooth apart from the occasional forklift rejection and I would have liked to have seen them incorporate the mini LCD screen somewhere else so that the pops and rollovers become more visible without the need for mods. I think this games shines with the mix of the modes and movie clip integration. The callouts and light show are also top notch. If you are going to own this game I think the Hyperloop is a must have and I feel like it adds a lot of excitement to the game. Honestly the premium will probably be in my collection one day because there is just something about this pin that just keeps me coming back.
1 year ago
You have to push through some pain to start loving this game. As a huge Star Wars fan I wanted to like this pin when it was released but struggled with it for years on location. I finally broke down and bought it solely for the theme. At first both my teenage son and I thought it was a mistake. It seemed like every shot was a drain hazard and the ball always seemed to be on the left flipper but all the shots were also on the left.

But then the magic started to happen. We found creative ways to limit the drain risk (some shots need to be backhanded and some can only be approached by one flipper). The rules became clear and they are fun with acute risk vs reward. Learning how to manage the multiplier bank unlocks the whole game.

I absolutely love this game now. Ball times are short and some games never get off the ground. But for home use on free play that is fine, just play again. Before you know it you are having a great ball, the multiplier is up, you are completing modes and hitting 50-million point shots.

As a Star Wars fan the movie clips, call outs, music and sound effects are fantastic.

This is an outstanding Steve Ritchie game but is also uniquely different than his other masterpieces. I’ve got no issue lining this up next to three other Ritchie games. This one stands on its own.
1 year ago
This is a very fast open playfield. Gotta love yoda talking trash too.
1 year ago
little bit difficult ... i like Star Wars to be in in my collection.... let see after i got the chance to play more! i thing one of the best very very fast pinballs! ...... updated after 1 week... i can not stop to play!!
1 year ago
It took me a while to get into this game. But once I learned the rules, it became a favorite in my collection. The game is fast and flows well, blowing up the death Star is a rewarding feat.

Shot multipliers are the key to this game, so work on hitting the 3 bank targets regularly.
1 year ago
Star Wars Premium is where I finally landed for owning a single machine. It took me three to get here (Time Warp, The Getaway, Godzilla pro), but this game has everything for me; gameplay, theme, music, lighting. I think, perhaps, this game is the pinnacle of traditional pinball layout. Keith Elwin's design's are pointing towards something new, less traditional, and are also great, but Godzilla lacks the urgency of Star Wars. This playfield is simpler, less crowded, and yet the play is more demanding. Certainly one has to love Star Wars, as I do, to decide this is the GOAT. Godzilla is more family friendly and easier for newbies to fall into, but as my pinball skills grow I appreciate the shorter ball times and more difficult shots of Star Wars. And I like how most of the non-play times (like bonus calculations) are short and fast. The only thing I don't really enjoy is the video mode (which I think I can shorten in the menus) and I wish the mystery was even faster. And truthfully I don't need the mini-screen on the playfield. But the Hyperloop is probably the coolest toy in modern pinball and the fact that it's hard to accomplish makes it even better. (and I've yet to explode the deathstar). Also this game incorporates the action button better than most other modern Sterns that I've played.
There are many great star wars pins (Date East!) and many great Steve Ritchie games (No Fear!), but this is, IMHO, the best of both. I'm surprised it's not ranked higher, but I think that's because a) it's too hard for casual players, b) not everyone loves star wars. It's not the game you'd want to play in a bar with limited quarters in your pocket, but it's the ultimate star wars fan's home toy.
1 year ago
When I first played this game, I loved the theme but was frustrated by the difficulty. Practice makes progress, and as my skills have improved my love for this game has exploded. The depth, the difficulty and theme all come together to make this a regular repeat title for me; I can't get enough.
1 year ago
Found it to be okay, but not as fun as prior SW pins I've played. Since there are options, I think if you are a big SW fan, you would do better with an older Midway variant.

While I was playing at local arcade, tie-fighter broke mid-game which took some wind of it for me as well. That was game 30+, so not a main factor, but maybe something to look out for if you are a collector.
1 year ago
Really fun to play. Flows great, and all the shots are smooth and makable, other than the Death Star shot. That one is pretty tough! It all boils down to hitting important shots when you have a high multiplier. This game will test your reflexes. It comes at you like a fast ball. Fastest game I’ve ever played. Great call outs and theme. It’s a classic for sure…
1 year ago
It’s arguably the best theme of all time. So many different scenes and sequences, after playing dozens of games, I’m still learning more about it.

Stern Connect adds a lot with all of the achievements to unlock. I’m very happy with this being my first pin!
1 year ago
Have played this game pretty extensively. It is a very fast shooting game. Most shots are not particularly difficult, although the death star shot is pretty hard to be consistent with.

Good flow and theme integration and, of course, if you are a Star Wars fan they did an excellent job with the theme.

The ability to pick your character at the beginning, and those characters having different bonuses/values throughout the game adds to the strategy and depth of the theme. Lots of modes, multi balls and rule depth but also a good game to just slap the ball around and get some points having fun.

About the only knock I have is the moving ramp that lifts out of the playfield for access to the death star detracts from the flow when it is up and you hit the right side of the inner loop. It slows the game down, I wish they had used a ramp that drops from the top so the ball could just push it up and keep the flow going.

Overall a really good game that I thoroughly enjoy.
There are 193 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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